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Preparing For Front End Interview

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What Is Semantic Html How Does It Work

Preparing for Frontend Interview in Big Tech
  • Semantic HTML is a type of coding.
  • It is the use of HTML markup to emphasize the content’s semantics or meaning.
  • Consider the following scenario: The < b> < /b> tag is not used for bold statements in semantic HTML, while the < i> < /i> element is used for italic.
  • Instead, you use the < em> < /em> and < strong> < /strong> tags.

Explain The Difference Between Classes And Ids

Classes and ID selectors, both are utilized as hooks for CSS styles. IDs are commonly used to style elements that only appear once on a page, such as one instance of a navigational menu. Classes are utilized to style different elements in the same way, such as the presence of links, buttons, forms, text, etc.

Java Engineer Hiring Process

Companies are giving extra effort to optimize the hiring process to find the perfect fit. Working with different companies, we witnessed the best and the worst practices when it comes to the selection process. Typically, the steps would be:


Prescreening is a video or phone call to collect the necessary information about the candidates background. A recruiter may ask you about education, previous experience, motivation to change job, and salary expectations. This step is also essential to candidates. By asking the right questions, you can decide if this opportunity is right for you. It will save you time if you learn something about the company or the project thats not on your plan.

On-site interview

Once you passed the prescreening, the company wants to learn more about your technical and soft skills. The most common practice is to combine technical and HR interviews into one day, saving both your and the companys time. If this is the case, prepare for both sides of the coin. Having a strong technical background is essential, but companies want to make sure that you can fit with the rest of the team well. Communication is a vital part of any software engineering team. You should pay attention to demonstrate your willingness to listen and provide feedback accurately during the whole process. Just as on any job interview, you will go through a few phases.

Technical interview

The Offer

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Map Foreach Filter And Reduce

The most commonly asked questions are about array methods. The interviewer wants to asses how comfortable you are with array manipulation.

The .map method

The .map methods iterates over an array, computes whatever logic you write inside the map body, and returns a NEW array.

let arr = let names = => Output: 

The .forEach method

ForEach is similar to .map but it DOES NOT return an array.

let arr = arr.forEach =>  el.age+= 10) console.log // Output: 22 32 44

The .filter method

The filter method, as the name suggests, helps in filtering out the values inside of an array based on a Boolean condition.

If the boolean condition is true, the result will be returned and added in the final array. If not, it will be skipped. Filter also returns an array, just like the .map method.

let arr = let tooYoung = arr.filter =>  el.age < = 14) console.log // Output: 

The .reduce method

In simple terms, the .reduce method takes into account a previous value , current value and an accumulator.

The return type of the .reduce method is always a single value. It is useful when you want to process all the values of the array and want to derive some accumulated result.

// Calculates the total age of all the three persons.let arr = let totalAge = arr.reduce =>  acc + currentObj.age, 0)console.log// Output: 57

Here, the currentObj is the object that is being iterated over. Also, the acc value stores the result and is outputted finally into the totalAge array.

How Do I Prepare For A Front End Interview Reddit

Preparing for Facebook engineering/front

Prepare for the culture/behavioral interview Read through the company/engineering blog to learn as much as you can about the company culture. Learn what you can about the tech stack. Think about why they might be using one technology over another, and come up with interesting questions you can ask.


Try to take paper-and-pen notes during the interview so that you can remember each persons questions and what was important to that individual.

One of the best ways to prepare for interviewing is by scripting your lines in answer to key questions.

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What Are Some Of Your Favorite Features Of Html5

As a front-end developer, you will spend a great deal of time working with HTML5. This question goes beyond showing your likes and dislikes. The employer wants to see how well you know HTML5. Accordingly, your answer must show that you know about the in-depth features of HTML5 and its creative usage. Using past projects as examples of how you used HTML5 is also key to answering this question.

Can You Explain What User

The aim of this question is to assess the candidates technical knowledge. What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding of user-centred design
  • Ability to name the benefits of user-centred design
  • Willingness to implement user-centred design in their work


User-centred design is a process that web developers use to focus on the clients needs, requirements, and customer base. Through every aspect of the design process, the front end developer will focus on what the user of that website needs. User-centred design requires a lot of research to work but is very beneficial. It often creates a more successful website with more organic traffic as the developer makes it with the user in mind.

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Describe A Recent Technical Challenge How Did You Solve It

This question is your opportunity to show the employer that you have tackled past problems professionally and elegantly. It is important to think about these examples before the interview so they are ready to be shared when you are asked this question. Using your portfolio or website to show the interviewer the result of this challenge will make this a more valuable answer. An example answer to this question could be:

I installed a cached plug-in to lower latency on a website running a CMS. It worked but not as well as I had hoped for as it runs on Apache. To make it work better, I used the mod_rewrite module to define the rewrite condition so that I could run the caching plug-in through the .htaccess file. In doing so, I was able to bypass PHP and the Expiry directive and get the full speed of the plug-in.

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How The Useref Hook Works

Interviewing for Frontend Jobs | Preparation Tips | HTML, CSS, JavaScript Interview

The useRef hook gives us the ability to mutate the DOM .

According to the docs:

useRef returns a mutable ref object whose .current property is initialized to the passed argument . The returned object will persist for the full lifetime of the component.

In simple terms, we are going to useRef if we want to persist the value of something for the entire component lifecycle. The basic implementation of useRef comes with DOM elements. Let’s take an example:

function TextInputWithFocusButton    return  }

Here, we are assigning a ref property to the input block. This will be associated with the inputEl reference that we created.

Now this input element can be manipulated however we want. We can modify the style attribute and make it beautiful, we can take the value property to see what is being help by the input element as the value, and so on.

In the above example, when we click the button, the input is focused and we can immediately start typing. We can do this with the help of inputEl.current.focus essentially the focus method present on the current object.

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How Do I Prepare For A Front

When you’re preparing for your Front-end developer interview, try to code most of your layout without taking a glance at the result till the end. If CSS, HTMLare the most important aspect of front-end development, then JavaScript tops the list of important skills to own. Organisations will spend a lot of time during your interview to test your understanding of Javascript.

Where Do You See Yourself In The Company After Your First Year

The interviewer is not only looking for an employee with the appropriate skills and knowledge to do the job, but also one who has goals for growth and greater contributions to the company. In your answer, confidently indicate your desire to enhance your skills and grow with the company.

Example:âI’ll look forward to having expanded my skills and learned new technologies not currently available to the public, as well as growing a healthy relationship with my colleagues in an environment in which we all thrive. A year from now, I aim to be a person with a wider range of capabilities, contributing to a company that was already great but continues to improve.â

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What Do Interviewers Look For In A Frontend Developer

Generally, frontend interview structures are the same, with a few variations here and there. But, interviews have the same goalto see if you fit the frontend job position. A good interviewer will tell you the outline of the process, which typically goes like this:

  • You will have two to five minutes to talk about yourself.
  • The interviewer will ask you to discuss your work experience for five minutes.
  • Next, you will answer technical questions.
  • Then, you will have to perform coding challenges .
  • Lastly, you will be given a chance to ask questions to end the session.
  • As you can see from the structure, the interview structure checks your qualifications for the job and fits with the companys work culture.

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    What The Interviewer Is Looking For

    Interview Coaching Program  Consult Valley

    When preparing for an interview, it’s important to put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes! If you’ve ever been on the other side of the table, draw on those experiences. They are likely in the middle of a workday with “Interview” on their calendar. Hopefully, they’ve looked at your resume and have been given some instructions from the hiring manager.

    Some companies allow each interviewer to ask anything they want. Others maintain lists of “acceptable” or “banned” questions. Some even structure the entire interview process, assigning each person a specific subject to cover.

    Either way, they have 45 minutes to meet you, introduce themselves, get to know you, and work through any coding challenges they may have brought. A good interviewer will outline the process in the beginning, but often they are broken down like this:

  • The interviewer talks about themselves
  • The interview asks you to go through your recent work history
  • High-level technical questions
  • Coding challenge
  • The interviewee has a chance to ask questions
  • Keep in mind some companies do things very differently. It’s often a great idea to ask your recruiter for any information they can give regarding the interview process. Sometimes they will tell you the general structure, and other times they’ll even give you a list of topics to study!

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    Explain The Difference Between Git Pull And Git Fetch

    Git Fetch

    git fetch -all

    Git Pull

    • Git pulls new data and integrates it with the current working files, updating the current HEAD branch with the latest modifications from the remote server
    • It attempts to combine remote modifications with those made locally
    • Command – git pull origin master

    FREE GIT Training

    Front End Best Practices

    • Avoid writing global variables. Wrap your code within an IIFE and don’t pollute the global scope.
    • What if you need to have multiple instances of this components on the page?
    • Does your code enable you to do this?
    • Did you use any global variables that will make it hard for you to do so?
    • Will having multiple components on the same page affect each other? They should be independent!
  • Do you have a convenient API to instantiate independent components with configurable options? Old school jQuery UI components are good examples of doing this in a pre-React era.
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    What Interviewers Are Looking For

    When interviewing for a front-end web development position, be prepared to discuss your skills and experience with various programming languages, tools, and frameworks.Interviewers will also want to see that you have a strong understanding of the latest trends and technologies in web development.Be prepared to talk about your past projects and how you approached solving various challenges.Be sure to showcase your problem-solving skills by discussing how you tackled various challenges during your development process.Finally, dont forget to highlight your strengths.

    Is Cors Important Why Or Why Not

    Google Frontend Interview With A Frontend Expert

    The interviewer is asking about an HTML staple that all front-end developers should be familiar with. Answer with a solid answer as opposed to an opinion.

    Example:”CORS, or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, allows a web application to request resources across domains. These requests can include images or fonts, for example, that the originating domain needs to get from another domain. This is an important security policy that bridges the gap between restriction and open-source.

    This is especially important in web development, because most of our websites integrate resources housed in several places on the internet, like style sheets, images, scripts and more. This standard is necessary because in addition to allowing servers to determine who can access its assets, it also specifies how the asset may be accessed. This keeps out malicious entities while allowing for benevolent entities to gain access.”

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    What Skills Are Needed To Be A Good Front

    How you answer will let the employer know what skills you possess yourself. They’re also looking for a confident answer, so don’t hesitate to name the top developer skills, according to you.

    Example:”Any professional front-end developer should have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP/URL, DOM, CMS and web browsers, at least. It’s also important to be a good communicator when it comes to leaving notes in the code for later use, writing progress reports for stakeholders and explaining project details to the team.”

    What Is Debouncing

    This is a famous interview question with a lot of practical real world usage and implementations.

    Debouncing is a method of preventing a function from being invoked too often, and instead waiting a certain amount of time until it was last called before invoking it.Think of Amazon in this case. Whenever you type anything in the search bar, when you stop for AT LEAST 0.5 seconds, then the results are fetched. This is exactly what debouncing is.

    In order to implement debouncing, let’s take an example: Generating a username for a user based on the user input.

    import "./styles.css" let inputEle = document.getElementById let username = document.getElementById let generateUsername =  =>   let debounce = function  , delay)   } } inputEle.addEventListener) 

    Here, we are trying to create a custom username based on the user input. Now if the user starts typing, we don’t want to immediately create it, but actually wait for 300 milliseconds before creating the username. We are trying to mimic an API call here, so assume the user types anything and it has to make an API call to the backend and fetch a response.

    The debounce function takes in two values, cb and delay . cb is the callback function that gets executed when the timer runs out.We use setTimeout to create a timeout timer, which means the function inside the setTimeout body will be executed after a certain amount of time.

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    How To Run Front

    Interviewing developers is hard.

    Even if youve been doing it for 14 years, youre spending a lot of time and energy to ensure you find the right candidate AND show the candidate why they should want to work for you.

    And, of course, theres always the risk that you spend all that effort on the wrong candidate. The one who lied about their coding skills, doesnt work well on a team, or simply doesnt know how to communicate.

    Many factors go into creating a good interview the size of your company, the type of role youre interviewing for, and candidate experience level are but a few.

    One process consideration is the number and type of interviews and assessments youll use. Are you a big company with lots of applicants? You may want to use a screening tool like CodinGame. Are you interviewing for more senior roles? You may want to skip straight to a live interview coding session with CoderPad.

    Front-end engineers dont just need to know how to code navigation menus and drop-downs. They need to understand design basics, how to interact with the back end, and how to turn design requirements into a functioning user interface.

    Well show you how to create suitable front-end interviewing questions, how to structure your interviews, how to assess a candidate during the interview, and how to get excellent candidate feedback.

    How To Prepare For Front

    Front End Developer

    As a front-end developer, 80% of the interview is based on JavaScript, then 15% of HTML and CSS. 5%

    As far as technical questions go, the 1st question I will ask you Is how browsers use javascript html css to render web pages. I will then ask questions about http tcp/ip. I will ask about SSL, tokens and other security considerations. I will also ask about Linux, version control and containerization. Then I will move on to a few questions about javascript CSS and HTML. Then I will want to see your code. I will want to see either the programming exercise a gave you or your GitHub personal repo. I will also be asking you about your college transcripts and if they dont at least say bachelor of science forget about even having an interview in the 1st place. Whether front end programming or back end programming this is still decidedly an engineering discipline and I would never hire someone that was not a good engineer.

    front end Interview HTML might be heart of a website, but least utilized and explored. js dude followed the same path and put some basic questions, when you are applying for position directly not for html/markup developer or designer.

    Features and tenhniques in JavaScript is fun, easy and sometimes tricky. Concepts and interview questions about tricky areas in about null, undefined, scope, closure, hoisting, cache, chaining, currying will be discussion. Besides, there are 30+ quick tricky questions that will blow your mind.

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