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Web Developer Internship Interview Questions

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How Well Do You Handle Constructive Criticism About Your Web Development Projects Can You Give Me An Example

Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Web developers use coding languages to create websites and web applications for clients. This process usually requires several rounds of corrections in response to client critiques, with the ultimate goal being client satisfaction. This question helps interviewers gauge a candidate’s ability to handle constructive criticism. It also highlights the value a candidate places on client feedback and their ability to represent their employer in a professional way.

The candidate’s answer should emphasize:

  • Devotion to the client’s vision
  • Customer service skills

This is an example of how a candidate might respond to this question:


“Through my years of experience as a web developer, I’ve learned how important constructive criticism is in order to deliver products that meet a client’s vision. When I was in an entry-level developer role, I worked on a web application project for an online store. I was really proud of my work and felt I’d done everything I could to meet the original client criteria.

After two rounds of corrections, I realized that constructive feedback is a way for clients to refine their needs. Receiving constructive feedback also helped me hone my skills and learn more about the client to maximize future projects.”

What Are The Differences Of Using Http/2 As Opposed To Http 11

Knowing if a candidate understands the main differences and advantages to using HTTP/2 will reveal their level of understanding, cluing you in to how their methods will align with the web developer role. What to look for in an answer:

  • Overall HTTP knowledge
  • Ability to recall specific information
  • Insight into their approach


HTTP/2 was designed to improve web application performance. A web developer can appreciate how it makes applications simpler and faster by reducing load times and improving communication between browsers and servers. Im a strong advocate for using HTTP/2, as Ive analyzed data and seen how HTTP/2 can decrease page load time by up to 20%.

How Is A Web Developer Different From A Web Designer

Web Developer

Build web applications using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Design web applications using tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch

They frequently use JavaScript frameworks for more streamlined development

They frequently use Adobe Creative Cloud for most of the design needs

It requires good coding skills

It requires good graphic design skills

Have to keep themselves up to date with the latest web frameworks and libraries

Have to keep themselves up to date with the latest design trends and color palettes

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Most Common Web Developer Interview Questions Answers

Now its time to take a look at some of the most common questions that youll get in a web developer job interview.

Well give you some example answers too so you know how you should approach your answer, but you definitely want to answer the question however it feels best to you.

  • Can you tell me about a project you worked on from beginning to end? How did you approach the project? What did you find challenging? How did you determine success?

    I oversaw the creation of a website for a client, which included everything from creating a sitemap to presenting and troubleshooting the final product. Our biggest challenge was getting everyone on the same page and following through on deadlines.

    Since I managed 4 developers with different expertise, it was hard to delegate tasks to them and get them to communicate about their deadlines. Once we started using a project management platform, it became much easier to communicate and keep everyone in the loop.

  • Can you explain the difference between front-end and back-end development?

    Front-end development covers all of the user-facing parts of a website or app. Its the functionality and appearance of the site, but the back-end is all about the systems in place and the technical set up.

  • Can you tell me about a website or an app that you hate using?

    One site that I dont like is . I find that it takes forever to load, the information that I actually want is never easy to find, and the layout isnt intuitive for me as a user.

  • State Difference Between Svg And Canvas

    12 UX Designer Interview Questions to Help You Pass the Interview ...

    HTML5 introduced two new graphical elements, Canvas and SVG , that make your web pages more interactive and more graphically attractive. Each has its own properties and can be used to create graphic elements on web pages.

    < svg> tag < canvas> tag
    In web pages, SVG is used to define vector-based graphics . Unlike raster images , vector images can be stretched or compressed without losing quality. Canvas is a raster-based format composed of pixels.
    SVG provides better scalability, enabling high-quality printing at any resolution. The canvas is not suitable for printing at high resolutions since it has poor scalability.
    Through scripting and CSS, SVG can be modified. Modifying a canvas is only possible through the script.
    The performance of SVG is better when dealing with fewer objects or larger surfaces. Canvas performs better when there is a smaller surface area or a larger number of objects .

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    How Does The Server Hanger The Page In Which Content Is Present In Several Languages

    When an HTTP request is sent to the server by the user, the user browser also sends a chunk of additional information regarding the language preference as the Accept-Language header. Then the server reads the HTTP request with the Accept-Language header and sends the document version back along with the right language and declares the language attribute Lang in the HTML tag.


    What Tools Do You Use To Keep Track Of Project Requirements

    Hiring managers ask this to determine how you stay organized at work and how strong your time management skills are. When you answer, tell them the specific software or tools you use to stay on top of your projects.

    Example:”I typically use an online spreadsheet to track not only project requirements but also their deadlines. This lets me view the requirements no matter my location and in an organized format. It also lets me share the document with other members of my team so everyone understands the project’s requirements and deadlines.”

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    What Kind Of Management Style Do You Respond To Best

    Tip: This question is another one where you might be tempted to make the interviewer happy. But you know whats guaranteed to make YOU unhappy? Working for a manager whose style you cant stand. Be as flexible and as open minded as you can when describing your preferred management style, but if theres something thats a complete deal-breaker for you , dont be shy about making it known.

    What Skills Should Back

    WEB DEVELOPER Interview Questions And Answers! (How to PASS a Web Development Job Interview!)

    Hereâs a breakdown of the core skill set of every developer looking to ace the back-end engineer interview questions:

    • Knowledge of relevant back-end programming languages
    • Thorough understanding of front-end technologies such as HTML and CSS to ensure seamless integration
    • Proficiency of version control systems such as Git
    • Managing database administration and scaling applications
    • Knowledge of data structures, APIs, and algorithms
    • Experience in working with tools such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and SQL server

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    What Are The Common Acronyms Used In Net

    An interviewer might ask this question to understand how often you use .NET in order to gauge your familiarity with the platform. Because most developing platforms use acronyms to describe different processes and coding languages, your answer here can emphasize that you know which ones are relevant to .NET.

    Example answer:Three acronyms that appear often for developers using .NET are IL, which stands for Intermediate Language, CIL, which stands for Common Intermediate Language and CLI, which stands for Common Language Infrastructure.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Using A Content Delivery Network In Jquery

    CDNs are widely used in jQuery as they offer an ample number of advantages for users.

    • CDNs cause a significant reduction in the load for the server.
    • They provide large amounts of savings in the bandwidth.
    • jQuery frameworks load faster due to optimizations.
    • CDNs have a caching ability that adds to quicker load times.

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    How To Open The Web Developer Job Interview

    No matter the role, candidates are bound to get nervous before their interview, especially if they are in the early stages of the process! Therefore, its a good idea to put them at ease at the start of your conversation, so you can get an authentic overview of their skills and personality.

    The most simple way to do this is to start the interview with a couple of upbeat, positive web development questions. This wont take long, and will have a huge difference on the tone of the rest of the interview!

    Job Description available

    What Do You Know About The Css Image Sprites And Why It Is Utilized

    Interviewing a front

    CSS image sprites assist to render numerous images in a single line image. In a nutshell, the CSS sprites merge numerous photos into a single large image. If a web page comprises different images, then it would raise its loading time as for every image the browser has to send a distinct HTTP request, but with the help of sprites, we have a single image to request.

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    What Is Cdn In Jquery What Are The Advantages Of It

    A Content Delivery Network is an interconnection of computer systems globally, and it contains cache files for users to access. It enables users to access the content quite fast by duplicating or caching the content optimally stored on multiple servers and then directing them according to the proximity. Some of the advantages of using CDN are as follows:

  • Faster delivery of content.
  • Less load frequency across pages.
  • Low latency and infatuation rate with little packet loss.
  • Highest bandwidth-saving ability.
  • Secure content storage.
  • Explain Your Favourite Web Development Project And How You Completed It

    Interviewers ask this question to assess your web development skills. It helps them gain insights into projects you enjoy and your preferred methods for completing them. Identify an exciting project you worked on to keep the interviewer engaged in your response. Then, describe the web development process you followed from start to completion.

    Example answer:”Creating a website for a toy company was an exciting project I completed at my last job. I enjoyed meeting the client and identified their needs. For this project, the objective was designing a functional website that appealed to children. I focused on the user interface and defined the scope, including the required web pages and features. Then, I worked on the sitemap and wireframe. Next, I developed visual elements that appeal to younger customers by using bright colours and cartoons. The entire process was rewarding because it enabled me to apply my creative skills.”

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    What Is Your Favourite Language And Why

    Ans: Full Stack Web Developers work with a multitude of languages. Having just one loved coding language might be an alarm signal. Ideally, a candidate must have a few languages that he loves, preferably, some with which he can design the front end and others with which he can take care of the back end. A candidate should be able to demonstrate that well and remember to include the basic most used ones like HTML, CSS, Python etc.

    Give Me An Example Of How Youd Describe Web Development To Someone Who Is Completely New To Tech

    Frontend Interview Questions 2022 | Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answers |Simplilearn

    Tip: As a web developer youll find yourself in situations where you need to talk tech with non-techies. Making your work make sense to people who have no idea what it is you actually do is a valuable skill. Take off your developer hat for a day and think of some ways to describe web development to someone who doesnt know Java from JavaScript.

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    What Is Progressive Rendering

    Progressive rendering is a process that is utilized generally to boost the web page’s rendering content process. Now the rendering process is utilized in modern web development to enhance the mobile data uses of the user, async HTML fragments, prioritizing visible content, and lazy loading of images.

    Explain How You Optimize And Reduce Web Application Load Time

    Almost half of all users want a web page to load within two seconds. Ask this question to learn if a candidate is aware of the impact that page load time has on the user experience, and how a web developer should analyze data and track improvements to optimize load time. What to look for in an answer:

    • How much importance they place in optimizing web applications
    • Understanding of tools they can use to analyze website speed
    • Evidence they have successfully reduced load time


    Although there are numerous techniques a web developer can use in reducing load time, I always rely on optimizing images, enabling browser caching and minimizing HTTP requests. My go-to tool for evaluating site speed is Google PageSpeed Insights. In one instance, I successfully reduced page load time from 2.1 seconds to .7 seconds by soley enabling browser caching.

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    What Is The Difference Between & ltwindowonload> And & ltondocumentready>

    The < window.onload> event is not called until a page is completely loaded with the entire styling from CSS and images. The event does add a bit of delay when rendering a web page. With the < onDocumentReady> event, it will wait only till the DOM is initialized and will begin the event action. This ensures to reduce any delays in actions.

    What Do You Consider To Be Your Strongest Soft Skills

    Hire the Best AngularJS Developer in 7 Essential Steps

    In essence, the employer is looking for information that is not mentioned in your resume, such as evidence of your expertise, open-mindedness, and communication skills. People changing careers often have an edge in this situation since they may draw on a more varied past to provide instances of these soft talents. That’s crucial, because the recruiter will ask you to describe a time when you had to employ your skills and experience, so be ready with the answer.

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    Describe The Distinction Between Class And Prototypal Inheritance In Javascript

    From most other programming languages, Inheritance in JavaScript is different. JavaScript’s object system is prototype-based, not class-based. Objects in JavaScript are just a set of value pairs and a name . Talking about inheritance, JavaScript just has one construct: objects. Each object has a private property that includes a link to another object named its prototype.

    Interview Questions To Test Your Communication And Management Skills

    What are some of your best soft skills?

    Hiring managers are often looking for problem solvers, brilliant communicators, or those with the willingness to learn. Give examples of how you demonstrate each skill so they may determine whether or not this web developer role fits what you are looking for.

    Depending on the nature of the job, they may prioritize certain soft skills over others. For example, time management skills, interpersonal skills, and intercultural communication skills may be more valuable if youre looking for a freelance web developer as opposed to an on-site developer since freelancers typically work remotely. Theyll also need to be more autonomous.

    If you are looking to take on a web development lead role or senior position, the company will likely value things such as leadership skills, management skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills. And, aside from those important soft skills, you should also have the skills they specifically mention in the web developer job description!

    Tell me about a time when you solved a problem that didnt involve coding?

    This could be anything from the time you fixed the office coffee machine to that one instance where you helped a colleague fix their bike. It doesnt really matter what you did its simply meant to give them an indication of how you solve problems and interact in the wider team and company environment.

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    What Is The Use Of Pseudo

    Pseudo-classes are used as a popular technique in CSS to change the style of an element when this element changes its state.

    There are numerous examples of when you use a pseudo-class:

    • For the style change when the mouse moves over the element
    • For out-of-focus animations
    • For providing styles for external links

    We have to understand media queries in the next set of interview questions for web developers. Letâs check it out.

    Which Technologies Do You Have Experience Using In Your Past Roles

    Web Developer Interview Questions and Answer | Web Development Interview | Intellipaat

    Organisations usually prefer candidates with expertise in multiple programming languages and frameworks. In your response, you can explain the technical experience of previous jobs and development projects. Discuss all relevant technological expertise and mention that you can learn other technologies if required.

    Example answer:”I am familiar with enterprise resource planning software, common language runtime and java virtual machine . As a software developer at Wavewood, I also worked as a SNOBOL4 programmer and a Pascal expert. Some of the recent technologies I have learned for specific projects include Jenkins for managing deployment jobs and Node.js to drive Angular 8 development. I also use project management tools, such as Jira and Asana.As there is continuous development in the IT industry, I understand the importance of keeping up-to-date with technology. I can also learn new tools and technologies.”

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