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Top 10 Coding Interview Questions

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Write A Program To Show Diamond Problem With Multiple Inheritance

Me Solving Top Coding Interview Questions – Arrays (10 Solved in 45 minutes!)

Java doesnât allow extending multiple classes. Itâs to keep it simple and avoid diamond problem.

interface I class A implements I}class B implements I}class C extends A, B }

In above example, if Java would have allowed multiple class inheritance, then which super foo method should get called? There could be a mechanism to fix this, but Java language developers thought itâs better to keep it simple by not allowing multiple inheritance.

Weird Common Programming Interview Questions They Wont Stop Asking

Sometimes, the interviewers will ask you something slightly cringe cliché questions they got from who-knows-where.

They won’t really help them assess candidates in the way they think they do. But they’re sometimes still asking them.

Have a satisfying answer prepared and you’ll be able to dodge these unnerving, but still common questions.

105. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Paint the picture of how you’ll still be working for their company, growing it in all sorts of ways.

Never talk about how you’re considering other options for your future.

106. What was your salary at your previous job?


Here they’re trying to see if you’re going to give up proprietary information to someone else.

When you’re asked this question, say something like I’d prefer not to reveal my previous salary right now because that’s proprietary information.

107. What salary do you want for this job?


If the interviewer asks you about what salary you want in the job you’re applying for, don’t answer the question directly. What the question really is asking is if you think of yourself above the company.

Rather say something like: I feel that I’d like to know more about the company and see how we like each other before we discuss salary. And salary’s not the most important thing I’m looking for.

After all, you’ll later have to negotiate your salary as part of your overall compensation package, anyway.

Sorting An Array In Java

This question requires a deep understanding of sorting in Java. If you look at the Arrays utility class, there are many overloaded sort methods to sort primitive as well as to object arrays. If you are sorting a primitive array in the natural order, then itâs very simple. Just use the Arrays.sort method.

int array =  Arrays.sort System.out.println) 

But, if you want to sort an array of Objects, then the object must implement Comparable interface. If you want to specify the sorting criteria, then you can pass the Comparator for the sorting logic. You should read more about them at – Comparable and Comparator in Java.

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Can You Talk About Some Projects Youve Worked On

This question allows you to discuss previous experience regarding the projects youve worked on in the past. If you have professional coding knowledge, you can talk through the development life cycle of some of your best projects the planning phase, how you contributed to the projects execution and any post-completion maintenance you were involved in.

If you dont have professional coding experience, but youve worked on impressive projects on your own, consider discussing your contributions in that context. Many programmers get started by contributing to open source projects, working for clients on a freelance basis or developing their own applications. Discussing these projects in detail can help you showcase your experience without previous job experience.

An example of how to answer this question could be: I got started by doing simple bug fixes on open source projects. This helped me learn how to work on a project with a larger group of people. One project that Im proud of is a personal to-do list that I coded using Java. It syncs tasks across multiple applications and is customized for my coding workflows.

If youre just getting started and need to build up your experience, our guide to the top ten coding projects for beginners can help you come up with some ideas.

Now Youre Ready For The Coding Interview

Top 10 RESTful Web Service Interview Questions for Java Developers ...

These are some of the most common questions outside of data structure and algorithms that help you to do really well in your interview.

I have also shared a lot of these questions on my blog, so if you are really interested, you can always go there and search for them.

These common coding, data structure, and algorithm questions are the ones you need to know to successfully interview any company, big or small, for any level of programming job.

If you are looking for a programming or software development job in 2018, you can start your preparation with this list of coding questions.

This list provides good topics to prepare and also helps assess your preparation to find out your areas of strength and weakness.

Good knowledge of data structure and algorithms is important for success in coding interviews and thats where you should focus most of your attention.

Further LearningGrokking Dynamic Programming Patterns for Coding Interviews

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What Is The Difference Between String And String Builder In Java

An interviewer may ask this question to gauge your understanding of specific coding terms within string-based programming. Define these terms and identify their distinguishing factors in your answer.

Example:”A string is a finite data type, also called an immutable or unchangeable data type. However, a string builder is a mutable string, which means it is a type of string that can we can change and manipulate. String builders are great for instances when you might want to update the character sequence of an array.”

Data Structures Coding Interview Questions

Data structures are the basic programming concept, so you can expect various questions based on this topic. Here is a variety of the same:

1. Can you tell how linear data structures differ from non-linear data structures?

  • How is a binary search tree implemented?
  • Application-based questions:

    You are given the pointer to the head node of a linked list and an integer to add to the list. Create a new node with the given integer. Insert this node at the linked lists tail and return the linked lists head node formed after inserting this new node. The given head pointer may be null, meaning the initial list is empty.

    Application-based questions are favoured byinterviewers, so be sure to prepare for them.

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    What Is The Use Of Javascriptexecutor

    JavaScriptExecutor is an interface which provides a mechanism to execute Javascript through the Selenium WebDriver. It provides executescript and executeAsyncScript methods, to run JavaScript in the context of the currently selected frame or window. An example of that is:

    JavascriptExecutor js =  driver  js.executeScript 

    Why Should Selenium Be Selected As A Testing Tool For Web Applications Or Systems

    Top 10 Python Coding Interview Questions & Solutions for FAANG – Do it Yourself

    Selenium provides the following advantages, which make it an excellent automated testing framework:

    • It is free and open-source software with a large user base and supports providing community.
    • It has cross-browser compatibility and supports multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Safari, etc.
    • It supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.
    • It facilitates the usage of multiple programming languages including Scala, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, Java, Groovy, C#, etc.
    • It provides support for distributed testing as well.

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    Write A Code To Show Nullpointerexception

    If we are calling a function on the ânullâ, it will throw NullPointerException.

    public static void main static void printString}

    Thatâs why itâs better to have null check in place for early validation.

    static void printString}

    We can also throw IllegalArgumentException based on the project requirements.

    Binary Tree Programming Questions

    The binary tree data structure stores data hierarchically instead of in a linear fashion. A hiring manager may ask you questions about binary tree programming to determine how familiar you are with different tree data structures and popular traversing algorithms. Here are some common questions about binary tree programming algorithms:

    • How are leaves printed?

    • Can you traverse a binary tree in post-order traversal without recursion?

    • How do you implement a binary tree?

    • What is the depth-first search algorithm for a binary tree?

    • How do you traverse a binary tree in preorder without recursion?

    • What are the differences between preorder, in-order and post-order traversals?

    • What is a post-order traversal algorithm, and how do you use it?

    • What steps would you take to perform a binary search in a given array?

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    How Do You Handle Working With Non

    While coding roles typically focus mostly on hard programming skills , soft skills are also essential for computer programmers. Often, programmers have to work with non-technical people from other departments to gain buy-in and understand the needs of the organization more clearly.

    When answering this question, discuss the value of interdisciplinary cooperation within an organization. You might want to discuss how gaining a non-programmers perspective can help improve and innovate an application. Talk about how you communicate technical concepts to non-technical people and the importance of these soft skills in the workplace. For example: I think its very important for technical and non-technical roles to work together. It can be easy for developers to get lost in the development process without looking to non-technical roles for feedback. Therefore, when meeting with those from non-technical backgrounds, I try to prepare a comprehensive guide or cheat sheet offering key terminology, helpful acronyms and other important foundational information to help them review documentation more easily, which in turn can make the entire interaction easier to navigate.

    What To Prepare For Coding Interviews

    How to answer coding interview questions

    Now that, I have cleared the confusion that Coding interviews is important and you should not distract, lets get into real work. The big question is what to prepare for Coding interviews?

    Well, the most important thing to prepare is Data Structure-based coding problems like array-based coding problems, string problems, linked list problems, binary tree problems, etc.

    Apart from data structure-based questions, most of the programming job interviews also ask algorithm, design, bit manipulation, and general logic-based questions, which Ill describe in this section.

    Its important that you practice these concepts because sometimes they become tricky to solve in the actual interview. Having practiced them before not only makes you familiar with them but also gives you more confidence in explaining the solution to the interviewer.

    One of the main problems with coding problems is that there are hundreds and thousands of coding problems on interviews, there are even sites like LeetCode, HackerRank, Codewars, Topcoder, freeCodeCamp, HackerEarth which train programmers for coding interviews with lots of tough questions, which sometimes just overwhelms a beginner looking for a job.

    I believe in simplicity and the 10% of effort which produce 90% of results and thats why I have collected top 100 coding problems which are not too tough and also frequently asked on real interviews.

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    Binary Tree Coding Interview Questions

    So far, we have looked at only the linear data structure, but all information in the real world cannot be represented in a linear fashion, and thats where tree data structure helps.

    The tree data structure is a data structure that allows you to store your data in a hierarchical fashion. Depending on how you store data, there are different types of trees, such as a binary tree, where each node has, at most, two child nodes.

    Along with its close cousin binary search tree, its also one of the most popular tree data structures. Therefore, you will find a lot of questions based on them, such as how to traverse them, count nodes, find depth, and check if they are balanced or not.

    A key point to solving binary tree questions is a strong knowledge of theory, e.g. what is the size or depth of the binary tree, what is a leaf, and what is a node, as well as an understanding of the popular traversing algorithms, e.g. pre-, post-, and in-order traversal.

    Here is a list of popular binary tree-based coding questions from software engineer or developer job interviews:

  • How is a binary search tree implemented?
  • How do you perform preorder traversal in a given binary tree?
  • How do you traverse a given binary tree in preorder without recursion?
  • How do you perform an inorder traversal in a given binary tree?
  • How do you print all nodes of a given binary tree using inorder traversal without recursion?
  • How do you implement a postorder traversal algorithm?
  • Top 10 Capgemini Interview Coding Questions

    You will have a hard time in finding the interview round information about Top 10 Capgemini Interview Coding Questions, but relax we have collected the Latest Capgemini Interview Information from the previous drive students who were selected in the company, so please go through this page carefully while preparing for the Capgemini Interview Round

    • After completing the first two rounds of the placement.
    • You will be sitting in a personal interview round.
    • Where you will be facing a panel of 3-4 executives.

    This round can be further divided into 2 parts

    • Technical Round

    It depends on the executives what they may ask you, they can ask you only about your technical background and projects that you have mentioned in your resume, or else they can ask you only situation based HR questions. So you need to be well prepared for all the scenarios, below this page you can find some frequently asked questions in the interview round.

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    Accenture Coding Questions With Solutions 2022

  • Write a function SmallLargeSum which accepts the array as an argument or parameter, that performs the addition of the second largest element from the even location with the second largest element from an odd location?Rules:a. All the array elements are unique.b. If the length of the array is 3 or less than 3, then return 0.c. If Array is empty then return zero.

    Sample Test Case 1:3 2 1 7 5 4Output:7

    Explanation: The second largest element in the even locations is 3. The second largest element in the odd locations is 4. So the addition of 3 and 4 is 7. So the answer is 7.

    Sample Test Case 2:4 0 7 9 6 4 2Output:


  • First weve to take input from the user i.e in the main function.
  • Then weve to create two different arrays in which the first array will contain all the even position elements and the second one will contain odd position elements.
  • The next step is to sort both the arrays so that well get the second-largest elements from both the arrays.
  • At last, weve to add both the second-largest elements that we get from both the arrays.
  • Display the desired output in the main function.
  • Code Implementation:

  • Using if condition check whether the length of string is greater than equal to 4 or not.
  • Run a loop on the string and check if any character is a digit or not. It is a digit if its between 0 and 9.
  • Iterate the string and check that only at least one letter should be between A and Z, i.e it should be capital.
  • Code Implementation

    Why Selenium Rc Is Used

    The 10 Most Important Concepts For Coding Interviews (algorithms and data structures)

    Selenium IDE does not directly support many functions like condition statements, Iteration, logging and reporting of test results, unexpected error handling and so on as IDE supports only HTML language. To handle such issues Selenium RC is used it supports the language like Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP using these languages we can write the program to achieve the IDE issues.

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    How Do You Find Code

    Especially while building applications or websites, they are built using coding. There are certain routine functions/ tabs which will be used in every app/ website such as Table, Menu, FAQs, etc. These need not be rewritten rather the codes can be called again. These are not amounting to plagiarism but rather resources the coders can use. Some of these resources are mentioned below – 1. CodePen, 2. Stack Overflow, 3. GenerateWP, 5. Code My UI.

    How To Find If A String Is Present In A Text File

    We can use Scanner class to read the file contents line by line. Then use String contains method to check if the string is present in the file or not.

    boolean findStringInFile throws FileNotFoundException }scanner.close return false }

    The above code assumes that the string we are searching for in the file doesnât contain newline characters.

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    Top 45 Programming Interview Questions

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Preparing for an interview in the IT industry means familiarizing yourself with job-specific terminology. By taking the time to review potential interview questions and thinking about your answers in advance, you can present yourself as a qualified candidate.

    In this article, we discuss common programming interview questions and provide sample answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

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    When Should You Use Linked List Programming

    Hr Advisor Interview Questions Nhs

    Interviewers may use this question to determine whether you understand linked list programming within the larger context of computer programming. Your answer needs to reflect your knowledge of this programming type.

    Example:”Linked list programming should be used in situations where there are abstract types of data involved. If you want to implement data types such as queues, arrays, stacks, trees or vectors, linked lists make it easier to delete or manipulate them.”

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    How Would You Handle Working On A Team With People From Other Departments

    During a programming interview, youll take technical tests or complete technical interviews. You can use these opportunities to showcase your soft skills as well, such as providing examples of your interpersonal and communication skills.

    ExampleI work well on teams, including ones with non-tech members. I find that these groups can produce products and solutions that a team of like-minded people may not consider. I also enjoy meeting new people and considering other angles to the projects we work on together. I have worked on teams with only programmers and mixed teams in the past, and feel the mixed groups were often more innovative. I would welcome an opportunity to work on this type of team.

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