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Salesforce Developer Technical Interview Questions

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Give An Example Of A Custom App You Could Build On The Salesforce Platform

Salesforce developer interview questions and answers || 2022 || Part 1 || APEX

Salesforces enables you to take customizations a level further by allowing us to build custom applications on the platform. Sales & Service Clouds are set up with various features that have been designed for this specific purpose. A few examples are:

  • Goal setting applications to help managers track their teams targets and goals
  • HR application to allow internal teams or recruiters to manage job applications
  • Finance systems to help with tracking of invoices and payments

What Is The Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged Packages

Applications you install from the AppExchange are in the form of packages a collection of all of the elements required to make the app function correctly. The creator of the app decides whether the package is managed or not.

At a high-level unmanaged packages, once installed, behave like things you have created yourself in the org, whereas components of managed packages are locked down from being edited kind of like apps you install on your smartphone.

What Are Page Layouts In Salesforce

Page layouts control the layout and organization of fields, buttons, Visualforce, custom links, and related lists on object record pages. They help organize user interface pages by determining which custom links, fields, and related lists are required, read-only, and visible to the user.

For a customized experience, one can create multiple page layouts and apply them to various user groups.

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What Is Meant By App In Salesforce

An App in is a container that holds various things such as a logo, name, and a set of required tabs. It is also called a group of tabs that work together to prove the functionality that you are looking for.

In Salesforce, you can customize apps to match your requirements, or you can build new applications by combining custom and standard tabs.

The process to create an app in Salesforce:

Setup --->  build--->  Create--->  App--->  Click on new. 
For in-depth understanding read our Salesforce Tutorial blog

How Is Saas Beneficial To Salesforce

Salesforce Interview Questions For Experienced Developer

SaaS is subscription-based, so clients can choose not to renew and discontinue using the program at any time without penalty other than not being able to use Salesforce. SaaS is intended to help users avoid heavy initial startup fees and investments. SaaS applications use a simple Internet interface supported by easy integration.

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What Do You Understand By Workflow In Salesforce

  • Workflow in Salesforce allows you to automate standard internal procedures and processes for saving time across your organization. It helps to evaluate records as they are created or updated and determines if an automated action needs to occur.
  • Automation functions in Salesforce include the functions such as sending follow-up emails, tracking the customer map journey, performing other marketing activities to boost the sales of the company, etc.
  • A workflow rule is a major container for a set of workflow instructions. These instructions are usually summed up in an if/then statement. Workflow rules are divided into two main components. They are:
  • Criteria: The if part of the if/then statement i.e., what must be true of the record for the workflow rule to execute the related actions.
  • Actions: The then part of the if/then statement i.e., what to do when the record meets the criteria.
  • Consider an example for a workflow, if it is raining, then bring an umbrella. In this example, the criteria are it is raining and the action is bring an umbrella. If the criteria arent met, then the action isnt executed. The workflow rules actions are executed only when a record meets all the criteria of a workflow rule.
  • What Is The Salesforce Lightning Experience And How Does It Help Organisations

    Salesforce Lightning was primarily a new UI that was released in 2015, it took Salesforces UI that was mostly unchanged since 1999 and brought it into the 21st century. Salesforce centred the design around a modular experience that allowed Salesforce Admins to easily control the layout of all pages.

    This resulted in a rise in user productivity with the help of new features, as well as an easy to navigate UI. Pretty much, every single page of Salesforce Lightning Experience is fully customizable. You can customise the home page, record layouts and create dashboards to suit your specific needs.

    Check out the slideshow below to see the evolution of Salesforce

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    What Are Custom Objects In Salesforce

    Simply put, custom objects are database tables in Salesforce. All data related to an enterprise can be stored in, and for that, there is a need for a , which is a custom object. The custom object has a Master-Detail relationship. We can create a Master-Detail relationship between two objects, and then connect a child object as a related list. Custom objects, which can be listed in Custom Settings, have a set of static data that is reusable.

    In the process, the custom object has to be defined first, and then the following steps need to be followed:

    • Join records with the custom object
    • Custom object data is displayed in custom lists
    • Create a custom tab for the custom object
    • Build page layouts
    • Create a dashboard and a report for analyzing the custom object

    Moreover, the custom tab, app, and object can be shared

    Check out our tutorial on the Architecture of Salesforce!

    What Is Batch Class In Salesforce

    Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers | Salesforce Interview for Freshers and Experienced

    Batch class in salesforce is used to run large jobs that would exceed normal processing limits. Using Batch Apex, you can process records asynchronously in batches to stay within platform limits. If you have a lot of records to process, for example, data cleansing or archiving, Batch Apex is probably your best solution.

    Heres how Batch Apex works under the hood. Lets say you want to process 1 million records using Batch Apex. The execution logic of the batch class is called once for each batch of records you are processing. Each time you invoke a batch class, the job is placed on the Apex job queue and is executed as a discrete transaction.

    For more details please refer batch Apex example in salesforce

    Now lets see some lightning related Salesforce developer interview questions.

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    How Can You Embed A Visualflow In A Visualforce Page

  • Find the flows unique name.

  • From Setup, enter Flows in the Quick Find box, then select Flows.
  • Copy the unique name of the flow.
  • From Setup, enter Visualforce Pages in the Quick Find box, then select Visualforce Pages.

  • Define a new Visualforce page, or open an existing one.

  • Add the < flow:interview> component somewhere between the < apex:page> tags.

  • Set the name attribute to the unique name of the flow.

  • For example:

    < /apex:page> < flow:interview name="flowuniquename"/> < apex:page> 
  • Restrict which users can access the Visualforce page.

  • Move all the appropriate profiles from Available Profiles to Enabled Profiles by using the add and remove buttons.
  • Add the Visualforce page to your app by using a custom button, link, or Visualforce tab.

  • Q58 Explain How Saas Is Important To Salesforce

    Ans: SaaS is membership-based, so customers can decide not to reestablish and end utilizing the program whenever without penalty other than not having the option to utilize Salesforce. SaaS is expected to assist clients with maintaining a strategic distance from beginning startup expenses and speculations. SaaS applications utilize a basic Internet interface upheld by simple combination.

    Following are some of the key points to say that Saas is important to Salesforce:

    • It is a pay-as-you-go model that impeccably suites all clients
    • No issue of the framework the executives
    • All applications are gotten by using the Internet
    • Simple coordination between different applications
    • The most recent highlights are given immediately
    • Ensured uptime and security
    • Versatile execution for different activities
    • Capacity to get to using cell phones from anyplace

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    Q38 What Apis Are Used To Access Data From Forcecom

    Ans: Salesforce uses a set of APIs to access data from They are:

    SOAP API: This API uses SOAP as a wrapper for API operations. The SOAP messages are required in enterprise messages.

    REST API: This API is useful when a response needs to be sent from client to server and back to the client. The REST API uses HTTP methods to create dynamic interfaces and integrate with

    Bulk API: The BULK API is based on the REST API. This API helps to load and delete large sets of data asynchronously.

    Streaming API: Streaming acts like radar and defines events and push notifications.

    Top Salesforce Developer Interview Questions And Answers


    Enlisted below are the most frequently asked Salesforce Developer Interview Questions and Answers for your reference.

    Lets Explore!!

    Q #1) What are the skills required to become a Salesforce Developer?

    Answer: A Salesforce Developer is the one with the basic knowledge of the Salesforce platform. They can become a Salesforce Administrator, at a later stage of the career. The developer must know how does Salesforce works.

    Moreover, some knowledge is required on basic concepts such as class, object, attributes, etc. Check out here to know the kind of skillsets that are essential for a Salesforce Developer.

    The below diagram explains the approaches in the various layers of users, business logic and data model.

    Q #2) What is a Custom Object in Salesforce?

    Answer: Custom Objects are nothing but database tables and are the objects created by you for the storage of information on a company or industry. While building a custom object, the Salesforce platform automatically builds things such as page layouts, etc for user interfaces.

    For Example, Property objects that store information on homes sold by a real estate agent.

    Q #3) How does Salesforce deploy Sales Tracking?

    Answer: Salesforce records data on details such as sales numbers, customer details, repeat customers & customers served and use these to create detailed reports, charts, and dashboards. This way it keeps a track of sales in your organization.

    Q #4) What is the difference between isNull and isBlank?

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    What Is Use Of Aura: Method Tag In Salesforce Lightning

    We can use < aura:method> to define a method as part of a components API. This enables you to directly call a method in a components client-side controller instead of firing and handling a component event. Using < aura:method> simplifies the code needed for a parent component to call a method on a child component that it contains.

    What Is A Batch Job In Salesforce

    Batch class is used to process millions of records with in normal processing limits. With Batch Apex, we can process records asynchronously to stay within platform limits. If you have a lot of records to process, for example, data cleansing or archiving, Batch Apex is probably your best solution. In Batch Apex each transaction starts with a new set of governor limits, making it easier to ensure that your code stays within the governor execution limits

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    Describe The Different Ways To Make A Field Required In Salesforce

    Making fields required in Salesforce is a great way to ensure that correct information is being captured and at the right point in the process. Over time, this massively improves data quality. Here are a few ways you can make fields required

    • Custom Field Settings Whenever you create a new custom field, you have the option to make this required. This is a hard limit and will be required whenever you are creating a new record inside of Salesforce or uploading via a data loader.
    • Page Layout On a Salesforce Page Layout, you also have the option to make fields read-only, or required. This is considered a soft limit, as it will only apply if you are creating a new record via the Salesforce interface, not when uploading via a data loader.
    • Validation Rules Finally, we have validation rules. These have much more advanced logic and can be built to only make a field required, under a certain condition, e.g. If Opportunity Stage = Closed Won, make X field required. Validation rules have a hard limit.

    What Is Reallifetestingtm

    Salesforce Interview Questions And Answers | Salesforce Tutorial | Salesforce Training | Edureka

    The driving force behind all DevSkiller Salesforce developer interview questions is the RealLifeTestingTM methodology. This is an advanced testing system that goes beyond traditional coding tests and algorithm puzzles, to provide recruiters with a holistic view of a developers skills. It should go without saying that the best way to evaluate a developers skills is by presenting them with challenges similar to the work which they will be required to do, but up until now, this is not how developer testing was carried out.

    RealLifeTestingTM creates a simulated reality for the candidate and challenges them with tasks similar to those they encounter every day. The developers who are great in their everyday work will have no problem progressing through the challenges.

    During testing, candidates can build full project apps or add features to existing apps, just like they would once hire. They can demonstrate their knowledge of coding, use resources like Stack Overflow to find solutions, and use their problem-solving skills to progress through to the next stage of recruitment.

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    What Is A Queue

    Queues are similar to Public Groups in that they are bespoke groupings of users , but they are used Queues are similar to public groups in that they are bespoke groupings of users , but they are used for record ownership rather than sharing rules. The classic use is for Cases where youd want to assign an open one to a team of people so that whoever is available first handles it. Queues are available on all custom objects and many standard objects.

    How Can We Respond To User Interactions

    Regardless of the framework used the answer remains the same, events. However, how we define how to handle these events differs slightly by framework, but both are required to define event handlers.

    In Aura, we define handler code within our components controller. We can then tell our component to listen to and then run our code when the events are fired in several different ways. The simplest is to add an inline event handler on to the component that fires it. The second way is to add an aura:handler tag. Both expect to be pointed towards an action in the controller which handles the event.

    Handling events in LWC is a much simpler affair than within Aura components since the events are standard JavaScript events. We can either use inline event handlers on the elements which fire it or add event handlers to our component dynamically through JavaScript.

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    What Is A Page Layout

    At a high level a page layout controls which fields are visible for a specific record, but they control more than that. They can also control which fields or editable or are required. Additionally, page layouts control buttons, related lists, and some other elements too.

    Its worth noting that now Dynamic Forms have been released, this will represent a paradigm shift in managing Lightning pages and page layouts!

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    What Is The Workflow In Salesforce


    Workflow is an excellent way to automate specific business processes in Salesforce. To do this, you are required to define certain rules and regulations to automate tasks such as sending an email, updating a field, create a task

    • We can have access to workflow across the object.
    • It is not possible to query from the database.

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    What Is An App In Salesforce

    An App is a logical container holding various details pertaining to the company like the name, logo, business operations, and more. The user can customize apps to suit their needs or develop new apps by combining standard and custom tabs. The following process is for creating an app in Salesforce: Setup Build Create App Click on new.

    Can You Have A Roll

    • You can have a roll-up summary field for the Master-Detail relationship in Salesforce, but the lookup relationship is not well to have a roll-up summary. Roll-up summary fields are useful when we want to show a value in master records depending on the values of a set of fields in our detail records. But the detail records must be related to the master-detail relationship. There are four calculations that you can perform by using a roll-up summary such as counting the total number of detail records, sum and finding the minimum or maximum value.

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    What Is The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Dashboards In Salesforce

    Static dashboards
  • Examples of governor limits in Salesforce:
  • The total number of sendEmail methods permitted is 10.
  • The total number of records retrieved by a SOQL query is 50,000.
  • Maximum CPU time on the Salesforce servers is 10,000ms on synchronous Apex.
  • The total number of callouts in a transaction is 100.
  • Salesforce Developer Interview Questions & Answers

    salesforce developer interview questions for 5 years experience |Pesrsistent salesforce interview

    The Salesforce market is showing no signs of slowing down, in fact, one of the most in-demand professions is the Salesforce Developer. As Salesforce becomes ingrained in more businesses and industries, Salesforce Developers will continue to drive innovation with integrations, advanced automation, and AI.

    After the success of our Salesforce Admins Interview Questions post, we thought it logical to compile a post for all you developers out there. If youre interested in Lightning Development specifically, then we also have another 30 Lightning interview questions here!

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    Read Learn Practice And Prepare Yourself With These Sure

    We have compiled the top salesforce developer technical interview questions for you to prepare for your next interview. We have divided the questions into three categories based on experience. Salesforce interview questions for Beginners Intermediate Salesforce interview questions Advanced Salesforce interview questions We have selected the most asked salesforce questions in any interview. Each of these questions represents some core insights on salesforce Development. But first lets discuss Why is salesforce a better choice? Why is there high demand for salesforce developers? What makes salesforce development a competitive job?As you wait for your interview for a job as a salesforce developer, are you feeling anxious? It is understandable to feel anxious, especially if this is your first time taking the hot seat. Because at the moment, one of the top tech jobs is salesforce development.In this article, we present to you salesforce developer interview questions and solutions that will get you started and assist you in passing your first job interview for a salesforce developer.Now, lets learn top salesforce developer interview questions and answers. Lets start.

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