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The Container Store Interview Questions

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Docker Interview Questions – Part 2

Interview tips at Indeed Flex

  • Business casual 34%
  • They didnt have a dress code26%
  • Special outfit 4%

Can I teach in Japan without experience?

A working visa is generally required to teach English in Japan. Many language schools will sponsor your visa application, and you will usually need a bachelors degree to be granted a working visa. Some countries also have arrangements whereby you can obtain a working holiday visa, which allows you to teach part-time.

What Is Request Dispatcher

RequestDispatcher interface is used to forward the request to another resource that can be HTML, JSP or another servlet in the same application. We can also use this to include the content of another resource to the response. This interface is used for inter-servlet communication in the same context. There are two methods defined in this interface:1.  void forward â forwards the request from a servlet to another resource  on the server.2.  void include â includes the content of a resource  in the response.We can get RequestDispatcher in a servlet using ServletContext getRequestDispatcher method. The path must begin with a / and is interpreted as relative to the current context root.

Is The Container Store A Good Company To Work For

The company is said to care about its employees, show appreciation for them, and have fun activities in the lunch room and while working. The pay rate is also said to be good, and the employee discount is 40% off. There are some complaints about the leadership team micromanaging the operations supervisors and not being flexible with scheduling, but overall it seems like a good place to work.

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How Can We Achieve Transport Layer Security For Our Web Application

We can configure our servlet container to use SSL for message communication over the network. To configure SSL on Tomcat, we need a digital certificate that can be created using Java keytool for a development environment. For the production environment, you should get the digital certificate from SSL certificate providers, for example, Verisign or Entrust. Read more at  article.

Thatâs all for the servlet interview questions and answers. I will keep on adding more servlet based interview questions to the list in the future, so donât forget to bookmark it for future reference. Please share your thoughts in comments and share your love with sharing on Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter. 🙂 Update: If you liked these questions, I am sure you will like JSP Interview Questions too. References:

What Is A Node In Kubernetes


A node is the smallest fundamental unit of computing hardware. It represents a single machine in a cluster, which could be a physical machine in a data center or a virtual machine from a cloud provider. Each machine can substitute any other machine in a Kubernetes cluster. The master in Kubernetes controls the nodes that have containers.

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What Is Singlethreadmodel Interface

SingleThreadModel interface was provided for thread safety and it guarantees that no two threads will execute concurrently in the servlet's service method. However, SingleThreadModel does not solve all thread-safety issues. For example, session attributes and static variables can still be accessed by multiple requests on multiple threads at the same time, even when SingleThreadModel servlets are used. Also, it takes out all the benefits of multithreading support of servlets, that's why this interface is Deprecated in Servlet 2.4.

Why Do You Want To Work With Interac

Interacs initial orientation and training equips our instructors with the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the job. Training with your new colleagues is also a great chance to make new friends. Upon arriving in your local community, youll be ready to begin your teaching career on the right foot.

Why do you want to teach in Japan with Interac?

A major benefit of working with Interac in a public school is the valuable international working experience youll take with you wherever you go. Working in a Japanese public school teaches you about the local culture, and living in Japan gives you a chance to meet other teachers from across the globe.

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Hiring For Retail: How To Source And Interview Candidates

Retail sales associates are almost always face-to-face with customers, translating the retail brands marketing to a customer impression. A great sales associate makes customers feel welcome and glad they have come into the store . Hiring for retail is not easy, given its relatively low pay but critical importance to the success of your retail establishment.

When a customer comes in looking for something, a good retail sales associate helps them find what they want and delivers a bit of genuine happiness along with the transaction. As such, retail sales associates must provide great customer service and demonstrate your companys workplace ethics and mission with customers.

These tips on how to source and interview candidates when hiring for retail sales associates will help you attract qualified applicants and find the right fit for your retail operation.

What Is Url Encoding

LeetCode #11: Container with most Water | Facebook Interview Question | C
URL Encoding is the process of converting data into CGI form so that it can travel across the network without any issues. URL Encoding strips the white spaces and replaces special characters with escape characters. We can use to encode a String. URL Decoding is the reverse process of encoding and we can use to decode the encoded string. For example "Pankaj's Data" is encoded to "Pankaj%27s+Data".

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Is There A Way To Identify The Status Of A Docker Container

There are six possible states a container can be at any given point Created, Running, Paused, Restarting, Exited, Dead.

Use the following command to check for docker state at any given point:

$ docker ps

The above command lists down only running containers by default. To look for all containers, use the following command:

$ docker ps -a

Hiring For Retail: Sourcing Applicants

Since these are primarily entry-level jobs, many of your applicants will have limited or no prior work experience, and may be limited to evening and weekend hours. Retail jobs are typically part time. Some great places to source qualified candidates include the following:

  • Undergrads who are majoring in retail
  • Clubs and groups at local high schools and universities
  • Networks for stage-of life candidates who want part-time work
  • Individuals willing to work particular shifts, such as weekends

Recruiter Tip: The Container Storeinvites all applicants to group interviews conducted as store tours. Staff observations and interactions determine who is invited back for structured one-on-one interviews. While they use behavioral interview techniques, they keep them very conversational, since it reflects the often-unpredictable customer experience.

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Recruit To Retain Your Retail Sales Associates

One of the best ways to attract highly talented candidates is to discuss any career advancement, training, or bonus programs that will make them want to stay. Not only will this help you recruit but will make it easier to retain your top performers and minimize the time of recruiting new workers.

Potential retail sales associate career advancement may include:

  • Shift supervisor

Other retention strategies that will help you attract top candidates include:

  • Commissions, bonuses, and other performance incentives
  • Specialty training and expertise
  • Special discounts on products or services, or free meals

Recruiting Tip:Let them know that theyll get new job skills, whether they are with you for three months or three years, skills that they will need to be successful in any job.

How Have You Used Docker In Your Previous Position

Express Shorts

Explain how you have used Docker to help rapid deployment. Explain how you have scripted Docker and used it with other tools like Puppet, Chef or Jenkins. If you have no past practical experience in Docker and instead have experience with other tools in a similar space, be honest and explain the same. In this case, it makes sense if you can compare other tools to Docker in terms of functionality.

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What Is A Pod In Kubernetes

In this Kubernetes interview question, try giving a thorough answer instead of a one-liner. Pods are high-level structures that wrap one or more containers. This is because containers are not run directly in Kubernetes. Containers in the same pod share a local network and the same resources, allowing them to easily communicate with other containers in the same pod as if they were on the same machine while at the same time maintaining a degree of isolation.

Why Httpservlet Class Is Declared Abstract

HttpServlet class provide HTTP protocol implementation of servlet but it's left abstract because there is no implementation logic in service methods such as doGet and doPost and we should override at least one of the service methods. That's why there is no point in having an instance of HttpServlet and is declared abstract class. Read more about .

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What Is The Difference Between Get And Post Method

  • GET is a safe method where POST is non-idempotent method.
  • We can send limited data with GET method and itâs sent in the header request URL whereas we can send large amount of data with POST because itâs part of the body.
  • GET method is not secure because data is exposed in the URL and we can easily bookmark it and send similar request again, POST is secure because data is sent in request body and we canât bookmark it.
  • GET is the default HTTP method whereas we need to specify method as POST to send request with POST method.
  • Hyperlinks in a page uses GET method.
  • What Are Federated Clusters

    Top Kubernetes Interview Questions Answers (From Container Specialist)

    The aggregation of multiple clusters that treat them as a single logical cluster refers to cluster federation. In this, multiple clusters may be managed as a single cluster. They stay with the assistance of federated groups. Also, users can create various clusters within the data center or cloud and use the federation to control or manage them in one place.

    You can perform cluster federation by doing the following:

    Cross cluster that provides the ability to have DNS and Load Balancer with backend from the participating clusters.

    Users can sync resources across different clusters in order to deploy the same deployment set across the various clusters.

    DevOps Engineer Exam Practice Test

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    Explain The Working Of The Master Node In Kubernetes

    The master node dignifies the node that controls and manages the set of worker nodes. This kind resembles a cluster in Kubernetes. The nodes are responsible for the cluster management and the API used to configure and manage the resources within the collection. The master nodes of Kubernetes can run with Kubernetes itself, the asset of dedicated pods.

    Free Course: Introduction to Kubernetes

    What Is Servletconfig Object

    `javax.servlet.ServletConfig` is used to pass configuration information to Servlet. Every servlet has itâs own **ServletConfig** object and servlet container is responsible for instantiating this object. We can provide servlet init parameters in web.xml file or through use of WebInitParam annotation. We can use getServletConfig method to get the ServletConfig object of the servlet.

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    How Can We Invoke Another Servlet In A Different Application

    We can't use RequestDispatcher to invoke servlet from another application because it's specific for the application. If we have to forward the request to a resource in another application, we can use the ServletResponse sendRedirect method and provide the complete URL of another servlet. This sends the response to the client with the response code as 302 to forward the request to another URL. If we have to send some data also, we can use cookies that will be part of the servlet response and sent in the request to another servlet.

    What Is Servletcontext Object

    Translated version of
    `javax.servlet.ServletContext` interface provides access to web application parameters to the servlet. The ServletContext is unique object and available to all the servlets in the web application. When we want some init parameters to be available to multiple or all of the servlets in the web application, we can use ServletContext object and define parameters in web.xml using < context-param>  element. We can get the ServletContext object via the _getServletContext_ method of ServletConfig. Servlet containers may also provide context objects that are unique to a group of servlets and which is tied to a specific portion of the URL path namespace of the host. ServletContext is enhanced in Servlet Specs 3 to introduce methods through which we can programmatically add Listeners and Filters and Servlet to the application. It also provides some utility methods such as _getMimeType_, _getResourceAsStream_ etc.

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    What Is A Deployment Descriptor

    The deployment descriptor is a configuration file for the web application and its name is web.xml and it resides in WEB-INF directory. Servlet container uses this file to configure web application servlets, servlet config params, context init params, filters, listeners, welcome pages and error handlers. With servlet 3.0 annotations, we can remove a lot of clutter from web.xml by configuring servlets, filters, and listeners using annotations.

    What Are The Advantages Of Servlet Over Cgi

    Servlet technology was introduced to overcome the shortcomings of CGI technology.-   Servlets provide better performance than CGI in terms of processing time, memory utilization because servlets use benefits of multithreading and for each request, a new thread is created, that is faster than loading creating new Object for each request with CGI.-   Servlets and platform and system independent, the web application developed with Servlet can be run on any standard web container such as Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish servers and on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Mac, etc.-   Servlets are robust because container takes care of the life cycle of servlet and we donât need to worry about memory leaks, security, garbage collection, etc.-   Servlets are maintainable and the learning curve is small because all we need to take care is business logic for our application.

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    Is It Good Idea To Create Servlet Constructor

    We can define a constructor for servlet but I don't think it's of any use because we won't be having access to the ServletConfig object until unless servlet is initialized by the container. Ideally, if we have to initialize any resource for the servlet, we should override init method where we can access servlet init parameters using ServletConfig object.

    What Is Orchestration When It Comes To Software And Devops

    FAANG Coding Interview Question – Container With Most Water (LeetCode)

    Orchestration refers to the integration of multiple services that allows them to automate processes or synchronize information in a timely fashion. Say, for example, you have six or seven microservices for an application to run. If you place them in separate containers, this would inevitably create obstacles for communication. Orchestration would help in such a situation by enabling all services in individual containers to work seamlessly to accomplish a single goal.

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    Is Interac Japan A Good Company To Work For

    While Interac do not pay a particularly high salary, they take care of you in a very positive way. The working hours and holiday are great and really allow you to enjoy your experience in Japan. Great for young graduates seeking adventure.

    What is Interac Japan?

    Founded in 1972, Interac is the largest private provider of ALTs to Japanese public schools. ALTs with Interac works in elementary, junior high, and senior high schools throughout Japan.

    Where All Do You Think Docker Is Being Used

    When asked such a question, respond by talking about applications of Docker. Docker is being used in the following areas:

    • Simplifying configuration: Docker lets you put your environment and configuration into code and deploy it.
    • Code Pipeline Management: There are different systems used for development and production. As the code travels from development to testing to production, it goes through a difference in the environment. Docker helps in maintaining the code pipeline consistency.
    • Developer Productivity: Using Docker for development gives us two things Were closer to production and development environment is built faster.
    • Application Isolation: As containers are applications wrapped together with all dependencies, your apps are isolated. They can work by themselves on any hardware that supports Docker.
    • Debugging Capabilities: Docker supports various debugging tools that are not specific to containers but work well with containers.
    • Multi-tenancy: Docker lets you have multi-tenant applications avoiding redundancy in your codes and deployments.
    • Rapid Deployment: Docker eliminates the need to boost an entire OS from scratch, reducing the deployment time.

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    What Is A Docker Container

    Docker containers include the application and all of its dependencies. It shares the kernel with other containers, running as isolated processes in user space on the host operating system. Docker containers are not tied to any specific infrastructure: they run on any computer, on any infrastructure, and in any cloud. Docker containers are basically runtime instances of Docker images.

    Recruiting Retail Consultants At The Container Store

    Hugo Buscati Jackets &  Coats

    Who: Kevin Fuller, director of recruiting and training, The Container Store. Fuller is in his 10th year at the 25-year-old chain, which is nearing its prime hiring season right now because of all the back-to-college shoppers.

    Favorite job boards: When the Dallas-based company advertises on a big job boardsomething Fuller says it doesnt need to do much ofit likes Craigs List , and of the major national job boards, it prefers CareerBuilder, though it has experimented with others. I really like the partnerships that CareerBuilder has, Fuller says. It basically gives you a national presence with localized familiarity. In other words, he says, the site is used in most parts of the country, but candidates often get to it through a local site, like in northern California. The Container Store rarely uses newspapers and rarely uses search firms.

    Favorite college: Texas A& M. Weve had a long-standing partnership with them, Fuller says. They just turn out amazing students.

    The two-part interview: A group of candidates spent about an hour in the store , where they talked to a Container Store employee about the companys history and culture. Three peopleabout half the groupwere told afterward that there was something missing from their applications and were invited to the employee break room .

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