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What Are Good Questions To Ask During An Interview

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‘what’s One Of The Most Interesting Projects Or Opportunities That You’ve Worked On’

5 Good Questions To Ask An Employer During A Job Interview

“I like this question because it gets me thinking about my own experiences, and my response changes depending on what I was or am working on and in theory, should always be changing if I’m challenging myself and advancing,” Brown previously told Business Insider.

Brown said that by asking for a specific example, candidates can get a better picture of what the job entails and how people function in certain roles.

“I always liked getting this question because it would make me reflect on what experiences I was excited about or proud of at the time, and it would make me want to create more of these types of opportunities and experiences,” she said.

Can You Walk Me Through A Typical Day Here At Company X

Having the day laid out for you from beginning to end is a smart way to get a quick overview of what is expected of you outside the job description. I was hired for a job once where all the employees were expected to participate in a group physical activity before starting our day.

Had I not asked about a typical day I would have been completely unprepared for my first day and unable to participate. Not a great way to start out a new job!

Best Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

When you interview a candidate, you have to gather as much information as possible in a short period. Gleaning enough about a candidate to determine whether theyre the best fit for a role is challenging but by asking good interview questions, you will not only get a clearer idea of their skills and experience, but also get a sense for their conversational skills, problem-solving skills, and ability to think quickly. The best way to adequately assess a candidate for both skill fit and culture fit is to ask questions that are specific to the company or role as well as broader questions that give the applicant an opportunity to show their personality and ability to think critically under pressure.

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Which Companies Does The Leadership Admire And Hope To Emulate Why

Kaye Mao, Interaction Designer at , loves this question she first heard from design vet . In our view, it goes back to the heart of your interview process as a candidate whats most important in your next role? Answers here should indicate the companys most powerful driving force, whether that be culture, hypergrowth, or delivering customer value. How closely does the companys motivation align with your own?

What Have You Done Professionally That Is Not An Experience You’d Want To Repeat

5 Questions To Ask During Your Job Interview

A candidate’s answer to this question will give you an idea of how they viewed work they weren’t very happy with, which is bound to happen to everyone in every job at one point or another.

A good answer to this question:

HubSpot’s VP of Customer Service and Support Michael Redbord says candidates’ answers generally fall into a few categories:

  • Something menial . Pay attention to whether they understand the value of this getting done for the business, or whether they just think they’re too good for a job like that.
  • Something really hard. Why was it hard? Was it because it was poorly planned, poorly executed, or something else? Where do they put the blame on it being such an unpleasant experience?
  • Something team-related. Follow up with questions about the team, what their role on the team was, and so on.
  • Even the category of what they consider an experience they wouldn’t want to repeat is interesting, says Redbord. When you talk about extreme experiences that get people emotional, it can be very revealing. Keep in mind, however, that good answers don’t have to fall into any one category — what’s most important is if they extracted value from the experience despite their lack of interest in doing it again.

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    Do You Like Working With A Team Or Working Alone

    This really depends on what opening the job seekers are applying for. Is it a desk job that only requires them to be by themselves self or is it work that demands coordination and communication with others?

    If you analyze that the applicants are people who are flexible, willing to do multi-tasking, and wouldnt be bothered if at times they work alone or with a team, these could be the best professionals to hire.

    This question has more importance at this time due to the current remote working environment.

    What Makes A Successful Manager

    This is a management role question, but the question is asked across all job roles with the hiring manager replacing the job title at the end of the question.

    Answer the question by discussing the skills the requires and the criteria on the job specification.

    End with an example of you being successful.

    There 3 key skills that make a good . this first is A, the second B, and the third C. A task is to . By doing a will be successful. An example of me being successful is when I was working at and I had . To ensure a good result I which had a .

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    What Is The Star Method In Interviewing

    The STAR method is an interview technique that organizes answers to behavioral questions into a structured response format as follows:

    Situation: Describes a specific situation that pertains to the question. Outline the particulars of the circumstance.

    Task: Explain the objective.

    Action: Illustrate the steps and actions taken in order to achieve the desired goal. Be as detailed as possible and focus on individual contributions.

    Response: Relay the outcome of the action and evaluate results.

    This interview structure ensures that the interviewer receives comprehensive answers that provide a more complete picture of applicants work styles. Though situations should ideally be from past jobs, entry-level applicants or candidates pursuing career changes may draw on from experiences from school, internships, volunteer work, or other industries.

    I Read X About Your Ceo Can You Tell Me More About This

    3 Best Questions To Ask During An Interview

    Make sure to research the company you’re interviewing with, not only to shine when answering the questions asked of you, but to seem informed and engaged when it’s your turn to ask the questions. Oliver says questions like this simply show you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested in the company and its leaders.

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    What Do You Expect Me To Accomplish In The First 90 Days

    If you weren’t asked this question, ask it yourself. Why? Great candidates want to hit the ground running. They don’t want to spend weeks or months “getting to know the organization.” They don’t want to spend huge chunks of time in orientation, in training, or in the futile pursuit of getting their feet wet.

    They want to make a difference — and they want to make that difference right now.

    Whats The Biggest Existential Threat To This Business What Are The Things That Keep You Up At Night

    This straight-shooting question comes courtesy of Shreyas Subramaniam, Director of Product Management at Airbase, and should be near the top of the list for any job seeker. Regardless of your role or main priorities for your next gig, sketching out a more nuanced understanding of the business is key to grasping what lies ahead if you join. A variation of this question popped up numerous times in our conversations , so well also share a few alternative ways to approach it:

    Kevin Caldwell, Co-founder and CEO of Ossium Health, likes to bifurcate the question this way: What’s the biggest external risk to the company? What is the biggest Internal risk? Which worries you more?

    Jake Fuentes, Co-founder and CEO at Cascade, approaches it a bit differently: If the company failed in 18 months, whats the likely reason why? Now lets say its a breakout success, what was the critical thing it did right? I find this two-pronged approach reveals the real risk factors and opportunities for the business and perhaps more importantly how clear leadership is on those areas, he says.

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    Who Do You Think Would Be The Ideal Candidate For This Position And How Do I Compare

    Amy Hoover, the former executive vice president of Talent Zoo, recommends this question because it’s a quick way to figure out whether your skills align with what the company is currently looking for. If they don’t match up, then you know to walk away instead of wasting time pursuing the wrong position, she says.

    Do You Have Any Blind Spots


    The blind-spot interview question is another way to ask about weaknesses.

    With the weakness question, which is asked more in a structured job interview, the ideal answer will focus on lessons learned. For the informal question do you have any blindspots the answer can be shorter and more to the point:

    Not that I know off, if I ever discover a weakness I quickly take action to improve this area of development.

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    Personality Questions To Ask Job Candidates:

    • Tell me about yourself.
    • What are three character traits that your friends would use to describe you?
    • What are three positive character traits you dont have?
    • What do you like to do?
    • What are your lifelong dreams?
    • What do you ultimately want to become?
    • What is your personal mission statement?
    • Tell me about your proudest achievement outside of work.
    • Give me an example of a time you did something wrong. How did you handle it?
    • What is your greatest achievement outside of work?
    • If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
    • What is the last book you read? What did you think of it?
    • What magazines do you subscribe to?
    • Whats the best movie youve seen in the last year?
    • What would you do if you won the lottery?
    • Who are your heroes?
    • What do you like to do for fun?
    • What do you do in your spare time?
    • What is your favorite memory from childhood?
    • What is one thing youd like to achieve in life?

    What Are The Next Steps In The Interview Process

    Asking about the next steps in the interview process shows the interviewer that you are still interested in the job. The answer you receive will also tell you what to expect. You might be told to expect an email or a call in a determined amount of time, as well as details regarding how many more interviews you might have to attend before being considered for the job.

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    What Common Attributes Have You Found Among People Who Join And Are Successful Versus Those Who Aren’t

    The answers to this question give you a lens into the types of behaviors and attitudes that are most valued sometimes reinforcing published company values, but other times giving you insight into unstated norms, says Michael Leibovich, Senior Director of Product Marketing at AppFolio.

    Cristina Cordova of Notion also hits on this same idea with her version of this question: Can you describe someone who you think has been very successful here and share what you believe made them successful? Strong examples here can often highlight opportunities for upward mobility and detail what qualities are revered within an organization, she says.

    Another powerful way to learn which stars shine brightest and uncover what the interviewer personally values comes courtesy of a submission from a First Round community member: Who is the most under-recognized person in the company, and why are they under-recognized?

    Now Consider These Factors To Help You Evaluate Candidates:

    What Are Good Questions To Ask During An Interview

    Now that you have a complete overview of the best interview questions to ask, theres one last thing to do: be prepared to answer common questions from candidates. Theyre interviewing you too, after all. That way, candidates can also get useful insight on whether your company is a good fit for their skillset and motivations and hopefully, youll get to convince the best among them to join your team. Happy interviewing!

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    Can You Tell Me About My Direct Supervisor Is There Anything I Should Know About Working With Them That Will Make My Integration A Smooth Process

    Another two-parter, but again, youre showing that youre serious about doing what it takes to not only get the job, but do the job right. Its also a great way to get a bit of information about your supervisor. Like the rest of the people youre going to work withif its not a good match, then it might not be the job you want to take.

    Can You Tell Me About The Benefits Package And Any Other Company Perks

    These simple questions are fair game to ask HR from the get-go, Woodruff-Santos says. Its best to save them for HR rather than the hiring manager because theyll know the ins and outs of how things like the retirement plan works, and oftentimes, they might have a handbook that outlines whats offered.

    Knowing the entire benefits packageincluding salary, retirement account options and employer contributions, health insurance, and any other perks such as a fitness reimbursementwill help you get the full picture and make it easier to figure out if its the right fit for you. Salemi recommends taking a close look at health insurance optionsspecifically, what your out-of-pocket expenses could be on the offered plans. Its helpful to have that info if youre comparing offers from two different companies and are trying to figure out which is more financially desirable.

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    Make Their Questions Your Questions

    A good rule of thumb to remember in a job interview is that anything they ask you, you can ask them. Now you have to reword the question so as to not sound like a parrot, but later in the conversation you can use their question to you as a question to them. Here are some examples.

    If theyve asked, Tell me about yourself, later on in the conversation you can ask, Ive read about your company, talked with people, and know you have a great reputationbut youre on the inside, tell me about the company from your experience?

    If theyve asked, What are your strengths and weaknesses, later on you can ask, What are you proudest of in the organization now.and what are the biggest areas you want to see change in?

    If theyve asked, What do you see yourself doing two-three years from now, later on you can ask, Where do you see the company in two to three years?

    The thing to remember is that whatever they asked you about, they are interested in. You should be interested in the same about them to better understand what situation you are getting into.

    General Effectiveness And Workplace Interaction

    Interviews: Career Center: UNCW

    9. How would your co-workers at your current job describe your interaction with them and your general effectiveness in your work performance? How would your co-workers describe you?

    What you want to know:You want to understand how the candidate thinks that their co-workers view their interactions. You also want to assess how co-workers like working with the candidate. These questions give you an idea about the candidate’s assessment of their effectiveness in their current job and in relationships with co-workers. Past practice can predict future results.

    My co-workers in the past appreciated that I am a team player and a person of integrity. I believe that they’d tell you that they respect me and the contributions I made. I made efforts to share the glory when the team was successful and I never threw anyone under the bus. They’d also say that I was reliable and accountable.

    10. How would your current boss describe your work and contribution?

    What you want to know: You want to understand how the candidate perceives the support and opinion of their current employer. This question tells you about the candidate’s interaction with their current boss. It also informs you about how well they accept criticism and feedback. If the interaction with the applicant’s current employer is positive and uplifting, this can shape the job applicant’s expectations of their new work environment.

    12. How do you go about continuing to develop your professional skills and knowledge?

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    What Medical Record Systems Will I Be Using

    With the variety of electronic medical record systems used by hospitals, you probably havent used them all. Knowing the EMR system that you will be using will allow you to research and learn how to use it before you start your nursing position. Your supervisor might be pleased that you spent the time to learn the system they use.

    Questions And Answers For An Interview

    Job interview preparation is key to a successful job interview outcome.

    Each job applicant should first reflect on their past job interview performances and take the interview identity test to understand how they are viewed by an employer.

    Once a career professional is aware of their interview identity, the next stage is to understand the commonly asked job interview questions.

    With a list of interview questions, the job applicant is then ready to write, edit and practice their interview answers using the templates below.

    Interviewees must add their own stories, real-life examples, facts, and figures, plus embed industry jargon.

    To pass a job interview, a successful applicant only needs to score higher than the other 6-7 interviewees.

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