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Questions To Ask In An Accounts Payable Interview

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What Does Accounts Payable Mean

ACCOUNTING/ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Interview Questions & Answers

Accounts payable refers to an amount a business owes its suppliers or vendors for their services or goods. The amount is usually outstanding, meaning that the services or goods have not been paid for yet. The total of the outstanding payments owed to vendors will appear on the companys balance sheet.

If the accounts payable amount increases or decreases, the cash flow statement will show these changes in the total.

Why Do You Want To Work As An Account Payable Clerk

Not a single person in the world dreams about having this job, and you should not try to convince the interviewers that you always wanted to process invoices in work But you should show some enthusiasm in your answer. You can say that you want to become an accountant one day, and consider this a good first step of your professional career.

Or you can say that you want to understand the functioning of the business, and hope to have different entry-level roles within their company in the next few years. Account payable clerk is one of them.

How Is The Company Expected To Grow And Change In The Next Five Years

Employers are excited about prospective employees who look for a long-term career commitment. This is why asking about the future of the company can not only give you insights into what’s to come but also allows the hiring manager to see you’re serious about the longevity of this position. You can also garner a better understanding of the company’s goals and priorities, which can help you decide if their future aspirations align with your own.

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Explain What Wcc Means

WCC means working capital cycle. It refers to the length of time taken for the net current assets of a company to convert into cash. A long cycle means an enterprise takes a long time to tie up capital without a return.

Organizations should look to keep the working capital cycle short, freeing up cash and increasing a company’s agility.

How Have You Helped Your Previous Employers Avoid Wasteful Spending Can You Provide Some Examples On How You Saved Them Money

Account Payable Interview Question

If you’re interested in the role of accounting manager, you must be able to identify where the company you’re working for is wasting its money. The interviewer may ask this question to see if you can develop strategies for optimizing spending and reduce unnecessary expenses. To answer this question, explain how you’ve helped reduce inefficient spending in the past and display your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Example:”When working for my previous employer, I identified several areas of overspending and drafted strategies for avoiding that spending in the future. For example, after a review I noticed several redundancies in company contracts. I was able to suggest a different service that reduced the company’s overall service cost by 20%.”

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What Is An Invoice And Why Is It Important To Have An Invoice Number

Answer: This is a frequently asked accounts payable interview questions, you could answer by saying

Invoice is a statement that has the following things involved in it:

  • Date of the invoice
  • Name and address of the person that is making the invoice
  • Name and address of the person that is demanding the invoice
  • Details about all the goods and services that are involved
  • Amount of the goods and services
  • Quantity and quality of the goods and services
  • Other specifications

Tips For Passing The Accounts Payable Clerk Interview

TIP #1 Ensure you are familiar with the type of accounting software the organization you are being interviewed for are using. This will put you ahead of the majority of candidates at the Accounts Payable Clerk interview, as it will save them invaluable time having to train you up if you are successful in the role. If the accounting software they use is not detailed on the job description, give their accounts team a quick call and ask them if they will disclose this to you.

TIP #2 Remember, attention to detail and being able to complete monotonous and repetitive tasks is a vital competency of the Accounts Payable Clerk position. Prior to your interview, be ready to answer questions such as: How would you deal with repetitive tasks within this role?

TIP #3 Be prepared for a full list of behavioural interview questions at the Accounts Payable Interview. These include:

  • When have you delivered excellent client service?
  • When have you demonstrated great attention to detail in a similar role?
  • Tell me about a time when you worked alone on a mundane or repetitive task?
  • Explain a situation you were in where you went above and beyond for your employer?
  • Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult or irate client or customer?
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    Accounts Payable Interview Assessable Skills Qualities & Attributes:

    • FOCUS ON ATTENTION TO DETAIL An Accounts Payable Clerk must be able to focus intently on their task and not make mistakes. A mistake can cost the organization dearly in financial terms, and can also have a negative impact on employee morale, especially if payments are late or inaccurate.
    • NUMERICAL ABILITY Although the majority of accounting software packages will do this for you, you should have a thorough understanding of tax rates applicable for your country, including VAT and National Insurance. You should also be able to carry out basic numerical calculations.
    • WORKING TO DEADLINES AND TIMESCALES It is essential that, as an Accounts Payable Clerk, you are able to work to strict timescales in respect of paying invoices and also paying employee wages and bills.
    • CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT You will need to demonstrate an ability to be self-motivated, embrace changes that come into the organization in respect of financial regulations and tax rates, and also keep up-to-date with new accounting software and financial industry regulations.

    What Steps Do You Take Before You Make A Payment

    Ultimate Guide to Accounts Payable Interview Questions and Answers

    Some of the processes that candidates might mention in response to this question include:

    • Checking for holds when the income and expense statement is being coordinated and validated
    • Starting the process of approving the invoice if workflow implementation has been completed
    • After invoice approval, starting the payment
    • Completing the accounting process once the invoice has been endorsed

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    Soft Skill Questions In An Accounts Payable Interview

    Like any other job interview, accounts payable interviews also consist of questions that help understand the personality and values of a candidate. Through these questions, recruiters try to identify the leadership skills, teamwork skills and problem-solving abilities of a candidate. To answer them, refer to your previous experiences and be honest while answering. Here are some soft skill questions that an interviewer can ask you when you interview for an accounts payable role:

    • How do you manage your time when you have multiple deadlines to meet?

    • What is the biggest challenge that you have faced in your workplace?

    • How do you handle situations where your coworkers disagree with you?

    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    • How do you explain complex or new topics to your coworkers or clients?

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    How To Answer Accounting Interview Questions

    Before we dig into the actual accountant interview questions youll tee off against, lets spend a moment on something thats equally important. You need to know how to answer these questions properly, particularly because you could face stiff competition.

    Overall, there are 1.32 million people working in accounting jobs in the US, so at least a few of the other candidates likely have strong skills. So, how do you make sure you get these questions right? By embracing a winning strategy.

    To begin, consider what the hiring manager is trying to find. Trust us they have a perfect candidate in mind. What you need to do is position yourself as close to that ideal as possible while ensuring you remain genuine and honest.


    While every accounting role can be a bit different, much of what the hiring managers want to find is the same. They are looking for critical thinkers with superior math skills and strong communicators with prior experience using key pieces of software. Candidates with time management and organizational skills are always going to be favored, as well as those who can work well as part of a team but also handle their responsibilities independently. Having an understanding of relevant laws and regulations is also critical.

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    What Makes An Accounting Professional Stand Out

    This question does not have any right answer however, a mixture of analytical ability and math skills along with excellent communication skills are usually good signs for the job.

    Being a mathematician does not translate to someone fit for the job. While crunching numbers is important, soft skills are paramount to make a cohesive team.

    Questions About Experience And Background

    Account Payable Interview Questions And Answers

    Your hiring manager may ask questions concerning the specifics of the position. Employers look out for knowledgeable applicants who know how to react to specific situations. The following questions may appear in your interview to help assess your current knowledge of accounts receivable clerk responsibilities:

    • What accounting software are you the most familiar with?

    • How does the accounting software you use expedite your tasks?

    • Describe the journal entry process.

    • What information would you include in an invoice for services rendered?

    • What accounting reports do you create daily in this position?

    • Why is a bank reconciliation performed?

    • How often do you conduct bank reconciliation?

    • What information do you use when forecasting next month’s payments?

    • Describe the steps taken to close the accounts receivable period.

    • Upon finding a billing discrepancy, what is the first thing you should check?

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    Types Of Interview Questions

    Interviews involve assessing both your technical skills and whether your personality is compatible with the workplace. Because of this, interviews often follow a pattern that focuses on developing a rapport first, then proceeds through increasingly challenging questions about accounts payable topics.

    Hiring managers for accounts payable positions can vary from the department head to human resources professionals. The types of questions can vary based on whether you speak with a recruiter, a manager, or a department head. The following represent the most common types of questions during an interview:

    Do You Consider Yourself A People Person

    Employers not only ask this to further understand how well you will work with their team, but also if you will work well with clients. Accounts receivable clerks work with clients and coworkers daily, so it is imperative that they are open and engaging in social settings during a workday. Consider presenting yourself in a friendly and open manner throughout the interview to solidify with your employer that you are social and easy to talk to.

    Example:”In a previous position, I took calls for almost the entirety of my work experience in the company. I found the social nature of it easy and almost preferable to working in a setting that involved more desk work. However, in my most recent position, I’ve encountered my share of both and can say that I enjoy both working with people and alone. Neither is difficult for me.”

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    Can You Tell Me About A Mistake You Made That Affected A Client What’s Your Method For Resolving Issues Like That

    The interviewer may ask a question like this to see how you respond to making mistakes. Clients are an important aspect to businesses, and the interviewer needs to be sure their clients are going to be happy if you’re added to the team. To answer this question, share a genuine mistake you made and emphasize that you value the client and learned from your mistake.

    Example:”I was an accounting consultation for a large accounting firm, and I mistakenly sent confidential information to the wrong client. Fortunately, I caught the mistake before the recipient opened the email and used our security system to change the document password before I compromised sensitive information. I apologized to the client, and we offered a discount on their consultation. My method is to engage in damage control as quickly as possible and assure the client that they are our top priority.”

    What Does An Accounts Payable Clerk Do

    Accounts Payable Interview Questions and Answers | Most Asked AP Questions with Examples |

    An accounts payable clerk has many duties as a part of their job. Your role as an accounts payable clerk is to verify and reconcile invoices for a company or organization. Your training would concern all aspects of invoice management from first receiving the invoices to processing the invoices. Some responsibilities you may have as an accounts payable clerk are:

    • Verifying the accuracy of invoices

    • Inputting the invoices into a computer system

    • Paying company bills monthly, weekly or daily

    • Maintaining a list of all the vendors a company uses for business

    • Keeping record of what the company owes to the vendors and what vendors owe to the company

    • Printing monthly financial statements

    • Reporting sales taxes on paid invoices

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    Don’t Let Salary Questions Throw You For A Loop

    Sometimes, the simple can be the toughest to answer. For example, a question about the accounts payable salary you seek could get you flustered if you haven’t thought about the answer ahead of time. Before any interview, be sure to review the latest Salary Guide From Robert Half to get a sense of the compensation you can expect for an accounts payable clerk. You can even cite this source in your answer.

    For example, the salary midpoint for an accounts payable clerk is expected to be $39,250, according to the 2022 Salary Guide. For an accounts receivable/accounts payable manager, the midpoint level is considered to be $65,000 for 2022. The Salary Guide allows you to fine-tune the listed salary ranges to the city nearest you.

    Access the Salary Guide for the latest hiring trends, hottest jobs and salary insights in finance and accounting.

    Account Payable Interview Questions & Answers

  • What do you mean by Account Payable?
  • Accounts payable is nil but money which a company needs to give to vendors for goods and services purchased on credit. Accounts payable is an existing liability of a company.

  • Tell me the steps you will take before approving an invoice for payment?
  • Some of the following steps are:

    • Validate the statement once it is coordinated for checking any holds.
    • If the workflow is implemented, begin approval for the invoice. Once the invoice is approved, you can go for payments.
    • Create accounting after the endorsement of the invoice.

    WCC refers to Winter Compensation from Contributions.

  • Define Intercompany Settlement?
  • A key useful area of SAP for Utilities that ropes cross-company switch of settlement data based on global standards such as EDI, XML, and Microsoft Excel. Intercompany data exchange manages data to move between distributors, retailers, and autonomous service operators with particular regard to the requirements in deregulated markets.

  • What do you mean by Liabilities?
  • Liabilities are what all you are obliged from the bank on notes payable or in another language it is: Liability=Asset-Owners equity.

  • Tell the steps to define a Supplier?
  • The steps are:

    • Services to be done according to the requirement of the client.
    • He should be located another order by doing the over three steps.
  • What do you mean by Parked Report?
  • You can use text parking to enter and store unfinished documents in the SAP System without moving out extensive entry checks.

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    Accounts Payable Clerk Interview Questions And Answers

    This Accounts Payable Clerk interview profile brings together a snapshot of what to look for in candidates with a balanced sample of suitable interview questions.

    Make sure that you are interviewing the best accounts payable clerks. to hire better, faster.

    Jump to section:

    List The Types Of Reports You Generally Make

    Basic Knowledge Of Accounts For Interview

    Whether you are looking for an accounting applicant to manage cash flow reports or stockholder equity reports you want your candidate to have experience in that field.

    While there is plenty of crossovers in these reports, the major difference is between internal-facing reports and external reports. A good candidate knows how to show information to shareholders in one way, but also can present to internal company meetings in more detail.

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    Describe How You Would Solve An Invoice Discrepancy

    This will actually be your jobto receive, process, verify, and reconcile the invoices. Show the interviewers that you know what to do in a case that somethings not right about the invoice.

    The best course of action is contacting a vendor , and pointing out the discrepancy clearly, asking them to remedy it as soon as possible. Of course you wont send the money unless the invoice meets all legal criteria

    What Do You Consider To Be The Biggest Challenge Facing The Accounting Profession Today

    What They Want to Know: There is no one right answer to this question, but you should be able to demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to your profession by having a well-thought-out and intelligent answer. The interviewer wants to see that you are familiar with the industry and its challenges, and that you care about your job enough to have an opinion.

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    How To Prepare For An Accountant Interview

    Image by Theresa Chiechi © The Balance 2019

    When you’re interviewing for an accounting position, the interview questions you’ll be asked will vary depending on the job.

    Here’s why: Accountants have important roles in virtually any business, organization, or government agency that handles money. Companies that arent large enough to hire in-house accounting staff often hire accountants as outside contractors. Accountants also work for financial advisory firms and banks, or as tax advisers.

    Therefore, some questions you’ll get when you’re interviewing as an accountant are industry-specific. But others are common in any accounting interview, regardless of industry.

    See a list of typical accounting interview questions, along with sample answers and tips on preparing for your interview.

    How to Answer 4 Common Accounting Interview Questions

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