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What Are Good Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

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What Area Of The Business Would You Say This Company Is Behind On Given Its Stage

Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Cristina Cordova, Head of Platform and Partnerships at Notion, likes to lean on this question for getting a sense of the companys bigger picture and how that might impact your own role. This question can often highlight functions that are not established and areas where you have to fill in cross-functionally that might surprise you, she says.

Another way of approaching this question, also from Max Mullen of Instacart, is: If you had a magic wand, what would you change about the company?

Who Do You Think Would Be The Ideal Candidate For This Role And How Do I Measure Up

This question helps you to understand if the hiring manager is concerned about any gaps in your experience or skill set. Listen carefully to the answer. You may have an opportunity to allay any concerns.

Alternatively, if you do indeed have a skill or experience gap, its an opportunity for you to convey your self-awareness and interest in training or development to bring you up to speed.

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Questions To Ask About The Culture

This is a great opportunity for you to learn if the company culture is in alignment with the type of culture youre seeking. You might consider researching the type of company culture youre most interested in beforehand.

Question 22: How would you describe the company culture?

This is a great, straightforward question to hear about how the interviewer would describe the companys culture. Interviewers will often speak to what they like most about the culture, so its great to ask this question to multiple people throughout the interview process to get a holistic view of the culture.

Question 23: I came across an interview with your CEO where she touched on several aspects of the company culture. What elements of the culture here do you like best?

Asking about company culture this way shows how youve researched the company and its executives. Its a great way to display a genuine interest in the company and position. This question also shows that you care to understand whether the culture will be a good fit for you and whether you’ll be a good fit for the company.

Question 24: What are the most important values of your company?

Companies often have missions or values that drive the decisions, attitudes and goals of the company. Knowing and understanding these values can give you great insight into the type of culture thats set.

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Question 25: What are examples of company events?

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How Do You Cultivate And Foster Individual Contributor Growth On The Team

Joe Blau, Sr. iOS Engineer at Uber, underlines an important point here: Not everyone wants to lead a team. Some folks want to be the deep-sea divers of an organization, rather than looking down from above. Yet many companies neglect these critical individual contributor employees, instead focusing all development on building the skills necessary to one day step into managements shoes.

How Many Questions Should You Ask In An Interview

Best Job Interview Question to Ask In Your Interview

You should ask four to six questions in your job interview. Ask a mix of questions about the position, the team and company, and the interview process and next steps.

As you move through your job interviews, think about each person youre speaking to and try to ask questions that theyre best-suited to answer, too.

Dont worry if youre not sure about this, but as an example, youd want to ask a CEO higher-level questions about the companys direction, strategy, growth.

Youd want to ask a recruiter about the basic duties of the job, the companys story, etc. And for the hiring manager who would be your future boss, youd want to ask about career path, training, what type of person they feel is the best fit for this role, etc.

Thats just a rough example, so dont stress too much over which questions to ask which person in your interview. Almost any interviewer can answer basic questions about role, team, career path, and hiring process, and if not, the interviewer can go ask and find out for you.

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Bringing It All Together

Its very important during a job interview that the interviewer does not monopolise the communication. In fact having an even exchange will benefit you both interrogation is hard work but an interesting conversation is enjoyable.

You need to ensure that you only ask questions when relevant and useful, rather than appearing over-confident, and its obviously critical to listen actively to the answers. Ask the right questions and there is a good chance you will be able to advance in the recruitment process, and whats more, youll know if you want to or not.

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Do You Have Any Employee Resource Groups And How Might They Support Your Dei Work

Why ask it: By asking directly about ERGs, youll be able to determine if the company is vested and committed to their DEI strategic plans and if theyre creating programs and policies to support their employees. This question is also an excellent way to determine if your values align with the companys values and mission statement and if the company provides opportunities for its employees to grow while being valued as a contributor.

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What Are The Most Important Milestones That You Would Like To See Someone Accomplish In The First Few Months

Asking this question will help you understand in advance what is expected of you from your employer. It will also help you prepare for opportunities that are due to follow further down the line, and provide some much-needed insight into how you can potentially contribute to the companys growth. Based on your answers you should also be able to gauge whether or not this is something that truly interests you and will provide you with the ammunition needed to succeed.

Flattery gets you everywhere

Companies want to know their employees will go the extra mile for their team, and are looking for long-term progression rather than a quick hire. To do this, you may need to work outside the box to prove you arent just a robot spouting out well-rehearsed if dehumanised lines. Many are beginning to change their approach to interview questions to ensure they get the best person for the role be prepared by reading some of these in our guide to 10 Revealing Questions to Ask in Interview.

Where Do You Think The Company Is Headed In The Next Five Years

4 Powerful Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

The response you receive will give you an insight into the company’s progression plans and its place in the market, while giving you a general idea about job security. You may also get a heads-up on any major upcoming projects.

Asking about future plans shows a real interest in the organisation and reiterates your commitment to the company.

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Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

  • Graduate School Preparation
  • At the end of your interview, you will likely be asked, What questions do YOU have? Be sure you have a list of questions ready to go. The questions you ask are as important as those you answerthey will set you apart from other candidates and help sell yourself as a qualified candidate.

    1. Have a few questions prepared to ask your interviewer. It doesnt matter how many interviews you have at the same company, or even with same person, you always want to ask two or three questions at the end of every interview.

    The objective of these questions is to help you discover if this is the place where you want to be at least eight hours every day, and communicate that you have done some research about the company.

    Brainstorm a few questions before the interview. Here are some samples to get your ideas flowing:

    Business-Related Questions What are a few things that really drive results for the company? Where do you see the company in ten years? Has the recent merger had an impact on customer service?

    Job-related questions How would you describe the corporate culture? What are some of the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in this job? What strengths do you feel I might bring to the position? What gaps do you see in my experience?What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days? How do you measure and determine success for this position?

    Can You Tell Me About Your Founding Teams Background And Why Youre Tackling This Particular Problem

    Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt, has a firm directive here:

    More job candidates should think like an investor.

    After all, joining a company is one of the biggest investments one can make, he says. Much like an investor will look closely to assess founder/market fit and intrinsic founder motivation to tackle this problem, so too should candidates when theyre hitching their career goals to a startups wagon.

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    Hiring Process Questions To Ask In An Interview

    One of the hardest parts of job searching is the constant unknowns. Hiring process questions are good questions to ask in an interview to give you a sense of whats going to happen next, how quickly they are looking to fill the position, and give you an opportunity to finish the interview as strongly as you started.

    17. What are the next steps in the interview process?

    This question shows that you are eager to move forward in the process. It will also help you gain important information about the timeline for hiring so that you can follow up appropriately.

    18. Do you have an ideal start date in mind?

    This is another way to get an understanding of their timeline and when you can expect to hear from them.

    19. Are there any further details I can provide that will be helpful?

    This question allows your interviewer to circle back to anything that concerns them about your experience or resume without phrasing the question negatively such as asking, is there anything that concerns you about my fit for this role? You dont want them to be thinking of reasons not to hire you, but you do want to have the opportunity to explain yourself if the interviewer has doubts about your qualifications.

    20. Do you have any further questions to ask me?

    This can be a less-detailed alternative question to the above. It leaves the door open for the interviewer to ask for clarification on one last thing before concluding the interview.

    Do I Need To Ask My Interviewer Questions

    Top Phone Interview Questions to Ask Your Interviewer ...

    Its highly recommended to ask your interviewer relevant, thoughtful questions. Doing so will give you a better understanding of whether the position is the right fit for you. It also shows the interviewer that you have a genuine interest in the position. If the time for you to ask questions comes and you let the interviewer know that you dont have any, it may come across as a sign that you did not prepare or that youre not taking the position seriously.

    Consider preparing a list of 5-10 questions to ask ahead of time. Having a written list of pre-prepared questions will help in the instance that you get nervous and dont remember what you wanted to ask, or questions dont arise organically during the interview. With the right questions, youll be able to illustrate your knowledge of the company and industry, along with your drive to excel in the new position.

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    Questions to ask in an interview:

  • Can you elaborate on the day-to-day responsibilities this job entails?

  • What are the characteristics of someone who would succeed in this role?

  • What’s the most important thing I could do within the first 90 days?

  • What are some of the challenges people in this role encounter?

  • How would my performance be measured?

  • What does the career path for someone in this role look like?

  • What other functions or departments does this team work with most often?

  • What does your job look like day-to-day?

  • What do you like best about working here?

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    Outline The Process On How You Set Goals

    Your best employees are generally driven and goal-oriented. This question will help ensure they have the ability to not only reach goals you would set for them but set their own goals to achieve as well.

    The top candidates will be able to explain their goal-setting process in detail, how they set up their goals, break goals into smaller tasks, and measure their success once completing them.

    Questions About The Company

    7. How would you describe the culture here? What type of people tend to really thrive here, and what type dont do as well?

    Sometimes hiring managers are pretty bad at accurately describing the culture on their teams in part because they have a vested interest in seeing it a certain way and in part because they have an inherently different vantage point than their staff members do. For example, Ive heard incorrigible micromanagers tell candidates that they like to give people a lot of independence and autonomy and they probably really believed that about themselves. So take managers descriptions of culture with a heavy grain of salt , but theres still value in hearing what they do and dont emphasize.

    But asking about what types of people tend to thrive versus those who tend to struggle can get you more revealing information. Youll often learn what that manager really cares about in their employees, or which traits will set you up to clash with them, or whos likely to bristle at their management style.

    8. What do you like about working here?

    You can learn a lot by the way interviewers respond to this question. People who genuinely enjoy their jobs and the company will usually have several things they can tell you that they like about working there and will usually sound sincere. But if you get a blank stare or a long silence before your interviewer answers, or the answer is something like the paycheck, consider that a red flag.

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    Questions That Let The Interviewers Discuss Their Interests And Accomplishments

    The key is to think of the interview as a conversation, with real give-and-take, rather than a test or interrogation. Your end goal is simpler than you think – you want them to like you and remember you fondly amongst the many names and faces theyâll encounter.

    So, when you ask questions, you get the chance to guide the conversation towards things that have positive associations for the interviewers–namely things about themselves! Itâs nice to give them some degree of freedom with their responses, so that they can naturally gravitate towards the topics they like most.

    ‘can You Tell Me What Steps Need To Be Completed Before Your Company Can Generate An Offer’

    13 good questions to ask in an interview | impress the interviewer and land the job

    “Any opportunity to learn the timeline for a hire is crucial information for you,” Hoover said.

    Asking about an “offer” rather than a “decision” will give you a better sense of the timeline because “decision” is a broad term, while an “offer” refers to the point when they’re ready to hand over the contract.

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    What Jobs Have People Who Previously Held This Position Been Promoted To

    Asking this question shows the employer that youre ambitious and hardworking. Not only does it demonstrate that youre eager to progress and grow within the company, the question enables you to see how past employers have advanced. This can inform you on whether the company is able to facilitate promotions and career advancements.

    Why Is It Important To Have Questions To Ask University Interviewers

    While preparing your answers to commonly asked university interview questions is important, it’s also a good idea to prepare some questions of your own to ask at the end of your interview. One of the reasons you might wish to ask your university interviewers questions is to find out more information about the university that you haven’t found on the university website or within the prospectus. Selecting a university is a big decision. Finding out as much as you can about the programme, campus, student life and department can help you make an informed choice.

    Asking questions is also a great way to demonstrate your work ethic, way of thinking and priorities to university interviewers. The questions you decide to ask ultimately help the interviewer to form an opinion of you. By constructing a list of interesting or thought-provoking questions, you can demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm towards the university or course content. Interviewers are looking for students who are keen to learn, and showing that you are ready to learn more at such an early stage may help increase your chances of being offered a placement.

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    What Were Your Key Learns From The Covid

    No organisation was left unchanged from the coronavirus pandemic. Many were forced to reconfigure long-standing processes, find new ways of working, seek out new markets or even develop new products or services, all in record time.

    Mistakes will have inevitably been made along the way, but its how organisations and their leaders learned from those lessons, and crucially, took what they learned into the future that matters the most.

    What Is The Atmosphere Like On Campus And In Student Halls

    Interviews: Career Center: UNCW

    Everybody has a different idea of what they want from their university experience, and what each university can provide often differs from campus to campus. This question helps you determine if the university’s atmosphere is a good fit for your personality and style of learning. You might be looking for a busy campus with a host of social events or extracurricular clubs that you can join, or you might prefer somewhere quieter with a great library and plenty of study groups to attend.

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