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Oracle Supply Chain Management Interview Questions And Answers

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Q45 What Is The Significance Of Ageing Period

Supply Chain Management Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced Candidates

Ans:The parameter Aging period determines the transactions on the receipt that can be considered for the invoice creation. For ex if aging period is given as 1, then all the transactions that have a transaction date less than or equal to the are considered for invoice creation. The aging period can be set thru the profile option PO: ERS Aging period.

Q15 How Do You Setup The Timeout Feature

Ans:In Oracle Workflow Builder, open the ?PO Approval? workflow or the ?PO Requisition Approval? workflow for requisitions. To enable the Timeout feature in the PO Approval workflow, modify the following activities in the Notify Approver sub process by entering a Timeout period in their Properties windows:Approve PO Notification, PO Approval Reminder 1, and PO Approval Reminder 2.To enable the Timeout feature in the PO Requisition Approval workflow, modify the following activities in the Notify Approver sub process by entering a Timeout period in their Properties windows: Approve Requisition Notification, Requisition Approval Reminder1, and Requisition Approval Reminder2.

Supply Chain Analyst Interview Questions For Freshers

  • What is inventory and supply chain management?
  • What would you do if a supplier fails to meet the delivery timelines?
  • How can you handle a crisis arising in supply chain and inventory management?
  • What motivates you to work in supply chain and inventory?
  • Do you know about our inventory or supply chain management plan?
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    Explain What Is The Difference Between Logistics And Transport

    Logistics: Logistics is referred as the procedure of managing goods, resources and information from the source to the consumers in a manner that it fits the requirements of both parties.

    Transportation: Transport is the movement of the goods from one point to the other. It is considered as part of logistics.

    How Is It Possible To Approve A Blanket Release When The Blanket Purchase Agreement Is Showing That The Full Amount Has Already Been Released

    unnamed file 8

    The validation of a release dollar amount is not against the amount agreed on the header of the blanket purchase agreement instead, it validates against the Amount Limit specified in the Terms and Conditions window of the Purchase Orders form. If this field is left blank, then the release can be for any amount.

    Therefore, it is imperative that the Amount Limit field be populated with the same dollar amount as the Amount Agreed field in the header region of the Purchase Orders form, depending on the business needs. It should also be noted that Release 11i also has introduced an Amount Limit field that can be defined at the line level of the blanket agreement.

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    Q29 Create A Purchase Order Input The Header And Line Information And Find That The Shipments Button At The Bottom Of The Form Is Grayed Out

    Ans:Setup the Receiving Options to enable the Shipment Button in the Purchase Order form. Navigation: Setup –> Organizations –> Receiving Options. Once set-up these options for your Organization you will have the Shipments button enabled. Ensure that the Purchasing Options and Financial Options are defined for your Organization.

    What Do You Know About This Company And This Industry

    Any candidate worth consideration will have researched the company and the job as extensively prior to the Supply Chain job interview. There are innumerable sources including the companys website, social media, government filings, reviews and commentary, that can help inform a candidate on what the company is all about.

    The candidate should have developed a genuine interest in both the job and the company, which can be demonstrated about how comprehensively they are prepared to respond to this question.

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    Top 20 Supply Chain Management Interview Questions And Answers

    If youre looking for a new job in supply chain management, youre going to need to be prepared for some tough interview questions. After all, this is a highly competitive field, and companies are looking for the best and brightest employees. We will discuss some of the common supply chain management interview questions and provide answers that will help you stand out from the competition. Lets get started!

    Oracle Apps Scm Technical Interview Questions

    Oracle Fusion interview questions and answers

    According to research, Oracle Applications Technical has a market share of about 4.7%. This means that you have a huge opportunity to build your career in Oracle Applications Technical Development. Check out these Oracle Apps SCM Technical Interview Questions that will help you in cracking your interview & acquire your dream career as Oracle Applications Technical Developer.

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    How Do You Deal With Conflict

    Not only do you have to collaborate with people to get things done, but you will have to deal with the inevitable conflict. Because people bring their differences into the workplace the daily stresses and pressures of the job will erupt in conflict, in varying degrees of intensity.

    Conflict is inevitable. What is not clear to the interviewer is how you will handle that conflict. Be sure to discuss examples of conflict situations and your role in working through the conflict.

    It is also a fact that these conflicts will not only be with your peers. Conflicts may occur with your boss, with customers, or with 3rd parties. That can make these situations even more tenuous. If you havent had that experience yet, it is reasonable to research and read and consult to develop your skills in conflict resolution.

    Example Of Supply Chain Management In The Hospitality Industry

    Supply chain management is important in the hospitality industry because it helps to ensure that hotel guests have a positive experience.

    This involves coordinating and integrating all the activities involved in providing hotel services, from procurement of goods and materials to housekeeping and guest services. By efficiently managing the supply chain, hotels can minimize costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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    What Is The Relationship Between Database Tablespace And Data File

    An Oracle database can contain one or more tablespaces or logical storage units. These tablespaces collectively store all the data in a database. Each tablespace consists of one or more files called data files. The data files are physical structures conforming to the operating system in which Oracle is running.

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    Q24 What Is The Difference Between The Agreed Amount And The Amount Limit Fields While Entering A Contract Purchase Agreement And Issues Related To These Fields

    unnamed file 1


    • The agreed amount field at the header level is copied to the amount limit in the terms and conditions block. This is also the amount that is printed on the blanket agreement and represents the contract amount between you and the vendor.
    • The amount limit field will restrict the cumulative releases applied to this purchase agreement from exceeding the specified dollar amount entered here. The value of this field must be equal to or greater than the agreed amount field. This column is used for release approval amount validation. If the total cumulative releases exceed this amount approval will fail. The purpose of this field is to allow user to set a higher approval amount limit than the amount agreed.

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    How Can You Register A Table And Columns At The Back End

    Here are the steps:Use AD_DD package to register a table.Note: AD_DD BPI doesnt check for the existence of the registered table or column in the database schema. Instead, it only updates the required SQL tables.You should ensure that all the tables and columns actually exist. They should also have the same format as defined using the AD_DD API.Also, register the Views.

    Advanced Oracle Fusion Scm Interview Questions

    21.Explain about ABC analysis.

    Ans: The process of categorizing items in the inventory into three classes is called ABC Analysis. With A being the most valuable item and C being the least valuable item. It helps in monitoring and tracking valuable items in the inventory.

    22.Explain the item master organization.

    Ans: The items in an organization are defined using a logical entity called item master organization. When you define an item, you can assign many other organizations to it. However, you won’t be able to copy items across item master organizations.

    23.Explain about the blind shipment.

    Ans: When buyers do not know anything about the seller of the shipment is called blind shipment.That means the seller details are not shared with the buyer. Buyers may not show much interest to go with a blind shipment, which might result in fewer chances for purchase.

    24.Imagine yourself as a logistician, what would be your prime job roles?

    Ans: The very first thing is that the logistician is responsible for handling supply transition as a whole. This is the main obligation. In addition to this, it is also the duty of the logistician to carry out transport-related tasks as well as to store materials in the correct manner.

    25.Give anyone any benefit that retailers can have from an SCM?
    26.How can you say that total supply chain cost can be reduced through Oracle Fusion SCM?
    27.Can Supply chain management help to improve the financial position of an organization? If so, how?

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    Explain What Is Wts How Does It Work

    WTS or Warehouse Tracking System is a software application which is specifically designed for the warehouse industry. It uses the system of barcode labels which allows you to track product movement, audits and shipments easily. It enables you to identify each piece of stock by a unique serial number.

    What Is The Use Of List Price And Market Price On Purchase Orders

    INV Oracle Inventory Inquiry, Oracle Applications Training

    If you have entered an item, Purchasing displays the list price for the item. You can accept the default list price or change it. You can use this field to help evaluate your buyers. Purchasing uses the list price you enter here in the savings analysis reports. Savings Analysis Report and Savings Analysis Report . If you enter an item, Purchasing displays the market price for the item. Use this field to help evaluate your buyers. Purchasing uses the price you enter here in the savings analysis reports if you do not provide a value in the List Price field.

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    Q10 What Are The Setups Required For Encumbrance Accounting


    a) Enable budgetary control in your Set of Books:Navigation: Setup-> Financials-> BooksAlternative Region : Budgetary Control Options Flag Enable Budgetary Control.

    b) Create budgetary control groups:Navigation: Budgets-> Define-> ControlsCreate name, description and enter Budgetary control rules. e.g.. Add Purchasing as Source with category Purchases.This control group has to be attached at the Site level or User level Profile Option and this will control the behavior regarding the tolerance of budgetary control.

    c) Define Budget:In Budget, basically you set period boundary for your budget i.e. time frame.Remember to open the periods for the budget by pressing the Open next year button.NOTE:A prerequisite to the above step is that Encumbrance year should be open at Set of Books level.Navigation: Setup-> Open/Close

    d) Define Budget Organization:Navigation: Budget-> Define-> OrganizationIn this step you choose the accounts for which you want to have control and link it to your Budget defined in step ‘c’. Complete Header of form and Navigate to Ranges and define your ranges for your organization.

    e) Encumbrance types:Navigation: Setup-> Journals-> Encumbrances.Encumbrance types are defined so as to bifurcate the reservation of funds done at different levels i.e. Requisition, PO or Invoice level, it helps management people in having better financial control.

    In Purchasing

    Describe Various Inventory Transaction Types

    The different types of inventory transaction are:Sub-inventory Transfer: Transfers goods between several sub-inventory within the same inventory organisation.Miscellaneous Transaction: Used to make adjustments in the stock in case of obsolescence, damages, issuing items for R & D, etc.Receiving Transaction: Helps move goods from receiving dock to a locator and a specified sub-inventory.InterORG Transfer: Used to transfer goods from one inventory organisation to another.WIP Issue: Issues materials against production orders.Sales Issue: Used to move goods from pick to staged sub inventory.

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    How Do You Set Up The Timeout Feature

    In Oracle Workflow Builder, open the? PO Approval? workflow or the?PO Requisition Approval? workflow for requisitions. To enable the Timeout feature in the PO Approval workflow, modify the following activities in the Notify Approver subprocess by entering a Timeout period in their Properties windows:

    Approve PO Notification, PO Approval Reminder 1, and PO Approval Reminder 2.entering a Timeout period in their Properties windows: Approve Requisition Notification, Requisition Approval Reminder1, and Requisition Approval Reminder2.

    What Is The Advice Of Shipment And Advising Bank

    Advice of shipment: It is a notice sent to a foreign buyer or local trader informing them that the shipment has processed forward and carried information about packing, routing, etc. A copy of the invoice is often sent with it and if recommended a copy of landing also attached along with that. Advising Bank: Advising bank is a bank operating in the sellers country, that handles letters of credit in behalf of a foreign bank

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    What Is The Difference Between Job Hierarchy And Position Hierarchy

    When there is a single approval hierarchy system in an organisation, we use Job hierarchy. But, if multiple positional approvals are required for the same job, we use Position hierarchy. Here, a junior buyers requisition needs to be approved by the senior buyer. Further, the senior buyers requisition should be approved by the Supply Chain Manager and then finally by the Finance manager.

    What Planning Process Do You Use To Manage And Track Products And Materials

    Employers want to ensure their team members are well-organized and aware of production schedules. Use this question to demonstrate the strategy you follow to keep up with deliveries and shipment times.

    Example:”I use a master production schedule system to remain updated on a product’s progress. The system details how many items to produce, the materials needed for every product, expected shipment dates and customer delivery dates.”

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    Q41 How Are Lot And Serial Numbers Handled In Inter

    Ans:When you perform an inter?organization transfer, the source and destination organization may have different lot/serial controls. Purchasing handles this situation as follows:

    • When the source organization uses controls and the destination organization does not, the control numbers are recorded as being issued from the source organization. Lot/serial transactions are recorded for the destination organization.
    • When the source organization does not use controls and the destination organization does, the transaction is processed normally.
    • When both source and destination organizations use controls, the control numbers are recorded as being issued from the source organization. These control numbers are tracked to insure that the same control numbers that were shipped are the ones that are received.
    • When items are returned from inventory to receiving or to the supplier, only the control numbers originally recorded for the delivery transaction can be used.

    Q18when We Try To Run Requisition Import After Running A Min

    Mock Interview – Oracle Functional Consultant (FREE Course)

    Ans:For Releases to get created automatically in the Requisition Import process:- Check for the profile option PO: Release During Requisition Import which should be set to ‘Yes to create releases during requisition import.- ‘Sourcing Rule’ must have current date between ‘effective date’ and ‘to date’.- Check that the requisition is sourced with the blanket, and the requisitions are approved as part of the Requisition Import process.- If the Encumbrance is ON, then the requisition will not get approved and will be in pre approved status and hence release will not get created.- Check the profile option MRP: Purchasing By Revision and INV: Purchasing By Revision . This must be set according and should not be null. This profile option must be set to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ according to the customers requirement.- Verify the table PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE, column AUTOSOURCE_FLAG is Y.- Verify if this item has a blanket purchase agreement approved and it is not closed or cancelled.

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    What Types Of Joins Are Used In Subqueries

    A join is used to compare and combine specific rows of data from two or more tables in a database. The various joins are:

    Self Join to join table with itself

    Outer Join to join matching data and some dissimilar data from more than one table

    Equi-join with a join condition that returns only rows with equivalent values

    What Is The Significance Of The Fields Allow Price Override And Price Limit

    For planned purchase orders and blanket purchase agreements only, check Allow Price Override to indicate that the release price can be greater than the price on the purchase agreement line. If you allow a price override, the release price cannot exceed the Price Limit specified on the line.

    If you do not allow a price override, the release price cannot exceed the Unit Price. You cannot enter this field if the line type is amount-based. If you allow price override, enter the Price Limit. This is the maximum price per item you allow for the item on this agreement line.

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    What Is The Significance Of The Document Total And Account Range Types On The Approval Groups Form

    The Document Total type sets the maximum limit for any approval actions taken by the user to whom the approval group applies to. If multiple Document Totals are specified, the restriction will be to the Document Total, which is the lowest. The Account Range also allows for a document total which is then tied to a specific range of accounts listed on the same line. It is possible to have different account ranges with different amount Limits. This allows the same user to have a different dollar/account limit. It is mandatory to have an account range specified in each approval group defined. By default, if there is not an account range defined, all accounts will then be excluded from the document approval process, which means that the documents will not have the ability to become approved.

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