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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Interview Questions And Answers

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What Do You Understand About The Memory Layers That Are In The Oracle Shared Pool

OCI Interview Experience | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Interview Questions | OCI Hiring Process

In the Oracle shared pool, there are two memory layers:-

  • Library Cache – The Library Cache contains information about the SQL statements parsed, data about cursors, and any plan data available.
  • Data Dictionary Cache – The Data Dictionary Cache layer stores information about users’ accounts, privileges, and segment information.

Cloud Security Interview Questions And Answers

Cloud computing security or simply cloud security is a set of rules and regulations that control the functioning of cloud computing in order to safeguard the data, applications and other relevant infrastructures of cloud computing.

With the advent of such newer technologies, and owing to their list of advantages, there has been a growth in job opportunities too in cloud computing and security.

This blog is primarily focused on the Cloud Security Interview Questions that will help a fresher as well as an experienced individual to prepare for the interview ahead and thus, face the interviewer with confidence.

1. Why should you use cloud computing?

Answer: The main advantages of using cloud computing can be listed below in the following points:

  • It increases productivity
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Automatic de-provisioning

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4. What are the components of a server computer in cloud computing?

Answer: The basic components of a server computer include Motherboard, Hard drives, Memory, Network Connection, Processor, Video, and Power Supply and so on.

5. What are the platforms for using large-scale cloud computing?

Answer: The platforms for large-scale cloud computing are: Apache Hadoop and Map Reduce.

6. What security aspects do you receive along with cloud?

  • Cloud-based SQL
  • Google Bigtable

Why Are Password Files Necessary

Interviewers may ask this question to determine your understanding of password file uses and importance. Password files store Oracle database user information and information access levels, which allow users to have different privileges and functions within the database. You can respond to this question by defining password files and how you might use them.

Example:”Password files store database user log-in credentials, restrictions and access information so that authorized users can retrieve or store their data. These files monitor and verify log-in activity to keep sensitive information secure and prevent potential data breaches. When necessary, I can search through the database password files to identify how many users have account access and what system privileges they have through coding queries. These searches allow me to modify data easily for security purposes.”

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How To Answer The Question: Why Do You Want To Join Oracle

A candidate can have several reasons to join Oracle. Include the most prominent ones in your answer to this Oracle interview questions:

  • It offers high-quality products and presents a vast range of opportunities for employees to learn.
  • The work culture is collaborative.
  • Candidates find themselves standing on the frontline of digital transformation that helps them show their truly inquisitive minds.

Cloud Computing Interview Questions And Answers F0r 2021

45+ Top Oracle Cloud Architecture Interview Questions

Knowing how to answer the most commonly asked cloud computing questions can increase your chances of landing your dream cloud computing job roles. Being knowledgeable on the kind of cloud computing questions youre going to be asked in an interview is a valuable skill, but requires a lot of research. Weve listed the top cloud computing interview questions with answers to help you prepare for your cloud interview. These top 50 cloud questions and answers will help you identify and assess the key skills needed for a cloud computing job.

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What Are The Characteristics Of Cloud Architecture That Differ From Traditional Cloud Architecture

The characteristics are:

  • In cloud, the hardware requirement is fulfilled as per the demand created for cloud architecture.
  • Cloud architecture is capable of scaling up resources when there is a demand.
  • Cloud architecture is capable of managing and handling dynamic workloads without any point of failure.

What Is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the grouping of networks, hardware, services, and storage that delivers/sells computing over the internet. Building data storage and computing architecture locally were getting more expensive during the advent of Big Data technologies. And maintenance was an overhead when things needed to be scaled down or up. The need of the hour was computing and storage services that could be sold by providers over the internet, like any tangible commodity. Thus came in the picture, Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing and its jargon might seem daunting and complex to the uninitiated – freshers and the seasoned alike. But the selection of Cloud computing Interview Questions will help bridge the gap in the understanding. The basic underlying principle behind Cloud Computing and its architecture is no rocket science. After going through these technical interview questions, it will become more apparent how to tackle a Cloud Computing job intervieweffectively providing a clearer picture and grasp of Cloud Computing technology. Lets champion cloud computing together.

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What Types Of Joins Are Used In Subqueries

A join is used to compare and combine specific rows of data from two or more tables in a database. The various joins are:

Self Join to join table with itself

Outer Join to join matching data and some dissimilar data from more than one table

Equi-join with a join condition that returns only rows with equivalent values

Top 6 Cloud Architect Interview Questions

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers & Experienced – MindMajix
  • How do you connect on-premise applications to cloud services?
  • What should be the strategy for application migration to the cloud?
  • What is Serverless ?
  • What is the problem in Lambda implementation?
  • What is the use of API Gateway?
  • Where to use NoSQL databases as compared to traditional relational databases?
  • As a beginner in the field of Cloud Computing, you can take up the Cloud Foundations Free Online Course offered by Great Learning Academy. The course will help you learn the basic concepts required to kick-start your career in Cloud Computing. It covers topics such as Service Deployment Fundamentals, Cloud Fundamentals, and Scaling Fundamentals.

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    Few More Questions On Oracle Interview Questions To Increase Your Skills

    1. Which two statements about views are true? A. A view can be created as read-only.B. A view can be created as a join on two or more tables.C. A view cannot have an ORDER BY clause in the SELECT statement.D. A view cannot be created with a GROUP BY clause in the SELECT statement.E. A view must have aliases defined for the column names in the SELECT statement.

    Answer: A, BA view can be created as a read-only object. However, it is possible to change data in theunderlying table with some restrictions. A view also can be created as a join on two or moretables. This type of view is called a complex view. Complex views provide complicated datamodels where many base tables are drawn together into one virtual table.

    2. Which data dictionary table should you query to view the object privileges granted tothe user on specific columns?A. USER_TAB_PRIVS_MADE

    Indexes are created automatically by Oracle to support integrity constraints that enforceuniqueness. The two types of integrity constraints that enforce uniqueness are PRIMARYKEY and UNIQUE constraints. When the primary key or UNIQUE constraint is declared, aunique index to support the columns uniqueness is also created, and all values in all columnsthat were defined as part of the primary key or UNIQUE constraint are placed into the index

    The GROUP BY clause can be placed only after the WHERE clause, or after FROM clause ifthere is no WHERE clause in the statement.

    Mention Different Data Center Deployments Of Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing consists of different data centers as follows:

    • Containerized data centers: Containerized data centers are the packages that contain a consistent set of servers, network components, and storage delivered to large warehouse kind of facilities. Here, each deployment is relatively unique.
    • Low-density data centers: Containerized data centers promote heavy density which in turn causes much heat and significant engineering troubles. Low-density data centers are the solution to this problem. Here, the equipment is established far apart so that it cools down the generated heat.

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    Windows Azure Interview Questions And Answers

    1. What are the different roles in Azure?

  • Web Role – It to deploy Web Applications.

  • Worker Role – It provides a solution for background services along with Web Role.

  • Virtual machine Role – It is used for managing virtual machines.

  • 2. What are the different types of Blob Storage?

    Blob storage provides storing of unstructured data. It uses HTTP/HTTPS to access data from anywhere over the internet. These are the three types of storage.

  • Block Blob Storage – It contains small blocks with unique IDs.
  • Append Blob Storage – It doesnt allow updating or deleting data. Only append function is permitted.
  • Page Blob Storage – It is larger than the other two, up to 8TB, used essentially for larger data sets.
  • 3. How does Azure Advisor make Azure efficient?

    Azure Advisor analyses the configuration and usage and provides suggestions to optimise Azure. It comes packaged with Azure for free.

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    Security Benefits Of Cloud Computing

    Top 80 Oracle HRMS Interview Questions And Answers In 2021

    Answer: Some of the security benefits of cloud computing are:

    • Higher Availability: The built-in redundancies make cloud applications available all the time so you can monitor them for security and fix issues in real-time.
    • Data security: Data is crucial for every business, and cloud-based security solutions can guard your sensitive data and protect it from intruders.
    • DDoS Protection: The security solutions with DDoS protection can track traffic volumes to stop unwanted risks associated with distributed denial of service . The solutions can prevent attackers from flooding your site or applications with an overwhelming amount of traffic that can render them unresponsive.
    • 24 x 7 Visibility: Monitoring applications 24 x 7 is necessary to have continuous visibility into your applications to measure the risks and make real-time business decisions.
    • Threat Detection: With end-point scanning, detecting cyber threats is a significant benefit in cloud computing. This helps in minimizing the risks of the organizations assets.
    • Regulatory Compliance:Cloud-based security solutions can help organizations such as public bodies or corporations maintain compliance by meeting regulatory requirements and guarding their personal and financial data.

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    Top Cloud Computing Interview Questions

    1. What are the advantages of Cloud Computing?

    Cloud Computing technology helps the users avail of a more extensive network of global web servers. This directly boosts the productivity and performance of the web platform and makes development efficient in terms of cost and time. Cloud computing also increments the data storage and data backup capacities of the web servers. Due to the boosted interaction between different web servers, the server capabilities are made much more powerful.

    2. Describe the different cloud service models?

    There are predominantly three models of cloud service. Each come with their own sets of advantages and are at variance with each other with regards to one or the other features. Before opting for one of them, lets understand their characteristics and gauge how they fit within our individual requirements.

    3. What are some of the popularly used cloud computing services?

    Cloud computing has come to be used widely across industries. Some of the top players, in this case, are Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, and iCloud, which is exclusively for the iOs users. These are the broadly used cloud platforms. However, there are emerging cloud services available in the market.

    4. Define Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid cloud integrates private and public cloud services to support parallel, integrated, or complementary tasks.

    5. What is the difference between the Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT?

    The hybrid cloud term is supposed to be integrating public and private clouds.

    Define A Snapshot In The Context Of An Oracle Database

    Oracle uses snapshots, also known as materialized views, to duplicate data to non-master sites in a synchronized environment. In a data warehouse context, snapshots are utilized to cache “expensive” searches. In other words, a snapshot is a replica of the target master table taken at a specific point in time.

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    Which Platforms You Will Consider When It Comes To Cloud Computing On A Large Scale

    Apache Hadoop is widely regarded as one of the finest options. Its because this software platform can simply distribute and store data even if the same needs to be managed on a cluster. The reliability can also be assured when it comes to building the same from the commodity hardware. Another leading reason to consider the same is it always makes sure of data integrity, security, operations, governance as well as the processing of the same.

    What Are The Components Of Logical Database Structure In Oracle Database

    Google Cloud Interview Questions | Google Cloud Platform Interview Questions | Intellipaat

    The two main components of logical database structure in the Oracle database are:

    • Tablespaces
    • Database’s schema objects

    A tablespace is the logical storage unit of an Oracle database. It is a set of related logical structures. The default tablespaces are:

    • SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces
    • TEMP tablespace

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    Explain How You Can Vertically Scale An Amazon Instance

    This is one of the essential features of AWS and cloud virtualization. We spinup a newly developed large instance where we pause that instance and detach the root EBS volume from the server and discard. Later, we stop our live instance and detach its root volume connected. here, we note down the unique device ID and attach the same root volume to the new server, and we restart it again. This results in a vertically scaled Amazon instance.

    How To Prepare For Oracle Oci Interview

    Here are some of the key points to rememeber while your are preparing for OCI interview.

    • Almost in each interview, you will be asked about your project. So, do a quick walk-through about your project and prepare well.
    • For a coding interview, you have to write a code on online Coderpad compiler. What you write on the online compiler will be visible to the interviewer as well. So, practice solving competitive coding challenges.

    All the best!

    Editors Note: These Oracle OCI interview questions and experiences are shared by the candidate Naman Chand. We wish him all the best for his future.

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    What Is The Difference Between Scalability And Elasticity

    Scalability is a characteristic of cloud computing which is used to handle the increasing workload by increasing in proportion amount of resource capacity. By the use of scalability, the architecture provides on demand resources if the requirement is being raised by the traffic. Whereas, Elasticity is a characteristic which provides the concept of commissioning and decommissioning of large amount of resource capacity dynamically. It is measured by the speed by which the resources are coming on demand and the usage of the resources.

    What Is Eucalyptus In Cloud Computing Why Is It Used

    Top 30 Oracle Project Accounting Interview Questions &  Answers

    It is an acronym stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture For Linking Your Program To Useful Systems. It is an open source software infrastructure in cloud computing and used to implement clusters in cloud computing platform. It creates public, private and hybrid cloud. It facilitate a user to create his own data center into a private cloud and use its functionalities to many other organizations.

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    What Are Cloud Storage Levels

    Answer: Cloud storage is the model that deposits your digital information such as photos, videos, documents, etc., over virtual servers. It enables you to access your data whenever and wherever you want. There are four levels of cloud storage:

    • Private Cloud Storage: This is a secure, expensive, and scalable cloud storage type and is suitable for large organizations. In this case, all the data are stored on the enterprises intranet and protected by its own firewall. The user will have complete control over the data.
    • Public Cloud Storage: This is an affordable, reliable, and easily scalable cloud storage type. It doesnt need any maintenance and is suitable for mid-size companies as well as individual users. Anyone with user authority can access the data on the public cloud examples: Google Cloud, Microsft Azure, IBM Cloud, etc.
    • Hybrid Cloud Storage: This is a secure, scalable, and affordable type of cloud storage. It offers easy customization greater control and is suitable for mid-size as well as small-sized companies. Hybrid cloud storage is the combination of public and private cloud storage. Users can access both the world-class security features of the private cloud and the personalization feature of the public cloud.
    • Community Cloud Storage: This is an affordable, scalable, and secure cloud storage. It is suitable for health, financial, and legal companies and offers cloud solutions to specific companies with strict compliance policies.

    How Do You Keep Your Industry And Oracle

    An interviewer may ask you this question to understand your willingness to learn and your process of maintaining your knowledge. Keeping your industry knowledge updated allows you to understand the latest developments in Oracle technologies and work processes to produce accurate results. When answering this question, consider your learning habits and work or personal processes that help you gain insight into industry updates.

    Example:”Through my experience working with Oracle technologies, there are patch updates every three months for Oracle products that address code or security vulnerabilities, so I check for security alerts and Oracle bulletins regularly to ensure that I apply new updates when they’re released. Checking Oracle support resources, I learn various techniques for using company products to automate my work processes and maintain accurate and thorough work.”

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