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Ux Interview Questions To Ask Users

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Our Final Points On The Questions To Ask In A Ux/ui Interview

How To Conduct User Interviews Like A Pro (UX Design)

Finding the right candidate for the job is a job in its own right. Given that, itâs worth noting that this isnât an exhaustive list of all the interview questions for a UX designer you should be asking. Your company has its own distinct needs and you may even want your new hire to have a firm grasp of a particular design discipline. Because of those variables, 16 questions very likely arenât going to be enough to get total clarity on a prospective hire. Use these as a starting point and add whatâs necessary to get to the comfort level you need to make the best decision.

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How Do You Define Ux

Please, please, please do not give a canned, textbook definition here. The interviewer already knows what UX is. He just wants to know how youd describe it. If youre unsure, do a bit of research.

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One of our favorite ways to explain UX is through real-life examples. You could talk to them about Airbnb and how co-founder Joe Gebbia with making it a $10 billion company. Or you could tell them why you agree with Jeff Bezos decision to allocate 100 times more budget for customer experience efforts than advertising in the early days of Amazon.

Just make sure to stress that UX design is what makes websites, apps, and other products as easy to use and customer-friendly as possible.

Next, you can tell them how you do it.

What Kind Of Research Method Do You Use For New Projects

Please, please, please be honest here. Dont discuss any process you havent used. And if youve used a research method but wished there were enough resources to use a better one, say so.

For example, you can tell your interviewer you always engage in online surveys and use self-structured online questionnaires to collect your information due to time constraints and limited project budget. You can also stress the importance of face-to-face user research methods or interviews and how you long for such research methods given enough resources.

You may also go a little further to explain the challenges faced with the research methods you currently use, and why you would try something else if you eventually get the job.

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Ux Interview Questions To Ask Motivations

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.What is your relationship with BRAND? What are the general goals youre trying to solve with our website/application?Before this product, how did you feel?Once you started using this product, how did it make you feel?What do you like about BRAND?What do you dislike about BRAND?If BRAND ceased to exist, what would you use instead and why?

Use Sonar To Nail Your Study Questions And More

Better ways to ask 5 common user interview questions

Is there anything else you can do to polish up your question and inch your way toward great UX study designs?

Yes, there is! By using Sonar, you can set up study design from scratch or go for one of our templates, carefully designed by our team of UXers after countless qualitative studies to yield the maximum results from your studies. Furthermore, leverage our AI to get even more accurate questions. Fire up a new study template, type your questions and see our AI suggesting several ways to fine-tune them with the scope of your study.

Our Study Builder in action

Writers block? Looking for some gaps? Dont worry! Our platform can support your study by suggesting several different questions to continue with your study building.

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Questions About The Product

Once you understand the problem your product will solve, and the people wholl be using it, its time to circle back to the product itself. Questions about the product may be about its usability, what features youre including, how users feel about content or design, and whether it does what they need it to.

Just like all research, its a good idea to ask product-related questions multiple time during the research phrase, as both questions and answer will vary depending on what development stage youre atfrom prioritizing which feature to focus on developing first, to assessing how navigable a certain product section is, or reviewing the appeal of specific design aspects.

To gain a well-rounded understanding of how users find using your product or feature, usability testing is imperative. And, if youre trying to nail down product navigation and identify any bumps in the user journey, tree testing is the research method of choice.

Whatever your focus, questions relating to the product are useful in both evaluative and generative research, and critical for creating a user-centered, solution-focused product.

Sample questions you can use to learn more about the product and features could include:

To dive into the questions you should be asking during usability testing, check out how to ask effective usability testing questions.

What Are The Important Skills For A Ux Designer

The most important skills for a UX Designer are as follows:

  • Prototyping, user flows, wireframing, mockupsUX Designers need to be able to envision what the product will look like. According to the stage of the product development process, theyll need to create wireframes, high or low-fidelity prototypes, user flows, or mockups.
  • Visual design and design softwareUX Designers need to use visual design software to create the visual design elements of a product. They need to be proficient in these tools along with knowing typography, color theory, icons, etc.
  • CollaborationUX Designers have to collaborate with other teams regularly. They need to know how to work as part of a team.
  • Communication and presentationWhile collaborating, UX Designers have to communicate. Good communication skills are important for them to be able to get better insights from customers as well. Good presentation skills are important to be able to communicate ideas with stakeholders.

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What Would You Do If Asked To Hand Over Your Project To A Developer

Answering this question correctly will prove your collaboration skills. Do you willingly hand over your projects to someone else or do you struggle to hold onto them? As a good team player, you shouldnt have any problem with someone else handling your project.

Stress the fact that you do care about your projects, but you dont have any problems signing them off as long as you know theyre in safe hands.

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How Do You Decide Which Features To Use In Your Designs

The Essential UX Interview Questions (And How To Answer Them!)

The interviewer may want to know how you use information to make decisions during the design process. Give examples of how you evaluate features for usability, collaborate with team members and make decisions that lead to successful design features that focus on users’ needs.

Example:User research is an important factor that helps me decide which features to integrate into a design. I consider the target market, customer needs and any problems that I might solve through my design. I align these factors with the company’s goals, so I can create designs that support both the customer and business. In my last company, for instance, I developed streamlined functions for helping customers search for products and make purchases through my company’s website. With these goals in mind, I decided on fewer graphics and more pathways to search for products.

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Walk Me Through Your Workflow

What theyâre really asking: Whatâs your thought process when solving problems?

This question is all about analyzing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Pick a successful project youâve worked on in the past and walk through the steps you took. Structure your answer much like the design process itself by mentioning how you researched, designed, and validated your design decisions. Avoid the temptation to answer this question in general terms.

Other forms this question might take:

  • Walk me through your portfolio.

  • Whatâs your design process?

  • Tell me about a project that challenged you. How did you work through the challenge?

Collect And Present Your Findings

This is very important. Everything you did up to this point could be completely useless if you do not present your findings well. Make sure all the time you spent writing your questions, interviewing your users, and collecting the data is not in vain. Make the data easy to digest with quick facts, key quotes, and infographics. If they want all the data after the initial summary report, then send them the full document of the work. This document should have the top 10 key facts, consistent feedback found, and the word for word answers from each of your interviewees.

Following these steps, let’s assume you already had a brainstorming session with your team to come up with things you would like to learn. You have also already found users that have agreed to be interviewed. Now we are on step three Writing your questions.

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What Is Meant By Design

This is where the interviewer is trying to understand your approach to design. You should explain your approach to design and take them through your design process. Tell them about your strategy for good design and how you develop your design concepts.

Talk about the different stages involved in the process of design thinking.

  • Empathize The first step is to empathically understand the problem that needs solving. Here, you would consult experts and observe peoples experiences to fully empathize with them.
  • Define In the second step, you combine the information you collected in the first step. Then you analyze it to define the main problem.
  • Ideate In this step, you start coming up with ideas while keeping the users needs in mind.
  • Prototype In the fourth step, the design team comes up with scaled-down versions of the product or the features to see if the solutions work.
  • Test In the final step, you test the product and the features, utilizing the best solutions that were identified in the previous stage.

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What Are The Different Modes Of Training That Intellipaat Provides

Top UX Research Interview Questions to Ask Users

At Intellipaat, you can enroll in either the instructor-led online training or self-paced training. Apart from this, Intellipaat also offers corporate training for organizations to upskill their workforce. All trainers at Intellipaat have 12+ years of relevant industry experience, and they have been actively working as consultants in the same domain, which has made them subject matter experts. Go through the sample videos to check the quality of our trainers.

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What Type Of Environment Do You Thrive In

UX designers work with a variety of different teams within an organization, including engineers, product managers, fellow designers, marketing teams, and more. For some, this is a perk, for others, a challenge.

During an interview, a hiring manager will want to understand if youre willing to collaborate with others and if youre a team player.

Find Users To Interview And Schedule Interview Times

I like to schedule anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half per interview. Keep in mind that interviews are not usually done in front of the product. If you are asking a user to complete a task in your product during this interview, that is a user test. That is not the purpose of a user interview. A lot of users like an incentive to spend their time with you. If their boss is not telling them that they have to do it, offer a gift card or cash for taking time out of their day to help.

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What Design Methods Do You Use

The interviewer wants to know if youre aware of the various design methods and which ones are you comfortable with. You can tell them about the ones that youve used before and why.

Heres a list of design methods you could talk about:

  • Value proposition: This is the most important one as it tells you the important things about the product what it is, who it is for and how will it be used.
  • Product strategy: The product strategy helps UX Designers understand the particular target audience, and focus on the product, and the consumer attributes.
  • User interview: Conducting user interviews helps get important qualitative information from the users.

Build Rapport With Your Interviewees

Questions to ask when you conduct a user research interview | Sarah Doody, UX Designer

Put your interviewees at ease by building rapport with them. This will help them to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences with you. Building rapport does not only help the interview, it also helps you win over users by developing relationships with them through the user interviews and your question design plays a good part in this. Another factor in building relationships with users is whether they feel heard or not after an interview session. That is another reason why you need to record sessions. It helps you focus entirely on the user and help drive the conversion, giving them your full attention. You are able to read their facial expressions, listen intently and basically be more present. And when you do these, they would feel listened to. tl dv can help you not only record, but also capture those moments of emotion which can then be chopped up into insight videos when there is the need to share certain insights with other teams in your development process.

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Create A Comfortable Environment

Creating a comfortable environment for your user interviews is important for two reasons: first, it will help put your participants at ease second, it will encourage them to be more open and honest with you. To create a comfortable environment, make sure that you have a quiet place to conduct the interview and provide any necessary materials in advance . Also, make sure your video conferencing tools are working properly, and you are recording with tl dv. Get a good spot with a good internet connection to prevent breaks.

What Research Methods Do You Use

You can tell the interviewer about the type of research you use. Do you have to resort to online surveys because of budget constraints? And you wish to do more in-person interviews? You can tell them that.

The key point is to let them know that you know about the research process. Tell them about the methods you use and the methods you wish to use.

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What Is The Difference Between Ux And Ui

What theyâre really asking: Do you understand what UX is and isnât ?

While the terms UI and UX are sometimes used interchangeably , they represent distinct roles in the product development process. Make sure you can communicate the difference between a product looking good and working effectively and efficiently .

If youâve worked with a UI or graphic designer before, this would be a good time to talk about that collaboration and division of labor.

Other forms this question might take:

  • Whatâs the difference between a UX designer and a graphic designer?

  • How is UX design different from visual design?

  • What sets UX apart from other design disciplines?

Tips For Succeeding During Your Interview

UX Research Surveys: Best Questions to Ask for UX Research

In addition to preparing your answers ahead of time, the following tips can help you do your best in your interview:

  • Research the company and the position. Research aspects of the role like essential duties, qualifications and skills. Learn about the company’s processes, goals and mission. Your research can prepare you for discussing these talking points during your interview.

  • Match your key skills to the job description. When responding to questions about your skills and capabilities, highlight the skills you have that you know the company is looking for. Refer to the job description for key requirements that you can cover during the interview.

  • Showcase your credentials. If you hold in UX design, computer programming or another relevant area, make sure that you share these accomplishments with the interviewer and highlight the benefits of having obtained these credentials.

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Does The Job Assistance Program Guarantee Me A Job

Apparently, no. Our job assistance program is aimed at helping you land in your dream job. It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile. The final decision on hiring will always be based on your performance in the interview and the requirements of the recruiter.

Ux Interview Question Examples Future Use

  • What do you believe are a few of the most important components of a new website/application?
  • Which websites/apps do you expect to spend most of your time this year and why?
  • Do you prefer using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop?
  • Where are you when you access this website/application?
  • What would make you stop using this website/app?

There are many questions that will depend heavily on your product or industry, so dont forget to brainstorm with two-three designers, business analysts, or product managers when creating this list of questions.

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