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What Are Good Job Interview Questions

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Can You Work Under Pressure

Job Interview….good example

Pressure for one person is viewed as a negative, while for others they thrive under pressure. The answer, therefore, needs to state how you handle pressurised situations.

All jobs have pressure points. Preparing for pressurised situations comes down to how you manage workload. To manage my workload I . I also work with others to and I use to help manage day-to-day tasks. This organised approach takes the pressure off.

Questions To Ask About The Job

Question 1: Can you elaborate on the day-to-day responsibilities this job entails?

This is a good question to ask the hiring manager. The answer will be important for you to take into consideration as you determine whether or not this job is the right fit for you.

Question 2: What are the characteristics of someone who would succeed in this role?

Ask this question to the hiring manager or others on the interview panel who you might work with if you accept the job. Their answers will quickly give you an idea of the qualities they hope to see in the person they hire.

Question 3: Whats the most important thing I could do to help within the first 90 days of employment?

With this question, youre showcasing your desire and ability to contribute from day one. Its a good one to ask of the hiring manager.

Question 4: What are some of the challenges youve seen people in this role or on this team encounter?

During your interviews, you want to get a clear-eyed view of what this job is like why its hard and rewarding at the same time. Getting your interviewers perspectives on potential hurdles will give you a holistic picture.

Question 5: If I were in this job, how would my performance be measured?

Question 6: What does the career path for someone in this role look like?

Another one for the hiring manager. This question can signal your interest in growing at this company.

More questions to ask your interviewer about the job:

9. What would my first week at work look like?

How Would You Describe Yourself

With this question, your interviewer wants to learn how your qualities and characteristics align with the skills they believe are required to succeed in the role. To answer this question, pick one to a few personal characteristics and elaborate on them with examples.

For example, if you are ambitious and driven you can say:I am an ambitious and driven individual. I thrive in a goal-oriented environment where I can constantly challenge myself personally and professionally. I am always looking for an opportunity to do better and grow. These characteristics have helped me achieve success in my career. For example, I was promoted three times in less than two years in my last position.

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I Have Trouble Saying No

Helping colleagues on projects and properly managing your workload is an artful balance. From an employers perspective, someone who accepts all requests seems dedicated and eagerbut can also be someone who doesnt know their limits and ends up needing help or deadline extensions to finish their work.

If youre so eager to take on new projects that you cant bring yourself to say no to, share how youre working to better self-manage by organizing your tasks and setting more realistic expectations with yourself as well as those around you.

Example:My greatest weakness is that I sometimes have trouble saying no to requests and end up taking on more than I can handle. In the past, this has led me to feel stressed or burnt out. To help myself improve in this area, I use a project management app so I can visualize how much work I have at any given moment and know whether or not I have the bandwidth to take on more.

How Would Your Professors/friends/co

10 of the most common interview questions

This can be a challenging question if you havent thought about it ahead of time. Consider recent feedback youve received, both positive and negative. The interviewers main goal is to ensure you have a clear understanding of how youre perceived by others and understand how your actions impact them. To prove that youre self-aware, consider answering with two positive traits and one area for improvement. For example:

The other members of student council might say that Im an extremely effective leader as president. They also nicknamed me Mr. Congeniality because I get along with everyone. But theyd also say that I sometimes take on too many things at once. Im trying to delegate more.

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Questions About Your Supervisors And Co

What They Want to Know: Did you get along with your manager? Have you worked with difficult colleagues? How you interact with supervisors and co-workers will provide the interviewer with insight into your interpersonal and communication skills.

I think I get along well with both my manager and my colleagues, because I approach everyone with respect. When issues arise, I try to ask for clarification and find points of agreement we can use to resolve differences of opinion.

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Common Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

Interviews can be high stress, anxiety-driving situations, especially if its your first interview. A little practice and preparation always pays off. While we cant know exactly what an employer will ask, here are 10 common interview questions along with advice on how to answer them. The questions include:

  • Could you tell me something about yourself and describe your background in brief?: Interviewers like to hear stories about candidates. Make sure your story has a great beginning, a riveting middle, and an end that makes the interviewer root for you to win the job.
  • How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?: Share an instance when you remained calm despite the turmoil. If its a skill youre developing, acknowledge it and include the steps youre taking to respond better to pressure in the future.
  • What are your salary expectations?: Before you walk in for your first interview, you should already know what the salary is for the position youre applying to. Check out websites such as Glassdoor, Fishbowl, or Vault.com for salary information. You could also ask people in the field by reaching out to your community on LinkedIn.

Where your work meets your life. See more from Ascend here.

Below is a list of 10 common job interview questions, along with answering techniques that will help you dazzle your prospects, and hopefully, secure the role you want.

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What Are Your Biggest Strengths

I’m not sure why interviewers ask this question your resume and experience should make your strengths readily apparent.

Even so, if you’re asked, provide a sharp, on-point answer. Be clear and precise. If you’re a great problem solver, don’t just say that: Provide a few examples, pertinent to the opening, that prove you’re a great problem solver. If you’re an emotionally intelligent leader, don’t just say that: Provide a few examples that prove you know how to answer the unasked question.

In short, don’t just claim to have certain attributes — prove you have those attributes.

What Is The Most Difficult Problem You Have Had To Solve

Ask 2 Good Interview Questions to Get the Job

Look for answers that name a real problem, talk about specific steps taken to resolve it, and any processes developed to ensure that it would be solved more quickly next time, or would not arise again.

Red flags: The candidate is unable to name a problem, or names something that is a routine part of the job and should have been simple to solve.

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How Would Your Boss Describe You

This may give you a sense of the candidates relationship with previous managers. Reliable? Prompt? Efficient? Keep in mind, though, who youre asking. The answer will be simply their opinion of what the boss might have said. Thats why its still critical to check references. Request a list of contacts and give former employers a call to hear how their impressions align with the candidates.

Are You A Good Team Member

Team member interview questions are asked in a high number of job interviews.

Even for roles where, in the main, the employee works alone. In this situation, the employer is looking for a big picture understanding how the various departments are part of a larger team.

Most commonly, the teamwork question is asked to applicants who are applying for a team role.

In all my previous roles I have worked as part of a team. I enjoy teamwork as collectively the team has a wider range of skills and experiences that they can bring to a project. Within a team, I often take the role of a as I am able to that help the team to achieve an objective. When need I can . As an example when working in a team to achieve we faced and I which resulted in .

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Can You Describe How You Handle Tight Deadlines

Does your team frequently face challenging time constraints? Do you need someone who can work quickly and accurately while under pressure? Ask this interview question of a potential employee and youll at least get their opinion as to how they handle stress and whether they can keep up with the pace of work at your organization. You could also follow up by asking if theyve ever missed a deadline and, if so, how they handled the situation.

Interview Questions About What The Applicant Is Seeking

Longer Interview Responses

6. What prompted you to apply for this job? What interested you the most about this position?

What you want to know: You want to know what the prospective employee is most interested in related to your position. The answer will tell you about what motivates the individual and what is important to them. You can then assess whether their needs are congruent with the work environment and opportunities that the position provides.

I applied for this job because the opportunity appeared to fit with the strengths and experience that I would bring to the position. It also offered me a promotion so that I can further develop my skills and face new challenges. I see it as a stretch role in which I can continue to grow my skills. Especially as the job is in a related industry to the one in which I am currently employed, I saw a lot of opportunities to expand my knowledge and network.

7. Why are you leaving your current employer?

What you want to know:The applicant’s response tells you about their values, outlook, goals, and expectations for an employer. You can determine what prompted the job search. Is the interviewee running toward a more successful future or away from a past unsuccessful employment experience? Candidates who tell you about leaving bad bosses may not reveal their own part in the story.

8. What are the first three things you would do on the job if you were hired for this position?

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What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses

It can feel awkward to discuss your weaknesses in an environment where youre expected to focus on your accomplishments. However, when answered correctly, sharing your weaknesses shows that you are self-aware with an interest in continued growth and learningtraits that are extremely attractive to many employers. Consider using this formula for your response:

1. Select an actual weakness that is honest but professionally relevant:“Im naturally shy…

2. Add context:“…From high school and into my early professional interactions, it sometimes prevented me from speaking up…

3. Provide a specific example:“…After being a part of a workgroup that didnt meet our strategic goals two quarters in a row, I knew I owed it to my team and myself to confidently share my ideas…

4. Explain how you overcame or are working to overcome it:“…I joined an improv acting class. Its fun and has really helped me overcome my shyness. I learned practical skills around leading discussions and sharing diverse perspectives. Now, in group settings, I always start conversations with the quieter folks. I know exactly how they feel, and people can be amazing once they start talking.

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Top 20 Essential Interview Questions And Answers

  • /

If youre looking for the commonly asked job interview questions, then keep reading.

After working for years as a recruiter, Im going to share the top 20 job interview questions and answer examples, plus dos and donts to get you ready to ace your interview.

For each question, youll get:

  • Notes on why hiring managers and recruiters ask this question
  • Dos and donts, including the top mistakes to avoid
  • Word-for-word example answers that will impress any employer

Lets get started

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If You Could Would You Retire Right Now

Some job interview questions do, on the face of it, sound a little random.

Successful interviewees also reflect on a potential interview question to better understand the hidden reason for the said question to be asked.

Everyone wants to retire, dont they?

The truth is not everyone does wants to retire. In fact, for some career professionals, their job is their life.

This is what is at the bottom of the retirement interview question. What is really being asked is are you passionate about your chosen line of work or is it just a pay ticket?

No, I wouldnt retire. I am very passionate about what I do and I am especially focused on . For me, a job isnt just a salary its about .

What Really Drives Results In This Job

Job Interview: I Want to Learn (ESL)

Employees are investments, and you expect every employee to generate a positive return on his or her salary.

In every job some activities make a bigger difference than others. You need your HR team to fill job openings, but what you really want is for them to find the right candidates, because that results in higher retention rates, lower training costs, and better overall productivity.

You need your service techs to perform effective repairs, but what you really want is for those techs to identify ways to solve problems and provide other benefits — in short, to build customer relationships and even generate additional sales.

Great candidates want to know what truly makes a difference and drives results, because they know helping the company succeed means they will succeed as well.

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How Would You Describe Your Work Ethic

Work ethic is becoming a key recruitment factor.

In fact, more employers are using strength-based job interview questions as part of the structured job interview.

Work ethic basically means how hard-working are you?

The work-ethic interview question is another opportunity for an applicant to sell themselves.

Answers with examples do well for this job interview question.

I have always been a hard worker. When I am working on a task I put my all into it, as I enjoy seeing the end result from my hard work. As well as meeting deadlines and targets, the quality of my work is also important to me. I always ensure that tasks are completed to the best of my ability and I never take shortcuts that would risk the quality of my work. An example of my work ethic is .

What Are Your Weaknesses

Sharing your weaknesses shows that you are self-aware. Be honest about how you have worked through challenging experiences. If possible, include how you’ve improved on these over time.

Example:Earlier in my career, I was so enthusiastic about my work that I would say yes’ when I should have been saying no.’ Being overwhelmed, the stress affected my production quality. I started using workload management tools to tailor more realistic goals.’

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What Is Your Strategy For Working With People Who Annoy You

This question reveals a lot about the candidate’s character and how they maintain professional relationships. Not everyone in the office is going to get along. Strong candidates use proactive measures to create a positive office environment while remaining assertive.

Red flags: The candidate has never been in such a situation or uses inappropriate techniques to deal with annoying colleagues.

What Motivates You To Be Your Best


This interview question is looking at an applicants personal motivation.

The motivational traits must match the job criteria.

As an example, stating that you are motivated while working with others as part of a team would score high for a team role position but not when working in a job role that requires an employee to work on their own initiative.

A second way to answer the motivation question is by focusing the answer on a vision the same vision the company has.

I am a highly motivated person who enjoys . I am at my best when I . What helps to keep me motivated is my personal goal to .

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Could You Tell Me About Yourself And Describe Your Background In Brief

Interviewers like to hear stories about candidates. Make sure your story has a great beginning, a riveting middle, and an end that makes the interviewer root for you to win the job.

Talk about a relevant incident that made you keen on the profession you are pursuing and follow up by discussing your education. In the story, weave together how your academic training and your passion for the subject or industry the company specializes in, combined with your work experience, make you a great fit for the job. If youve managed a complex project or worked on an exciting, offbeat design, mention it.

Example: I come from a small town, where opportunities were limited. Since good schools were a rarity, I started using online learning to stay up to date with the best. Thats where I learned to code and then I went on to get my certification as a computer programmer. After I got my first job as a front-end coder, I continued to invest time in mastering both front- and back-end languages, tools, and frameworks.

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