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Shipping And Receiving Clerk Interview Questions

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Top 20 Shipping and Receiving Clerk Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Use this question as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the shipping and receiving process. The interviewer will want to know your opinion of the function of the shipping and receiving department and what is most important for the team to do well.

Example answer: “Shipping and receiving plays a vital role in any warehouse. The team must be well trained in how to maintain accurate records of items received and shipped. We must use our organization and time management skills to ensure that shipments ship on time and without error. It is important to learn how to identify and track costly items. Sometimes customers will have complaints about damage or loss of product. I have a great memory for details and learned how to manage the department efficiently during my training.”

What Is An Experience You Had Dealing With A Difficult Vendor And How Did You Resolve The Situation

Receiving clerks often have to manage relationships with many different types of personalities. People skills are paramount, and a real eagerness to nurture associations is often the difference between being just another clerk and being a real asset for your company. The best candidates lay inroads with vendors that can pay real dividends for your organization. What to look for in an answer:

  • A true feel for dealing with people
  • Putting the objective above personal feelings
  • A vendor relationship that had improved post-incident


I had trouble with a vendor who had a bad disposition due to experiences with a previous clerk, but I eventually won him over.

Receiving Clerk Interview Questions

When hiring a Receiving Clerk, the key things to look for are communication skills, attention to detail, and teamwork. Ask interview questions that help you determine which candidate best demonstrates these skills and qualities.

Heres some fantastic interview questions we suggest for hiring a Receiving Clerk:

  • When it comes to inspecting a shipment, what are some things youd look for?
  • You notice a quantity error in a shipment. What would you do first? How would you communicate this to the shipper?
  • What will be your biggest priority if chosen for this position?
  • How will you avoid miscommunication?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • You notice that a colleague isnt wearing their PPE . What do you do?
  • Are you able to lift 50 pounds?
  • How will you contribute to our overall operational efficiency?
  • What skills and qualities do you think are necessary for a Receiving Clerk?
  • How would you describe our company and products?
  • Do you have any previous work experience that would help to prepare you for this role?
  • In what ways can you ensure safety for yourself in this role? Your teammates?
  • How would your past colleagues describe you?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

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How Would You Improve The Shipping Clerk Position With Your Last Company

A top candidate should have ideas on the ways to improve upon a shipping clerk position. They should want to improve productivity and job performance rather than just to do the minimum and go home with a paycheck. They should have been able to notice areas that have room for improvement even if they were unable to speak up in their last position because all jobs can be improved.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Specific examples of room for improvement
  • Ability to speak up about a problem
  • Insight and vision to improve a job


I think it is a good job, but I would have spent more time on metrics to eliminate wasted and redundant time on the dock.

Sca Shipping / Receiving Clerkresume Examples & Samples

Top 10 shipping and receiving clerk interview questions and answers
  • Work may involve one or more of the following: knowledge of various items of stock in order to verify content, selection of appropriate type and size of container, inserting enclosures in container using excelsior or other material to prevent breakage or damage, closing and sealing container, and applying labels or entering identifying data on container
  • Ensures proper loading of containers
  • Operates material handling equipment, including forklifts, assigned to or used at the site
  • Performs before, during and after vehicles and MHE checks and services on equipment utilized. Performs equipment recovery in a field environment
  • Receives instruction on commitments, including time, reporting point, cargo, route and destination
  • Verifies units of issue, description, quantity and condition of material being received or shipped from the site
  • Initiates documentation required to account for discrepancies in shipping and damage resulting from transportation of equipment
  • Conduct risk assessments and risk mitigation
  • Experience with inventory management, storage management,, or other supply activities
  • Solid working knowledge of the governing supply systems, programs, policies, nomenclature, work methods, manuals, or other established guidelines preferred
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a common access card
  • Ability to operate office machines storing, distributing, accounting for stores of materials distributing mail and delivering messages

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What Are The Duties Of A Shipping And Receiving Clerk

You should immediately think of an answer to this question. Based on your experience, you should tell the interviewer what a typical day or week in that role looks like. This question is designed to see how well you understand the responsibilities of your job. It is a good idea to think about what tasks you find most challenging and what tasks you enjoy doing.

Example answer: “A Shipping and Receiving Clerk’s duties include checking stock levels, tracking shipments and ensuring all packages are processed correctly. I enjoy using the tracking software and reviewing the reports on how many packages we have received and shipped. This gives me a good idea of where our strengths and weaknesses lie. It is also my job to make sure that all packages are stocked immediately after they are received.”

Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned

The interviewer wants to know whether you are brave enough to learn from your failures. Talk about events when you failed in your role but still, you were able to learn from it.

Sample Answer

In my previous workplace, I must say that I failed, but I learned from my mistake. Due to work pressure, there can be mistakes made. I accidentally released the right package to the wrong customer. This happened due to the wrong labeling of packages. I could see the disappointed face in the clients face. However, I introduced bar codes that can identify packages without any confusion when scanned after that incident. Since then, a similar mistake has never happened after that.

Top 20 Shipping and Receiving Clerk Interview Questions with Sample Answers:

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If You Noticed A Quantity Error In A Shipment How Would You Communicate This

As stated above, communication is an important part of serving as a receiving clerk, especially when you find errors in shipments regarding damage and quantity. An interviewer may ask you this question to evaluate your ability to communicate with vendors and external stakeholders. In your answer, describe the steps you’d take to communicate with your team, notify the vendor of the shipment and correct the quantity error.

Example:”If I received a shipment with a quantity error, I think I would first notify my supervisor and log the error into our inventory management system. From there, I would contact the vendor to make sure they were aware of the error and identify pathways to recoup the missing number of items from the shipment. Working alongside the vendor in a respectful manner and managing external relationships is a key part of working as a receiving clerk.”

Which Shipping Tools Have You Used To Manage Shipments And Inventory

Shipping/Receiving Clerk Interview Questions

The shipping tools used today will vary from employer to employer, but many will be similar across the industry. A shipping clerk should have experience working with a warehouse management system and other shipping applications and software. They should be able to create electronic documents, use a barcode scanner and much more. They should also be familiar with the company ERP or CRM and have experience with carrier websites.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding the difference between a WMS and an ERP or CRM
  • Ability to track shipments
  • Knowledge of how to use a barcode scanner


I use many shipping tools each day, including barcode scanners, WMS systems and shipment trackers, along with many others.

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Shipping / Receiving Clerkresume Examples & Samples

  • Prepare product for shipment packing and boxing correctly so the product can arrive safely and securely, while following all DOT and shipping regulations
  • Prepare bill of lading checks items shipping against work orders assigned, quantities, destination and shipping method
  • Process and organize International shipments
  • Unloads incoming material from couriers, including forklift items, and verify documentation is received with shipments
  • Inspects incoming shipments for damage or defects notify supervisor and purchasing personnel
  • Trace lost shipments and/or customer claims of lost shipments. Research, follow up and resolve
  • Follow established departmental policies, procedures, and objectives, continuous quality improvement objectives, and safely requirements
  • Keep current on training and new requirements from couriers and certifications
  • Use good judgment and make wise decisions during work day
  • Help colleagues learn from you and to respect your knowledge and expertise
  • Research solutions to problems, donât wait to be told what to do, create efficient ideas with minimal processes, and suggest better approaches to existing procedures
  • Articulate and use concise speech and written communication
  • Keep up with day to day activity, first in first out mentality, and take the initiative complete work in a timely manner
  • Strong calculative and analytical skills
  • Proactive and self-directed

Shipping / Receiving Clerk Seniorresume Examples & Samples

  • Work closely with supervisors, receivers, and other ASPâs to insure our Customerâs needs are met
  • Prepare inbound paperwork for the receivers
  • Check in drivers and provide dock door assignments. Refer driver to lumping service if necessary
  • Contact buyers concerning issues with inbound loads
  • Audit inbound paperwork for accuracy and completeness
  • Data entry. Complete filing as necessary
  • Assist receivers in the resolution of overages/shortages/damaged or unknown product
  • Work in other departments as required by business needs

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What Is Your Process For Ensuring Your Safety And That Of Teammates While Working In A Warehouse

Receiving clerks must know the safety procedures to follow while working in warehouses to prevent accidents and keep themselves and others safe. This question shows interviewers the candidate’s understanding of health and safety procedures and regulations. A skilled receiving clerk should be able to coordinate warehouse operations to ensure that goods are received, arranged and dispatched safely. The candidate’s answer should emphasize:

  • Knowledge of safety regulations
  • Ability to enforce safety procedures
  • Accident prevention and control


When I’m working in a warehouse, safety is one of the most important considerations along with speed and efficiency. To keep myself and others safe, I ensure that we are wearing personal protective equipment, such as safety shoes, hard hats, goggles and gloves. I also ensure that every warning sign and signal works correctly and employees listen to them. We also have to be alert and report any breach of safety procedures immediately.

What Are The Roles Of A Inventory Clerk

Shipping and receiving clerk interview questions

When your interviewer asks you about this question, they want to see whether you know what you are expected to do if you are employed. Talk about the prominent roles that an inventory clerk should play.

Sample Answer

To my knowledge, an inventory clerk is expected to

  • Order inventory from vendors and suppliers and secure shipment arrival times
  • Manage incventory by stocking and cataloguing products for a business
  • Perform quality checks om stored inventory and discarding inventory that does not meet the companys standards
  • Update inventory count and maintain inventory records to share with management and other stakeholders in the business
  • Report discrepancies in inventory that indicate theft, such as little inventory at last count
  • Implement loss of prevention programs to prevent theft
  • Obtain estimates and price details from different vendors to compare cost
  • Research accuracy of product details and test new products.

I believe that those are the principal duties that I am expected to conduct as an inventory clerk.

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Top 10 Shipping & Receiving Interview Questions With Answers

  • 1. Top 10 shipping & receiving interview questionswith answersIn this file, you can ref interview materials for shipping & receiving such as,shipping & receiving situational interview, shipping & receiving behavioralinterview, shipping & receiving phone interview, shipping & receivinginterview thank you letter, shipping & receiving interview tips Other useful materials for shipping & receiving interview:
  • 2. Tell me a suggestion you have made that was implementedin this shipping & receiving field?It’s important here to focus on theword “implemented.” There’s nothingwrong with having a thousand greatideas, but if the only place they live ison your notepad what’s the point?Better still, you need a good ending. Ifyour previous company took youradvice and ended up going bankrupt,that’s not such a great example either.Be prepared with a story about an ideaof yours that was taken from idea toimplementation, and consideredsuccessful.
  • 13. Top 6 job tips for shipping & receivinginterview
  • Shipping And Receiving Clerk Interview Questions And Answers

    Learn what skills and qualities interviewers are looking for from a shipping and receiving clerk, what questions you can expect, and how you should go about answering them.

    Shipping and receiving clerks are responsible for the handling and shipping of goods both in and out of a company. They also ensure that all goods are properly accounted for, labeled, and stored. In order to be successful in this role, you must be able to stay organized and be able to work quickly and efficiently.

    If youre looking for a shipping and receiving clerk job, youll likely need to go through a job interview. In order to prepare for this interview, its important to know what questions you may be asked. In this guide, we will provide you with a list of common shipping and receiving clerk interview questions and answers.

    Are you familiar with the shipping and receiving equipment used in warehouses?

    This question can help the interviewer determine your level of experience with shipping and receiving equipment. If you have previous experience using this type of equipment, share what you know about it in your answer. If you dont have any prior experience, explain that you are willing to learn how to use it if hired for the position.

    What are some of the most important qualities for a successful shipping and receiving clerk?

    How do you stay organized when dealing with a lot of different shipments at once?

    What is the most challenging aspect of being a shipping and receiving clerk?

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    Final Thoughts Next Steps

    Interview for a job of a receiving clerk belongs to interviews with easy difficulty. Apart from a couple of scenario-based question, they wont typically ask you any difficult questions, and you can prepare for the meeting in advance.

    What is more, this isnt a popular job title, and more often than not you wont compete with many people for the job. In some extreme cases you may actually be the only candidate in the interviews. Needless to say, it is much easier to succeed in such a case.

    Try to learn something about your future employerwhat they do in the warehouse, what types of goods they deal with, how many people work in the place. Show some positive emotions, realistic expectations, and motivation to work hard. If you manage to do it, more often than not youll get the job. I wish you good luck!


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    You Will Work With Several Other Clerks On The Shift How Do You Feel About Sharing Responsibility For The Workload

    Receiving Shipping Clerk interview questions

    Ensure them that you are a team player. You see it as a plus and not a minus that youll share the workplace with other clerks and workers. Sure enough, the work should be equally distributed, but if one of the clerks does not feel well, or experiences a low day, you are ready to push extra hard to meet the quota set for the entire team.

    You can even narrate an experience from the pastif you had a similar job before, explaining how you helped your colleagues, or how they helped you, simply a positive illustration of teamwork in the warehouse. On the top of that, you can say that you will try your best to have good relationship with your colleaguesbeing attentive to their needs, having a casual conversation, or even taking part in team building events.

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    Tell Us Three Measures Would You Take To Prevent Stock Damage In A Warehouse

    The interviewer wants to know whether you can take care of the stock in the warehouse and how you would be able to do that. Mostly, talk about safety measures.

    Sample Answer

    First, I would ensure that all the packages are well labeled and write all the warnings like, handle with care, use both hands while lifting, flammable product and many others. I would also ensure proper arrangement of stock is made to avoid accidents in the warehouse. I would also ensure that packages are lifted by the right equipment to avoid heavy packages from falling off and causing damage.

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