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Product Management Interview Questions And Answers

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How Do You Align The Technical Team With The Product Vision And Overarching Goals Of The Company

The Top 10 Product Manager Interview Questions (And How To Answer Them)

Some recruiters might reserve this question for a technical product manager interview. However, most product manager interviewers tend to include this question in their interview process since it is more people management-related as opposed to technical.

With that in mind, the question invites candidates to touch on the strategies they use to unify the technical team with product strategy.

The nature of the question implies that fluid communication and frequent follow-ups will be crucial in this phase.

Candidates should refer to the importance of conducting as many meetings as necessary. In doing so, they must mention how important it is to sensitize the technical team and orient them on the product vision as well as the companys overarching goals.

The best candidates will also speak to the passive and active resistance that the technical team will display either before or during the development phase. You must mention how your meetings will help to reduce any type of resistance. Be sure to indicate that you will conduct ad-hoc meetings as needed in order to resolve specific concerns that one or more team members may have.

Here are some more technical product management-related questions that recruiters can ask:

3. Talk me through how you would write an algorithm to recommend friends to add.

4. Explain how you would write an algorithm to recommend contacts to add.

5. Describe how you would write an algorithm to recommend articles to a user.

Faqs About The Pm Interview Process

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to prepare for the PM interview.

How do I prepare for a product manager interview?

  • Step 1: Research the company you’re applying to and learn the product manager interview loop for that company.
  • Step 2: Choose one type of interview questions for that role .
  • Step 3: Review the most common interview questions. Create stories from your resume to prepare for your interview. Practice using the STAR method to answer each question.
  • Step 4: Compare your answers to the most popular answers to interview questions from people who landed the job.
  • Step 5: Move between interview question categories and repeat.

What makes a good PM interview?

Ultimately, your product manager interview will come down to three things.

  • Product Vision and Sense: How well are you able to envision future products to solve user pain points and needs?
  • Communication: Can you communicate your product ideas and vision to a product team and engineering team to execute?
  • Culture Fit: Do you align with the company’s vision and the ethos of its workers?
  • Is Product Manager a Technical Role?

    Depending on the company, your product management role may be technical. Companies like Google encourage a strong technical and coding background to succeed in their product management positions. However, many companies don’t require a technical background to lead technical teams.

    Is Product Management a Stressful Job?

    Study up on example PM interview questions

    How Do You Determine When A Product Is Well

    People have different views on what a well-designed product is. By asking this question, you can determine whether a candidate prioritizes the factors you believe are important for every product. What to look for in an answer:

    • A logical definition of a well-designed product
    • Explanation of their answer
    • Effective communication skills


    “A well-designed product is simple, functional and beginner-friendly. It must deliver on its promises, and users must be able to use it without having to read manuals. It must also meet stakeholders’ goals before its launch and be environmentally friendly.”

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    How Would You Manage A Team That Works Across Time Zones

    Highly-efficient product teams give full visibility into their planning and activities so task hand-offs are quicker. At the intersection of it all is the product manager. This person should clearly communicate expectations and vision so all contributors are ready to get to work without confusion about whats happening.

    Describe your best practices to set up the team for success! A few examples to consider:

    • Breaking down silos with communication channels
    • Using modern and relevant product management tools
    • Standardizing product processes and information sharing

    How To Prepare For Product Sense Questions

    Autocad Interview Questions and Answers

    Heres a step-wise framework you should follow to answer such questions effectively.

  • Describe your understanding of the product and use clarifying questions to define the scope of the question.Some commonly asked clarifying questions that you can consider:1. Do I need to focus on any demographic or user groups?2. What is the goal/objective of the task? Common goals include usage, revenue, engagement, user experience etc.3. Should I look at any specific platforms e.g. mobile, desktop etc?
  • State the Goal If your interviewer hasnt mentioned the goal yet, use your logical reasoning to select a goal for the product, explain why you are choosing it
  • Define your Target User Groups Segment your user groups well and describe what you mean by stating their distinctive behaviour
  • Select the most relevant user group Give proper reasoning for selecting one user group over the other
  • Highlight users pain points Describe the user journey and communicate the users pain points clearly so that the interviewer understands the problems you are planning to solve
  • Prioritise the pain point that you would like to address first State the impact of the pain point youve selected
  • List at least 4-5 solutions to solve it Get creative! Try to have a mixed bag of feasible and out-of-the-box solution ideas
  • Plan your roadmap Demonstrate your ability to plan your feature release
  • Define success metrics to track your solution List down 1 primary and 2 secondary metrics that you would track
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    Quality Manager Interview Questions

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Quality management involves supervising tasks and responsibilities to ensure a set level of excellence. To hire a quality manager, hiring managers ask interview questions to assess candidates’ skills and experience and to ensure they’re a good fit for their company’s needs. Understanding how to answer such interview questions can help you create a good impression, succeed in the interview, and get the job. In this article, we provide general, background and experience-related, in-depth quality manager interview questions, and highlight six questions with sample answers.

    Take Notes While Your Interviewer Asks The Question

    This is a crucial step before you answer a product management interview question. As the interviewer asks your interview question or lays out the parameters and constraints, be sure to actively listen to them.

    Make notes of the critical points as they do so.

    This part of the interview process may feel redundant if you already know how to answer a question. But slowing down and showing that you can listen to directions and process information effectively is equally valuable.

    Take the time to get on the same page as your interviewer.

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    More Product Manager Interview Questions

    Here are 20 more product manager interview questions many candidates encounter:

  • How would you define a great customer experience?
  • If you had full control over the project, what would you do to improve our product?
  • How can you tell if a product is well designed?
  • Can you tell me about a product that you use daily? How would you improve it?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to say no to a team members idea.
  • What aspect of product management is the most frustrating?
  • If it were up to you, how would you price our products?
  • When choosing team members, do you favor technical expertise or soft skills?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to motivate a frustrated team.
  • How would you rate your project management skills? Would your past team members say the same?
  • What approach do you use to ensure that stakeholders who arent as savvy about the technical aspects of the product remain thoroughly informed?
  • Tell me about a time when you relied heavily on data to make a decision
  • If its clear that a project is falling behind, what do you do to get it back on target?
  • How do you develop a product launch strategy?
  • Do you have any technical skills that you believe set you apart from others in the field?
  • Tell me about the hardest decision youve had to make when developing a product.
  • Discuss a time where a product project you were working on experienced a failure. What did you do to recover or learn from the experience?
  • What are your go-to approaches for market research?
  • Question : How Would You Improve X Product

    Top 20 Google Product Manager Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

    Another product design question, this one assesses how well you can analyze an existing products features and change them to better meet user needs.

    Below is an abbreviated sample answer to this question, using the BUS framework, same as question 1 above. For the complete answer and an explanation of the framework, take a look at our guide to product improvement questions.

    Sample answer: How would you improve Facebook?

    Business objective

    First, clarify the target user and the specific product. Assume here that the interviewer wants you to improve Facebook’s Ads Manager, and that the business objective is to grow the conversion rate from registered to active users amongst small businesses.

    User problems

    Brainstorm typical problems small businesses face using Facebook Ads:

  • Users might not have run ads before and are unsure where to start
  • Users might be overwhelmed by all the customization options offered by the Ads Manager and not have enough time to learn it all
  • It makes sense to prioritize solving problems that will let users launch an ad and see results as quickly as possible. Therefore, focus on problem two.


    Here are some solutions which could help solve problem two:

  • Create a custom onboarding experience to guide small business users through creating a first simple ad
  • Create a simpler and separate version of the Ads Manager with less granular controls but that’s much easier to use
  • Assume youve discussed with the interviewer and chosen option b.

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    Question : What Is Your Favorite Product And Why

    With this question, interviewers are assessing your understanding of product design, your ability to deliver constructive criticism, and your knowledge of a specific product. They may ask about your favorite product in general or your favorite among their own line of products.

    Below is an abbreviated sample answer using the BUS framework. For the full answer and an explanation of the framework to use in your own answers, take a look at our guide to the favorite product interview question.

    Sample answer: What is your favorite product and why?

    Business objective

    “My favorite product right now is Instagram. I tend to use Instagram mostly as an end user, not an advertiser, so let me explain more about the product from that user perspective. Heres one of the problems it addresses:

    User problems

    It is tough to find one easy place to share casual photos, promote artwork, or build a small business where there are many users who are likely to find and share your content.


    Instagram solves this problem by giving users the option of exactly what accounts to follow, so theres a really high chance a users feed is full of content theyre going to enjoy as soon as the app launches on their phone. This is a better solution than some alternatives which require you to scroll through videos at random until the algorithm catches on to what you like .

    For more help, heres a video example of an answer to the favorite product question, from an ex-Google PM.

    How To Prepare For Product Manager Interviews

    With a lot to cover, its best to take a systematic approach to make the most of your practice time.

    Below youll find links to free resources and three introductory steps that you can take to prepare your answers to typical PM interview questions.

    Alternatively, if youre looking to save time and follow a more guided approach on your overall interview preparation, we recommend signing up to the product manager interview course. The course includes lessons on how to answer all question types, examples of high-quality answers, mock interview videos, and more than 300 practice questions.

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    Our Target Audience Is 18

      Why the Interviewer Asks This Question

      Written by Karrie Day on October 21st, 2022

      Remember To

      Remember to include more than one channel in your marketing strategy response. Principal product managers should understand the concept and value of omnichannel marketing.Also, remember to thoroughly research the product lines and related consumer demographics prior to your interview. The time invested researching this information should help to improve the quality of your responses to several questions during your principal product manager interview.

      Written by Karrie Day on October 21st, 2022

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    Product Manager Case Study Interview Questions

    Pin on Technology

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Effectively interviewing for an available product manager position often entails highlighting your knowledge of product design, development, marketing and project management to a prospective employer. Hiring managers often create case studies to determine how qualified candidates might handle certain situations if hired. Learning how to answer case study questions effectively can help you separate yourself from competitive applicants and secure a product manager position. In this article, we discuss some product manager case study interview questions and provide sample answers and tips you can review when preparing for your interview.

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    Interview Questions About Product Strategy

    As a product manager, you will be responsible for the entire roadmap delivery. This means you need to be comfortable with strategic thinking across key aspects of a valuable product strategy.

    Product strategy questions are generally open-ended and centred around the market share, product launch, competitor evaluation and so on. Some examples include:

    • How would you determine which neighbourhood to launch your hyperlocal delivery service in?
    • Should Instagram get into events? If so, then how would you launch it?
    • How would you acquire more users for Uber?
    • What should Oyos strategy be during the Covid-19 pandemic?
    • What is the biggest threat to Youtube?
    • How would you grow Airbnb Experiences?

    On What Parameters Do You Base The Performance Of A Product In The Market From A Product Managers Perspective

    A products market success can be measured on 4 parameters:

  • Product Usage- monthly users and users per feature.

  • Product Quality- escalation and negative feedbacks, product testing to validate the quality of the product and draw a roadmap for ongoing improvement.

  • Product Development- On-time delivery, resource availability and estimated time to complete development.

  • Business performance- Customer experience, revenues, bookings, profits, and costs.

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    How Do You Like To Work Whats Your Pm Style

    Questions PurposeThey want to know whats your favorite way to work. Are you a quiet PM type, cracking away at some Redash dashboard in a corner? Or are you out talking to customers, designers, and devs in order to gain insights and drive the business?

    How to AnswerTell them you like to work collaboratively. Thats the only answer they want to hear. Whatever type of PM job it is, your answer should tell a story about how you like to work collaboratively with customers, designers, other PMs, developers, and so on. Nobody wants a PM that likes to work by themselves thats the antithesis of the jobs purpose. Tell a story about an important collaboration you had with a dev, designer, other product manager, data scientist, or a customer, and then tell them thats how you like to work.

    The 10 Most Important Product Manager Interview Questions

    How To Answer Product Strategy Interview Questions Using The Best Framework

    The types of questions you can expect to be asked in a Product Management interview are pretty vast and varied. But in general, youll probably be asked some of the following:

  • What do you see as a Product Managers main role within product development?
  • How do you stay user-focused?
  • What main changes would you make to ?
  • How do you see your career developing in the next 5 years?
  • Tell us about a time you used data to influence an important stakeholder.
  • Tell us about a time you faced failure and how you bounced back.
  • How would you improve your favorite product?
  • Whats your approach to prioritizing tasks?
  • Why do you want to work at ?
  • Why do you want to be/what do you love about being a Product Manager?
  • Questions will vary depending on the role, the company, and the industry, and the types of questions youll be asked will change as you move through the interview process.

    Thats a lot of preparing to do! So here weve laid out every single type of question you could possibly be asking in a Product Management interview

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    Question 1: Explain A Technical Concept To A Non

    Finally, interviewers sometimes ask technical explainer questions like this one in order to assess how well you understand relevant technical concepts to the position youre applying for, as well as if you can communicate with teams of engineers.

    Below is a shortened sample answer to the question, explain how the internet works. For a framework you can use for this type of question, as well as the full sample answer, take a look at our guide to answering technical questions in PM interviews.

    Sample answer: Explain how the internet works


    To reduce the scope of the explanation, you can start with, The internet is composed of many complex elements. I could talk about network connections, blockchain technology, specific web services, etc. But the most fundamental feature of the Internet is probably that websites can be accessed by typing a URL in a browser, so this is what I suggest we focus on.

    Explain step by step

    Take some time to write out your thoughts, then walk the interviewer through the steps:

  • The Client browser uses the URL to find the websites IP address, which is either stored in local memory or found with a DNS lookup. Heres a metaphor to help explain: a DNS resolver is like a big phone book matching URLs and IP addresses. If you wanted to call John Smith on the phone, first you would need to find his number in the phone book.
  • Conclude and discuss

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