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What Are Some Questions To Ask In An Interview

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Have You Applied For Any Other Positions

Questions to ask at the End of an Interview | Career Interview Tips

If the interviewee has been applying for other positions, is a good idea to see what types of positions they have applied for. Are the positions similar to your opening or totally different?

If you speak to a candidate who is applying for many different types of positions in many different fields it may give you an indication that the candidate does not really know what kind of job they want and are just seeing whats out there.

Great Questions To Ask In An Interview

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The staff at The Muse put together an amazing list of questions you can ask an employer during an interview.

You probably already know that an interview isnt just a chance for the hiring manager to grill you with interview questionsits your opportunity to sniff out whether a job is the right fit for you.

Which means: Its important to go in with some questions to ask of your own. What do you want to know about the position? The company? The department? The team?

To get you thinking, weve put together a list of key questions to ask in an interview. We definitely dont suggest asking all of them rapid-firesome of this stuff will certainly be covered during the course of your discussion, and you can weave in other questions as you go.

But when the inevitable, So, do you have any questions for us? part of the interview comes? Use this list to make sure youve covered all your bases.

Name A Work Accomplishment That Makes You Proud

With this line of interview questioning, you will learn about the job seeker in more depth and get a better idea of the types of work they have achieved from their previous and current company.

This also gives the interviewee an opportunity to showcase some of their strongest qualities and any leadership skills they may have.

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Do You Know Anyone Who Works For Us

The purpose of this HR interview question and its answer is tricky and most of the interviewees these days fail to give an appropriate answer.

Your interviewer wants to find out if you have relatives, friends or acquaintances working for the organization.

From a psychological point of view, they want to know if you already have a mentor within the organization.

So it is recommended that you frame a positive answer while facing your round of HR interview questions and answers.

Describe Who You Are Or Tell Me About Your Background

Here are some of the most common interview questions ...

In a job interview, you can be asked to describe who you are, Describe yourself in one word or Describe yourself in 3 words, but all such questions essentially mean that you talk about your skills and qqualities.

In an HR round, you will surely face this question among all other HR interview questions and answers asked to you, and I am sure you treat it as the easiest of all questions.

Well, its not!

Never underestimate the possibility of scoring better points with a crisp answer, if you feel confident.

It can become a fate-changer for applicants having fewer than 5 years of total job experience.

If your degree is obviously related to the job youre interviewing for, you can give this answer.

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What Was The Last Gift You Gave Someone

If your candidate is very stiff and formal, you might consider loosening her up with a question like this one, asked by Gallup during a Data Analyst interview. It should reveal something about your candidate’s personal character. Ideally, it will illicit a warm, emotional response, helping you form a deeper bond with your candidate.

For instance, if your candidate says something like, “My brother loves baseball, so a couple weeks ago I bought him tickets to a Red Sox game”, you have information to help you create a connection to your candidate, and ideally create an environment in which she feels more comfortable.

What Were Your Responsibilities When You Worked At

A good candidate is able to talk in detail about their responsibilities. These should match up to what is expected for the job and even exceed it. The responsibilities should also match what they’ll need to perform the job they’re applying for.

Red flags: Candidates who are vague about what their responsibilities were, who didn’t have the responsibilities that normally come with the job, or didn’t have ones relevant to the job they’re applying for.

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Can You Elaborate On The Daily Duties Of This Role

If you feel like you still need more information about the job you’re applying to, this question can help your interviewer fill in the details. When they answer this question, listen carefully so that you can make note of what you’ll be doing in this role. This question can help you determine if you feel ready to take on these responsibilities and whether you can see yourself doing this kind of work every workday.

If You Started A Company Today What Would Its Top Values Be

What Questions To Ask In A Job Interview?

This question is meant to test a candidate’s emotional intelligence. A good answer articulates values, and the values are a good fit for their role and for the company’s mission.

Red flags: They have a hard time nailing down any values, values are negative or completely opposed to the company’s mission.

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What Attracted You To Apply For This Position

By asking this question you, as the interviewer, should be able to gauge if job seeker has an enthusiasm for the job opening or if they just applied blindly to the position.

You could also review the experience in their resume with the job opening and ask them how they would react to specific situations.

How Long Do You Think It Will Take For You To Make A Significant Contribution To This Company

This is a difficult question to answer and should be asked towards the end of the interview process. If the candidate has researched the company and the position, they should have a good idea of what they can bring to the table with their experience and skills. Based on this, they should be able to give you a well-thought-out response using deductive logic.

Red flags: The candidate suggests much too long or short a time frame or doesn’t know.

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Do You Like Working With A Team Or Working Alone

This really depends on what opening the job seekers are applying for. Is it a desk job that only requires them to be by themselves self or is it work that demands coordination and communication with others?

If you analyze that the applicants are people who are flexible, willing to do multi-tasking, and wouldnt be bothered if at times they work alone or with a team, these could be the best professionals to hire.

This question has more importance at this time due to the current remote working environment.

Why Should We Hire You Or Why Should I Hire You

Fun Interview Questions Employers Ask

Most freshers might treat this as a challenging question. Remember that its not some sort of a blow to your ego, but a stress test which you can pass smoothly with a powerful answer.

Below given is your perfect answer, which you can use in your discussion pertaining to HR interview questions and answers.

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How Many Square Feet Of Pizza Are Eaten In The Us Each Year

This is a tricky question asked by Goldman Sachs during a Programmer Analyst interview. The question aims to test your candidate’s logical reasoning skills. While you don’t need a candidate to get the “right” answer, you’ll want a candidate who remains composed and thoughtful when providing an educated guess.

For instance, your ideal candidate might say, “Well, a pizza is roughly one square foot. If the average American eats one-third a pizza, and eats pizza three times a month, that would mean 12 square foot a year. Then, multiply that number by 200 million Americans, and you get 2.4 billion square feet.”

Top Questions To Ask A Ceo In An Interview

So, you have reached the top and are meeting with the CEO of your potential employer.

Be it during a job interview process or for an informational interview, theres a lot to learn from a CEO.

You dont want to lose out on this learning opportunity.

Ask the CEO the following questions to get the most valuable information from him or her:

  • Do you enjoy being in the position you are in?
  • How do you manage your time being in such a huge position?
  • How do you maintain a work-life balance?
  • What are the major challenges you face as a CEO?
  • What are the skills most needed for effective leadership?
  • How would you advise a young executive to be successful?
  • What are your greatest achievements in the company?
  • Are you satisfied with the amount of work you have done for the company?
  • Are you happy with the culture that you uphold in the company?
  • Being already at the top, what do you aspire for now?
  • What are your future plans for yourself and the company?
  • Do you spend time on personal growth?
  • What are the books you have read recently?
  • What one book would you suggest young leaders read?
  • What are your retirement plans?
  • With these questions to ask a CEO in an interview, you will never run out of important topics to discuss.

    These questions are also great to build a lasting rapport with the CEO.

    We have covered all the great questions that you can ask your employer in a job interview.

    Asking the right questions at the right time is crucial.

  • What are the job responsibilities or duties?
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    So Do You Have Any Questions For Us

    You can cover so much ground in the interview there is indeed a good chance that they have answered all of your questions or at least answered all of the obvious ones.

    Thats why I created a list of 21 intelligent questions to ask in an interview. I wanted to create a guide I can quickly look at to select some good questions that will impress my interviewer but also help me to decide if I want that role and to work at that company.

    Questions About The Company

    08 common Interview question and answers – Job Interview Skills

    7. How would you describe the culture here? What type of people tend to really thrive here, and what type dont do as well?

    Sometimes hiring managers are pretty bad at accurately describing the culture on their teams in part because they have a vested interest in seeing it a certain way and in part because they have an inherently different vantage point than their staff members do. For example, Ive heard incorrigible micromanagers tell candidates that they like to give people a lot of independence and autonomy and they probably really believed that about themselves. So take managers descriptions of culture with a heavy grain of salt , but theres still value in hearing what they do and dont emphasize.

    But asking about what types of people tend to thrive versus those who tend to struggle can get you more revealing information. Youll often learn what that manager really cares about in their employees, or which traits will set you up to clash with them, or whos likely to bristle at their management style.

    8. What do you like about working here?

    You can learn a lot by the way interviewers respond to this question. People who genuinely enjoy their jobs and the company will usually have several things they can tell you that they like about working there and will usually sound sincere. But if you get a blank stare or a long silence before your interviewer answers, or the answer is something like the paycheck, consider that a red flag.

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    Top 10 Interview Questions And Best Answers

    Review these most frequently asked interview questions and sample answers, and then prepare your responses based on your experience, skills, and interests. Remember that its less about providing the right answers and more about demonstrating that youre the best candidate for the job.

    1. Tell Me About Yourself Best Answers

    This is one of the first questions you are likely to be asked. Be prepared to talk about yourself, and why you’re an ideal candidate for the position. The interviewer wants to know why you’re an excellent fit for the job.

    Try to answer questions about yourself without giving too much, or too little, personal information. You can start by sharing some of your personal interests and experiences that don’t relate directly to work, such as a favorite hobby or a brief account of where you grew up, your education, and what motivates you.

    You can even and showcase your personality to make the interview a little more interesting.

    2. Why Are You the Best Person for the Job? Best Answers

    Are you the best candidate for the job? The hiring manager wants to know whether you have all the required qualifications. Be prepared to explain why you’re the applicant who should be hired.

    3. Why Do You Want This Job? Best Answers

    Be specific about what makes you a good fit for this role, and mention aspects of the company and position that appeal to you most.

    4. How Has Your Experience Prepared You for This Role?Best Answers

    Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job

    Prepare an answer that will give your interviewer confidence that you’re deliberate about this job change. Focus on the future and what you hope to gain in your next position.

    Example:I’m looking for an opportunity that gives me the ability to build long-term relationships with clients. Relationship-building is one of the reasons I chose a career in sales. I look forward to working with a company where that’s a top priority.

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    How Many Pennies Would Fit Into This Room

    Ipreo asks this question for Product Analyst interviews. A brain teaser like this one is a good opportunity to see how a candidate can use logic to solve seemingly impossible challenges.

    You’ll want your candidate to say something like this — “I’d need to measure how many pennies fit length-wise, width-wise, and height-wise. Then I’d simply multiply those three numbers.” This answer demonstrates an ability to use simple math to create formulas for more difficult problems.

    However, it’s also impressive if your candidate asks you questions in return. Perhaps she’d say, “Well, will this room still have furniture in it, or would we remove it? Also, what’s the volume of the room? Once I have that information, I could do the math based on the volume of a penny.”

    Asking questions like these shows your candidate thinks outside the box, and likes to ask second-level questions, before delivering a solution to a problem.

    Do You Have Any Additional Questions For Me

    How To Answer Silly Questions At Interviews

    Asking this question gives your interviewer the opportunity to inquire a bit more about a certain part of your work experience or skills. It also helps you gauge how well the interview is going. If the interviewer responds, “I think you have adequately covered everything.” this may indicate that you effectively answered all of your questions. If they decide they have more questions, use this as your chance to give them a clearer picture of your professional background and qualifications.

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    What Is Your Favorite Part About Working Here

    You can tell if an interview went well when you feel excited about the position you applied to. This question helps you decide if this employer is going to help you enjoy coming to work every day. It’s the interviewer’s chance to impress you with all the great things their company does for employees.

    What Interview Questions Are Illegal

    Off-limits interview questions center on unchangeable or highly personal aspects of a candidates identity.

    Illegal interview questions include those pertaining to:

    • Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation
    • Race, Color, or National Origin
    • Religion
    • Citizenship

    If a candidate brings these topics up, then it is advisable to steer the conversation onto other subjects. A candidate may inquire about reasonable accommodations and the inclusivity of your work culture, at which point it may be pertinent to outline your organizations benefits, diversity efforts, and willingness to support underrepresented employees. However, as a rule, you should never pose questions related to these topics, and should defer these discussions if the candidate initiates them.

    The legality of asking about criminal background during interviews is more complex. In most places, it is not illegal to ask candidates about criminal records, but employers may not deny applicants based solely on conviction history without conducting an individualized assessment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission warns against placing conviction questions on job application forms. Most employers wait to ask about criminal conviction until the late stages of the interview process.

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    Questions To Ask The Employer During An Interview

    An interview is a two-way street. Ask questions. The employer will typically, provide an opportunity for you to ask questions at or near the end of the interview, and they judge your questions as a reflection of your preparation and thought process.

    Always prepare questions to ask.Having no questions prepared sends the message that you have no independent thought process, or are ill-prepared, or some combination.

    Employers make judgments about you based on the questions you ask.

    • Have you done your research on the organization?
    • Are you asking rather dull questions that you could find in a web search, but about which you have no interest?
    • Are you asking about salary?
    • Are your questions intelligent and thoughtful and cordial?

    How many questions to ask:

    Show you’ve done your homework.Example: “I read on the company / organization / agency website that employees have recently done presentations at XX conference. Is that a typical opportunity in the job for which I am interviewing? Are there specific professional organizations employees have been encouraged to join?”

    Know the nature of the organization and appropriate terminology.

    Some of your questions may be answered during the course of the interview, before you are offered the opportunity to ask. If so, you can simply state something to the effect that you were interested in knowing about …, but that was addressed during the interview .You could ask for additional clarification if applicable.

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