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Montessori Assistant Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

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Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role

Top 20 Montessori Teacher Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

The recruiter here wants to make sure you understand what theyre looking for in a job prospect and that youre capable of doing the job if hired. One of the objectives of the interview is to see if you are a good fit for the role and the company. On the other hand, youll need to consider whether the work is a good fit for what youre aiming for in your future position.

Sample Answer

My experience and my education, both support me for this role. Handling students, educating them, and maintaining decorum is a tough job. Without experience, many face hurdles in performing this role. I am well aware of the Montessori system and know all the rules and the regulation which makes me a perfect fit for this position.

What Do You Consider Your Strengths As A Montessori Teacher

Knowing your strengths moves you forward. The core objective of this question is to get a sense of what you feel your strengths are? And are they really relevant to the position you are applying for?

Sample Answer

My possible strengths include:

  • The capacity to examine each child carefully and objectively in order to effectively address each childs particular needs
  • Great communication skills to develop meaningful relationships with each child
  • Dedication
  • Flexibility
  • Energy and creativity
  • High levels of patience and a good sense of humor to ensure the day is as fruitful as possible!

How Do You Handle Behavioral Issues Among Preschoolers

Suppose a student’s actions are disrupting a classroom lesson and distracting other students. The employer might pose this question to understand your methods of minimizing interferences during the teacher’s instruction. In your response, consider including an example of you practicing your method and stress how you collaborate with the teacher to maximize student engagement.

Example:”I reinforce the rules and expectations students follow in the classroom. If a student isn’t following instructions, I signal to the teacher, and we address the group as a whole. If the problems continue, I pull the student to the side and speak with them directly, trying to find the source of their behavior. For example, I’ve witnessed that they may act out when they’re feeling ill. The teacher and I have established a procedure so I can handle the disruption and they can remain productive during their teaching.”

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Top 5 Teaching Assistant Job Interview Questions

When interviewing for a teaching assistant position, you really want to do everything you can to show the interviewer your passion for teaching and working with children. While you should always be prepared for common job interview questions, there are a few TA-specific questions that youll want to make sure you have practiced before hand.

If A Small Group Of Kids Is Constantly Disrupting The Class By Laughing Talking And Passing Notes How Would You Handle The Situation

Montessori Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

As a TA, there might be times where the person will need to discipline a student or deal with behavioral problems. This question shows if applicants are capable of handling a difficult situation on their own. What to look for:

  • Ability to manage conflict


If students were interfering with the class and didnt appear to be focusing, I would follow whatever disciplinary action the teacher and I had agreed upon previously. In most cases, this would involve separating the disruptive students on opposite sides of the classroom. By separating them, they are still a part of the learning environment without being able to disrupt the rest of the class.

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Preschool Teacher Assistant Interview Questions

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Hiring managers use the interview process to decide if you’re qualified for a job. If you’re pursuing a career as a preschooler teacher’s assistant, then anticipating potential interview questions can help you prepare and impress the employer. The questions may test your ability to work with young children and evaluate their behavior. In this article, we list 40 preschool teacher’s assistant interview questions and provide sample answers.

Other Questions You May Face In Your Teacher Assistant Job Interview

  • Why should we hire you, and not one of the other applicants for this job?
  • Describe a conflict you had with one of your colleagues . How did you solve the conflict?
  • How will you motivate the students in the classroom?
  • In your opinion, what role does technology play in education nowadays?
  • Can you name the main problems teachers face nowadays? How would you address them?
  • How would you deal with a disruptive and defiant student?
  • What do you expect from the administrators and from the principal?
  • What are your salary expectations?

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Question : Why Do You Want To Work At This School

Among the trickiest interview questions to get right you need to strike a balance between showing awareness for the schools reputation and achievements, without pandering. Before the interview, find out as much as you can about the school from their website. Not only does this demonstrate your passion and proactive approach, but it allows you to schmooze based on fact.

Question : How Would You Contribute To Making The Classroom A Safer Environment For Children

Interview questions to ask Montessori teacher position

Here, school leaders are looking to assess your knowledge of safeguarding, which will undoubtedly be a significant part of your day-to-day role. Ahead of the interview, research the current trends in effective safeguarding, and demonstrate your skills by giving an example of how you would leverage the latest tactics to help protect children in and out of the classroom.

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Describe Your Daily Routine As A Kindergarten Teacher

Every Classroom and Kindergarten Schedule Is Different. Try to mention the most important daily tasks that every kindergarten teacher executes so that theres no issue in terms of schedule.

Sample Answer:

In the daily lives of a Kindergarten teacher, there is a lot to do. First, I go to my teaching space and work on my lesson plans in my lesson plan binder, respond to emails, and organize supplies for the day as needed. I normally keep a to-do list somewhere to keep track of whats left over from the day before, or I plan ahead. Following that, students begin to arrive in groups, and we prepare to begin the day with them. I usually assign buddy reading, read-aloud, and author writing to them. More daily activities, such as announcements, lunch counts, and morning classroom duties, take place during this period.

Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learnt

Candidates that do not provide concrete examples do not appear to be credible. However, the example given should be somewhat insignificant and unintended, with a learned lesson derived from it. Moving on without group aid while assigned to a collaborative group project is a good example.

Sample Answer

In my previous job, due to workload and other promotional activities that were not the part of my job responsibility, few students, who required my supervision and assistance, were ignored and this led to bad scoring. This also affected my overall performance. I started to realize soon and improved this area.

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What Role Do You Think A Teaching Assistant Plays In The Classroom

An applicant should discuss what role they believe a teaching assistant plays daily in the classroom. This question ensures applicants fully understand the role and responsibilities of a teaching assistant. What to look for:

  • Whether applicants know the expectations of the position
  • How important they think the teaching assistant role is in the classroom
  • Examples of how the teaching assistant aids the teacher


The teaching assistants job is important because it allows the instructor to devote all their efforts to offering as much instruction, attention and assistance as possible to the students. As a TA, I would handle the more repetitive tasks, such as grading documents, supervising tests and arranging documentation, so the teacher can concentrate on the larger role of teaching and ensuring students are learning the information.

What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role

Montessori Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

Consider the last time you took part in a strategic planning meeting for your company. You were most likely given a problem to solve or a goal to meet. Strategic thinking abilities are among the most in-demand managerial skills. Why? Because people who are capable of critical, rational, and strategic thinking can have a significant impact on a companys direction.

Give a short but logical reply to this question

Sample Answer

A Montessori Teacher has a lot of responsibilities. They are there to shape the childs future. So all they need is to stay focused and motivated. Look and observe every student closely. They should attend seminars for understanding and handling children more efficiently. And they must maintain reports to look for future improvements of the children.

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What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role How Did You Manage Them

The interviewer is essentially looking for a real-life example of how you used creativity to overcome an issue in this question. You may mention any professional occurrence from your career however, it is preferable if you include something linked to the class event.

Sample Answer

My biggest problem at my prior work had nothing to do with the field. It has anything to do with the educational system that we provide. The Montessori Method, which differs from that of a typical day public school or a non-Montessori based school, is frequently criticized by parents. I ran an internet campaign to demonstrate the Montessori systems benefits. The contact between pupils is significantly more significant. The prepared setting in the classroom allows students to interact more freely than they would in a traditional-styled classroom, rather than during predetermined times of the day.

The Montessori Approach To Teacher Training: An Interview With Jackie Cossentino

Nationwide, the public sector offers more than 400 Montessori programs which now enroll more than 100,000 students. Those numbers are growing as more places offer Montessori programs and more families opt into it.

Some training centers provide text for the lessons and expect the trainee to add their own illustrations. Some centers provide everything so that the trainee doesnt have to worry about producing it themselves. That level of detail, from training center to training center, can vary across Montessori traditions.

As part of Bellwethers forthcoming work on teacher preparation, weve been reading and talking to smart people about different ways to prepare teachers. To learn more about the Montessori approach to teacher training, I spoke with Jackie Cossentino, a Senior Associate and the Director of Research at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector. Nationwide, the public sector offers more than 400 Montessori programs which now enroll more than 100,000 students. Those numbers are growing as more places offer Montessori programs and more families opt into it.

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Teacher Assistant Interview Questions

If you’re seeking a teaching assistant position, the interview portion of the hiring process is critical. Teachers’ assistants need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills, which are best evaluated in an in-person setting. Reviewing a list of teacher assistant interview questions can help you feel prepared for the types of questions you might be asked during an interview.

In this article, we share 36 different teacher assistant interview questions, along with guidance for how to respond effectively and sample answers to help you craft your own responses.


These questions are intended to help the interviewer understand the candidate’s educational background, interests and personality:

Tell Me About Yourself

PRESCHOOL TEACHER Interview Questions and ANSWERS! (Preschool Assistant Daycare Teachers)

Often the first question you will face, especially in the early stages of the hiring process. It is an icebreaker really, and your chance to calm down and set the right tune for the rest of your interview. Remember that at this stage of the interviews, they do not want you to talk for 20 minutes about your studies, career, family, and what not. With the first question they just want to get a basic idea of your communication skills, personality, and motivation.

What exactly you say them does not matter much at this point. You can say where you are from, the highest education you achieved, what your career aspirations are, what attracted you to the job of a TA, and it is also a good idea sharing something from your life outside of work, such as a hobby you have, or an activity you dedicate yourself to in your free time. Your answer should not take more than two minutes.

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Question : Why Do You Think Youd Make A Good Teaching Assistant

Talking about ourselves can be challenging. Before the interview, identify your attributes and strengths, and align these with what the school is looking for. Think about the qualities that a teaching assistant should possess patience, empathy, approachability and a caring nature are all attributes that you should be looking to showcase within your answer.

What Would You Do If A Pupil Was Disruptive In Class


It is extremely important for a Teaching Assistant to be able to work together with the Teacher to diffuse disrupting situations. Obviously, a level of discipline is required, however, there are a number of more effective ways that teaching assistants can resolve these issues.

  • It may be worth suggesting some ulterior, more positive methods you might employ when dealing with the situation

Model Answer:

As a Teaching Assistant, it is important to work together with the Teacher to calm down disruptive children. In most cases, I would follow the agreed disciplinary strategy which had been laid out by the Teacher. This may involve separating children or having a quiet discussion with a disruptive child. If a pupil was constantly disruptive, I might suggest to the Teacher that we devise another way of tackling the issue. For example, we could attempt to reward the child for non-disruptive behaviour before they misbehave.

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Infant Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

You might have other impressions in your head, but appearing for an Infant Teacher interview is no joke.

It is a process that will eventually decide if you are worth the hiring managers time and if you have it in you to be a contributory factor to an organization.

Making sure that you prepare well for an Infant Teacher interview is not doing anyone else but yourself a favor.

The interview process is what will lead you to a position within a company. Make sure that you ace it.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for the position of an infant teacher, for you to look through before you appear for an interview:

Infant Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

1. What was your inspiration to pick up a career as an infant teacher?

I have always genuinely loved children and was motivated to pick up this line of work, as I was convinced that making a difference in their lives was my forte. I took up special Montessori training, and have been working as an infant teacher ever since.

2. As an infant teacher, what main duties have you performed in a previous role?
3. As far as skills are concerned, what are the basic skills that one needs in order to be a successful infant teacher?
4. What is the one thing that you keep a constant lookout for when assuming the role of an infant teacher?
5. What was your most challenging day in the role of an infant teacher till now?
6. What are your future aspirations?

What Methods Do You Use To Encourage Students To Complete Their Classwork

Top 10 level 3 teaching assistant interview questions and answers

Suppose a student feels bored with their classwork, or they’re struggling with certain assignments. In your response to this question, demonstrate how you maintain productivity in the classroom. Describe methods that motivate the student and increase their self-confidence to perform well in school.

Example:”If I identify a student who has already mastered the material, I inform the teacher, and we create assignments catered to the student’s strengths. While the teacher works with the rest of the class, I work with the student on separate assignments, and I allow them to rejoin the group later. For students struggling with their work, we implement hands-on activities and provide visual models. For example, with addition and subtraction, we use balls to show how we add or take things away. I also use positive reinforcement to show the student they’re capable of learning the material.”

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Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

Answer: I left my last job because I wanted to pursue a new opportunity. I felt that I had learned what I could from my previous position and while very grateful for that experience, Im ready for an opportunity to make a difference.

Working as a teaching assistant would let me use some of my strengths and skills while also challenging me in new ways.

Describe A Preschool Lesson That You Helped Organize And Teach

Preschool teacher’s assistants often collaborate with other educators to create classroom activities. In your response to this question, be specific about the purpose of the assignment and how you engaged young children. Emphasize how your contribution helped students learn.

Example:”For the season of fall, I suggested we teach the students about the life cycle of a pumpkin, which would help introduce them to science. We brought in visual models of each phase of a pumpkin’s growth to illustrate how they transform into an orange pumpkin. The children learned how things have a beginning, middle and end, and they witnessed the growth process firsthand.”

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