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What Are Some Interview Questions For An Administrative Assistant

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Tell Me About A Time When You Encountered An Unhappy Client Or Customer In Your Past Role As Office Assistant How Did You Handle The Situation

Top 5 Administrative (Admin) Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

An interviewer may ask this question to assess how you handle difficult or stressful situations. Be honest in your answer, and include how you felt in the situation and how you handled it. Similarly, you can answer this question with how you would handle a stressful situation if one were to occur if you have no prior experience diffusing a conflict in the workplace.

Example answer:As the office assistant at Save Financial, I once dealt with a frustrated customer on the phone. The customer was stressed and angry that a seemingly unwarranted charge had been made to their credit card. I did not interrupt the customer even though they were yelling at me, and I reminded myself how worried and anxious they must be to be acting out that way.

After acknowledging the customers feelings, I asked the customer for their membership information and continued to explore the problem. It turned out that the customer forgot their due date for their membership. Once we solved the problem, the customer was calm and apologized to me. We ended our conversation talking about the weather and my three-month-old puppy. I always strive for patience and empathy when working with clients, as I would want my experience to be the same.

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What Do You Enjoy Most About Being An Administrative Assistant

When interviewers ask this, they’re wanting to know that you’re passionate about this role. Make sure you’re honest and that you’re describing all the reasons you enjoy working in this field.

Example:”My favorite part about being an administrative assistant is getting to work with so many people in the office. Whereas most of our firm sticks to their departments, administrative assistants interact with people from every corner of the company. I enjoy getting to expand my skill set and learn something new each day from these interactions.”

Admin Support Is Always In Demand Prepare Your Interview Answers In Advance To Dazzle Employers

Highlight your organizational skills during an admin job interview.

Administrative jobs are necessary in nearly every industry, making them among the hottest positions for employers and job seekers alike. Knowing how to answer administrative assistant interview questions will give you an advantage. Admins are also some of the hardest working employees they multitask behind the scenes to make sure the supplies closet is always fully stocked, invoices are processed on time, and the executives know where they need to be and when.

Because of how crucial admin positions are, employers have high expectations of candidates applying for these jobs. Dont fret thoughafter your admin resume wows a hiring manager, weve identified five questions you can expect at an administrative job interview and how to best prepare for them.

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What Have You Done To Improve Your Knowledge For A School Office Assistant Position In The Last Year

Try to include improvement activities that relate to the job. A wide variety of activities can be mentioned as positive self-improvement. Have some good ones handy to mention.

Employers look for applicants who are goal-oriented. Show a desire for continuous learning by listing hobbies non-work related. Regardless of what hobbies you choose to showcase, remember that the goal is to prove self-sufficiency, time management, and motivation.

Answer samples

I believe that everyone should learn from his or her mistakes. I always try to consult my mistakes with my kith and kin especially with elderly and experienced person.

I enrolled myself into a course useful for the next version of our current project. I attended seminars on personal development and managerial skills improvement.

4. Tell me about yourself

This is a common question during an interview, possibly the most asked. It is used as an ice breaker, gets you talking about something comfortable, but you need to have something prepared for a response. However, you dont want it to sound memorized. The fact is, the interviewer isnt interested in your life story. Unless asked otherwise, focus on education, your career and present situations. You should work chronologically, starting as far back as possible and working until present.

5. Why do you believe we should hire you?

6. What knowledge do you have about the company?

7. Why are you leaving last job?

8. What do you consider to be your best strength?

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions To Ask The Employer

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions ...

It is important to have a list of smart questions to ask in your interview. Asking insightful questions indicates a strong level of interest in the job and demonstrates that you have spent sufficient time thinking about the job opportunity.

Good sample questions to ask include:

  • What will be the recruit’s main focus in this job for the first couple of months?
  • Can you describe the immediate challenges in this position?
  • What are the essential qualities of a successful employee in this department?
  • How is job performance evaluated?
  • What sort of management style can a new employee expect?
  • What do you enjoy most about working for this company?

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions to ask the interviewer about the job opportunity, the company and management.


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More Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

Its important to find out if the person youre interviewing is serious about being an administrative assistant and understands what the job entails. You want someone who is genuinely interested in the role and also in your company.

21. Whats the most interesting project youve worked on as an administrative assistant?

22. What do you enjoy most about administrative work?

23. How have you changed the administrative assistant position at past companies?

24. What trends do you see impacting the administrative assistant role in the future?

Finally, dont forget to ask:

25. Do you have any questions for us?

This Job Requires You To Spend Some Time Answering Phones How Comfortable Are You With Multiple Lines And High Volumes Of Incoming Calls

Yes, I know, we said modern administrative assistants are often tasked with much more than just answering phones, but the reality is, youll probably have to man the desk now and again, and knowing not only how to do it, but how to handle what can potentially be a stressful situation with grace and calmness is only going to benefit you.

While having actual experience handling high volumes of calls would be the best example to use when answering this question, you can still answer this question even without that experience by highlighting your efficiency, your courteous phone manners, and your ability to quickly prioritize and organize.

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How Do You Keep Administrative Schedules Organized On A Daily Basis

The interviewer may ask you this question mainly to assess how your administrative and organizational skills match up with the requirements of the position. Your answer will also allow the employer to get a sense of how you might perform the administrative duties of keeping track of multiple schedules and appointments and whether you can complete your daily tasks competently and in a timely manner.

Example answer:In my role as an office assistant, organization is a top priority. I start my day by first compiling a to-do list of all tasks that must be completed that day. Then I check my calendar for any meetings, appointments or other scheduled events so I am aware of them. I am constantly taking calls and checking my email for any new tasks as they come up so I can follow up with them accordingly.

Tell Me About A Situation Where You Had To Deal With A Difficult Boss Colleague Or Client

7 ADMIN ASSISTANT Interview Questions and Answers (PASS!)

This personality-based interview question is meant to assess your ability to deal with people in challenging situations. Administrative assistants can be the ultimate problem solvers and fixers. That can mean staying calm and focused, and achieving a good outcome.

Possible answer: You might focus again on specific scenarios from your work past where you kept your cool under fire. Youll be ahead of the game if you can reference your personality type from a Myers-Briggs test or similar assessment to talk about how that helps you keep your cool when work gets tough.

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What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job

This is a different approach of inquiring about your flaws. The way you respond to this question indicates to the interviewer whether you can identify and establish particular areas for improvement. Whenever answering this question, use the STAR response technique to choose a specific circumstance that you found difficult to overcome and describe how you overcame it successfully.

Sample Answer

In my previous position, I realized that if I dont employ a clear timetable to manage my time, I have trouble prioritizing assignments. I have a hard time putting things aside or having someone wait for me to finish a task because I want to get everything done right away. By constructing an electronic calendar, I was able to address this problem. However, I see that you are using a manual entry system here. This is a challenge I expect in this work, but Im sure Ill grow used to it after a while.

How Do You Prioritize Tasks On Your Typical Workday As An Executive Assistant

You must be highly organized as an executive assistant and plan your days accordingly. Your potential employer will want to get an idea of your process to see if it matches their needs. Identify some key prioritization habits you have in your current or past positions that will help you to organize and prioritize for this future position.

Example:”I prioritize tasks using an electronic to-do list and calendar. I evaluate my deadlines and complete the most pressing or challenging tasks first. I am also able to adapt quickly when new tasks or projects present themselves.”

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Q This Job Is Repetitive And It Can Become Boring How Do You Plan To Motivate Yourself In Work

Not an easy question, especially for people with a typical mindsetpeople who believe that someone else should motivate them in work.

The only true motivation, however, one that will not perish in a few hours, or in a few weeks at best, comes from within. It comes from the goals we carry in our heart and mind, from the beliefs and values we follow in our life. That is the only real driving force. What does it stand for in your life?

Obviously you can say that you prefer repetitive jobs, that you do not like to think much in work. But you can also say that you have big plans with your family , and understand that without a job , you can not pursue your dreams.

There are several good answers to this question, and your choice depends on your values, and the expectations you have on your life and professional career.

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What Management Style Do You Prefer

12 Executive Assistant Interview Questions and How to ...

This question helps the interviewer determine your level of independence in the workplace and helps them decide whether their management style aligns with your work preferences. It is important for administrative assistants to be independent enough to keep the office running smoothly with limited oversight but it is also important that the administrative assistants work preferences and their supervisor’s management style align. When answering this question, it is important to be honest about your preferences to make sure the job is a good fit for both you and the employer.

Example:I prefer a supervisor who gives me the information I need to complete my tasks and who sets clear expectations but also trusts me to complete those tasks without being micromanaged. Because I am organized and efficient at managing my time, I dont need someone to check in regularly to make sure I am staying on task and productive. I also appreciate occasional feedback that lets me know how I am doing and gives me suggestions for improvement if there are any.

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Provide Me With An Example Of A Time You Had To Collaborate With A Team To Solve An Issue For An Executive

Most of your work will likely be completed individually, but there will likely be occasions when you have to work with a team to help an executive with a task or project. Try using an example where you can accurately describe the task and the outcome.

Example:”I worked with a team of five to compile and condense many pages of important data for an executive. Our goal was to make the data more readable and actionable so the executive could make a sound decision for the company based on the data. We split our work up into five parts and met daily to discuss progress. Each person contributed, and I compiled the final report with the condensed data and successfully turned in the assignment on time.”

What Do You Know About Our Company

Before interviewing, you should have done some research into the company you applied to. You will want to be prepared for this question with knowledge of what the company provides to its customer base, its core values and some insight into how the company provides its products or services. When being presented with this question, present what you understand to be the companys mission and show the interviewer that your values connect with the companys. Employers like to know that their employees care about their goals and values.

Example answer:I am familiar with what Save Financial offers its clients, and Im personally drawn to the company because I feel that the values Save Financial holds reflect my own values regarding secure financial aid for families and retirees and customer care and satisfaction.

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How Do You Make Sure You Understand Directions Or Tasks That Are Given To You

Administrative assistants are often given lots of different tasks throughout the day so it’s important they fully understand what is being asked so they can perform the task. What to look for in an answer:

  • Listening skills
  • Organizational skills


“If there is ever a time that I’m not completely sure what I am being asked to do I make sure to repeat the question back to the person. I use a method of saying ‘if I understand you correctly you are asking me to do XYZ’ and then I make sure to ask any follow-up questions I might have. I’m always sure to take notes so that I can prioritize them later.”

Administrative Assistant Job Description

Interview Questions for Executive Assistants to Ask the Executive

Position: Administrative Assistant

Salary Range: Its a good idea to include a salary range for your position to avoid having applicants that might later reject an offer.

Reports To: Who will the administrative assistant report to in your company?

Job description

Were seeking a strong self-starter for implementing administrative systems, administrative support, policies, and procedures that can also contribute to administrative projects. Youll provide high-level secretarial support with operational/supervisory support functions. In addition, this position is responsible for supervising filing systems and preparing and recording accurate reports, summaries, and tabulations from such data. At times, the position may assist with special projects as assigned and will be responsible for organizing the office workflow and providing any necessary training to staff.

Qualifications & skills

Punctual time management skills and interpersonal skills are a must-have for this position.


A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Associate degree/Bachelors degree or equivalent office experience is preferred.

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What Tools Do You Use To Stay Organized

Hiring managers look to administrative assistants to be the most organized person in the office. Whether its scheduling meetings, hitting deadlines, or having documents ready at a moments notice, staying organized is essential to executing the role well. Organizational toolsfrom Google Calendar to Asana and other project management softwarecan help you excel in this role, so dont be afraid to tout that you have experience with these.

Staying organized goes beyond making sure you know where every file is. It may sound simple to manage calendars, but it makes a huge impact on an organization and can be complex. The admin must exercise good judgment and drive the right priorities, says Treena Diebolt, Pelotons VP, Global Talent Attraction.

Q6 What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Being An Admin Assistant Admin Assistant Interview

  • This question assesses your knowledge of the role.
  • Demonstrate you can embrace difficult parts of the job.
  • Give an example of when you have successfully completed the difficult aspect of the role.

I find the most difficult part of the admin assistant role is having to rely on external partners and organisations to get a specific task completed. When I am relying on external partners or businesses to respond to queries or questions, it can be challenging and frustrating, as the success of your own task relies on them responding and doing their part of the job in a timely manner.

Demonstrate you can embrace difficult parts of the job

Although this part of the role can be frustrating, I quite enjoy chasing people and putting pressure on them to do their task, simply because my job is reliant on them performing. I am always courteous and polite when dealing with people, companies or partners but I do find that being in regular contact with them during the task completion process helps to get the job completed more quickly.

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