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Sre Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

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Site Reliability Engineer Questions About Experience And Background

Interviewing for the SRE “Site Reliability Engineer” role in 2021 (some things to expect)

Site reliability engineers perform an important role in software deployment, helping to improve processes between development and information technology teams. Employers often want to hire people for site reliability engineer positions who demonstrate they have the experience to function effectively as this liaison. Questions about your professional background can help hiring managers assess the level of experience you would bring to the position. Here are some questions employers may ask about your experience and background:

  • What do you enjoy or find appealing about being a site reliability engineer?

  • How do you communicate with other teams?

  • How much experience do you have in software development?

  • How familiar are you with systems administration?

  • What programming languages do you know?

  • What are some projects you’ve worked on in your other positions?

  • How familiar are you with the principles of networking?

  • What kind of experience do you have writing automation code for deployment?

  • How do you manage stressful situations at work?

  • What do you think is the most important responsibility of a site reliability engineer?

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    How Do You Plan To Ensure You Complete A Number Of Tasks Effectively

    Most times employers or interviewers ask this question so that they can understand how you are able to juggle task. This question basically assess your ability to multi-task.

    Multi-tasking is one of the abilities that employers look forward to when trying to get a new hire because most times, you may not always do the things that are in your job description. You may likely be asked to perform other task side by side your major task.

    When you are answering this question, you should pay attention to the following points:

    • Give an example of a time that you managed multiple task
    • Walk the interviewer through your multi-tasking process and how you were able to meet up with deadlines

    Always avoid errors like:

    • Telling the interviewer how much you hate multi-tasking
    • Avoid giving short or too general answers like I love multi-tasking a lot I always find a way to get anything done

    Sample Answers

    No matter the number of tasks I have to complete, I always calm down first and figure the best way to go about completing the task. Whenever I have multiple tasks to complete, I start by organizing the tasks from the most important to the least important task, then I would start working on the most important task. If I am experiencing any challenge working on any of the tasks, I dont hesitate to ask a professional for assistance.

    Explain The Term Infrastructure As Code As It Relates To Configuration Management

    • Writing code to manage configuration, deployment, and automatic provisioning.
    • Managing data centers with machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration.
    • Ensuring all your servers and other infrastructure components are provisioned consistently and effortlessly.
    • Administering cloud computing environments, also known as infrastructure as a service .

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    How Does Your Experience Prepare You For This Role

    It is no news that employers look forward to hiring candidates that have the right kind of experience that would help them perform the job well. When interviewers ask you this question, they want to know how your experience will help you perform the job better than other candidates.

    The interviewer also wants to know how your experience aligns with the description of the job that you are applying for.

    Hiring managers judge your experience to see if you are going to add value to the position that you are interviewing for.

    You should take note of the following when you are answering this question:

    • Describe your experience in your previous job and how it relates to the job that you are applying for
    • You can also talk about your achievements in your previous jobs that will be useful in the position that you are applying for
    • It is important for you to be honest about your job experience

    You should also avoid the following:

    • Avoid talking about what you did not like about your previous job
    • Avoid mentioning experiences that are not related to the position that you are applying for

    Sample Answers

    I developed great skills like problem-solving and patience assisting customers with our product even when they are really frustrated. I am excellent at enduring customers rage and finding a way to help them solve their problems and make them become satisfied customers.

    How Is Devops Different From Agile Methodology

    SRE top interview questions to land an SRE role

    DevOps is a culture that allows the development and the operations team to work together. This results in continuous development, testing, integration, deployment, and monitoring of the software throughout the lifecycle.

    Agile is a software development methodology that focuses on iterative, incremental, small, and rapid releases of software, along with customer feedback. It addresses gaps and conflicts between the customer and developers.

    DevOps addresses gaps and conflicts between the Developers and IT Operations.

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    Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

    This is one question that employers use to trap you in a corner and you may not even recognize it at all. Employers dont just ask this question because they are really interested in what you want to do with your life in 5 years time. Employers ask this question for two reasons:

  • The employer wants to know how long you plan to stay in the position.
  • The employer wants to know if your vision aligns with that of the company.
  • As much as the employer want know your plan in the position and the company, it could be tempting for you to pour out your sincere intentions, but saying it out like that may not be the best approach to the question.

    This is the response that your mind will likely prompt you to give, and it is probably what the interviewer doesnt want to hear:

  • Plans about how you would love to take the position of the hiring manager in 5 years.
  • Strategies about how you would be promoted in a few years.
  • Your aspiration about owning your own business in a few years
  • A straight I dont know, I dont have any plans for the future, I just want a job now
  • I know you would be anxious to ask then what does the recruiter want to hear? You should never forget that the business of a recruiter is that he wants to get the right candidate that would stay and grow in the position.

    So when recruiters ask where do you see yourself in 5 years they simply want to know your career goals within the position.

    Sample Answers

    This is how your answer should look like:

    More responses

    What Are The Resources In Puppet

    • Resources are the basic units of any configuration management tool.
    • These are the features of a node, like their software packages or services.
    • A resource declaration, written in a catalog, describes the action to be performed on or with the resource.
    • When the catalog is executed, it sets the node to the desired state.

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    How Would You Handle An Instance Of Receiving Criticism From A Superior

    Interviewers always ask this question most times because they want to know how you handle the pressure that comes from work. Interviewers understand what it is like to face criticism especially when it is coming from a supervisor, so the interviewer wants to know how you can handle criticism.

    As a job-seeker, you should know that the interviewer wants to know how you handle criticism if you take it in the positive or negative light.

    When you are answering this question, you should focus on the following:

    • Show that you can handle a difficult problem
    • Let the interviewer know that you learned from the situation

    You should avoid:

    • You should avoid being overwhelmed by the criticism
    • Avoid giving the impression that you hate to be criticized

    Sample Answer

    I welcome constructive criticism because I feel it is a way to make me do better. In my previous job, my boss always criticized me that I dont communicate well, I did not feel down by his comment I rather got to know that It was a problem I had to fix, and I am happy he brought that problem to my notice, it has really helped. I appreciate constructive criticism a lot.

    Explain The Differences Between Docker Images And Docker Containers

    Interview with a Site Reliability Engineer
    Docker Images
    Docker images are templates of Docker containers Containers are runtime instances of a Docker image
    An image is built using a Dockerfile Containers are created using Docker images
    It is stored in a Docker repository or a Docker hub They are stored in the Docker daemon
    The image layer is a read-only filesystem Every container layer is a read-write filesystem

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    When Should I Use ”

    Always use } for variables, unless you have a conditional statement, such as “when: “. This is because conditional statements are run through Jinja, which resolves the expressions.

    For example:

    echo This prints the value of }

    when : foo is defined

    Using brackets makes it simpler to distinguish between strings and undefined variables.

    This also ensures that Ansible doesn’t recognize the line as a dictionary declaration.

    How Do You Start A Project

    Since every company will definitely have a project they will work on, so interviewers always want to know your thought process and how you begin a project. This question is common when you are interviewing for roles like project management.

    It is also important for you to understand that the interviewer is also looking out for your communication skills. The hiring manager is trying to measure your communication level.

    The interview is trying to understand through this question your clarity of thought. The interviewer knows that communication is the most important and the first step you need to take to ensure the success of a project.

    When you are answering this question, you should take note of the following:

    • Understand that the interviewer is trying to evaluate your communication level
    • Emphasize the importance of communication in every project
    • Show that you communicate effectively to make sure a project is successful

    You should also avoid the following:

    • Avoid concentrating on the what of the project instead of how
    • Avoid giving the impression that you are perfect and dont need to communicate with anyone

    Sample Answer

    I believe that communication is a really important factor to consider before I even begin a project. The first thing I do when I want to start a project is to clearly understand what the project is all about and the goal of the project.

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    Question : What Is A Tainted Resource

    Answer: Tainted resources are those that must be destroyed and recreated upon the next apply command. Nothing changes on infrastructure when you mark a resource as tainted, but the state file is updated with this information . After marking a resource as tainted, Terraform plan out will show that the resource will be destroyed and recreated, and the changes will be implemented when the next apply occurs.

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    Question : Define Terraform Provider

    Coding skill

    Answer: Terraform is a tool for managing and informing infrastructure resources such as physical machines, virtual machines , network switches, containers, and more. A provider is responsible for API interactions that are thoughtful and reveal resources. Terraform is compatible with a wide range of cloud providers.

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    Good Questions To Ask At The End Of A Salesforce Interview

    When youre done answering Salesforce interview questions, you usually get a chance to ask a few yourself. Make sure to seize this opportunity. By asking smart questions, you can figure out if the job is a great fit for you, and thats just as important as showing the hiring manager that youre the best person for the job.

    If you dont know what to ask, here are five outstanding questions for the end of a Salesforce interview that you can have at the ready:

  • What does a typical day at Salesforce look like?
  • How would you describe Salesforces culture?
  • What is the biggest challenge Salesforce is facing today? How can this position help solve it?
  • What do you enjoy most about working for Salesforce? What do you like least?
  • Are there any skill gaps in the current team that I could possibly fill?
  • Describe A Situation Where You Werent Satisfied With Your Job What Could Have Made It Better

    Interviewers dont expect you to be perfect at all times. They dont expect you to be perfect with your job at all times, they understand that there are times that you may feel otherwise about your work situation and they want to know your behavior at those times

    With this question, the interviewer wants to know how you would react when you are unsatisfied with your job. The interviewer wants to know the following:

    • What led to the dissatisfaction if it is something that will also dissatisfy you in the current position you are applying for
    • How you dealt with the situation so that if the same situation happens, they will have an idea about how you would handle the situation
    • The interviewer is also interested in knowing what you learned from the situation
    • The interviewer is also concerned about how you would have made it better

    When you are answering this question, you should take note of the following:

    • Use the STAR method to tackle the question
    • Give an example of a time that you were unsatisfied with your job and how you solved it
    • Emphasize what you learned from the situation
    • Keep a positive outlook
    • Avoid putting the blame on your previous employer or co-workers
    • Avoid bad-mouthing your previous company

    Sample Answer

    Looking at what I did after some time, I was really dissatisfied with what I did and the result that I got. After that experience, I realized that I could have researched keywords and planned a marketing strategy to have gotten a better result on the content.

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    These Kind Of Interview Questions Are Interview Questions That Are Centered On Your Salary Expectation For A Particular Position Interviewers Usually Ask This Question To Find Out If They Can Afford To Pay You

    When employers are hiring for a particular position, they usually have a range for the salary they wish to offer the candidate. So asking you about your salary expectation will help them know if they are on the same page with you.

    Interviewers also ask this question to know how much you value yourself and your skills/abilities that is why it is important for you to know your worth.

    Some Other Important Terraform Commands For Technical Terraform Interview Questions

    Flipkart Interview Experience for SRE|Operations Engineer
    • terraform init: In order to prepare the working directory for use with Terraform, the terraform init command performs Backend Initialization, Child Module Installation, and Plugin Installation.
    • terraform apply: The terraform apply command executes the actions proposed in a Terraform plan
    • terraform apply auto-approve: Skips interactive approval of plan before applying.
    • terraform destroy: The terraform destroy command is a convenient way to destroy all remote objects managed by a particular Terraform configuration.
    • terraform fmt: The terraform fmt command is used to rewrite Terraform configuration files to a canonical format and style
    • terraform show: The terraform show command is used to provide human-readable output from a state or plan file.

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    Can You Give An Example Of A Time When You Experienced Difficulty At Work

    This is a broad question, and it can come in different forms. Interviewers ask this question basically for these reasons they want to understand what you consider to be difficult . To know how you go about identifying a problem and your approach to solving it.

    When you are answering this question, you should focus on the following:

    • Focus on talking about a difficult situation or a problem that you have successfully resolved.
    • Focus on talking about a problem that is related to your work.
    • Carefully make the interviewer understand what caused the problem.
    • State the actions you took that solved the problems.

    The STAR method will help you answer this question well

    You should also avoid making the following mistakes:

    • Avoid talking about your personal problems.
    • Avoid dwelling too much on the damage the problem caused, focus on what you learned instead.

    Sample Answers

    Sample Answer 1

    In my current internship in the product management department, the customer service personnel directed a customer to me that was really upset with a particular functionality of our product. The customer explained that it was the major reason she bought the product and she is so angry that the product cannot satisfy her needs. I talked to everyone in the team to see how we can handle the problem, but the solution was not forth coming.

    Sample Answer 2

    Faqs On Google Sre Interview

    Q. What are the levels of the Google SRE interview process?

    There are three main rounds: HR interview, phone screen, and on-site interview rounds. You can read about it in detail on Page.

    Q. Where can I find practice problems and solutions for coding interviews?

    You can refer to the Problems page for coding problems with solutions.

    The Google SRE interview process is intricate and elaborate, with multiple rounds. These rounds might seem excruciating without a reliable tech interview prep guide hence we are here to ease this complex technical interview for all the Google Site Reliability Engineer aspirants.

    We offer a one-of-its-kind Site Reliability Engineering Interview Course, which is tailor-made to help SREs crack the toughest tech interviews at the biggest companies.

    Want to learn more? to know how to nail your next tech interview.

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