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Product Manager Roadmap Interview Questions

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How Would You Define A Cone Of Uncertainty

Tackling Roadmap Questions in Product Management Interview

A cone of uncertainty is a model that predicts the amount and type of information needed in order to make decisions. The shape dictates when youre going through an iterative process, the more data collected at each step then the less need for additional rounds. This cone can be used in many different types of situations whether its project management or personal decision making depending on what level of detail you want to have down.

Tips To Answer Product Design Questions

To effectively answer product design questions, just remember what these questions attempt to evaluate. That being:

  • Passion for product marketing.

The best way to prepare for product design questions is simply practice, practice, practice.

Of all the questions you’ll be asked in your product marketing interviews, these will surely be the ones most focused on your creativity.

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly think that creativity is something entirely innate and can’t be practiced or developed. But this is not the case.

During your product marketing interviews, product design questions and other creativity-based questions can be answered effectively using the SCAMPER framework.

Product Manager Interview Preparation

There are many questions that an interviewer or hiring manager may ask you during a job interview. The objective of these questions is to understand a) who you are as a product manager, b) what unique skills or background you may have, and c) how well you will fit into their organization and culture.

The first step in preparing for your interview is to research the company. Get to know the products and services they offer, especially those related to the team for which you are interviewing. Consider the companys overall mission, points of differentiation, and market standing. What are this companys market challenges, opportunities, and threats? Also consider the companys values and culture. What is most important to them and how do you align with their values? Think of an example of that alignment that you can discuss in your interview. You should also be prepared to discuss why the companys culture is one in which you would not only be comfortable, but thrive. Be prepared to discuss your cultural fit, and try to weave it into your answers to other questions youre asked, as appropriate. Also, be sure to study the companys revenue, performance projections, and history so youll have a deep understanding of your potential employer.

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How Do You Evaluate Product Designs

Answer Template:

That really depends, I rely on the right KPIs and analytics tools to evaluate product designs. For example, we recently tracked XYZ, which resulted in higher conversion rates and user engagement. For that particular project, we used either optimize Optimizely, Pendo, Mixpanel, or Google analytics. What types of analytics do you guys use at your current company right now?

What Is Your Experience With Shutting Down A Product Or Service What Are The Key Challenges In An End

Interview Query

As a Product Manager, at least one of your products might have gone through the End-of-life process. It must be a complicated decision to make. There could be several reasons to end the product like it wasnt generating enough revenue the product technologies become obsolete or the company was opting out from a particular market.

Here, the interviewer would like to know your understanding of the key elements involved in making an EOL process a success without affecting the stakeholders.

The Elements involved in EOL decision-making are:

  • Sales notifications: Enabling the companys sales functions in handling and communicating EOL situations to the customers.
  • Customer migration plans: Helping customers migrate to a different product or suggesting another alternative.
  • Returns, rebates, upsell policies: Considering the financial aspects of the product.
  • End of life, end of support, end of availability: Deciding and communicating when you plan to stop sales and support for the product.
  • Contracting: Before bringing a product to end, revisiting the contracts, particularly from large clients to ensure there are no penalties or breaches of SLAs.

You can explain how meticulously you brought the product life cycle to an end without affecting the companys brand or losing any big clients.

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How To Prepare For The Question Why Are You Interested In This Company

This is your chance to show the recruiter that you actually did your research on the company before applying for the Product Manager position. The best way to prepare for this company is to go on to the companys LinkedIn page or their website and find some recent news articles about that company that interest you. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with what is currently happening in the company.

Although you are probably applying to multiple jobs a day, you want to make the company you are interviewing with feel like they are the only company you are interested in. They want to hire someone who is passionate about the work they are doing.

Starter Customer Interview Questions To Dig At Customer Pain Points

Start with 5 whys. If your users are eager to present you with a long list of feature requests, or already have ideas about how your product might be better, dont stop after their first answer, and then keep on asking why. Each time you ask why you get one step closer to the heart of the issue.

Two examples from the auto industry :

If youre familiar with Toyotas 5 Whys, you know that asking why once isnt enough.

Lets apply persistent why-asking to Henry Fords most famously attributed quote: If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

  • Why do you need a new horse? It’s old.
  • Why do you need to replace it when it gets old? Because it’s too slow.
  • Why do you need it to run fast? Because I need to get from A to B efficiently.
  • Five isnt a magic number, but even from asking why three times, you can distill the users problem to its source: getting from A to B faster. Moral of the story? Dont directly ask your customers what they want. They dont know. Ask them questions about their process, what theyre trying to accomplish with your product, and where they meet obstacles.

    A good problem exploration question would be: On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly does this hurt? Say your customer brings a list of their gripes and pains to you. Which ones are the most important to them? Asking them to rate their issue on a numerical scale will help you see where their priorities as well as how often theyre running into this problem.

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    How Would You Prioritize These Four Things

    Prioritization is a top-line responsibility for product managers, so they get a feel for how they attack it or if they have a framework they prefer. You want to give more than just two items, but not so many, that this takes up the entire interview. To provide a little context and be prepared for some follow-up questions .

    For example, how would you prioritize adding a new feature your No. 1 customer requested versus fixing a UX problem that generates lots of support calls? Adding an enhancement your top salesperson swears will close many deals and add functionality that your main competitor already has?

    What Does A Product Roadmap Look Like

    How to build a product roadmap (w/ Google PM)

    This depends on your organisation. If youre a brand like Apple, then you have to align your company to September when products are launched. With a specific schedule in mind, its more appropriate to use a timeline view to help achieve the end goal.

    Whereas if youre an organization thats more agile and flexible, you can use something thats not time based. For example, a swimlane view, where things come out either in seasons or just in different statuses would be fitting.

    Check out our libray of 35+ roadmap templates. Access them for free by signing up for a Roadmunk trial.

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    How Would You Figure It Out

    Product managers need data and metrics to make good decisions and gain the support of stakeholders. This often requires doing some research to develop the right facts and figures to make their case. Asking a candidate how they would find a fact they dont already know will indicate whether they can enter a query into Google and do the up-front thinking on the right questions to ask and explain how they got there.

    You Are Building A New Product For A New Market How Do You Determine What Customers Want And Need In This New Market

    Meeting customers wants and needs is vital for making a product successful. To attract and retain new customers, you must understand what they want and expect from a particular product.

    In this answer, talk about how you gain customer insights through extensive customer research, how to ask questions to a real audience, taking feedback, interview, etc.

    It is better to focus on 2-3 different methods to discover user behaviour and requirements. Few such methods are:

    • Focus groups: A market research technique that involves interviewing a small group of people consisting of your target audience.
    • Keyword search: Keyword research helps in determining what the customer is searching for, e.g. a company, a particular product, or a solution to a certain problem.
    • Social listening: This process helps in tracking and analyzing what the consumer is talking/sharing about the industry, products, your company, etc. on various social media channels.

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    Key Questions To Ask When Building Your Product Roadmap

    Editors note: the following was written by a guest blogger. If you would like to contribute to the blog, please review the Product Blog contribution guidelines and contact

    Product roadmaps are only as good as the information theyre based on. Compiling the information doesnt happen in a vacuum. The data, insights, and feedback informing the roadmapping process dont come together without reaching out to others and asking the right things.

    If you dont talk to the right folks and inquire about certain matters, your roadmapping could make false assumptions, miss out on important opportunities to meet the needs of the market, or not account for major trends and competitors.

    But who should be consulted beforeand duringthe roadmapping process? And what should product teams be asking them?

    Here are 30 questions you should be asking when building your product roadmap.

    Product Management Interview Prep

    Customer interview report template

    Great interview preparation for a product management role involves 4 steps:

  • Understand the structure of the interview process
  • Evaluate the case study before you begin
  • Understand the types of questions theyll ask and how to frame your experience
  • Prepare questions for the hiring manager
  • Lets go through each one.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Product Manager Interview Question

    To get the Product Manager job you want, you should aim to leave the room with the interviewer convinced that you are the best person for the job. Getting it right involves a lot of moving parts, the biggest of which is your response to the questions typically asked in a Product Manager interview.

    The most common Product Manager interview questions will cover:

    • Reasons for leaving
    • Tell me about yourself

    But theres much more The Product Manager interview structure covers everything from your resume and experience to behavioral and technical aspects of the job. You need to feel comfortable answering all kinds of questions.

    Weve created this ultimate guide to Product Manager interview questions and answers to get you as ready as possible for the next time youre in the hot seat.

    Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

    Some common PM engineering interview questions that you should think about:

    • How do you work with Engineers?
    • Whats a time when you and your Engineers disagreed?
    • How do you communicate changing requirements to your Engineers?
    • How do you deal with tech debt?
    • What are some of the ways that you managed the backlog?

    There are four key strategies to answering Engineering Product Manager Interview questions:

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    What To Expect In A Product Manager Interview

    The typical structure of a PM recruitment process involves

    • An individual interview with the hiring manager
    • A group interview or secondary interviews with other potential colleagues
    • A case study, or case interview.

    These elements could come in any order. Typically the hiring manager would meet with you first to decide whether to move you forward to the colleague interview or case study stages. That said, some companies might ask for a case study assignment first to qualify you before taking up team members time.

    How Do You Test Product Designs

    How to Demonstrate Product Vision in a PM Interview

    Answer Template:

    I approach testing in a few different ways depending on what were trying to achieve. Recently, I led two projects on my team. I used X methodology to test for Y which resulted in Z. On my other project, I used A methodology to test for B which resulted in C. The most important thing I keep in mind when approaching testing is making sure product design is aligned with our business and/or marketing goals

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    How Do You Decide On The Price Of A Product

    To determine the price of a product, I would choose an effective pricing strategy to make it cost-effective.

    I would assess the market and target audience followed by a research on the pricing structure of competitors.

    3 important inclusions here would be:

  • Variable costs- Cost of goods sold, Production, Packaging, marketing costs and shipping.
  • Fixed Costs- unavoidable expenses like rent, electricity, salaries of employees, etc.
  • Profit margin- The profit company aims to make per unit.
  • Product Manager Interview Questions And Answers: Round 1

    Preparing for the first round screening call mostly involves organizing your professional background in a concise and thorough pitch. You will most likely talk with a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager. The pass criteria for this interview is how much experience you have that is relevant to the role. Questions asked in the first round of interviews include:

  • Do you have any initial questions about our company?
  • What are you doing now: what keeps you busy these days?
  • How big is the current team that you are working with?
  • Who do you report directly to right now?
  • Are you the sole Product Manager?
  • What attracted you to this company?
  • What is your leadership style?
  • Lets say you join a team here and you are put on a product, you have features x and y, how would you go about deciding which one to build first?
  • How technical do you get with your engineers? Do you have any say with technical direction or do you mostly have a high-level conversation?
  • Can you tell me a little about a product youre passionate about?
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    How Would You Find The Number Of Red Cars In China

    Start by seeking further clarification. For instance, to estimate windows take into account car windows, subways, computers, etc.

    This indicates curiosity and makes the question clear and simple.

    Ask for some time to draw a strategy estimate based on the basic information you possess.

    For instance, New York City has a large population. Assuming there are 8 million people there and we allot 5 windows to each person, keeping in mind that offices have fewer windows than homes and more people than windows.

    Based on this logic, the number of windows in New York City 8 Million X 5, which is equal to 40 million windows.

    Figure out logical strategies and a way to work on those.

    Remember! The method matters, not the answer!

    Top Product Manager Interview Questions

    9 Tricks to build your Talent Acquisition function

    These are the types of questions you can most likely expect in your PM interview at startups and big tech companies alike.

    You can view a full list of interview questions in our product manager interview question database. Sort by company like Amazon or LinkedIn and filter by question types like behavioral, technical, product sense, and more.

  • What’s your favorite product and why? .
  • Tell me about a time you had to make a decision to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains. .
  • Tell me about a time you handled a difficult stakeholder. View community answers.
  • How would you improve Instagram Stories? Watch Microsoft PM answer.
  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake. Watch interview strategy.
  • Tell me about a time you solved a complex problem. .
  • Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a coworker? How did you solve the problem? .
  • How would you handle negative user feedback for your product? View community answers.
  • What are the top 3 tech trends that will change the next decade? View community answers.
  • BONUS: Why do you want to work as a product manager?
  • BONUS: Why do you want to work at , , Apple, etc?
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    What Is The Hardest Thing You Have Experienced As A Product Manager

    Product Managers face a lot of difficult situations and people during their entire careers. And no matter what the situation, they have to bring positive outcomes out of it.

    Syncing multiple tasks across various products require immense focus and time management. There are several issues that you might face while achieving all of this.

    It could be a communication gap, scope creeps due to the stakeholders ambiguity of requirements, unclear goals, budgeting issues, lack of skilled team members, unrealistic deadlines, risk management issues, etc. All these problems are equally damaging to a products growth. Pick up any such issues that you struggle with most. Not only talk about why you find it difficult to use but also how you tackle them so that it doesnt impact the project.

    How To Become A Product Manager

    The first prerequisite of becoming a product manager is being fully aware of product management meaning. In addition to it, you must hold a bachelors or masters degree in product management or a similar field. However, what triumphs the qualifications is the skills possessed by an aspiring candidate. You should have the following skills to become a product manager:

    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving skills

    Product managers should also have comprehensive knowledge about product management fundamentals because recruiters hardly get lured by their qualifications and skills. So, to become a product manager, you need to be well-prepared for the interview round. Preparing the product manager interview questions is the first step toward passing an interview. So, here are some product manager interview questions often asked by recruiters.

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