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Software Manager Interview Questions And Answers

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What Is Software Development Life Cycle

MANAGER Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a Management Job Interview!)

So, to answer this question correctly, you need to name the main phases of an IT project.

For example, it might be:

  • Initiation
  • Deployment into the production and the markets
  • Hyper care
  • But, whats more important, you need to understand what happens in these phases. You need to visualize and see what challenges, what kinds of work occur in those phases.

    Interviewers will test your knowledge on how to deal with these challenges.

    I have an in-depth article about the software development life cycle. Do read it as well.

    What Is Your Communication Style With Your Team

    If your interviewer asks this, youll want to assure him or her that you are an effective communicator who motivates others on your team. Not only should good project managers be encouraging when delegating to their team, but they should also be clear in their expectations. Make sure you point out that you understand the significance of being an effective communicator as a project manager.While the first question helps the interviewer assess how effectively you can handle communication in challenging situations, the second question helps understand how you engage with others, whether you demonstrate good sense and judgment, and are able to use language effectively.

    Engineering Manager Interview Questions And Answers To Know

    Use these software engineering manager interview questions to practice and prepare for your big meeting and land the job of your dreams.

    Prioritization, mentoring, and risk management a great engineering manager needs it all. How can you prove youre the best candidate for the open position? For technical recruiters, how will you make sure you cover all the bases?

    In this article, we are going to cover some critical questions often asked at interviews for engineering manager candidates. These questions not only help find candidates who best fit a companys culture but also allow hiring managers to get a sense of candidates personal management styles.

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    Tell Us About A Time Something Went Wrong In A Project You Were Managing

    Setbacks are normal in managing projects. Hiring managers will want to know how youâve dealt with them in the past to understand what you do when things donât go according to plan.

    How to answer: Since dealing with unforeseen challenges is a core part of project management, youâll want to have a few examples to point to for your interview. You can also mention how you would implement change processes in your project.

    Consider using the STAR method when asked for specific examples from your past. Hereâs how to put the method into action:

  • Situation: Start by describing the facts of the situation and why it happenedâin this case, what had gone wrong.

  • Task: Go on to describe what task you were expected to do to solve the situation.

  • Action: Next, explain what you did, and how you did it.

  • Result: Finish by sharing the outcome. Also describe what you learned from the experience.

  • How Do You Measure The Performance Of Your Software Development Team

    Top 10 software manager interview questions and answers

    Here, the interviewer seeks to test whether you can assess and track the performance of your team.

    Tip #1: Describe how you would measure your teams performance

    Tip #2: Demonstrate your ability to assess and track performance

    Sample Answer

    I will begin by setting goals for the development team right from the beginning of every project. Then, I will communicate these goals to ensure all members understand them and what is expected of them. This will enable them to work effectively towards achieving them. I will also set long-term goals and develop ways to assess them. Thus, setting clear goals will help to assess and track employee performance.

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    What Programming Languages Are You Familiar With

    A software engineer should have experience with a wide range of programming languages. This knowledge is vital to having success in this role. Before your interview, review the job description to see if they mention whether or not you’ll need programming language experience for the role. Respond with languages you’re familiar with that match the employer’s needs.

    Example:I am proficient in Java, C++, JavaScript, C#, Ruby and Python. Of these programming languages, I feel most comfortable working with Java, C# and C++. In my previous role, I worked mainly with Java to create applications that worked across multiple platforms. I also used C++ to develop a new operating system that worked with the applications I engineered. Using C#, I was able to improve my productivity when developing web-based apps and software.

    Project Manager Interview Questions On Clear Communication

    One of the essential skills for project managers is communication. Without this, everything else fails. Communication is the life and blood of any project. It is claimed at PMI® Research Conference that about 90 percent of a project managers time is spent communicating. In today’s siloed organizations, communication happens between various groups and levels, including internal as well as external groups of stakeholders. Here are two communication-related questions asked to candidates:

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    In What Ways Have You Upgraded The Skills Of Your Team

    Good engineering managers look for ways to train their team. Great engineering managers look for ways to train their team in new skills so that new opportunities for the business can open.

    This question gives you an indicator of whether the engineering manager candidate is a run-of-the-mill manager or a genuine leader. If they have had past experiences in providing their team with mentoring and coaching, they are more of a leader than a manager.

    If the candidate tells you that they never had time to upgrade the skills of their team, this could be worrisome. An engineering manager should be making room for their team to grow and learn new skills or improve their knowledge of programming languages, libraries, and frameworks.

    Which Aspects Do You Pay Attention To When Reviewing A Code Developed By Your Team

    Top 20 Software Development Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

    The interviewer wants to know the approach you take to review codes.

    Tip #1: Describe the aspects you focus on in your code review

    Tip #2: Show that you are competent in reviewing codes

    Sample Answer

    I begin by looking at the functionality, security, and readability of the code. Here, I ask whether the code is simple, or bloated, cluttered, and inefficient. Then, I assess how many lines of unnecessary codes should be removed or re-written. I also find out whether there is any weakness that might result in vulnerabilities. Besides, I check and confirm that the code has met the standards and regulatory requirements.

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    What Makes You A Good Project Manager

    It is not really about the list of traits and attitude.

    It is an opportunity!

    You can show that you did the homework. You learn a bit about the company to know what they value.

    You can see it in the job description. You can contact other PMs from your network.

    Dont you have connections in companies that you potentially can apply to? Thats a mistake!

    However, here is a trick:

    Many companies use pre-screening calls. Usually, someone from recruitment asks you several questions.

    All you need to do is to ask one question from your side:

    What do you value the most in the candidate for this role?

    Guess what!

    Recruiters do discuss this with the leadership of a company. They operate from the What kind of person we need?

    Most likely you will hear a mantra that was repeated many times in that company.

    That is your answer to this question. Elaborate on it and do add a relevant story to back up your strengths:

    Claims without a proof are useless.

    What Qualities Does An Effective It Manager Possess

    Certain qualities make an IT manager effective. The interviewer wants to know whether you are familiar with such traits.

    Tip #1: State the qualities of an effective IT manager

    Tip #2: Dont mull over the answer, otherwise the interviewer might doubt you

    Sample Answer

    An effective IT manager is a problem solver with the ability to provide solutions to different IT problems. He or she is committed, a motivator, and a good communicator. Other qualities include the ability to work under pressure, having a positive attitude, and being solution-oriented.

    An IT manager should be a strategic thinker and desire to learn due to the technology worlds continually evolving nature. He/she should also be able to pay attention to detail and have strong communication skills.

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    How Do You Ensure That Company Data Is Secure And That Operations Are Not Affected By Security Breaches Or Incidents

    Depending on the full scope of your position as IT manager, you might not be entirely responsible for the security of company data. Yes, you do need to be aware of best practices and company policies however, your stance on the organizations security procedures will largely be defined by the CSO or IT security manager. Smaller companies might have you performing all three roles together, so you need to be clear about your preferences and how they are the best choice for a specific setup if you are the one tasked with creating security policies for the organization.

    You dont want to go into too much detail here unless the interviewer asks you for more information, so be sure to brush up on your own security standards and best practices before the interview so that you can give them an overview of your preferred security implementations.

    Operational And Situational Questions

    Software project management interview questions and answers
    • Which do you consider the most crucial duties for an IT Manager?
    • How do you gather system and user requirements?
    • What are your priorities when making budget decisions?
    • How do you negotiate for new hardware or software?
    • Have you implemented significant improvements to an IT infrastructure?
    • How do you ensure confidential data is stored in a secure place?
    • What are your training methods to ensure effective use of corporate computer systems?
    • If you have a new team member, what guidance would you give them?
    • We want to install a new software system. Whats your research method and what steps would you follow before deployment?
    • How do you prepare a cost analysis report for company computer systems?

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    How Would You Describe Your Management Style

    A question like this can trip you up in the interview if youve never actually sat down and thought about what your management style actually is. Are you an autocratic dictator that takes no input from subordinates and imposes your will on them at all times? Or are you more consultative and open with your team, preferring dialogue and two-way communication? You could have more of a democratic disposition that favors the majority rule, or you could be completely hands-off with your managerial approach.

    The reality is that most managers are a mixture of more than one of these traits, so think about how you fit into these generic styles and how to explain your own unique approach to common problems.

    The company might have a specific management style that they are looking for, but that is seldom the case. Most modern organizations value the output of a given department more than sticking to a set managerial standard, so be honest with your methods and see if you are a good fit. If you feel like you could learn to adopt a new managerial style to fit in with the organizations standards, then that is also something to think about mentioning if the opportunity presents itself.

    Possible Answer To What Type Of Work Environment Do You Prefer

    I really like the environment in my current position. My manager is a great resource and always willing to help out when I run into an issue, but they trust me to get my work done so I have a lot of freedom in how I schedule and prioritize, which is very important to me. Everyone has their own cubicle, so its often pretty quiet to get our work done, but we all get lunch together and our team has a lot of check-in meetings and communicates frequently via Slack so we still get a lot of opportunities to bounce ideas off each other. So I like both individual and more collaborative work. How would you describe the mix here?

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    What Is Your Strategy To Deal With Internal Conflicts Among The Team Members

    Here, the interviewer is trying to understand your mediation skills and how impartial you are while resolving conflicts. You can explain why there is a necessity to listen to both the parties and understand both perspectives. Your answer should include how you convince both the parties to come to a conclusion that works best for the project at hand and delivers a win-win situation. Also, it would help if you communicate how you ensure that both of them are not benefitting at the loss of the other.

    Tell Me About A Time In Your Professional Career That You Failed

    Amazon Software Engineering Manager (SDM) Interview: Managing Performance

    This question can be hard to answer if you aren’t prepared for it, so make a list of your failures before the interview and go through them. The interviewer wants to know that you can acknowledge your weaknesses and take responsibility for your failures.

    Still, this question also gives you the chance to show that you know how to make the most of a bad situation. After explaining the problem, follow up with a description of how you resolved it to illustrate your problem-solving ability.

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    Project Manager Interview Questions On Consistency And Integrity

    Honesty and trustworthiness are of utmost importance in the world of business. Project managers manage critical responsibilities and resources such as material, money, and human resources. They also represent the organization to employees, customers, and vendors. They are role models for their team members. Any lack of consistency and integrity can cost the organization a lot more than money. Therefore, the key questions asked to the candidate will be:

    Discuss A Time When You Had To Provide Negative Feedback To A Team Member


    In my last position, I was part of a project team with a member who was struggling with their responsibilities, ultimately turning in subpar work that would have to be redone. I scheduled a one-on-one meeting, bringing examples of the issues I found in their outputs. At the start of the meeting, I mentioned that my goal was to find a solution to the issue Id discovered and used a fact-based, non-judgmental approach to outline the problem. Then, I asked the employee how they perceived the issue and if they had possible solutions. This allowed us to work together, developing a coaching plan that got them back on target.

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    Top 30 Information Technology Manager Interview Questions And Answers

    Having a career in IT is an exciting and ever-evolving challenge that can lead to managerial opportunities for some. Becoming an IT manager is a great milestone to reach in your career, and if you are like most people, you will probably be a little nervous just before your interview.

    We have put together a list of questions to help you navigate the treacherous waters of the interview and hopefully give you a few points to ponder as you prepare for the big interview day. Because an IT manager is generally a mixture of multiple roles all rolled into one, there will be different areas of questioning. We have collected these into thirty questions and sorted them into the following categories: technical abilities for staff and management, managerial skills and communication skills.

    Each of these categories will help you to better understand what the role of an IT manager is and how these functions are all broken down into different skill sets. Some of these questions are generic managerial questions that apply to almost every role where a manager is needed, while others will be more specific to the field of IT. Both types of question are essential for this role, so getting the answers right is essential if you are looking to be successful in your next interview.

    What Is Your Stance On Code Ownership Should It Be Individual

    Top 10 software manager interview questions and answers

    Code ownership is mainly why Im an advocate of teamwork and collaboration. A single engineer cant finish the project, so I believe that there shouldnt be any individual code ownership. However, recognizing individual engineers contribution is necessary, as well as recognizing the teams achievements. This helps everyone feel more satisfied with the project theyve finished, without the need to state code owners explicitly.

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    Tell Me About A Time When You Failed Or Made A Mistake

    Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are looking for engineering managers who take risks and are constantly learning. So interviewers will want to know about the risks youve taken in the past, and the lessons youve learned from when they didnt work out.

    Here is an example answer to get you started. Again, this is a shorter version of a complete example answer that weve used to illustrate a behavioral answer framework, which you can find out more about here.

    In my last position, my team was working with a lead PM to build out a key feature of a new product that was about to be launched. I told the PM that my team would be finished a week ahead of schedule, as we had beat every deadline leading up to that moment. She rearranged the launch date of the product accordingly.

    However, I soon realized that my team would not be finished testing the feature by the new deadline that I had imposed. I had allowed myself to get swept up in our previous progress without considering the intricacies of the last tests and details that would be necessary to finalize it.

    As it was my mistake to move up the deadline, I took full responsibility for the mistake. I reported the issue to the lead PM and took it upon myself to speed up the process, so that the updated launch date could be met. I worked overtime every night for two weeks, alongside a few members of my team who elected to help.

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