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What Are The 10 Most Common Interview Questions And Answers

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How to answer the ten most common interview questions

What They Want to Know: What are you proudest of? Was there a time something didn’t work out, but you were able to learn from it? Let the hiring manager know what you achieved, again sharing examples from your most recent job.

Im most proud of having convinced our CEO to implement an internal training and promotion program that allowed our personnel to steadily advance within our organization.

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Give Me An Example Of How You Set Goals

This question is designed to show the interviewer how well you plan and set goals. A great answer is one where you discuss an ambitious goal you set for yourself and how you came up with a plan for success.

Example:”Within a few weeks of beginning my job as a server at a restaurant, I knew I wanted to work in the foodservice industry as a chef. I decided I would learn all I could in my current position until an opening became available in the kitchen, even for less pay. I wanted the experience of working in a restaurant kitchen environment. I also started saving up money at that time to go to the culinary academy. I knew that by the time I finished school, I would have been working in the kitchen for a number of years and would be highly competitive as a candidate for chef roles.”

Question No : What Are Your Strengths

Hint: Professional interviewers should identify your strengthswithout inquiring about them. They get their salary for this capacity. Nevertheless, you can meet a variety of bodies in your interview. Sometimes the person leading the meeting can have little or no experience with interviewing people for the job . In this case, the question makes at least some sense.

You should pick relevant strengths. If possible, you should elaborate on your answer, saying how you demonstrated your strengths in your career, how they helped you in the jobs you had .

I love to talk to people, and I believe I do understand them wellwhat they need and desire in their lives. My empathy helped me in my volunteering experience in a nursing home, and I hope to use this strength in my career as a social worker.

Responsibility is my greatest strength. I consider my job the first priority, and it has never happened to me that I came late to work, or that I did not finalize my tasks in time.

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Can You Explain Why You Changed Career Paths

Dont be thrown off by this questionjust take a deep breath and explain to the hiring manager why youve made the career decisions you have. More importantly, give a few examples of how your past experience is transferable to the new role. This doesnt have to be a direct connection in fact, its often more impressive when a candidate can show how seemingly irrelevant experience is very relevant to the role.

What Is Your Dream Job

Best Answers to the Top 10 Most Common Interview Questions

Employers typically ask this question because they want to ensure that your interests and passion align with their job. A good answer will describe a role that matches the one youre interviewing for. Consider using this formula for your response:

1. Mention the skills you want to use:I enjoy guiding other team members on projects and making sure everything goes smoothly…”

2. Describe a job in general:”…My dream job would be a leadership position where the other team members are active participants and communication happens daily…

3. Discuss your values:”…I love seeing a project through to the end and celebrating everyones hard work…

4. Tailor to the job for which you are interviewing:”…For instance, if youre applying for a leadership position, you might discuss how your dream job would include supervisory responsibilities.”

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How Do You Think The Interview Went

Not every question from the interviewer is supposed to be an interview question. However, since it is better to be safe than sorry, it is better to assume that the interview doesnt end until you are out of the office.

An interview question like this is to gauge your overall self-awareness to see if you know that youve done a good job . If the interview went as well as can be expected, then you have nothing to worry about. Let the interviewer know what you enjoyed about the conversation, and perhaps ask about the following steps to be taken.

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t say .

Don’t talk about how your boss is difficult. Don’t talk about how you can’t get along with other employees. Don’t bad-mouth your company.

Instead, focus on the positives a move will bring. Talk about what you want to achieve. Talk about what you want to learn. Talk about ways you want to grow, about things you want to accomplish explain how a move will be great for you and for your new company.

Complaining about your current employer is a little like people who gossip: If you’re willing to speak badly of someone else, you’ll probably do the same to me.

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How You Should Answer The 10 Most Common Interview Questions

How you should answer the 10 most common interview questions

  • Tell me about you.
  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • Tell me about a time when you failed.
  • What is your salary requirement?
  • Whats your five-year plan?

What Are Your Weaknesses

Ten Most Common Interview Questions and Answers

“What are your weaknesses” is one of the most popular questions interviewers ask. It is also the most dreaded question of all. Handle it by minimizing your weakness and emphasizing your strengths. Stay away from personal qualities and concentrate on professional traits: “I am always working on improving my communication skills to be a more effective presenter. I recently joined Toastmasters, which I find very helpful.”

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What Are The Top 10 Most Common Interview Questions

The top 10 most common interview questions that get asked during virtually all job interviews are as follows:


Your answers to these 10 questions should be the basis of your pre-interview preparation. If you fail to answer any of these interview questions confidently and positively, you are not going to get hired. Your answers to each of the above 10 common interview questions say a lot about your personality, your values, your work ethic, your motivations for wanting the job you have applied for, and your reasons for wanting to work for their company.

Describe Your Dream Job

Three words describe how you should answer this question: relevance, relevance, relevance.

But that doesn’t mean you have to make up an answer. You can learn something from every job. You can develop skills in every job. Work backward: Identify things about the job you’re interviewing for that will help you if you do land your dream job someday, and then describe how those things apply to what you hope to someday do.

And don’t be afraid to admit that you might someday move on, whether to join another company or — better — to start your own business. Employers no longer expect “forever” employees.

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How To Prepare For Common Interview Questions

Research the industry and the company

Research is one of the essential parts of interview preparation. To understand the company, read through the About Us section on their website and visit their social media. To get third-party opinions, look up articles or reviews in industry news sources and magazines. This will also help you further on with crafting better answers and questions for the interviewer.

Prepare for common interview questions

Of course, you wont be able to prepare for every question you will be asked. But preparing your answers to the most common interview questions can still go a long way. It will alleviate stress during the interview and show that you can prepare in advance.

Practice speaking and using body language correctly

Your speech and body language will significantly affect the first impression you leave on the interviewer. So, practice speaking in a confident, clear voice before your interview. Similarly, you can practice your smile, holding eye contact, and giving a firm handshake with your friends or family beforehand.

Send a thank-you email

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

10 Common #interviewquestions. Make sure to be prepared ...

This question can really make a lot of job seekers nervous. If you were literally fired from your last job, youre going to have to own up to it and show what you learned from the experience and what measures you have taken to address the reasons you were let go.

If you left voluntarily be sure to explain why. For example: You wanted a different challenge. Hint: A challenge offered by the company and position youre interviewing for

We tackle this question in more depth in our blog post here.

  • If it was because you left voluntarily then reference a specific characteristic that the company you are interviewing for has that you are attracted to. One that your previous employer didnt have.
  • If you were let go, be honest and explain the situation and own it. Explain what you learned from the experience, because the interviewer knows youre human, you make mistakes, and just wants to see that you were able to do something about it
  • Words like downsizing and budget cuts and bad economy are good defenses if they are true and are the reasons for departure from the job.


  • Dont bash your last company or boss or anything along those lines.
  • Dont say, Its time for a career switch and Id like to try my hand at the job you are offering or Im tired of doing the same old thing. Give a pointed, Positive reason for why you want to head off in a new direction.
  • Dont lie if you were fired.

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Tell Me About A Time You Disagreed With A Decision What Did You Do

No one agrees with every decision. Disagreements are fine it’s what you do when you disagree that matters.

Show that you were professional. Show that you raised your concerns in a productive way. If you have an example that proves you can effect change, great — and if you don’t, show that you can support a decision even though you think it’s wrong .

Every company wants employees willing to be honest and forthright, to share concerns and issues, but to also get behind a decision and support it as if they agreed, even if they didn’t.

What Did You Like Most About Your Last Position

Tie your answer to the company’s needs. Focus on highlights of your track record at your last job and be as specific as possible.

Example:What I liked most about my last position was the opportunity to collaborate with other teams. We once worked with a client who was relying on us to solve a critical issue. After I recommended a plan for our team to resolve the issue, we took time considering the pros and cons of the solution. When we implemented it, it worked better than everyone expected. The client was very pleased.

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Is There Anything Youd Like To Ask

This is usually the final question any interviewer will ask. Asking a question or two will show that you’re interested and excited about the position.

Here are some questions to ask in an interview:

  • What do you love most about working with this company?
  • What are some challenges I might face in this position?
  • How is performance measured?
  • What are the most important values of your company?

Similar questions:

  • Do you have any questions for us?

Practice answering these questions until you feel comfortable and confident enough. There’s no need to know your answers by heart, but it’s good to practice.

If the interview doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped, don’t give up. Take it as a learning opportunity, focus on what you can do better next time, and continue searching for roles that interest you.

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How Do You Tell Someone About Yourself

How to answer the Top 10 Most Common Interview Questions

A. Dos

  • Give a Short Personal Description About Yourself. Its true that interviewers want to find someone who fits the job requirements.
  • Talk About Your Achievements So Far.
  • Talk about your work experience and skills.
  • Talk About The Biggest Challenges You Faced and Overcame.
  • Sell Your Skills Relevant For The Job.
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    What Has Been Your Biggest Failure

    Without a doubt, it can be stressful to talk about your failures while interviewing for a job. The key to a good answer is being honest, taking responsibility, and focusing on what you have learned. Make sure also to explain why you consider the situation your biggest failure, as this can give the interviewer insight into your values and priorities. Much like before, its best to present your failure as a story and highlight what you took away from the experience.

    What Did You Like Or Dislike About Your Last Job

    Asking you this question is the interviewers attempt to determine your key interests and whether the job on offer has tasks or responsibilities that you will like or dislike. For the positive aspects of your last position, things are pretty straightforward.

    First, focus on the parts that you enjoyed the most, explain what you learned from them, and then talk about how they made you develop as an individual.

    On the flip side, you left your last job for a reason sometimes a variety of reasons but the key is not to take this opportunity to air your grievances. Instead, be mindful of criticising your employer. Unless your former boss was truly a toxic individual, complaining about him or her can come across sometimes as you pushing the blame on others.

    Choose examples that do not reflect on your skills, such as the size of the company or the team you were working with, or which reveals a positive trait . The trick is to turn even the negatives, such as a toxic boss, into a positive.

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    Why Did You Apply For This Role

    You must research the company and the role you’re applying for before attending the interview. Get a feel of the company culture, ask yourself why you’d like to work within that environment and what you want to gain from this experience should you be hired.

    Best way to answer: Mention what appeals to you about the company maybe they are very charitable or environmentally conscious. Speak about how you’d like to grow within the company and how this role aligns with your career goals. Mention what skills you’ve gained from previous jobs and how they would be beneficial in this role.

    Similar questions:

    • What interests you about this role?
    • Why are you interested in working with this company?

    What Are Some Good Job Interview Tips

    Top 10 Common Interview Questions And Answers

    1. Arrive early and engage in friendly communication with other people there in order to get used to connecting with people.2. Set up Google alerts for the industry and company youre interviewing with. This way youll be up to date with any recent news and can bring it up in the interview.3. Turn the interview from an interrogation into a conversation between peers. Ask questions and get some back and forth going between you and the interviewer. This will lower your nerves and you come across as more of a colleague or a peer to the hiring manager.

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    What Motivates You At Work

    Number 13 of our guide to the most common job interview questions and how to answer them ‘what motivates you at work?’ This will often catch graduates off-guard so it’s important to make sure you are fully prepared to answer it.

    Want to boost your employability and increase your chances of job interview success? Find out the best way to answer this interview question, example answers as well as what to avoid when answering…

    How to answer what motivates you at work?

    What Is Your Leadership Style

    This is a tough question to answer without dipping into platitudes. Try sharing leadership examples instead. Say, “The best way for me to answer that is to give you a few examples of leadership challenges I’ve faced,” and then share situations where you dealt with a problem, motivated a team, worked through a crisis. Explain what you did and that will give the interviewer a great sense of how you lead.

    And, of course, it lets you highlight a few of your successes.

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    Do You Have Any Questions For Me

    What They Want to Know: The last question at a job interview is usually one about what you want to know about the job and the company. Be ready with a list of questions to ask. You may seem disinterested if there isn’t anything you want to learn more about.

    Do you have a formal schedule and mechanism for performance reviews? How soon after hiring would I receive my first review?

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