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Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions

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What Is Scraping In Uipath

Top 50 Automation Anywhere Interview Questions | Robotic Process Automation Training | Edureka

Scraping can be done in two ways:

  • Data scraping is a technique with which structured data is extracted from the web or any application and saved to a database, spreadsheet, or .CSV file.
  • Screen scraping is the process of collecting screen display data from one application and translating it so that another application can display it.
  • Master RPA process and RPA design using the advanced UiPath platform with the Robotic Process Automation certification training course.

    Q1 What Is A Single Block Activity In Uipath

    Single Block Activity is the smallest type of project which is mainly called as Sequence. They are suitable for linear processes as they enable you to go from one activity to another seamlessly, and act as a single block activity. They can be reused time and again, as a standalone automation or as part of a state machine or flowchart.

    Why Will You Employ Rpa For Emails

    The obvious advantage of adopting RPA for email is that it saves time. The RPA functionality in Automate includes a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows IT and business users to rapidly and simply automate email tasks without writing a single line of code. Use Automate to automate email as part of a larger organisational automation strategy. Let’s look at some particular ways you can use RPA to save time with email.

    • Initiation of tasks based on incoming email: Consider the duties you must complete as a result of receiving an email. In a customer-facing position, this can entail reporting order status. In other jobs, you can be responsible for generating sales or management reports. Email automation can handle a variety of activities that arrive in your mailbox without the need for manual intervention.
    • Automatic routing of attachments from incoming email: Whether it’s an invoice, an archival receipt, an Excel report, or another sort of document, you may use RPA to recognise the attachment and process it according to rules. While Outlook automation is available, it is limited by the fact that it can only be used to file emails within Outlook. Your document or Excel could be filed in an EDMS or SharePoint by an RPA bot.
    • Automating outgoing email: The options for automating outgoing email are nearly limitless. You can also use bots to send emails depending on triggers, which means that an email will only be sent if a specific event occurs.

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    What Is Rpa’s Process Studio

    The Process Studio is an interface that allows you to create and automate business workflows. It uses control loops, variables, business logic, and more to create a visual business flow that can be sequenced and verified. It essentially implements the logic of the software robot.

    The Process Studio is a place where you may create a real process. It has the appearance of a standard flowchart. It allows you to sequence and tests business logic, control loops, variables, and object calls in a visual business flow. Each page in a process has its own tab, and the Procedure Studio process is generally comparable to a flowchart. A process behaves in the same way as a human user. It is used to implement the logic of a software robot. It’s nearly like having a personal interaction with numerous programmes to complete a series of tasks that can be triggered by actions to complete the same tasks.

    Q15 How Do You Install Chrome Extension For Uipath Studio

    100+ Most Frequently Asked Robotic Process Automation Interview ...

    From UiPath Studio

    • In the Setup ribbon tab, from the Setup Extensions menu, select Chrome. The Chrome Web Store is opened in Google Chrome.
    • Click the Add to Chrome A confirmation dialog box is displayed.
    • Click the Add extension The extension is now installed.

    Note: Generally by default extension is off.

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    Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions With Answers

    Question: 1. What Is Robotic Automation?


    Robotic automation refers to a fashion of automation in which a machine, or laptop, mimics a humans movement in completing guidelines based obligations.

    Question: 2. Explain The Characteristics Of Rpa?


    Code Free:

    RPA doesnt require programming competencies. Employees with any situation know-how may be skilled to automate RPA gear right away. The entire work revolves round RPA chart which provides a flowchart fashion designer to graphically link, drag and drop icons to symbolize steps in a process.


    RPA adoption originates within enterprise operations alternatively internal IT departments. RPA tasks require less IT capabilities and much less funding. Eventually, the automation is diminished at a enormous rate.

    Non- Disruptive:

    RPA avoids complexity and risk. The software program robots get admission to cease users structures via a controlled user interface, for this reason lowering the necessity of underlying systems programming.

    IBM Cognos Interview QuestionsQuestion three. What Are The Benefits Of Rpa?


    Wide-Range Automation:

    RPA hurries up and executes perfect accuracy across distinct fields viz. Banking, healthcare, insurance, telecom, communications, and so forth. Virtually complex programs are automated on a wide-variety through enhancing the transaction procedure.

    Quick ROI:

    Enterprise Scalability:

    Powerful Analytics:


    Question: four. What Are The Popular Rpa Vendors?


    What Are Task Bots Meta Bots And Iq Bots

    • Task Bots – These bots automate a rule-based, repetitive task, in areas like document administration, HR, claims management, IT services, and more.
    • Meta Bots – These bots are the automation building blocks. Theyre designed in such a way that with application updates or changes you need to make minimal edits to the bot.
    • IQ Bots – These are advanced tools. They can learn on their own and perform a task accordingly. IQ Bots offer automation using highly advanced cognitive technology.

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    Q1 Can Uipath Run Multiple Instances Of The Same Process With One Robot In One System Simultaneously

    Yes, it can run the same program simultaneously in two robots where each system is registered as one robot. On a machine with a Windows Server operating system:

    • You can run the same process with all Robots at the same time
    • You can run different processes with all Robots at the same time.

    These are called High-density robots.

    Q17 What Are The Steps To Get The Desired Package In Uipath Studio If It Is Not Available In The Package Manager

    Top 50 Automation Anywhere Interview Questions| Robotic Process Automation | Edureka Rewind – 5

    The steps you must follow are as follows:

  • Go to this proxy site to get the packages. This will list all the packages with their URLs and latest versions.
  • Next, go to the URL followed by the package name and download it to local drive.
  • Then open UiPath package Manager and right-click on any of the nodes like Installed-> All.. , Available-> All..
  • Configure Sources will pop up, point that to the directory where package is downloaded in the local. This will display all the downloaded packages on the UiPath package manager.
  • Now go ahead and follow the normal process to install the package from the UiPath package manager.

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    Q10 Can You Mention The Steps Of How To Get Started With Rpa

    As you can see in the below image, to get started with RPA, you need to follow the below steps.

    • Step 1: Before you actually start using RPA, you need to know the history behind RPA. That is, learning all about the Traditional ways of Automation.
    • Step 2: Once you know the history behind RPA, you should understand What is RPA and learn in which sectors it can be used.
    • Step 3: Once, you get through all the basics of Robotic Process Automation, you can start automating your tasks. To automate tasks you have to first understand its workflow and know which repetitive task can be automated.
    • Step 4: Lastly, you need to gain extensive expertise in RPA Tools such as UiPath, Blue Prism& Automation Anywhere.

    Why Do We Use Robotic Process Automation

    RPA uses software robots to automate basic tasks by mimicking user actions that are structured, rule-based, highly mundane and repetitive in nature.

    There are various kinds of Robotic automation that are augmenting and assisting humans in many day-to-day activities and aims at making their lives simpler by eliminating all manual, repetitive, monotonous, and high-volume processes and tasks.

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    Is It Required For A Business To Update Its Entire Infrastructure In Order To Implement Rpa

    It is not always required to employ RPA to accomplish all of a company’s necessary adjustments. In fact, it is simple to integrate with existing infrastructure. This is mostly due to the fact that the most recent robotic software and tools in RPA do not have any compatibility difficulties and may easily allow firms to keep up with the competition.

    Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions



    1. What is Robotic Automation?

    Answer: Robotic automation is a kind of automation in which a machine performs a jobs of a human being to complete a rule based task.

    2. What is Blue Prisms Robotics Automation?

    Answer: In RPA Blue Prism is a set of tools, including libraries and runtime environment. IT has two main parts: one or more business objects that interact with the user interfaces and a process that contains the logic to drive the robot.

    3.What are the benefits of Robotic Process Automation?

    Answer: Benefits of RPA are:

    • Faster: The robots are responsible to carry out the execution here, thus a great measure of work can be performed quickly within a relatively short period and with accuracy.
    • Cost Effective: Robots can operate 24/7 and take no leave, when compared to humans. Thus, it is a cost effective technique.
    • Increased Customer Satisfaction: The customer satisfaction can be gained by providing better quality of work with finest accuracy, and thus enhanced customer/client interaction leads to increased customer and client satisfaction.
    • Consistency:It is a safe, non-invasive technology that doesnt obstruct with the inherent systems and provides flawless consistency of work to perform the activities.
    • Accuracy & Quality: RPA offers more dependable services to processes that possess a high probability of human error and so the accuracy is increased. Robots are more reliable, consistent and do not complain when expected to work tirelessly.

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    Is Robotic Automation Similar To Screen Scraping Or Macros

    Screen scraping is done by applications to capture the screen. Depending on the information captured, you proceed towards processing it.

    Robotic process automation is much more capable and robust and can integrate with Windows applications, Java applications, or web applications. RPA does incorporate screen scraping when dealing with automating mainframes, but that’s just a part of itit does not govern RPA in any way.

    Q3 What Are The Steps Involved In The Rpa Life Cycle

    RPA life cycle is defined in 4 phases:

    • Analysis: This is the beginning phase of the RPA lifecycle which analyzes the business processes for RPA development.
    • Bot Development: Development team works on fulfilling the requirements for the automation tasks.
    • Testing Phase: Development team performs quality checks for bots.
    • Deployment and Maintenance: The bot is deployed and maintained by the team.

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    What Does Automation Anywhere Control Room Do

    Automation Anywhere is controlled by the control room, which is a web-based platform. It does the following tasks:

    • User administration is dealt with in the control room.
    • The control room is in charge of the bots’ code.
    • Automation Anywhere bots have a dashboard that provides detailed metrics and performance information.
    • The control room is in charge of License Management that assures that the Automation Anywhere licenses purchased are configured in the Control Room.
    • In Automation Anywhere, there are two sorts of licences:
    • Dev License: This licence allows you to create, edit, and execute bots.
    • Run License: The user is only allowed to run the bot and make no changes.

    Q14 What Is The Difference Between Uipath And Selenium

    Top 50 Automation Anywhere Interview Questions | Robotic Process Automation | Edureka Rewind – 5

    Selenium is specifically designed to test web applications and websites, it is impossible in selenium to interact with multiple applications and taking the output of one application as an input for other applications. It cannot work with Virtual environments like Citrix etc at all. While UiPath is an RPA tool that is designed to automate any type of existing software process to replace any type of activities that can be performed by a human.

    So we can say that RPA is the next level of existing automation tools. It allows people to build a very complex rules-based process with very little software development skills. You can do all things using UiPath which can be done by Selenium but vice-versa is not possible. You can also look at my below articles for more details on these tools.

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    Q18 With Rpa Is It Always Necessary That An Organization That Needs To Adopt This Approach Have To Change Its Entire Infrastructure Why Or Why Not

    It is not always necessary to adopt RPA everything needs to be changed in an organization. In fact, it can easily be made compatible with the existing infrastructure. This is mainly due to the fact that the latest robotic software and tools in RPA dont face any compatibility issues easily and can simply enable the organizations to keep up the pace.

    Top 39 Rpa Interview Questions And Answers

    1/Sep/2021 | 16 minutes to read

    Here is a List of essential RPA – Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and mid level of Experienced Professionals. All answers for these RPA – Robotic Process Automation questions are explained in a simple and easiest way. These basic, advanced and latest RPA – Robotic Process Automation questions will help you to clear your next Job interview.

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    How The Debugging Of Rpa Bots Performed In Rpa Tools

    • Ability to identify and Debug RPA activities that might cause errors during design time.
    • Ability to add Breakpoints to the activities which need to be modified during bot execution.
    • The Debugger window shows the debugging process logs and allows users to make changes to the properties or variables of an activity.

    Q8 What Are The Steps To Connect Robots To Orchestrator In Uipath

    Top 50 Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

    To connect the robots to orchestrator in UiPath, follow the below steps:

  • Create a Robot in your Orchestrator.
  • In the system tray, click the UiPath Robot icon. The UiPath Robot tray is displayed.
  • Click the Options button and then select Settings. The UiPath Robot Settings window is displayed.
  • In the Machine Key field, enter the key received from the user who created the Robot in Orchestrator.
  • In the Orchestrator URL field, enter Orchestrators address, such as .
  • Click OK. The Robot is now deployed to Orchestrator and has the available status. Each time a Robot is registered to Orchestrator, a Robot user is automatically created and is assigned the Robot role.
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    Q16 How To Import Namespaces In Uipath

    To add new namespaces to your library:

    • Open the Imports
    • In the Enter or Select namespace field, start typing the namespace that interest you. Note that suggestions are provided while you type in case you are not exactly sure what you are looking for.
    • Select the desired namespace. The namespace is added to the Imported Namespaces. To remove a namespace, select it and press Delete. Note that namespaces can only be deleted if they arent used. For example, you can delete a namespace if the assembly that contains it is no longer referenced by the project.

    Can The Rpa Tool Integrate With Sap Applications And How Does It Work

    • Provides the ability to automate tasks and processes on the SAP system using the SAP Automation command.
    • Ability to interact with SAP screens for performing various user actions.
    • Read/extract text from SAP screens.
    • Write/print text to SAP screens.
    • Perform UI actions such as mouse clicks and keyboard actions.
    • The interplay of SAP with other Desktop and Web applications using RPA.

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    What Are The Characteristics Of Rpa

    RPA software is simple to use and understand. The best thing is that no special knowledge is necessary to use the software. There are very little risks of human error with RPA because no people are involved. The process will stay error-free as long as the input data is correct. It is relatively simple to assign duties to an automated robot and convert processes. Employees that are familiar with coding and programming are not required.

    Q14 What Do You Understand By Process Studio In Rpa

    Top 50 Automation Anywhere Interview Questions | Robotic Process Automation | Edureka Rewind – 6

    A Process studio is an interface where you develop the actual flow of the business you want to automate. It allows control loops, variables, business logic, and more to be sequenced and tested in a visible business flow. It actually implements the software robots logic. Mostly the processes defined in the process studio are similar to a flowchart.

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    Q20 What Is Tracing And How Do You Enable Tracing In Uipath

    By default, UiPath generates log files that track the activity of Studio and the Robots. These logs can be accessed from the Execute ribbon tab, by clicking the Open Logs button.For complex issues, more details about your automation are needed. To gather them, tracing must be enabled.In UiPath Studio, tracing generates a .etl file. It contains binary log data at the trace level, such as disk accesses or page faults, and is used to log high-frequency events while tracking the performance of an operating system.

    Q15 What Are The General Requirements Of Rpa For Front And Back

    Well, the fact is RPA is well-known for its flexibility and it is capable to meet the robust IT standards without compromising the security. It is possible to use the robotic software for front and back office. Most of the requirements are the same for both and thus users need not worry. The same configuration can easily be deployed and the results that can be derived are always superior in every aspect.

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