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Online Bootcamp For Coding Interviews

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Which Free Coding Bootcamp Is The Best

Coding Bootcamps – All You Need To Know (from an ex-Google coding bootcamp grad)

The answer to this question is subjective. The best free coding bootcamp is one that you can attend, considering most bootcamps are rather selective with who they accept into their programs. You can also check out How to Choose the Right Free Coding Bootcamp in our guide to help you decide the best one for you.

Top Questions For You To Ask

During a coding bootcamp interview, the school isnt the only one asking questions. You will also have the opportunity to ask those pressing questions you need answers to before determining your next steps. Showing interest by asking questions demonstrates your curiosity and commitment to pursuing those goals youve set. Here are some questions you may want to consider asking during your interview.

Coding Bootcamps Won’t Make You A Developer: Here’s What Will

The headlines are hard to resist. Salaries for programmers are said to be soaring. Annual paychecks for AI experts are topping $1 million. Why dream of winning the lottery when coding bootcamps are springing up with promises to teach everyone what they need to get a ticket on the gravy train?

The good news is that schools and camps often deliver enough knowledge to turn some people into great programmers. The bad news is that the lessons alone are far from enough. Programming isn’t a least-resistance path to a more secure, better-paying, work-life balanced job. It’s a difficult occupation that not everyone is suited for. If it were easy, everyone could do itand then it wouldn’t be as valuable.

The first steps are often seductively easy. You set one variablecall it salaryto 50000. Then you type “salary=salary*10”. Bingo. You’re coding. It’s an exciting rush, and that experience might lead you to believe that you can become a professional developer with just a few more months of learning.

The basic information is out there, and you don’t even need to pay very much to get it. There are plenty of good courses on Coursera and Udemy. Some high-end schools such as MIT even provide their lectures for free.

But before you jump into a bootcamp that will steal your evenings and separate you from your hard-earned money, there are several caveats you need to consider. That’s the focus for the initial sections of this article.

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Q & A With Damato On Coding Bootcamps & Employment What made you decide to enter a coding bootcamp?

DAmato: The reason why I originally wanted to enter a software engineering bootcamp was because I had lost my job due to COVID-10 in September 2020.

I wasnt sure what I would want to do, but Id worked with a lot of software engineers and I was impressed by the amount of creativity that they were able to have in their work. To be frank, I was also very jealous of the lifestyle that they got to live because of the number of hours that they got to work each week, as well as the sense of autonomy they had since they were already able to work remotely before the pandemic. That is what made software engineering attractive to me.

I was already interested in software engineering and I had taken coding classes in high school, as well as logic and math courses in college. It had been years since Id really been able to do any real coding as a daily job. I felt very rusty and I wanted to enter a bootcamp as a refresher.

I also knew that I would be able to build contacts while in the bootcamp. Then, it would expose me to things that I didnt already know about. This is that classic paradox where if you dont know something, you dont know how to inquire or where to look for it, and so onthe Meno Paradox.

And so I knew the bootcamp would expose me to programming not just languages but also to frameworks that I would have never thought to even look up in the first place.

What Is A Coding Bootcamp


Essentially a coding bootcamp is a short, intense course designed to give you the skills you need to transition into a job as a programmer. These days, in response to the overwhelming demand for people with web development skills, coding bootcamps come in many shapes and sizes.

Theres no set definition for what a bootcamp isthey can last as little as a few days to several months. Some can involve interactive teaching, the submission of assignments, online quizzes, or just instructional tutorials and exercises. Other bootcamps promise support in the job search through trainings and school connections.

Coding bootcamps often differ from web development courses in that they seek to teach you several skills to give you a working knowledge in programming, instead of just focusing on one specific thing.

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Grokking The Coding Interview

This is a comprehensive course designed to help individuals learn how to pass the coding interview with ease. In this course, the coding interview questions are categorized in 16 patterns, each of which consists of a set of different techniques, such as data structures, analysis, and algorithms to help you solve specific coding problems. The prime goal of this course is to build an understanding of the underlying pattern so that you can apply that pattern to address other issues. The course is included with various coding questions with each category so that you can analyze where you stand after completing a session.


Get a brief introduction of each pattern before starting to solve complex coding problems, and learning advanced techniques

Know about different constraints of a coding problem and how you need to change your algorithm to solve those problems

Learn about Breadth-First search and Depth-First search to resolve problems related to Trees and Graphs

Cover essential concepts like Dynamic programming, Backtracking, recursion, Divide & Conquer, and Greedy algorithms

Get access to video lectures that are designed to help you understand the coding patterns and algorithms more clearly

You can

Review: Excellent course. Thanks for putting all in one place. Please give us more courses like this. Brandon

Essential Coding Interview Questions

If you are done with searching for coding interview questions online, and still couldnt clear your technical interview, then take this essential coding interview questions course. In this course, you will learn a few problem-solving techniques that you will be able to use in your next coding interview. The instructor of the course YK Sugi works as a software developer at Google, as well as runs his startup. He designed this course to help individuals understand the techniques behind cracking technical interviews. During the course, you will go through 11 different coding questions that are picked by the instructor because they are most commonly asked in technical interviews.


An exciting course that is designed to provide you with the most common questions asked in a technical interview

Cover various coding problems that use technical concepts like arrays, strings, two-dimensional arrays, linked lists, and trees

Get a coding exercise in Python and Java with each problem so that you receive the feedback right away after going through the problem

Learn three problem-solving techniques that can be used to pass your next coding interview

Liberty to study from the comfort of your home without any deadlines or schedules

You can

Review: Google developers course learned a lot about algorithms from this course. Helps in interview preparation. Ashwini Iyer

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Be Realistic About The Length Of Training Time You’ll Need

Bootcamp students who come into programs as beginners are not prepared for a development job when they graduate.

It’s possible that you might qualify for a junior developer or internship position after graduating from one of the more rigorous bootcamps, Farag said, “but it’s going to be very hard to stand out from the increasing number of bootcamp graduates and thousands of computer science graduates. You can’t truly become a developer in three to six months.”

The problem comes when companies interview graduates and find that their programming skills arent fundamentally sound. Even though developer interviews have problems of their own, Farag said that a technical interviewer will eventually find out if you can’t implement some of the most basic algorithms.

Many coding bootcamps don’t spend much time on algorithms. And many courses focus on learning tools rather than on programming. Ken Mazaika, co-founder and CTO of the Firehose Project, an online coding bootcamp, also sees this trend:

“The good coding bootcamps out there will cover CS topics around algorithms and data structures, but nine out of 10 coding bootcamps won’t cover these topics at all because these topics can be difficult to teach.”

Mazaika’s view of the industry is particularly jaded, as the title of his post makes clear: “The Dirty Little Secrets about the Worst Coding Bootcamps Out There: 9 out of 10 Programs Are Outright Scams.”

Weeks 9 & 10 System Design Interviews

Google Coding Interview With A Normal Software Engineer

System design interviews are now an integral part of the software engineering interview process particularly if you are applying for a senior role. These interviews have a significant impact on your hiring level.

Learn distributed systems concepts like Cap Theorem, Consistency, Partitioning, Load-Balancing etc.

Look at the course Grokking Modern System Design for Software Engineers and Managers for more design interview practice.

As part of your System Design Interviews, you are asked to design a web-scale service. Interviewers are interested in evaluating your ability to describe the different parts of a scale-able service, such as:

  • How are web-servers load-balanced?
  • How are large files stored?
  • How is the network set up for redundancy and maximum throughput?

Youll want to practice questions like:

  • Design Instagram
  • Design Facebook Newsfeed
  • Design Uber

Check out my article the How to Prepare for the System Design Interview for more example questions, tips, and resources for the System Design Interview.

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Devmountain Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions

At DevMountain, you will be invited to a phone interview. The admissions team then looks for two primary qualities, aptitude and passion. They want to find people who really want to learn to code and can demonstrate either some experience in learning on their own.

Next, youll be invited to complete a coding challenge. The school will send out a set of coding problems for interview candidates and give you approximately one week to complete them.

Week 0 What Programming Language Should You Use

Pick a programming language and then stick with it. Im often asked: what if I know more than one? Would, for example, Python be better than Java?

The answer, of course, is that the best programming language for your coding interviews is the language that youre most comfortable with. Most companies/interviewers dont care as long as you can show proficiency in any one mainstream programming language.

In some of the worst cases, Ive seen people deciding to switch to a different programming language in the middle of the interview. Thats a big turn-off and a waste of time. Dont do that. Pick one early, and stick to it throughout.

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How An Interview Fits Into The Coding Bootcamp Admissions Process

Bootcamps use the applicant interview to determine which candidates they want to attend their program. An interview may be the last step in the application process, or it may come first before a coding or critical thinking assessment. Either way, prospective students need to leave a good impression and demonstrate that they will be a good fit for the program.

During the interview, candidates must convey their goals for the program and explain their plans for after graduation. Bootcamps seek driven, hard-working students with clear career goals. Applicants must also indicate a passion for coding and an eagerness to learn, and show that they will rise to any challenges presented in the program.

App Academy Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions

Second Half

Just like any other coding bootcamp interview, App Academy interviews consist of non-technical questions about your goals, desires, and interests. The technical interview consists of a series of coding problems for interviews.

One is a guaranteed coding challenge and a second coding test if App Academy decides youre ready to move forward. App Academy has a more rigorous interview process than most bootcamps, so make sure to check out its JumpStart prep program.

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What Is The Structure Of An Online Coding Bootcamp

A good online coding bootcamp will be a mix of instructor-led lessons, independent study, practice assignments, and group projects, much like youd get at a university degree. The main difference is the speed at which you do these. Many online coding bootcamps require a steep time commitment of full-time work for 13-22 weeks in some cases.

Online coding bootcamps are also distinct from online learning platforms like or Those platforms offer a variety of courses with interactive lessons but are self-guided.

Theyre also separate from websites like Coursera that basically offer degrees or certificates through online courses from accredited universities in coding. Theyre intense, expensive, time-demanding, and in certain cases, very effective at teaching you to code.

Tip #: Be Optimistic And Positive

We understand that the entire coding interview and bootcamp selection process can be extremely draining, especially if you know nothing about coding. Coding careers will push your limits. So, its easy to bring all that stress and frustration into your interview. However, its important to remain optimistic when answering coding bootcamp interview questions.

You want your interviewer to know that youll stay calm and focused even during the most challenging of times. No matter how good of a coder you are, there is no way you are going to avoid bugs or barriers in your coding career.

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Best Coding Bootcamps For Beginners In 2021

Coding bootcamp scores at a glance:


Rithm School in San Francisco offers a 17-week full-time software engineering program. The founders are highly experienced instructors who believe that the most effective way to learn is in small groups.

The curriculum focuses on JavaScript, Python, Flask, SQL, Node, React, data structures, and algorithms. Students spend three weeks contracting for Bay Area companies and gaining professional experience for their resumes, which significantly helps their job search.

The tuition is $24,000 for all Rithm School courses however, the price should not be your only consideration. ISA, upfront payments, and loan financing are just a few of the financing options available at this school.

Rithm School has excellent results. Students are likely to find rewarding work: After 180 days and 90 days since graduation, the school reports an impressive 86.8% job placement rate. Their graduates make an average of $115,000, well above the San Francisco average.

Also, through Slow Ventures, this beginner coding bootcamp has access to over 120 hiring partners. Free online courses are also available for newbies to understand if they choose the right niche for their further career growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coding Bootcamps

My super honest review of AppAcademy coding bootcamp
  • When should you join a coding bootcamp?
  • You should essentially join a coding bootcamp when you decide to either upgrade your software and programming skills or land a job in the software development space.

    Most students prefer to join a coding bootcamp when their technical interview is around the corner. Many top companies, including FAANG, allow candidates to postpone their interviews on request, giving them sufficient time to study and prepare.

    Ideally, you must give yourself a minimum of two months to prepare for coding interviews, especially if youâre appearing for FAANG interviews. In these two months, youâll have to devote considerable energy and time to solving coding problems on data structures, algorithms, and system design.

    Note that these three segments usually make up for the chunk of questions asked at coding interviews.

    As a software engineer, enrolling in a good coding bootcamp will give your preparation the right direction and structure. Bootcamps are particularly intense, and their curriculum exhaustive. Giving yourself enough time to learn concepts, absorb them, and solve tricky problems is absolutely necessary, simply because this cannot happen in a week or two, regardless of how good a programmer you are.

  • How should you rate a coding bootcamp?
  • When rating a coding bootcamp, here are the few essential factors to keep in mind:

    All of this will help you rate a coding bootcamp and then shortlist the ones that are the best for you!

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    How Much Does An Online Bootcamp Cost

    An online bootcamp costs between $500 and $20,000. Given this range, the average cost of an online bootcamp lands around $11,000. However, the exact online bootcamp cost depends on the type of program, school, location, and perks included. Keep in mind that most bootcamp providers offer payment options such as scholarships, income share agreements, loans, payment plans, and discounts.

    Is An Online Coding Bootcamp Worth It

    If your goal is to switch careers and land a job as a professional programmer, the short answer is Yes. The best online coding bootcamps boast an impressive job placement rate, with the majority of students landing a developer job just months after graduating. One of the main reasons for this is the highly valued skill-set they teach you.

    Many of the courses out there promise to teach you full-stack development. If you still dont know what the difference between the frontend and the backend is, youll quickly learn. Being able to work smoothly on a project or application all the way from back to front is a prized skill-set, as one glance at full-stack developer salaries will show.

    While in-person bootcamps can be advantageous in terms of the networking opportunities with your peers and teachers, another benefit of online coding bootcamps is that theyre also teaching you how to work remotely. Imagine being able to work wherever you likein your own home, or from a different country, should you so choose. Being able to work as a remote web developer is much more achievable than in most other occupations, owing to the in-demand and technical nature of the job.

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