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Talk Show Interview Questions And Answers

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What Are Your Salary Requirements

08 common Interview question and answers – Job Interview Skills

This is always a tricky question. You dont want to lowball yourself, but at the same time, you dont want to be told No because you gave such an outrageous number.

When answering, keep these 3 things in mind:

  • Whats the average salary for someone of your skill-level?
  • How much does the company pay employees of your skill level? GlassDoor should be super helpful here.
  • Finally, how much are you getting paid in your current company? In most cases, you can probably negotiate a pay bump from what youre currently getting.

The final number you tell them should incorporate all 3 of the points we just mentioned. Do you know for a fact that the company is doing well ? Youd quote a higher salary.

Is your skill-level above average? This should be reflected in your salary.

As a rule of thumb, you can figure out 2 numbers: whats the good scenario, and whats the best scenario?

Answer the interviewer with your best pay, and worst case scenario, theyll negotiate it down.

Or, you can also answer with a range, and chances are, theyll pick the number somewhere in the middle.

My salary requirement is in the $30,000 – $40,000 range annually.

If You Started A Company Today What Would Its Top Values Be

This question is meant to test a candidate’s emotional intelligence. A good answer articulates values, and the values are a good fit for their role and for the company’s mission.

Red flags: They have a hard time nailing down any values, values are negative or completely opposed to the company’s mission.

What About Your Last Job Did You Like Least And Most

A question like this in an interview aims to learn about your viewpoints, personality traits and what kind of work environment might suit you best. Interviewers often look for a genuine answer, though consider keeping it focused on you and avoiding placing blame on former colleagues or companies for elements of the work you liked least. For example, you might say you respond well to a structured work environment rather than saying leaders mismanaged your office.

Example:”I’m grateful for my time at ABC Publishing. It’s made me a better writer and communicator, allowing me to hone my craft, especially because of the feedback I got from editors. They skillfully provided constructive criticism to strengthen your formatting and style skills while also giving encouragement to keep morale high and support us to reach goals. Our deliverables were daily, weekly and monthly quotas, which is often the case in copywriting, though I felt less confident in my productivity and work when I didn’t achieve them consistently.”

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What Would You Improve About Our Company

You need to tread well when answering this question. Even though you should be honest, desist from touching the companys core business. Do not talk of something that your potential employer takes great pride in, but mention any secondary thing you would improve.

Sample Answer

I have to admit that you people are doing an excellent job here, and there is nothing major that needs improvement. However, maybe you could shorten the international news airtime and focus more on that time covering local stories.

Possible Answer To Tell Me About A Time You Made A Mistake

Top 10 tv interview questions with answers

Early in my career, I missed a deadline that ended up costing us a really big account. There were a lot of factors that contributed to this, but ultimately, I was the one who dropped the ball. From that experience, I went back and thought really hard about what I couldve controlled and what I wouldve changed. It turns out that I was not nearly as organized as I thought I was. I sat down with my boss, asked for suggestions on how to improve my organizational skills, and a few months later I was able to score an even bigger account for the department.

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Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

The best practice here is to be honest, but dont go into all the details . You should never sound like youre complaining, whining, or bad-mouthing your former boss or peers, regardless of how miserable they made you feel. Even if you were fired, theres a better way to approach the topic.

The most important thing for the interviewer to know is that no matter what happened at your last job, you learned and grew from past experiences and are actively working to improve moving forward. Try to frame the real reason for leaving within positive statements. And never lie about your experiencesthe truth is just one phone call away for the hiring manager.

When Was The Last Time You Changed Your Mind About Something Important

For Sarah Fetter, Managing Director of East Rock Capital, this interview question is all about evolution.

It allows you to see how and if the candidate’s belief system or set of core values has changed. How did a powerful experience or impactful person shift the candidates worldview? she says. Follow up with more questions to find out what they felt before, during and after the experience of being challenged that will tell you a great deal.

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Tell Me About The Choreographer You Admire Most

Hiring managers may ask this to evaluate your knowledge of dance history. They’re looking for an answer that shows you’re interested in all aspects of dance, not just performing. In your answer, name a famous choreographer you admire. Clearly explain what makes them your favorite and maybe even why they inspire you.

Example:”My favorite choreographer is the legendary Jerome Robbins. I became a fan of his work the instant I watched “West Side Story.” His choreography for the “America” scene showcased all the actors talents and dancing abilities so wellâespecially Rita Moreno’s. I admire his ability to blend musical theater and ballet styles in every routine.”

Possible Answer To What Do You Like Least About Your Job

Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a JOB INTERVIEW!)

In my current role, Im responsible for drafting media lists to pitch. While Ive developed a knack for this and can do it when it is necessary, Im looking forward to a job that allows me to have a more hands-on role in working with media partners. Thats one of the things that most excited me about your account supervisor position.

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Example #: Fitness And Exercise

I enjoy a lot of hobbies, and there are several hobbies and interests that I regularly enjoy doing. While I do enjoy reading, various group activities, games, and sports, my favorite activity is working out, specifically strength training. While the gym isnt my only hobby, it is very important to me to maintain my health and fitness, and I go to the gym three days a week.

Working out is one of those leisure activities that people either love or hate. I love that it pits you against yourself. Your only competition is your own personal best. I am always challenged to be the very best I can be when I am at the gym. While I am always excited when I raise the bar for myself, I find peace and satisfaction in the process. The regular consistency is itself a challenge, and it is satisfying to know that I can hold myself accountable, even on the days I dont want to be at the gym.

This ability to set and work towards goals, to be reliable and accountable, and to always show up and give 100% is something that I bring to all aspects of my life, and I would bring to this role, too, if I am successful.

Whats Your Current Salary

Its now illegal for some or all employers to ask you about your salary history in several cities and states, including New York City Louisville, North Carolina California and Massachusetts. But no matter where you live, it can be stressful to hear this question. Dont panicthere are several possible strategies you can turn to. For example, you can deflect the question, Muse career coach Emily Liou says, with a response like: Before discussing any salary, Id really like to learn more about what this role entails. Ive done a lot of research on and I am certain if its the right fit, well be able to agree on a number thats fair and competitive to both parties. You can also reframe the question around your salary expectations or requirements or choose to share the number if you think it will work in your favor.

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What Can We Expect From You In Your First Three Months

Ideally the answer to this should come from the employer: They should have plans and expectations for you.

But if you’re asked, use this general framework:

  • You’ll work hard to determine how your job creates value — you won’t just stay busy, you’ll stay busy doing the right things.
  • You’ll learn how to serve all your constituents — your boss, your employees, your peers, your customers, and your suppliers and vendors.
  • You’ll focus on doing what you do best — you’ll be hired because you bring certain skills, and you’ll apply those skills to make things happen.
  • You’ll make a difference — with customers, with other employees, to bring enthusiasm and focus and a sense of commitment and teamwork.

Then just layer in specifics that are applicable to you and the job.

How Would You Create An Environment Of Collaboration On Your Team

Free talk (random questions)

Knowing how to motivate team members and make them feel like they can surface any questions and concerns is often central to a projectâs success.

How to answer: In this situation, it can be helpful to point to an example of when you were able to foster good communication in your team. Think about any processes or methods you rely on to get people feeling like they are working toward a common goal. This might include simple methods like incorporating ice breakers in kickoff meetings, or building in communication structures within a project.

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Experience Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Interview questions about your level of experience often help employers know whether you’re a qualified candidate for their job opening. Experience-based interview questions might be general topics or specifically referencing content you included on your resume or cover letter. Here are example questions and sample answers to help you prepare for an interview with a hiring manager who wants to know more about your experience in an industry or specific position before potentially making a job offer:

Tell Me How You Experiment With New Ideas

This question helps employers gauge your trial-and-error process as you experiment with innovative ideas.

Example:”The first step in my experimentation process is creating multiple versions of the same idea with slightly different variations. This helps me to identify which changes brought the best results. I usually take my top three variations and then continue experimenting with those even further until I find the one that’s most successful.”

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What Is Your Preferred Style Of Management

This question reveals whether the candidate would be a suitable fit for your company and the style of management you have in place. If their answer conflicts with your corporate setup, ask them how they plan to adjust to a different type of management.

Red flags: The candidate does not know, would prefer not to be managed, or their answer conflicts with your management style.

Why Are You Looking For Jobs

Top 6 Common Interview Questions and Answers | Indeed Career Tips

Employers might ask this question during your phone interview to see if there are any red flags about your employment situation. If you are currently employed but are looking for new jobs, simply explain why. You should make your answer focused on your career instead of personal reasons or small preferences like hours or commute time. For example, you might be looking for new jobs because there are few opportunities for growth or movement in your current role.

If youve been let go for some reason, explain in a positive way that you and your employer decided it would be best for you to find a better fitting opportunity. You should address the ways youve been using your time to improve your skills and work styles.

Example answer:Im looking for opportunities to start my career as a project coordinator. Working as an executive assistant has given me abundant experience in managing and organizing schedules, so Im ready to take the next step in my career. I feel especially qualified for this particular position because Ive worked in the retail industry in my last two administrative roles. Im more than ready to start my project coordination career and would be excited for it to be with your company.

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Are You A Team Player

Wherever youre applying, the answer to this question should be a Yes!

Even if youre applying for a completely solo role, chances are, youre still going to have to work in a team occasionally.

Wed recommend being very specific about your answer here – dont just say yes. Give the interviewer an exact example of when you excelled at working with a team.

  • Sample Answer 1:

Im much better at working in a team than alone, actually. Thats what I love about working in advertising – everyone has their own specific type of a creative spark, and when you combine it all, magic happens!

Im good at both leading and following in terms of creativity and brainstorming. Im also super receptive to others ideas, and do my best to help them execute it without nay-saying or criticism.

  • Sample Answer 2:

Yep, definitely. I excel at team-work.

This one time while working at , I was assigned to an existing team working on a web application for a business process management company.

They were working on a tight deadline, and needed help on the API side.

I optimised their development cycles and oversaw a team of three developers while collaborating with the other two dev teams.

Everything went pretty well, and we managed to finish the project on time.

Super Podcast Interview Questions: Producing A Unique Interview

Youve covered the basics by now, the usual questions around the topic and your interviewees relevance to it. But how do you really set your interview with that person apart from the rest?

Lets look at some questions that might be considered unusual, out of the box, or from left field.

The purpose of these lines of enquiry isnt necessarily to get raw information, but to stimulate your guest into giving your podcast something really interesting.

The famed American TV show, Inside the Actors Studio, does this to great effect by asking famous actors and performers such questions, including the following

  • What is your favorite word?
  • What turns you on?
  • What sound or noise do you love?
  • What is your favorite curse word?
  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
  • If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

As you can see, they have almost no relevance to any specific films the actors appeared in, but are simply there to inspire the guests into saying something interesting and evocative.

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Test Or Scenario Question

During a phone interview, you might be asked to perform a simple test or respond to a scenario of some sort. They might be looking for something in your answer like your thought process, ability to be creative or think under pressure. While it might feel awkward to be silent on the phone, it is acceptable to ask for a moment to think about your answer.

During this time, calmly consider the steps you would take to respond to their test. Try and avoid taking more than 30 seconds to respond. You can also try asking clarifying questions to better understand what theyre looking for. Write down the question to make sure you address each part.

Example answer: The employer explains that theyd like you to provide ideas for marketing a local event on a tight budget, and which companies they could partner with. For this scenario, you might explain that grassroots marketing is both affordable and effective with local events. You would invest in strategized word of mouth efforts and a bold, teaser-style social media campaign. You provide examples of several local companies with the same mission or similar industry to partner with to help get the word out.

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Possible Answer To Tell Me About A Time You Demonstrated Leadership Skills

50 common interview q

I think that a good leader is someone who can make decisions while also listening to others and being willing to admit when youre wrong and course correct. In my last role, my team and I were responsible for giving a big presentation to a prospective client. I quickly assigned different tasks to members of my team, but the project never really got moving. I gave everyone an opportunity to share their input and concerns, and it turned out that they were struggling in the roles Id given them. I ended up switching a few people around. Meanwhile, the employee Id assigned to give the presentation was nervous, but still wanted to give it a try. I worked with them to make sure they were ready and even held a practice session so that they could rehearse in a more comfortable environment. When the time came for the real thing, they nailed it! We landed the client and the company still has the account to this day. And that employee became a go-to person for important client presentations. Im really glad I took the time to listen to everyones concerns so that I could re-evaluate my approach and help my team be the best it could be.

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