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User Experience Research Interview Questions

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What Is Your Research Process

Questions to ask when you conduct a user research interview | Sarah Doody, UX Designer

Because this question is so broad, it has a high potential for throwing you off your game right at the start. Dont let that happen. Find a way to describe your research process in just a few sentences.

In asking this question, your interviewer is trying to gain insight on who you are as a person and a UX researcher, how you involve others in your process, what methods or techniques you know and consider, and how all of this fits with the broader company culture and team dynamics. Thats a lot to pack in! Youll want to paint with fairly broad strokes without being vague.

Heres what NOT to say: Well, I figure out what the objectives are and then decide what methods are best and then get to work.

And here are some templates to get you started on the right foot:

  • My first priority going into a project is to
  • After that, I need to
  • Depending on what I find out, Ill eitheror
  • When thats done, I move on to

Phone Screen With The Recruiter

The main purpose of this round is to determine what youâre looking for at this particular point in your career. The recruiter will ask you whether youâre interested in specific kinds of research, specific products, or if thereâs a particular region you want to work in. If all goes well, youâll be notified that youâve made it to the next round.

What Is Ux Research

UX researchis the study of user interaction to obtain insights that improve the design process. With UX research, you can create products and solutions that cater to a users needs. The primary goal of UX research is to build products for the end-user based on real data not what you think the user wants.

For example, United Airlinesincreased online ticketing by 200%and doubled the number of daily sessions by conducting UX research to better understand their audience.

UX researchers employ various research methods to gather data and uncover design opportunities. Most researchers start theUX research processwith qualitative measures to determine the users needs and motivations. However, they also usequantitative methodologiesto test their findings.

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What Makes You Want To Work For Our Organization In The First Place

Ive always admired your work as a company, and as soon as I saw this position, I knew it was the one. I was particularly interested in learning about your current research interests, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, which appeal to me particularly given my academic background. I also appreciate that your research assistants have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, which I believe is an excellent opportunity for career development. After carefully reading the description, I realized it would assist me in achieving my long-term career goals while also allowing me to develop valuable skills. I am confident that I will gain valuable knowledge while becoming a valuable asset to the company.

Show Your Willingness To Grow

46 Interview Questions for User Experience Researchers at Google ...

Yes, its a cliché, but its still important: you need to show that youre willing to learn, adapt and evolve in your profession. And to continue with the clichés, its because nobodys perfect and we must learn until we die. On a more practical note, your willingness to grow can prove to your potential employer that if needed, youll be willing to do something that might be new to you or not your favorite thing. A new method, a new tool, anything. And whenever possible, dont forget to give an example from your previous projects.

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What Is A User Interview

UX interview is a qualitativeUX research methodperformed with prospective users of a product during early concept development. Its a popular technique that allows researchers to cover related topics around the users motivations, feelings, and even how they use various products.

During user interviews, the UX researcher asks participants questions around behavior, use of a system, and habits to learn more about a specific topic.

Whereas multiple users are interviewed at once in focus groups, user interviews are one-on-one sessions, usually with several interviewers.

To ensure success, you must define the topic of the interview and choose the right participants for your target group.

Ux Researcher Interview Questions

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

If you’re getting ready to interview for a UX researcher role, it’s important to highlight your technical aptitude and transferable skills. For instance, employers may want to evaluate how you approach your work, communicate technical information and engage others to gather feedback. Consider preparing in advance by reviewing examples to get a better idea of what to expect.

In this article, we cover 48 UX researcher interview questions with some example answers so you’re ready to make a positive first impression.

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How To Ask The Right Questions For A Successful Ux Research Interview

UX research interviews are effective tools for gathering data to improve user experience. Read our guide to find out how to ask the right questions and conduct successful user interviews for your app.

When developing a new application or redesigning an existing one, UX research can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into usersâ wants and needs.

Erin Sanders, a design researcher at Frog, developed a five-step process for conducting UX research called the Research Learning Spiral. The steps are as follows:

  • Objectives: Determining gaps in knowledge that need to be filled.
  • Hypotheses: Establishing what you believe to be true.
  • Methods: Deciding on the best method for conducting UX research.
  • Conduct: Using the selected method to gather data.
  • Synthesize: Organizing, analyzing, and applying the information received from that data.
  • In the context of app development, those five steps are crucial for conducting successful research into the user experience. The method we are focusing on in this article is the UX research interview, which is a useful way to receive honest and direct feedback from your appâs target users, due to its one-on-one nature.

    What Are Your Thoughts On User Experience Research And How It Can Be Used To Improve Designs

    How to ask a question: conducting research for your startup

    This question will give you valuable insights into the general thinking about UX research for the candidate. I would have answered the questions in this way:

    User Experience Research is a valuable tool that can be used to improve designs. Through user interviews and surveys, you can understand how users interact with your product or website. This information can then be used to make design changes that make the product or website more user-friendly.It is important to note that UX research should not be conducted in a vacuum it should be used in conjunction with other forms of design feedback, such as user testing and A/B testing. Remember, too, that user feedback will vary from user to user what works for one person may not work for another. So always use your best judgment when making design decisions.All in all, I believe that UX research is an essential part of the design process and should be used whenever possible to create a better user experience.

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    Faqs On Ux Researcher Google Interview

    Q1. How much do UX researchers make at Google?

    On average, a Google UX researcher makes $139,508 per year, which is 10% more than the national average.

    Q2. How to prepare for a UX researcher Google interview?

    Be up-to-date with the latest UX trends and have ample knowledge of the different Google products and their user-base. Further, research the kind of Google UX research interview questions you can expect and prepare accordingly.

    Q3. Which degree is required to become a UX researcher?

    Having a bachelorâs degree in Psychology, Sociology, Human-Computer Interaction , or a related field is required to become a UX researcher. So even if you donât have a degree in a UX-related field, it isnât an issue.

    Q4. What are some Google UX research interview questions?

    Some important questions are: What is the most challenging part of your research projects? How would you improve the user experience of your favorite website? Tell me about the most challenging problem you had to solve and how did you solve it? Pitch a new product and how you would research it.

    Q5. Is UX researcher a good career choice?

    If youâre someone who has a curious mind and likes to learn about things in-depth, being a UX researcher might just be the perfect job for you. Further, itâs an in-demand job in a trendy industry.

    Tell Me About Some Of Your Favorite Examples Of Good Ux

    What theyâre really asking: Do you understand the elements of a good user experience?

    Knowing why good UX is important is one thing. Knowing how to design good UX is another. This question digs into your knowledge of UX best practices.

    Think of a few examples ahead of time. What elements of the product, app, or website make the user experience enjoyable? How is the design user-centric? How do you think that impacts the companyâs bottom line?

    Other forms this question might take:

    • What does it mean to be a good UX designer?

    • What are the elements of good UX?

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    How Would You Design A Study For : : : : :

    Questions like this are easy to ramble on and on about. After all, if you want a job in this particular field, this is exactly the kind of thing youre passionate about.

    Summon all your powers of concision, empathy, and analysis! You need to quickly dissect the question and focus on the elements that seem most important to your interviewer.

    When an interviewer asks a question like this, theyre aiming to learn a lot about you all at once. They want to get a glimpse into your approach and your process they want to see your consideration of stakeholders, team members, and study participants needs.

    To answer this question well, you need to have a clear understanding of your own process and an ability to communicatebriefly and accurately:

    • How you create a research plan and estimate a timeline for the process
    • When you choose qualitative research over quantitative
    • How you scale qualitative feedback
    • How you make sure that the results of your research inform decisions during all relevant project stages
    • Where you start your research when youre creating a product from scratch
    • Where you start with an existing product
    • How you pick research methods for each stage of a project
    • How you communicate with the various individuals and groups involved in every stage of the process

    Why 119 Ux Interview Questions

    The 7 Questions Youll Be Asked at a UX Design Interview. If you like ...

    Recently, I was approached with an excellent opportunity to join a fantastic design team in Charlotte, NC. So, of course, I wanted to make sure I put forth my best effort in the interview. I studied the company using Youtube, social media, the company website, and looked up my interviewers on Linkedin to read their articles and profiles.

    During this discovery process, I also read a book titled Loops by J.Cornelius. I recommend this book for any designer, regardless of a scheduled future interview or not. Loops is an excellent review of design cycles and how to get your idea from concept to production.

    Another resource I found was an article with 119 UX interview questions. Right, 119 interview questionsI took a second to thinkand then, I decided to write out my answers to all 119 items. These questions took a whole weekend plus a full Monday, no lie. Dedicating this much time to interview questions, I figured utilizing them as an article series would be a good idea. So here, I will share my responses to these 119 UX interview questions and add a little commentary about each answer. We can review 10 to 15 at a time.

    So, lets get started.

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    I Am Creating A User Profile To Keep Track Of Your Game Stats

    Yes, and no. Most people using the web have created user-profiles, and they are generally the same experience across the board however, some more unique than others.

    So for AEGIS, in our mobile version, we focus more on speed to sign up most times, a user will be in line and ready to start the game. Did I mention this is a real-life game? So we are working with people registering in line while being excited about seeing the game played. On a desktop, most times at home, users have less anticipation, and hopefully, time, so we use this opportunity to share and teach more about the game and highlight the story. The space on our desktop experience will use the background to create more engagement.

    The main point here is to design a solution with different user priorities in mind, but we want the experiences to feel cohesive if you were to use both.

    Ask About Specific Examples

    Sometimes its difficultfor research participants to communicate how they feel about the usability of aproduct, service, or user interface.

    Prepare a series ofquestions that will help you overcome this potential obstacle. Asking forparticipants to talk about a specific experience in the past that relates toyour question will help them remember and provide more accurate answers to yourquestions.

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    Walk Me Through Your Workflow

    What theyâre really asking: Whatâs your thought process when solving problems?

    This question is all about analyzing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Pick a successful project youâve worked on in the past and walk through the steps you took. Structure your answer much like the design process itself by mentioning how you researched, designed, and validated your design decisions. Avoid the temptation to answer this question in general terms.

    Other forms this question might take:

    • Walk me through your portfolio.

    • Whatâs your design process?

    • Tell me about a project that challenged you. How did you work through the challenge?

    How Easy Is Our Product/website To Use

    How To Conduct User Interviews Like A Pro (UX Design)

    This question is to investigate the usability of your product or service. Offer some options here ranging from Very Easy to Impossible, like Very easy to use, Easy to use, Neither easy nor difficult to use, Difficult to use andVery difficult to use.


    • Dont the options balanced, dont provide answers with 4 positive choices and 1 negative one.
    • Also consider asking Why? if a user selects the negative answers. It helps you investigate the reasons behind and improve your service.

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    Before The Second Interview

  • Look up the person I am interviewing with on LinkedIn. I do some gentle stalking to understand better the experience of the person I am interviewing with, which may give insight into how they work and what they expect. This also allows me to see if I have any mutual connections with them and equips me with more information before the interview.
  • Pick specific stories and examples for the interview. For this stage, I generally will have a powerful example in mind that includes an end-to-end project. I will walk the person through this. Sometimes, at this stage, I get asked to do this through a short presentation, but if not, I will write everything down beforehand so I have a clear picture of what I’m trying to explain.
  • Come up with a list of questions to ask. Again, be ready with a list of questions. These can be any leftover questions the initial contact couldn’t answer or more specific questions about the role. Be sure to ask these questions because they will help you determine if you will be happy in the role!
  • Which Of Our Competitors Did You Consider Before Choosing Us

    Its a good question to get to know your competitors. What you can learn from your competitors is beyond your imagination. Sometimes you might be surprised who is considered as your competitor. This may bring you different inspirations


    • Use this question in a post-purchase survey.
    • Youd better know who you compete with in advance.

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    How Do You Balance Business Needs And Technical Restrictions With Good Design

    Answer: Communication, transparency, data, understanding, and prioritization is an essential aspect of this well. Using these pillars as guides will allow everyone to focus on the necessary items to make and improve good designs. When you understand business needs, you can make recommendations from a stakeholder standpoint. In creating excellent digital experiences, there is more than one way to skin a cat. As long as you are creating value for the business, using proper communication, you will help move the idea forward. Technical restrictions require creativity. Use technical restraints as the bounds in which you communicate with your team and seek transparency from your development team on what is feasible and how they suggest approaching the problem.

    Questions About The Problem

    Panel 1, interview: interviewer and user are facing one another, asking ...

    To support product and design decisions behind any solution, you need to be familiar with the problem you are trying to solve. Whether youre starting product discovery and want to understand user pain points, or youre testing new features and want to gauge which will be most popularyou cant begin working on a solution until youve honed in on what the problem is.

    Whats bothering your users? How can you make their lives easier? Whats their key challenge, and what are they trying to achieve thats being blocked by that problem?

    Only once youve narrowed down a key problem statement can you translate solutions into the user experience, and identify opportunities for product development.

    Questions focusing on the problem youre trying to solve are key in product discovery stages and concept validation. The reason for using a particular product or feature may vary between usersconsider Instagrams Explore tab: it could be used to find friends, connect with like-minded people, or find inspiration.

    Questions that can help hone into the problem at hand include:

    • What problems do you face when you do ?
    • Please complete this sentence: “The most frustrating part of trying to complete is
    • What is your main goal when trying to complete ?
    • What is your personal measure of success when it comes to ?
    • How are you currently solving ?
    • Describe your ideal solution to

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