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Salesforce Business Analyst Interview Questions

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What Is Kano Analysis

Become a Salesforce Business Analyst Interview with Vanessa Grant

Kano analysis is a quality management tool that helps businesses identify customer needs and preferences. It can be used to improve product development, customer satisfaction, and marketing strategies.

The Kano model was developed in the 1980s by Japanese quality management expert Dr. Noriaki Kano. It consists of five levels of customer needs:

  • Basic needs: These are the essential features that customers expect from a product or service. They are also known as “must-have” or “threshold” requirements.
  • Performance needs: These are the features that improve the product’s or service’s performance. They are also known as “satisfiers.”
  • Excitement needs: These are the features that make the product or service more exciting or appealing to customers. They are also known as “delighters.”
  • Reverse needs: These are features that customers do not want and can even be considered negative. They are also known as “dis-satisfiers.”
  • Unknown needs: These are features that customers may not even know they want or need until they see them. They are also known as ” latent” or “unstated” needs.
  • The Kano model can be used to assess customer needs at each stage of the product development process, from initial planning to final delivery. It can also be used to evaluate customer satisfaction with existing products and services.

    What Will You Do If Youre The Only Ba On The Project And Need To Perform The Discovery

    If you’re the only business analyst on the project, you’ll need to perform the requirements gathering and analysis by yourself. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as interviews, workshops, and document analysis. Once you have a good understanding of the problem, you can start working on potential solutions.

    When preparing answers to these questions, some key terms should be included to better demonstrate knowledge and expertise, such as:

    • Definition of Ready

    “My experience in documenting requirements was diverse and depended on the project methodology. For projects I worked on that were based on the Waterfall model, I wrote BRD, technical specification, and technical feasibility documents. On Agile model projects, I described requirements by using user stories, acceptance criteria, use cases, and business rules. I also attended project meetings to take minutes for the team and document what was discussed and decided.”

    In Your Opinion What Is The Role Of A Business Analyst

    With this query, a hiring manager is trying to make sure you understand what a business analyst does, particularly if you havent held the position before. They also want to know how youd approach the job, to ensure it fits with the companys needs and their vision for the role. To prepare for this question, review the position description in the job ad, and craft an answer that spotlights the duties and responsibilities listed in the ad.

    Curious about the hiring trends and salary ranges for business analysts? Access the Robert Half Salary Guide.

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    What Are The Main Benefits Of A Cloud Solution Like Salesforce

    Salesforce is a Cloud SaaS platform , which means you access it through your web browser, as opposed to a desktop application. Cloud systems have major benefits over legacy computer systems that require huge amounts of server power to run. This is why most applications you access today, in your business or personal life, will be cloud-based .

    Some of the biggest benefits of cloud computing solutions include

    • Cost Older on-premise solutions required a huge upfront investment of infrastructure. You would need to buy all the servers, install them and maintain them. With Cloud computing, you are essentially outsourcing the maintenance of the infrastructure to the provider, such as Salesforce.
    • Upgrades Instead of managing upgrades to your software yourself, Cloud computing providers take care of this for you. Salesforce will upgrade your solution to the latest version 3 times a year. This comes with new features and improvements to the system without you lifting a finger, or paying additional fees.
    • Mobility Cloud computing tools can be accessed from anywhere. As long as you have a device and an internet connection, you can access any information that is stored in Salesforce. This is particularly handy if you travel frequently for work or meetings.

    How Do I Talk Like A Business Analyst

    Salesforce Interview Questions Edureka

    An analyst must be confident in their skills but open to being challenged. It is the role of an analyst to dig deeper into the organizations data, structure, and processes. An analyst must be confident in their conclusions, but must be prepared to make suggestions rather than edicts. Analysts provide a valuable support role within an organization, but its also a diverse one. Dont be frightened by questions you cant answer. They may simply not mesh with your existing experience.

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    How Do You Perform Requirement Gathering

    There are many ways to perform requirement gathering, but some common methods include interviews, focus groups, surveys, and document analysis. When choosing a method, it is important to consider the type of information you need as well as the resources available to you.

    Interviews are often used to gather requirements because they provide an opportunity for in-depth, open-ended conversation. They can be conducted in person or over the phone, and they work well when you need to gather detailed information about someone’s thoughts or experiences. However, interviews can be time-consuming and expensive if you need to speak with a large number of people.

    Focus groups are similar to interviews in that they provide an opportunity for open-ended discussion. However, they involve a small group of people who are asked to discuss a topic together. This can be a useful method for exploring different perspectives on an issue and for generating new ideas.

    Surveys can be used to gather quantitative data about people’s opinions, experiences, or knowledge. They can be administered in person, by mail, or online, and they are often used when researchers need to collect data from a large number of people.

    What Projects Are Included In The Business Analyst Course In Houston

    The Business Analyst course in Houston has the following projects:

    Sales performance analysis- where you would be building a dashboard to present monthly sales performance by various product segments in an organisation. This will also be based on product categories to identify the areas that have met or exceeded their sales targets.

    Customer analysis- where you would be building a dashboard that will give out statistical data about the customers, ranking them on the basis of profit ratio and sales.

    Product analysis- where you would be doing analysis based on product categories over time.

    The next project would simply be creating a sales dashboard where you will be building a dashboard that presents metrics about products and the trends of various statistics over time.

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    What Are Objects In Salesforce And How Are They Used

    In normal database terms, an object in Salesforce is simply a table of data. A table of data will contain various fields and in turn, these fields contain information like email address, phone number, or company name.

    There are two types of objects in Salesforce, standard and custom. Standard objects are those that come out of the box with Salesforce products. For example, in most Salesforce products, Accounts & Contacts come as standard. In Sales Cloud, you will get objects such as Lead & Opportunity, whilst in Service Cloud, Cases & Entitlements will be standard.

    Custom Objects on the other hand are created by yourself. These are the objects that can be created as your foundation for building custom applications.

    How Is The Salesforce Devops Movement Helping Companies Using Salesforce

    Salesforce Business Analyst Interviews Questions And Answers – BA tutorial | Ben Analyst

    Back in 2015, Salesforce was voted the most dreaded platform to work with by users of Stackoverflow. Unlike other systems at the time, Salesforce had very few tools to support developers in building applications, as well as testing and deploying them.

    Fast forward to today and the widespread DevOps movement has now fully embedded itself within the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce themselves have been focusing on Salesforce DX , to bring out tools and frameworks to support coders. In addition, there is a huge range of AppExchange Apps to also help Salesforce professionals, build, test and safely deploy changes. For more info, check out the article below

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    How Do You Evaluate The Impact Of Change On An Organization

    Even an analyst cannot always reliably evaluate the impact of change on an organization. But, of course, you need to try. Generally, you will begin with a full audit of the organizations current status, an assessment of the changes that will be implemented, and the risks and benefits of the change.

    But the interviewer knows this. Rather than walking them through a cut-and-dried process, discuss a time when the impact of change on an organization was surprising. Did the organization experience far greater levels of change than you expected? Was it positive or negative? Why did it happen?

    As an advanced analyst, you need to show that you can think and analyze on a much deeper level. That includes learning from things that didnt go the way that you expected.

    Have You Successfully Explained Data Findings To Coworkers Who Are Not Familiar With Business Analysis

    Business analysts often have to create reports and give presentations about their findings to colleagues who are not as well-versed in data analysis and business information systems as they are. To be successful in the job, you must be able to communicate complex ideas in clear terms that anyone in the company can understand.

    To answer this query effectively, mention a specific report or presentation and how it took your strong verbal and written communication skills to explain the concepts and recommendations it included. The best answers will mention how your information allowed a colleague to make a better decision or move the project forward.

    When youre answering business analyst interview questions, try to think like a hiring manager. Ask yourself, why are they posing this particular question? Use your critical thinking skills to try to better understand what information theyre trying to unearth, and youll be much better able to craft a response that will satisfy the manager. It might also bring you that much closer to landing the new business analyst job youve been hoping for.

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    Why Become A Business Analyst

    The business analyst role provides you with financial security, sufficient opportunity to progress as a professional, and most all, it is a rewarding profile. Business Analyst jobs are expected to rise 11% faster than the average for all professions from 2019 to 2029. The business analyst certification helps you to equip these qualities and advance in your career.

    How Do You Identify And Quantify Potential Benefits And Risks Associated With A Proposed Solution

    Salesforce Developer Interview Questions For 4 Years Experience ...

    Heres a question that really has no right or wrong answer. Outline your process, which should be rigorous but know again that the interviewer wants to know how thorough you are, how your mind thinks, and what general strategies you use. Every project is unique, so if you want to help yourself out a bit, discuss an example of a specific project that you worked on.

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    What Is Your Experience Leading Or Participating In Requirements Reviews

    Requirements reviews are meetings where the business analyst presents requirements to a group of stakeholders for feedback and approval. As an intermediate business analyst, you should have experience leading or participating in these types of meetings. This could involve presenting the requirements to the group, facilitating discussion, and answering questions.

    But you also need to dig into why these questions are being asked. Usually, its because the interviewer wants to know that you can prevent a project from undergoing scope creep, which is when a projects work turns into something much more vast than originally anticipated. Think about a time when you had to push back on the necessary requirements of a product.

    What Is Your Experience Developing Test Cases And Performing System Or User Acceptance Testing

    System or user acceptance testing at the end of a project is common to ensure the system meets the requirements defined by the business. As part of this process, business analysts develop test cases that cover all of the functionality in the system.

    But dont panic if youve never done this part. Some business analysts are only involved in specific phases of the project, but deal with user acceptance testing at all. Instead, discuss stakeholder management, how you met their requirements, and how you ensured that the project was up to their standards these are all a type of user acceptance.

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    How Do You Handle Changes To Requirements

    This situational question, like the one above, is meant to gauge your work style, particularly your approach to changing situations. Its also a good way for the hiring manager to assess your logic and critical-thinking skills.

    One potential response could be: First, I try to gain a full understanding of what the requirement changes will entail. Next, I look at the project cost, timeline and resources. Finally, I evaluate whether the change could present problems to the rest of the design phase and subsequent development and testing.

    What Is A Junction Object

    Salesforce Business Analyst | How to Become Salesforce Business Analyst | Intellipaat

    A junction object is used to create many-to-many relationships in Salesforce. This is used when a normal parent-child, or, a one-to-many relationship doesnt work.

    This is exactly how the Opportunity & Product tables are joined in Salesforce. Check out the article below for more details

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    Mention Some Of The Most Important Agile Metrics

    There are a number of metrics that can be used to measure the success of an Agile software development project. These include:


    This measures the amount of work that is completed in a given time period. It is a good indicator of productivity and can be used to predict how much work can be completed in future sprints.

    Lead Time

    This measures the time from when a user story is created to when it is delivered. It can be used to identify bottlenecks in the development process and to improve the flow of work.

    Cycle Time

    This measures the time from when work on a user story starts to when it is completed. It can be used to identify areas where the development process is taking too long and needs to be streamlined.

    Defect Density

    This measures the number of defects per unit of code. It is a good indicator of the quality of the code and can be used to identify areas where the quality needs to be improved.

    Test Coverage

    This measures the percentage of code that is covered by tests. It is a good indicator of the quality of the tests and can be used to identify areas where the test coverage needs to be improved.

    These are just some of the most important agile metrics. There are many other metrics that can be used to measure the success of an agile project. The important thing is to choose the right metrics for your project and to use them to drive improvements.

    What Is Meant By Cpq Give A Brief Explanation About Cpq

    Ans: CPQ, also called CPQ Salesforce, refers to Configure Price Quote software by Salesforce. It is specifically a tool that has designed to generate quotes for the orders for the organizations quickly. This tool is an extension of a customer relationship management platform, which helps drive sales and its processes in an organized and faster manner. CPQ tool gives the view of the different aspects to consider in a project. The sales executives will be able to access the overall view and make decisions as per the business needs.

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    What Methods Do You Use To Assess Business Risk

    There are a few different methods that can be used to assess business risk. One is to create a risk register, which is a document that lists all of the potential risks for a project. Another method is to use a risk management tool, such as a checklist or matrix. You dont need to generate a full risk matrix for your interviewer, just briefly describe the methods that youve used in the past.

    Salesforce Has An App Store Similar To An Iphone What Is This Called Can You Name Some Apps You Have Used In The Past


    One of Salesforces selling points is the AppExchange. This has near enough similar functionality to the iPhone App Store or the Google Play store. You can install pre-built Apps directly into your Salesforce org, to easily add additional functionality. Some of the most popular Apps include e-Signature, Document Generation and Form tools.

    There is a near certainty that any Salesforce company you join will be using at least 1 AppExchange App. This is why its important to have an understanding of how to use these applications. Check out some of the most popular Apps in the post below and remember that most apps have a free trial, so there is no harm in getting stuck in.

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    Can You Explain The Key Dates You Need To Be Aware Of With Every Salesforce Release

    Salesforce releases happen 3 times a year, in Spring, Summer, & Winter. There are multiple dates that any Salesforce professional should be aware of to ensure they keep with releases

    Release Date No surprises here! This is the date the release actually happens and can change, depending on your Org location.

    Sandbox Preview This is the date on which your own Orgs sandboxes will be upgraded. It is very important for testing the new release against your own customisations.

    Release Notes Finally, its important to understand when the release notes will be available. Its a good idea for all professionals to familiarise themselves with the main aspects of any release.

    Release dates change every year, so check out the latest dates with our posts!

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