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Should I Email After An Interview

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Tips For Writing A Follow

Follow-Up Email After Interview? | Follow-Up Email After No Response | Q& A Roundup
  • Consider Sending an Email: If time is of the essence, send your follow-up letter via email, with your name and “thank you” in the subject line of the message. If you do send an email, be sure to do so within 24 hours of the job interview.
  • Express Your Enthusiasm: Emphasize your enthusiasm for the job. This is your final chance to tell the employer that you believe you are a good fit for the position with their organization.
  • Include Anything You Forgot: If you forgot to share an important related experience or some other valuable piece of information, this is a good place to do so. You might also clarify anything from the interview if you feel you did not make a strong first impression in the interview.
  • Proofread and Edit: Whether you send the note by mail or by email, be sure to read through the message carefully before sending it. You are still trying to make a strong impression, so a professional, well-written letter is key, and typos or a misspelled name will hurt your chances. If you choose to send an email, send a test message to yourself first to make sure the formatting holds up.

When Should I Send A Thank

You should send the letter as soon as possible. Ideally, you should send it within one day of having an interview.

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Sending a letter sooner rather than later is a good idea because the details of your interview will be fresh in your memory. If you write a letter days after an interview, some details may slip your mind. This will make it more difficult to write a good letter.

In addition, waiting a few days to send your letter may result in you forgetting to write one in the first place. The delay may reduce the effectiveness of the letter. If a company has already made a decision about who to hire, they will not take into account your thank-you letter.

How To Ask Interview Status: More Tips And Advice

  • Keep it short, specific, and to the point.
  • Be professional. Avoid unnecessary details.
  • Dont come across as desperate. A common way to come across as desperate is a natural desire to sell yourself, again, in the email.
  • Dont accuse or attack the contact for making you wait.
  • Give HR at least 3 days to reply.
  • Waiting to hear an interview result is tough. Stay strong!

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Set Yourself Apart From Other Candidates

The last paragraph should close with a summary statement on what sets you apart as a candidate. Express what you could bring to the opportunity. Invite your potential employer to ask you further questions. End with a call to action that invites the employer to contact you. For example, “If you have any questions about my qualifications, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I look forward to hearing about the next steps.”

Sign your full name and include your phone number and email address so it’s easier for the employer to contact you.

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Should I Send A Follow Up Email After An Interview Reddit ...

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Tips For Writing An Interview Thank

Here are additional tips for writing a strong thank-you email after a job interview and what to include:

  • Express Why You Want the Job: In addition to thanking the person you interviewed with, your thank-you note should reinforce the fact that you want the job, so view this thank-you as a follow-up “sales” letter. Restate why you want the job, what your qualifications are, and how you might make significant contributions.
  • Bring Up Anything You Wish You Had Said: Your message is also the perfect opportunity to discuss anything of importance that your interviewer neglected to ask. For example, if you didnt have a chance to explain why you thought that you would fit in well with the company culture, you might briefly state this in the email.
  • Revisit Any Issues Brought Up During the Interview: Finally, use your letter to address any issues and concerns that came up during the interview, including topics you neglected to answer as thoroughly as you might have wished. For instance, if you feel that you botched an interview question, you could explain your answer in more detail here.

Send Separate Emails To Each Interviewer

If youre interviewed by several people, ask for their business cards at the conclusion of the interview so you’ll have the contact information for each thank-you email.

Then, send email messages to each person who interviewed you. Your messages should vary somewhat so that the recipients can’t compare notes later and feel as if they just got a chain email.

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Sample Of A Successful Follow

Hi Kim,

I hope your search for the sales associate position is going well. And congratulations if you already found the right candidate anyone you select would be lucky to work at such a great company.

I wanted to briefly reconnect to tell you that, while I might not have been a perfect fit for the role at this time, I loved meeting with everyone on the team. It only reaffirmed my desire to be part of your company’s mission. I really hope we can keep in touch, so please let me know if there’s anything I can do moving forward to be considered for future opportunities.

I truly appreciate your time and the opportunity to interview. I especially enjoyed our conversation about humble beginnings. Your story about how you worked your way up from an internship to a managerial position in just three years really inspired me, and it’s something I’ll always remember to keep me motivated throughout my career.

Thank you so much,


In my experience, this approach usually gets even the busiest recruiters and hiring managers to respond. Some may simply reply with a simple “thank you” and “good luck,” while others may offer you helpful feedback.

Don’t Send It Immediately After The Interview

How To Write A Thank You Email After An Interview & IMPRESS THE INTERVIEWER

One of the biggest questions people have about thank you notes is around how soon to send a follow up email after the interview. Whatever you do, don’t draft up an email and press send as you’re walking out of the office . Even if you’re using a basic template, your note should be thoughtful, genuine, and reflective of the actual interview – not just a perfunctory gesture. Ideally, you should send the note within 24 hours of the interview, which is enough time for you to think over the experience and craft a tailored note, but not so long that the interviewer will have put you out of mind.

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How To Follow Up After A Job Interview

If possible, collect business cards from everyone you meet during your interview. That way, you’ll have people’s contact information on hand.

If you’re interviewing remotely or that isn’t feasible, check for the interviewers’ job titles, contact information, and the correct spelling of their names. If the information isn’t listed, look up interviewers on the company website or call the company’s main line. A receptionist may be able to access the company directory and help you gather up details.

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Poor Hygiene And Personal Appearance

It should go without saying that you should always have good hygiene in a professional environment. No employee wants a smelly co-worker, and recruiters feel the same. According to a 2017 Recruiter Nation report, more than half of recruiters would disqualify a job candidate because of bad hygiene.

Make sure you are clean, polished-looking, and dressed appropriately for the position you are applying for. If you are unsure, err on the side of professional dress more than casual.

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Thank You For Your Time

Writing a thank-you email after an interview is an important part of getting the job you applied for. Not only are you showing your appreciation and professionalism, but it also leaves a positive impression on the interviewer and potential future employer.

Unfortunately, its much too easy to forget to send that all-important email. To avoid this, we recommend you try out the Send Later function from Mailbird an email management tool where you can check and organize multiple email accounts in one place.

Pro tip: Add your own signature to the end of the email to come across like an expert.

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How To Write A Perfect Thank You Email After An Interview: Tips & Templates

Best Thank

I know all of this sounds great in theory, but slamming pen to paper to write a thank you letter after a job interview is a very different matter. Never fear, templates and suggestions are here!

Before I share a general format, I want you to repeat after me: I solemnly swear not to copy-paste this template into my email. Weve already covered why a generic thank you is almost worse than no thank you, but in case youre not convinced, heres an infographic to change your mind. That said, a few ideas never hurt, so feel free to steal any of the phrases or sentences below and make them your own! Heres a great sample thank you email after an interview.

Dear ,

Subject Lines

  • Thanks for Chatting Today Use something like this if you had a phone screen or video interview.
  • Nice to Meet You Today This works well for interviews that take place on site.
  • Thanks, and a Question Have a nagging, relevant question that shows youre passionate about the role? Use this email to follow up after your interview!
  • Thank You for Your Time Especially good if it was a long interview.
  • Many Thanks Short, sweet, and classic.

Opening Lines

  • It was really nice to meet you today.
  • Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.
  • Thanks for taking the time to introduce me to the team today.
  • Thank you so much for your time today.
  • Thanks for chatting with me today.

Closing Sentences


  • Thank You,
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    Do Mention Anything You Forgot To Bring Up During The Interview

    Interviews are high-pressure situations, so it’s easy to forget to ask a key question or bring up a relevant piece of information in the moment. If you remember something you forgot to mention during the interview that might strengthen your candidacy, feel free to include a line briefly explaining what it was.

    How Do You Know If An Interview Went Badly

    6 signs of a bad interview that mean you didnt land the job

  • The interviewer seemed uninterested in you.
  • The interview was suddenly cut short.
  • There was absolutely zero chemistry.
  • That killer question stumped you.
  • The interviewer didnt tell you about the role.
  • You failed to ask any questions.
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    Prompt To Take The Next Step

    To close the thank-you note, encourage the hiring manager to take the next step in the hiring process. Reference what you learned during the interview to complete this section since you may need to provide references or complete a second interview to get the job. For example, you can write, Please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange a follow-up interview.

    How To Write An Interview Thank You Email/note

    How To Follow Up After An Interview? [Post Interview Follow Up] Learn This #1 Tip â
  • Begin with a professional or formal greeting
  • Thank the interviewer and tell them that you appreciate their time spent during the job interview
  • Mention something specific you talked to them about in the interview, that you enjoyed learning about, so they know that this interview thank you note is written specifically for them
  • Reaffirm your interest in the position and tell the reader that you look forward to hearing about the next steps in the hiring process
  • Tell the interviewer that they should feel free to contact you if they need any additional information or have follow-up questions in the meantime
  • Optional: Include something to reaffirm that youre confident you can perform well in this role and explain why
  • If you interviewed with multiple people in a single day and want to thank them all, send a separate thank you note to each for a more personalized feel
  • Note that step #6 isnt 100% necessary to include in a thank you note or thank you email after an interview, but is a nice touch to add.

    Youll see these steps in the interview thank you note/email examples below, so dont worry if youre still not sure what to write!

    As one final tip before we move on, I recommend you ask each person for their business card after an in-person interview, so that you have their email address and name saved!

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    Sample Job Interview Follow

    Subject Line: John Smith Thank You

    Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

    It was a pleasure meeting you the other day and discussing the teaching assistant position at ABC Middle School. I really appreciate the time you took to interview me for the position.

    I enjoyed meeting everyone on the sixth-grade team and getting to ask them questions about the teaching assistant position. The more I spoke with you and the team, the more I was convinced that my teaching experience and my passion for small-classroom learning make me a strong candidate for this position.

    I look forward to hearing from you next week regarding your final decision. Feel free to reach out to me beforehand with any questions or concerns. Again, my phone number is 555-555-5555.

    Thank you again for your time and consideration.


    What If The Employer Says They Dont Have Any Feedback Yet

    In some cases, the hiring manager or recruiter will reply to your follow-up email and say theyre still in the middle of the hiring process and dont have information about the next steps yet.

    At times, theyll be specific about what theyre working on behind the scenes but often, they wont tell you the specifics.

    Either way, I recommend responding with a brief email to keep the conversation alive and ensure that you stay in touch. By using the following email template, you give yourself an opening to follow up again if needed, too.

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    Keep It Short And Mind Your Structure

    In the same vein, dont suddenly write a novel about how much you love the company or the person you talked to. You may have many things to tell this recruiter or hiring manager, but try to stick to one main point, question, or fun fact.

    Personally, if Im reading a thank-you email longer than five sentences, Ive probably started to wonder if the time to read it was worth my investment. Knowing how to write a thank you email after an interview is a valuable skill. Trust me.

    If Youre Writing A Pen

    Follow up emails after interview
  • Did I format this note correctly? If its handwritten, can any average person read my handwriting?
  • Have I addressed the person Im thanking correctly? Am I spelling their name right?
  • Did I make my point in under five sentences?
  • Did I mention a specific topic, common interest, or question relevant to my discussion with this person?
  • Did I say thank you at some point in the note?
  • Did I sign the thank-you letter?
  • Did I proofread the note?
  • No really, is the writing flawless?
  • Have I addressed the envelope, purchased postage, and mailed the letter within 24-48 hours of the interview?
  • If you did all of these things, congratulations! You deserve to put your feet up and sip your favorite post-interview beverage .

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    Tips Before Sending The Thank

    Before hitting the Send button, make sure youve done the following:

    • Proofread. Proofreading your email is essential. Sending an email with a typo or grammar mistake in it will give off an unprofessional impression. Use a tool like Grammarly to triple check your email for any mistakes, no matter how long or short it is.
    • Fact check. Make sure youre addressing the right person. More importantly, get the spelling of their name right. Its worse to misspell their name than to address them as Sir or Madam. If youre unsure, you can use LinkedIn or check the company website.
    • Schedule the email. You can write the email after your interview so that it is fresh in your mind. However, you might want to schedule it so that it appears in their inbox at the right time. We recommend scheduling it for the first half of their next workday.

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