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Walmart Distribution Center Open Interviews

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Job Search: Hourly Retail Jobs

Walmart to open distribution center in Shafter

There is also a search page that lists all Walmart store and Sams Club hourly jobs. To search for these jobs, you need to register through the Online Hiring Center. You can apply online for employment through this site. Walmart estimates that filling out an application will take between thirty minutes and an hour.

Research Average Working Hours And Salaries

Walmart is pretty obsessed with both procedures and availability. Let them know you are on their side on this right from the start.

When applying, you may be asked for your availability and salary expectations. Research the job’s common working hours and days, as well as the average base pay before applying.

Being the enormous organization it is, wages at Walmart are fixed and unnegotiable. Before you apply, see if the wage suits your goals, as what you see is what you’ll get.

Availability is one of Walmart’s soft spots. The more available you are, the more chances are you will get hired.

Walmart Distribution Center Pay

The average hourly pay at Walmart Distribution centers is $17 with the lowest and highest earners taking home $12/hr and $22/hr respectively. Here are the salaries for some of the popular Walmart distribution center jobs:

Walmart distribution center careers
Walmart Truck Driver Salary > $49000-$107000/yr

The exact salary depends on the level of experience, professional qualifications, as well as other factors such as the location.

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Working Wednesdays: New Walmart Import Distribution Center Hiring To Fill 1300

Construction should be complete by the end of the year, products start arriving early February.

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The brand new Walmart Import Distribution Center will open soon in Ridgeville and you can learn more about employment opportunities at the massive facility on Working Wednesdays.

The center is bringing more than 1000 local jobs to the area.

Were probably gonna be more so looking into 1300-1500 jobs that well be hiring to be able to support this facility and all the volume well be pushing out of it, General Manager Jeff Holzbauer said.

Imported goods will arrive through the South Carolina port, and will be stored and sorted at the Walmart Import Distribution Center for delivery to approximately 850 Walmart and Sams Clubs throughout South Carolina and other states in the southeast.

So we will actually start receiving product Feb. 1 of next year, and start shipping product out April 5, Holzbauer said.

The main focus now is filling positions for freight handlers. The job pays $18 – $19.35 per hour, depending on the shift. Click here to apply.

The week of Oct. 11 we will start going after a large number of associates to be able to help us with that receiving of the product.

Other positions include hourly leads, maintenance technicians, order fillers, unloader/processors, and environmental health and safety associates.

Once the livestream is finished, it will be shared right here at and on Live 5 Facebook.

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How To Prepare For A Walmart Interview

Bedford Area School District

Youve landed an interview with Walmart. You know the job is perfect for you, but youre nervous about the interview process. Where can you go for assistance? Well its your lucky day! Two of our recruiters, Justin Weimer and LauRon Principe put together the 6 things you need to do to prepare for an interview with Walmart.

1. Know the role.

Understand the role youll be interviewing for. Ask your recruiter what blind spots might be there and how to best prepare. Your recruiter is your biggest advocate throughout this process, so use them! An example of a great question to ask your recruiter is, What did the team ask for in an ideal candidate, but might not be getting with me? This will help with preparing and focusing in on those pieces to make sure your hiring panel knows you are capable of learning. Finally, bring a couple of examples to sell yourself for this particular role.

2. Do your research.

Review Walmarts LinkedIn page and corporate website to understand what the company has been talking about lately. Similarly, look up the profiles of your interview panel. If the interview panel information is not provided beforehand, ask your recruiter so that you can learn about who you will be meeting with. This will help you be prepared and will make the feel valued.

3. Visit a store.

4. Understand the interview structure.

5. Prepare questions.

6. Dress for success.

Good luck!

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Present Your Strengths And Weaknesses Correctly

This one comes straight from one of Walmart’s top HR personnel.

According to Jimmy Prencipe, a director in Walmarts Talent Acquisition Department, it is very likely that you will be asked about both your strengths and weaknesses. Think carefully about both of these areas and prepare yourself for the following questions:

Strengths what accomplishments can you provide to exemplify this strength?

Weaknesses what measures are you taking to improve that weakness?

Be honest when asked about your weaknesses. Dont provide the million-times-heard-before Im a perfectionist weakness. As Prencipe says: A candidate that shows professional maturity in being self-aware is highly desired in the team dynamics..

Ask the Interviewer Panel Questions as Well

Most people consider an interview as a one-sided Q& A session. However, being able to also contribute something to the conversation has several positive effects.

Dont hesitate to ask questions about anything the job entails, both before and during the interview. Doing so has several positive effects:

  • It creates a more balanced conversation and maximizes your relationship with the interviewer.
  • It reduces uncertainty and alleviates stress.
  • It shows you are interested and prepared.

Some examples Walmart gives for such questions are:

And remember, good communication skills are one of the most highly demanded traits in any job, and especially so in jobs that require daily interaction with customers.

How To Get A Walmart Store Job

All hourly store jobs at Walmart require a four-step hiring process:

You will fill in your personal details, job experience, availability, etc. on Walmart’s online career center. You will not be able to upload a resume when applying to Walmarts store jobs, so dont bother making one.

Immediately after your application, you will be requested to take an assessment test. It is highly recommended to take some time to prepare before taking it.

If you have successfully passed the assessment, you will be invited to an interview. Make sure to prepare carefully so you present yourself in the best possible manner.

Learn the 4 rules for acing the Walmart interview.

Once you have successfully completed the screening process, you will be requested to go through final pre-employment checks , and will be given an offer of employment.

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Score High On Each Test Section

Unlike most pre-employment assessments, in Walmart’s tests, it’s not only the final score that matters. That is due to Walmart’s unique assessment policy.

Most of Walmarts assessments have behind the scenes score bands that are known only to HR and management.

These score bands are:

Walmart has a stone-cold hiring policy when it comes to their job assessments:

If you score poorly on ANY test section, you will fail the entire assessment.

That is why you must make sure you know each of the assessment’s sections, and that you are ready for them when the time comes.

Done Well On The Assessment Take Advantage Of It

Wal-Mart to open new distribution center coming to Spartanburg County

A high score on Walmart’s assessment has benefits far beyond that of the particular job you applied to.

If you successfully pass your Walmart assessment, you will not be required to take that specific assessment for the next 2 years.

That means that you can apply to any similar position without taking additional tests during that period.

Since Walmart’s tests are similar across many positions, that means that a high score on an assessment can open opportunities for higher-paying jobs as well.

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How To Get A Walmart Management Job

The hiring process for Walmart managers contains the same stages as in most jobs, yet the level of complexity and standards will be much higher.

Fill in your personal details, job experience, availability, etc. Take this stage at careful consideration, since Walmart is assessing you and checking how well you fit for the position as early as here.

A solid resume is probably most crucial when it comes to management jobs, as openings to such positions are fewer in comparison with other positions.

Immediately after your application, you will be requested to take an assessment test. There are three assessments for Walmart management positions, depending on the exact job you applied to – the Teaming Employment Assessment the Supervisor Employment Assessment , and the Manager Employment Assessment .

If you have successfully passed the assessment, you will be invited to an interview with some of Walmart’s senior managers. Although you probably know your way around interviews, it is still highly recommended to prepare carefully so you present yourself in the best possible manner. Learn the 4 rules for acing the Walmart interview.

Prepare But Only What You Actually Need

Some of Walmart’s jobs will require you to submit a resume, and some don’t. Some jobs will require documents you need to prepare in advance. Preparing everything and only what you need for the application will save you time and stress.

What to prepare for your application at Walmart:

  • Social security number
  • 3-year residence history
  • Job history with employer names and dates
  • If you were referred by a Walmart employee, their name and ID for possible future bonuses for both of you.

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How Do I Apply For Walmart Distribution Center Jobs

You can drop your Walmart job application in person at any Walmart outlet but as usual, doing the application online is easier. To see the available job positions, just visit Walmarts Distribution center jobs careers page and click see all openings. From here, you can choose the Walmart brand you want to work for, the type of employment you want to partake and the rate . If a job position interests you, just click on it to see the job description. Starting the application process is as easy as clicking the blue apply button.

Understand That Walmart’s Robots Are Looking Into Your Application

CJ Smart

Think that Walmart’s HR department is going over your application? Think again. Out of the four stages of the hiring process, the first three are completely automated. To pass, you must learn how to get past Walmart’s AI.

As all of the world’s top employers, Walmart uses an Applicant Tracking System to track, assess, and manage its candidates.

It is an AI system with zero tolerance for errors. Any application that doesn’t fit the mold will be disqualified with a heartbeat.

Here are the most important things to remember when applying through Walmart’s ATS:

  • Provide ALL the information required such as your contact details, work experience, education, skills, and any professional certificates or licenses you may have.
  • If you need to submit a resume, make sure that it is ATS-proof by using the KIT protocol.

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Job Search: Salaried Jobs

There are several ways to search for Walmart jobs. You can search for a variety of positions from the main Careers page. Search for these jobs by job title and location. You can also search by specific industry, and by job category and career area: Corporate, Distribution Centers and Drivers, Healthcare, Technology, and Stores and Clubs.

How To Get A Walmart Distribution Center Job

The hiring process for Walmart distribution center jobs is as follows:

Unlike stores jobs, here you will need to submit a resume.

Immediately after your application, you will be requested to take an assessment test. The exact assessment differs based on your desired position. For instance, drivers and freight handlers will take the Walmart Freight Handler Assessment, whereas maintenance technicians will take the Walmart Technical Maintenance Assessment.

If you have successfully passed the assessment, you will be invited to an interview. Make sure to prepare carefully so you present yourself in the best possible manner. Learn the 4 rules for acing the Walmart interview.

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Prepare For The Online Assessment Before You Apply

This one might sound counterintuitive so I’ve saved it for last. But if you want to beat Walmart’s hiring algorithms, it’s probably the best course of action.

When submitting your application, you will immediately get an invitation for an assessment. Although you dont have to take it straight away, we recommend that you take the test as soon as possible, so the position isn’t taken by other candidates.

Taking the test quickly also shows Walmart’s ATS that you are highly motivated and immediately up to the challenge.

Considering the fact that many of Walmart’s assessments are similar across positions, preparing in advance will highly increase your chances of being hired for multiple jobs.

Some really little tips to save you time and trouble.

How Long Does Walmart’s Application Process Take?

The initial registration process at Walmart will take about 45 minutes to an hour. After that, applying for additional positions is much quicker.

Can I Stop My Application and Get Back to It Later?

Yes, you dont have to complete Walmart’s entire application process in one sitting. You can always save your progress and return to the registration later.

What Is Walmarts Job Requisition Number?

The requisition number is an internal number used by Walmart to classify jobs. It is recommended to write it down because itll be easier to return to find that specific job at a later stage. That is especially true on your first registration when the system tends to throw you out of the session.

Apply To As Many Positions As You Can

Walmart Distribution Center Fire Coverage | WTHR 5 p.m. Update | March 16, 2022

Applying to many positions at once will naturally increase your chances of being hired. Once you have applied you can use your previous data to apply to many jobs quickly, but there’s a catch.

After your first application at the Walmart careers website, you can use the data from your previous application to apply for more positions as fast as possible.

However, remember – your application for each job will be considered separately. Therefore, give thought to each application and don’t just click the “Submit” button over and over again.

Think about the different skills, traits and experience required for each position, and highlight them in your application. That will not only increase the quantity of your applications, but their quality as well.

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It Depends On The Number Of Applications Submitted For A Particular Position


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Be Communicative And Original

Find the sweet spot between being a standard interviewee and a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Although in the earlier stages of recruitment it is recommended to stick to traditional formulas and practices, your interview is somewhat different. It is ultimately about YOU.

Never go into an interview expecting to get away with the typical generic answers. Think about how you fit into the company.

As one of Walmarts recruiters has put it:

We often ask candidates Why Walmart? and the most common response is a list of Walmart facts and excerpts of our mission statement a better response is to tell how the company resonates with you personally

In addition, remember Walmart’s first and formost core value – Service to the Customer. Anyone who connects with customers on a daily basis is expected to be positive, amiable, and polite.

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Learn Walmart’s 4 Core Values And 12 Behaviors

Walmart will assess everything you do and say according to its core values and behavioral traits.

A large portion of Walmart’s assessment process will be aimed at your personality and behavioral traits. According to Walmart, the ideal employee is someone who:

  • Provides excellent customer service
  • Strives for excellence
  • Acts with integrity

Each and every one of your answers will be scrutinized compared with these 4 values. Therefore, it is highly important to know what Walmart expects of you and how to project that profile.

Walmart Distribution Center Jobs Interview Questions

Shopping Service Business

When it comes to Walmart distribution center jobs, you should be ready to answer all sorts of interview questions. Some of the most commonly asked questions include:

  • What do you know about Walmart?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? What steps are you taking to overcome the latter?
  • Why did you apply for this job position?
  • Are you better off working individually or in a team?

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Walmart Distribution Centers And Driving Jobs

Jobs under this category have the same application process, but somewhat different assessment tests.

Truck Driver

Drivers comprise one of Walmarts fastest-growing workforce, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, Walmart takes effort in providing its drivers with benefits, bonuses, and reset hours.

Freight Handler

Freight handlers are responsible for the operation of Walmarts distribution centers. Order filling, delivery loading, and quality assurance are all a part of the job.

Area Manager

Area managers are responsible for all aspects of the operation of their warehouse area. They supervise freight handlers and maintenance technicians and monitor productivity goals and business plans. According to candidates, it is a very demanding job, but one that pays well.

Power Equipment Operator

Power equipment operators transport freight in Walmarts distribution centers, using tractors or trailers. It is a physically demanding job that requires high responsibility.

Maintenance Technician

The demand for maintenance technicians in Walmart is on the rise. It is a professional position, requiring experience and knowledge over multiple areas. A maintenance technician is basically responsible for the proper operation of all warehouse equipment

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