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Qa Scenario Based Interview Questions

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Manual Testing Interview Questions For 3 Years Experience

Scenario Based Automation Testing Interview Questions | Top 20 frequently asked by Top Companies |#1

When our experience is more than three years, and also you want to continue your career as a manual tester, then in the time when we are going for an interview, we may expect some of the tough questions. So we have the plan to put those real-time and tricky manual testing interview questions below. You can follow those interview questions update us.

  • What is the Requirement Traceability Matrix?
  • What is the difference between Pilot and Beta testing?
  • Describe how to perform Risk analysis during software testing?
  • What is Silk Test?
  • What is Black Box Testing?
  • What are the roles of glass-box and black-box testing tools?
  • What do you mean by Pilot Testing?
  • What is AUT?
  • The role of both QA & QC?
  • How to test Microsoft Word 2003. What all the major areas to be tested, please explain.
  • How to write a test case and bug report? Plz, explain with an example.
  • How to do regression testing, and can give one or two examples on that in the same application?
  • How to arrive in a Test case? And how to write the Test case in Email id? When we go for WinRunner and why we go for it?
  • Explain to me the phases of STLC and explain each one briefly?
  • Difference between bug, error, and defect?
  • Give an exact and appropriate definition of testing.
  • How will you review the test case and how many types are there?

What Testing Tools Do You Use/recommend And Why

This is one of my favourite Quality Assurance interview questions. And Ive covered this question previously.

You and I both know that tools help remove repetitive, redundant and repeatable activities from your roster that they improve the flow of information across the project, team and organisation.

Tools help you focus on the high value activities and automate the rest.

In that sense, yes, tooling is important.

Where people are concerned, everything can be tainted with emotions. Emotions are involved even with matters like selecting the right Test Automation tool for your team. Believe me, it happens.

What Are The Important Testing Types For Web Testing

Ans: Two major types of testing are important for web testing, such as:

  • Performance Testing: It is a testing technique wherein the quality attributes are evaluated, such as responsiveness, scalability, speed under varying load conditions, and more. The performance testing defines the attributes that require improvement before the launch.
  • Security Testing: This one is a testing technique that comprehends the resources and data that must be saved from hackers or intruders.

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Scenario Based / Behavioral Interview Questions For Test Lead

1. Please mention your daily responsibilities as Test Lead.

2. What all different testing methodologies you have used in your project? How did you prepare Test Strategy / Test Plan?

3. What are the challenges you have faced in your project, both behavioural and technical?

4. Have you worked on Estimations? What was your approach? Can you please the parameters to be considered for estimation calculations ?

5. Have you worked on RFPs? Please explain.

6.How you managed and tracked / reported productivity metrics ? How many stakeholders did you work with?Suppose you need to create a presentation about your testing project for CEO / Manager with higher level How you will do it ? Can you mention the headers?

7. What do you think attrition rate it is more now a days ? What are the reasons and your solutions for them ?

8. How you will handle a non performing team member ? How about the conflicts between teammates?

9. If client asks you to do more work than estimated, how will you handle the situation ? Will you refuse the work ? Whom you will convince first – client or team?

10.If there is a defect slippage from your team / any escalation from client what will be your approach to handle them ?

11. Will be able to drive the team of freshers and how?

12. As automation Test Lead, how you will bridge the gap between automation testers and manual team? This gap could be behavioral or knowledge based

Q21 What Is The Difference Between A Bug A Defect And An Error

Scenario based software testing interview questions and answers for ...

Bug A bug is a fault in the software thats detected during testing time. They occur because of some coding error and leads a program to malfunction. They may also lead to a functional issue in the product. These are fatal errors that could block a functionality, results in a crash, or cause performance bottlenecks

Defect A defect is a variance between expected results and actual results, detected by the developer after the product goes live. The defect is an error found AFTER the application goes into production. In simple terms, it refers to several troubles with the software products, with its external behavior, or with its internal features.

Error An error is a mistake, misunderstanding, or misconception, on the part of a software developer. The category of developers includes software engineers, programmers, analysts, and testers. For example, a developer may misunderstand a design notation, or a programmer might type a variable name incorrectly leads to an error. An error normally arises in software, it leads to a change the functionality of the program.

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What Is The Transport Method In Soap

Application layer and transport layers of a network are used by SOAP HTTP and SMTP are the valid protocol of the application layer used as the transport for SOAP. HTTP is more preferable, since it works well with the current Internet infrastructure, in particular with firewalls.The SOAP requests can be sent using an HTTP GET method while the specification only contains details about HTTP POST.

What Are Principles Of An Api Test Design

The five most important principles of an API test design are:

  • Setup: Create objects, start services, initialize data, etc
  • Execution: Steps to apply API or the scenario, including logging
  • Verification: Oracles to evaluate the result of the execution
  • Reporting: Pass, failed or blocked
  • Clean up: Pre-test state

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Tell Me About Your Most Difficult Project

Take a deep breath. Let it all come back to you, the emotions, the late nights trying to find the problem, the inordinate amount of take-out boxes piled up on your test.

This is a great opportunity to let your passion for QA come out. Walk them through what caused you the most difficulty, why it was so hard to find the solution, and how hard you worked to resolve the issue.

What Are The Advantages Of Api Testing

SCENARIO-BASED Interview Questions & Answers! (Pass a Situational Job Interview!)

In an API interview, they are likely to ask about the advantages of API testing. So be prepared with the significant ones such as:

  • Test for Core Functionality:API testing provides access to the application without a user interface. The core and code-level of functionalities of the application will be tested and evaluated early before the GUI tests. This will help detect the minor issues which can become bigger during the GUI testing.
  • Time Effective:API testing usually is less time consuming than functional GUI testing. The web elements in GUI testing must be polled, which makes the testing process slower. Particularly, API test automation requires less code so it can provide better and faster test coverage compared to GUI test automation. These will result in the cost saving for the testing project.
  • Language-Independent: In API testing, data is exchanged using XML or JSON. These transfer modes are completely language-independent, allowing users to select any code language when adopting automation testing services for the project.
  • Easy Integration with GUI: API tests enable highly integrable tests, which is particularly useful if you want to perform functional GUI tests after API testing. For instance, simple integration would allow new user accounts to be created within the application before a GUI test started.

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Test Lead/manager Interview Questions On Attitude And Management

In this section, we are providing a list of best and most commonly asked Test Manager Interview Questions useful for the Test Manager role.

Test Manager plays a very prominent role because he has to lead the entire testing team. So the questions will be a little bit difficult by reading below you will an enough confident.

Real-time interview questions are also mentioned in this article.

Following is the list of Scenario-Based Interview Questions and answers for Test Manager:

#7) Customer has reported severe defects in the Daily balance report. The customer is unhappy that the problem is not fixed even after a week. What action you as a PM will take to restore the confidence of customer and ensure that this will not happen in future?


Conflict resolution: Get on your customer wavelength. Get the facts and ask questions, get detail info and take notes listen carefully. Establish and initiate an action program .

Finally, establish a proper daily problem review process to prevent such problems in the future.

#8) Its observed that the testers in your organization are performing tests on the deliverable even after significant defects have been found. This has resulted in unnecessary testing of little value because re-testing needs to be done after defects have been rectified.

You are the test manager and going to update the test plan with recommendations on when to stop testing. List the recommendations you are going to make.Answer:

Following steps need to be taken:

What Is Integration Testing What Are Its Types

Integration testing is performed after unit testing. We test a group of linked modules in integration testing. Its goal is to identify faults with module interaction.

The following are the types of integration testing –

  • Big Bang Integration Testing After all of the modules have been merged, big bang integration testing begins.
  • Top-down Integration Testing In top-down integration, testing and integration begin at the top and work their way down.
  • Bottom-up Integration Testing In bottom-up integration testing, lower-level modules are tested before moving up the hierarchy to higher-level modules.
  • Hybrid Integration Testing Hybrid integration testing combines top-down and bottom-up integration testing techniques. The integration with this approach starts at the middle layer, and testing is done in both directions.

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How Will You Conquer The Challenges That Occurred Because Of The Unavailability Of Documents During The Testing

Ans: In case the standard documents, such as Feature Description Document or System Requirement Specification are missing, then quality assurance will be based upon the following references, such as:

  • Screenshots
  • Wireframes
  • A previous version of the application

Another method could be having discussions with developers and business analysts. It will help resolve doubts and open a channel for bringing transparency to the requirements.

What Should I Know About Qa Engineer Jobs And The Interview Process

Scenario based software testing interview questions and answers for ...

You might ask yourself something like Is there a QA job interview tutorial or walkthrough? The short answer is yes, but every interview will be different. Each company will have their own interview processes, requirements, and approaches. Though you cannot predict what they will do, you can prepare for many scenarios on your end.

But the bottom line is that you should be confident and, regardless of what your intentions are for your future career, let your possible employer think this is where you want to beespecially during the interview process.

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What Is Regression Testing

Regression Testing is a full or partial selection of already executed test cases that are re-executed to ensure existing functionalities work fine.

Steps involved are –

  • Re-testing: All of the tests in the current test suite are run again. It turns out to be both pricey and time-consuming.
  • Regression tests are divided into three categories: feature tests, integration tests, and end-to-end testing. Some of the tests are chosen in this step.
  • Prioritization of test cases: The test cases are ranked according to their business impact and important functionalities.
  • What Is The Purpose Of Testng

    The TestNG framework for Java is an open-source advanced test automation framework that is designed to benefit both testers and developers. The purpose of TestNG is to provide an easy-to-use, readable, structured, maintainable, and user-friendly environment for automated tests. NG stands for ‘Next Generation’ in TestNG. The high-end annotations, such as data providers, make cross-browser testing easier since you can test across multiple devices and browsers. Furthermore, the framework has an inbuilt mechanism for handling exceptions that prevent the program from terminating unexpectedly.

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    What Is The Difference Between Agile And Scrum

    A fundamental Scrum and Agile question. Yet, youd be surprised at the answers you get with this one.

    Many candidates struggle to articulate a clear response to this question. So, I sometimes use it to unsettle them. Such questions make the interviewees more alert and at the same you get to measure how well they react to being put in a box.

    This question is usually a precursor to more prodding discussions about Agile and Scrum, and the other Agile development methodologies out there. A good interviewer doesnt stop with asking about the differences. They will try to test how deeply the tester understands Agile methodologies.

    General Job Interview Questions

    Top 50 Manual Testing Interview Questions | Software Testing Interview Preparation | Edureka

    All job interviews ask basic questions to get a sense of a persons work ethic, personality, and experience. The same goes for any interview for QA jobs, QA leads, or other testers in the software industry.

    Some general QA interview questions include:

    • Why should we hire you?
    • How did you find out about this job opportunity?
    • Why do you want this job?
    • What is your preferred work environment?
    • What are your greatest strengths?
    • What is one of your greatest weaknesses and how do you plan on improving it?
    • Where did you go to school and what did you study?
    • Who has had the greatest impact on you and your career?
    • What is your dream job?
    • What three adjectives would you choose to describe yourself?
    • Where do you see yourself in five years?
    • What were your responsibilities in your previous job?
    • How do you coordinate and prioritize your workload?
    • How do you manage multiple projects simultaneously?
    • What is your greatest professional achievement?
    • What is your greatest mistake and how did you learn from it?
    • How would you inspire a struggling employee?

    Many of these will have simple answers such as your university, major, and previous job experience. But otherssuch as your greatest strength and weaknesswill require more introspection and consideration on what information to include or omit.

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    State Some Of The Bug Statuses

    Ans: Some of the bug statuses are:

    • New: It is when a bug is logged for the first time
    • Assigned: It is once a bug is logged, it will be reviewed by the team lead and assigned to the developer team
    • Open: It is when the tester has logged the bug in the Open state, and it remains so until the developed has worked on it
    • Fixed / Resolved: This status comes up when the developer has resolved the bug
    • Reopen: This status comes if the tester has detected the bug again
    • Invalid / Not a Bug: It can be marked invalid when the developer reports an issue according to the functionality but logged because of the misinterpretation

    What Are The Elements Of A Soap Message Structure

    It is a common XML document that contains the elements as a SOAP message

    Envelope: It is an obligatory root element that translates the XML document and defines the beginning and end of the message.

    Header: It is an optional item which contains information about the message being sent.

    Body: It contains the XML data comprising the message being sent.

    Fault: It provides the information on errors that occurred while during message processing.

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    What Are Important Characteristics For Leaders In Qa

    A question like this will probably be among any set of QA engineer interview questions or similar positions geared towards leadership. You might also be asked this question because your future manager would like to know what qualities you look for in your leaders.

    Either way, the best answer is an honest one. Reflect on this and prepare to talk about what types of environments you work best in, and how leaders can help create that environment. Some ideas to talk about are strong communication, active listening, honesty, psychological safety, empowerment, autonomy, vision, and more.

    What Is An Associate Level Engineer Interview Like

    Agile Project Manager Resume Luxury Interview Scenario Questions ...

    As an interviewer, I often see associate level engineers who havent quite found their footing yet. They understand the concept of QA and that it entails testing, but there are so many different types of testing available.

    If an associate level engineer candidate doesnt enrich their knowledge with different methodologies in testing , this makes them a less appealing candidate. To me, this is just part of being prepared for an interview and understanding the field that is software QA.

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    Basic Quality Assurance Job Requirements

    Every position has its bare minimum benchmarks that every candidate should meet. Generally, anyone who wants to be a QA engineer candidate should have:

  • A Bachelors Degree or better in a related field
  • Experience in software QA and/or understanding of the SDLC
  • Working knowledge of related tools, vocabulary, and workflows
  • But more than that, a great candidate needs to have the right kind of resume. Even if you pass the automated resume checker, youll need the right information and the right amount of information, too.

    How Important Is It For Qa To Take Part In Development Planning Sessions

    QA teams can work in many ways. Some are part of a larger development team, where data center operations gets together with programmers for regular meetings . Others are used to communicating largely among themselves. Similarly, some QA teams come in long after the application design process is complete, while others get involved from Day One. That isnât to suggest that one process is better than another, but both the interviewer and manager should know what the other person expects and desires.

    A candidate who forgoes planning sessions in favor of some much-needed bug hunting might be focused on the task at handâand nothing else. Is that good or bad? The answer is up to you. One QA tester may expect to be part of sprint/development planning sessions to better understand the context of each task, and thus to assess each featureâs risks and complexity. Another might feel that itâd be more productive to invite goats to a Zoom meeting.

    As you know, planning sessions are a good way to get in front of theoretical problems before they become actual problems. We hope your interviewee knows it too.

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