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What Are The Basic Accounting Interview Questions

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Describe One Of Thebiggest Challenges In The Accounting Field And How You Strive To Overcome It

Basic Accounting Interview Questions And Answers | Part 2

When the hiring manager asks this question, they are assessing your overall knowledge of the accounting industry. They want to make sure that you are informed when it comes to common yet significant challenges. Additionally, they are hoping that you have a plan in place for dealing with the inevitability when it occurs.


I think one of the biggest challenges that accountants face is dealing with frequently changing laws and regulations. Along with income tax code updates on the federal and state level, compliance and reporting rule changes, shifts in sales tax rates, and adjustments to employee compensation requirements, just to name a few, have to be accommodated. Maintaining an appropriate level of familiarity can be difficult. However, Ive found that by subscribing to industry publications, setting up news alerts, and monitoring upcoming legislation, I can be suitably prepared. Ultimately, staying informed is the key to remaining ahead, ensuring I am ready to implement changes to my approach as needed.

What Makes An Accounting Professional Stand Out

This question does not have any right answer however, a mixture of analytical ability and math skills along with excellent communication skills are usually good signs for the job.

Being a mathematician does not translate to someone fit for the job. While crunching numbers is important, soft skills are paramount to make a cohesive team.

Q98 Which Latest Accounting Trends Do You Think Are Prevailing In 2021 And Continuing In 2022

Ans. Below are some of the latest accounting trends:

  • Increased dependency on cloudCompanies are now using cloud computing as a technology for tracking tracking inventory, sales, and expenses. A report by Accounting Age suggests that 78% of small businesses will rely solely on cloud technology and 67% of accountants say that cloud technology will make their role easier.
  • Automated Data Entry:As per the Practice of Now 2020 survey, nearly two-thirds of accountants consider automation of processes, workflows, and payments the biggest challenge that will impact accountancy in the next 12 months. Thats why a lot of companies have started depending upon automation software as they are efficient and reduce the chances of error or loss of entry.
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    What Do You Consider To Be The Biggest Challenge Facing The Accounting Profession Today

    What They Want to Know: There is no one right answer to this question, but you should be able to demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to your profession by having a well-thought-out and intelligent answer. The interviewer wants to see that you are familiar with the industry and its challenges, and that you care about your job enough to have an opinion.

    Recent changes to the tax code are one big challenge for the industry since we have to scour through all the new rules and guidelines, and adjust accordingly. Of course, responding to new tax laws is familiar to the accounting industry. Another pressing issue for everyone in the field is technology. Readily available online accounting services can make the role of a seasoned professional seem less essential, which means as accountants, we have to offer clients something that a computer cannot.

    Q58 What Is The General Classification Of Accounts That Usually Ledger Account Involve

    Accounting basics and interview questions answers

    Ans:The general classification of accounts that usually ledger account involves are

    • Assets- Cash, Accounts Receivable
    • Operating revenues- Revenues through Sales
    • Operating expenses- Rent Expense, Salaries Expense
    • Non-operating revenues and gains- Investment Income, gain on Disposal of Equipment
    • Non-operating revenues and losses- Interest Expense, Loss on Disposal of Equipment

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    List The Various Accounting Events That Influence The Compound Entries

    Before we get into the list, you have to understand what precisely a compound journal entry is. A compound journal entry resembles any other entry, just that this entry refers to more than one debit, more than one credit, or more than one of both debit and credit. Therefore, it is the combination of various journal entries.

    Compound entries involve a few accounting events that are as follows

    • Record multiple items in the line that are a part of the supplier invoice addressing the various expenses.
    • Record of all the deductions from the bank along with the bank reconciliation.
    • Record of all the payments and deductions concerning a payroll.
    • Record of the amount due to be received along with the sales tax from the customer invoice.

    The goal is to put forward a direct and simplified answer. And, what else could be better than the one listed above. Go ahead with the best answers at your hand.

    What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses

    The strengths and weaknesses question is asked in so many interviews, so be prepared for it. Assess your skills and identify three key strengths which match up to the employer’s values. When working in accountancy, you need evidence of having a great eye for detail.

    When discussing your strengths, have specific examples of where your strengths have been valued. Identifying and talking about your weaknesses is always a challenge, so when you present your weakness as a problem, talk about how you have gone about addressing it. If possible, this should be a professional trait rather than a personality flaw. And don’t be afraid of admitting your weaknesses – saying you don’t have any will not impress an interviewer.

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    Tell Me About Your Background

    This might feel like a broad or vague question, but here recruiters want to understand the depth of your accounting experience, Robbins says, as well as how you think and talk about your career trajectory. If youre interviewing for a tax role, what type of returns have you worked on? If audit, what was the size of your client and industry? What type of projects have you worked on?

    Need Of Accounting Interview Questions

    Basic accounting interview questions

    Demonstrating your job-related skills and industry knowledge is key in making a strong impression in Accountant Interview. Prospective employers want to understand how you work and how you might fit in at their company. Apply on this job order to understand the employers perfect applicant before your conversation. Accomplishing such can assist you approach any needed abilities, features, and participation in your answers. To prove that you are the right candidate for the position, provide examples that capture your professional achievements and skills in addition to your personality in accountant interview questions.

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    Top 30 Accounting Interview Questions And Answers

    Choosing accounting as a professional career is a dream for many. But, are you aware of its success rates? Well, in order to seek a job, the first and foremost essential is none other than cracking the interview round. With good prospects in terms of academics and even as a professional career, most people with a good hold of numbers and calculations seek a job as an accountant. But even before we delve deeper into the interview aspects, lets take a look at the relevant skills required to pursue accounting as a career option.

    As an accountant, your primary skills need to revolve around excellence in mathematics, a high sense of analysis, good knowledge of technology, and many more. But no matter wherever you go pursuing a career, it is the interview that comes your way as a professional. Therefore, this piece has come up to highlight some of the accounting interview questions and answers to guide you through your way out in securing a dream job.

    What Types Of Accounting Software Programs Are You Familiar With

    The interviewer may ask this question to see if you have experience with their accounting programs or if you can learn new programs quickly. Instead of choosing only the software you are most familiar with, select a few to discuss. Include programs you have used most recently or those with which you have the most experience.

    Example:”I have more than five years of experience working with FreshBooks and over two years with a custom accounting software program, both of which my last employer used. I have also worked with Zoho Books, NetSuite ERP and FreeAgent in other roles. An accounting friend recently recommended Gusto, so I am currently finishing an online training program for it.”

    You may also be asked to explain which program you think is best and why. An excellent way to prepare yourself for this question is to study recent developments related to the programs you have worked with.

    Example:”With my last employer, we ran into issues with FreeAgent, so we made the switch to FreshBooks. Its user-friendly interface and ability to create customizable invoices, automate payment reminders and apply automatic late fees to past due invoices made my job so much easier. I found I was able to focus more of my attention on other core accounting tasks once we started using FreshBooks.”

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    Q108 What Is Cost Accountancy What Are The Objects Of Cost Accountancy

    Ans: Cost accountancy is the application of costing and cost accounting principles, methods and techniques to the science, art and practice of cost control and the ascertainment of profitability as well as the presentation of information for the purpose of managerial decision making.Following are the objects of Cost Accountancyo Ascertainment of Cost and Profitabilityo Determining Selling Priceo Presentation of information for effective managerial decisiono Provide basis for operating policyo Facilitating preparation of financial or other statements

    Rate Your Proficiency In Using Numerical Data And Graphical Representation While Handling Projects

    Basic Accounting Interview Questions And Answers In Pdf ...

    Presentation skills are a must as an accounting professional if you want to convince your manager. Thus, your employer leaves no chance to look into those aspects where you have curated such a need for yourself or your previous place of employment. In the answer, you can include positive points on how with the help of graphical representation and statistics, you could conquer the goal of convincing your manager of a particular aspect.

    As a fresher with very little to no experience, you can talk about projects mostly based on graphical results and turned out to be successful while you were involved with academics in your college days. Also, when the matter is about rating yourself, do not overrated or underrated, as, in both situations, things will not work in your favour. Someone else is more likely to take up the opportunity if you fail to meet the desired standard of answer. The employer is looking for a suitable candidate, and you need to prove to be one.

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    What Process Do You Employ To Evaluate Financial Risk

    A risk is a situation that can cause either significant benefits or losses, depending on the outcome. The interviewer is testing your knowledge of risk management and your technical skills to evaluate risks. Your answer needs to reflect how confident you are in your risk analysis process.

    Example:The first step is to identify the key risks and benefits. After I’ve identified them, I document them and consider solutions to reduce the risk. After this, I appoint monitors then determine control methods of these risks. I then review these risks periodically to ensure they’re still managed. If the risks are too high, I advise the senior management team of my analysis and provide alternatives with lower risks.”

    How Have You Led An Accounting Team To Success

    Interview questions that identify hard and soft skills show you several aspects at once of your candidate. Finding someone who can easily work with and lead others is always going to one of the most important parts of the hiring process.

    You should also expect a list of metrics and deliverables from past jobs in the candidates answer. Working well with a team is only valuable if you can prove it brought in money and was good for business.

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    What According To You Are The Cons Of The Double

    As of now, no system has zero flaws. The efficiency of systems matters some are more efficient, whereas some lack in their service quality. We tend to opt for the best systems available to make our work as smooth as possible. The double-entry system is one such system. Different accounting departments use this system for making their work easier, but this system has a few disadvantages

    • If there are few errors in the final result, you would have a hard time detecting them. This system does not support the facility of rectifying the errors, as it is unable to find them in the first place.
    • This system requires more clerical labour to make progress with its work. Thus, you can understand that this is not a self-sufficient system and requires more human help.
    • As we already discussed, this system is troublesome when it comes to detecting errors. The double-entry system will not facilitate finding the blunders of the transaction recorded in your balance books.
    • Sometimes your client or even the CEO of your company might ask for all the necessary information about a particular transaction. The double-entry system will fail you in this aspect as well. You should not prefer a system like this for looking up information if it does not have a solid record in the book.

    Describe A Time When You Had To Work Exceptionally Hard To Provide Great Service To A Customer Or Client What Did You Do And What Was The Outcome

    Basic Accounting Interview Questions And Answers | Part 1

    What They Want to Know: Interviewers want to seethat you’re a hard worker, and willing to go the extra mile beyond the job description or the 5 p.m. end of the day. Share information on what you did to provide service and how you accomplished it.

    One story really comes to mind herein my role as an accountant for ABC Company, which served small businesses, we had a new client come through who’d recently started a small business. His business was doing well, but it was clear that bookkeeping was not his favorite. It would have been easy to sell him a package he couldn’t use on his own, and lock him into an annual subscription. Instead, I provided four training sessions on the software so he could independently track his sales and expenses. Since then, he’s recommended us to other small businesses that signed on to our services because of his praise.

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    What Methods Have You Used For Estimating Bad Debt

    Accounting interview questions like this one can help bring to light how the applicant has approached a routine process with previous employers. For recent grads, this line of inquiry allows them to apply theoretical knowledge in venturing educated guesses, which could open a dialogue about how your company handles this issue.

    List The Types Of Reports You Generally Make

    Whether you are looking for an accounting applicant to manage cash flow reports or stockholder equity reports you want your candidate to have experience in that field.

    While there is plenty of crossovers in these reports, the major difference is between internal-facing reports and external reports. A good candidate knows how to show information to shareholders in one way, but also can present to internal company meetings in more detail.

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    Do You Know What Project Implementation Is

    Project implementation is essential to ensuring you perform accounting tasks with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Be sure you list each component in the correct order.

    Example:”Project implementation has six key components: Identify the need, generate and screen ideas, conduct a feasibility study, develop the project, implement the project and control the project.”

    Q109 What Is Capitalization What Is Its Importance

    Accounting basics and interview questions answers

    Ans: Capitalization is a term which has different meanings in both financial and accounting context. Capitalization in accounting means the cost to buy an asset which is included in the price of the asset whereas in financial terms it is the cost which is required to buy an asset which includes price of a particular asset and it also include the retained earnings of a company with stock debt and long term debt. There are two kinds of capitalization which are called as Over-capitalization and another is called as Under-capitalization. Capitalization is very import aspect in determining the value of the company in the market which is based on the economic structure of the company. This aspect depends on the previous records and economics of the company. This also shows a particular behaviour of the companies structure and allows them to create a plan to do the marketing.

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    What Impact Do You Thinkai And Automation Will Have On Accounting

    This is a question that doesnt technically have a right or wrong answer. Usually, when a hiring manager asks this, their goal is to check your level of awareness about a critical trend that will significantly impact the field. Additionally, they want to gauge whether youre concerned about AI and automation, or are interested in its potential and open to embracing it.


    From my perspective, AI and automation are interesting advancements. In accounting, these technologies could streamline operations significantly. This is especially true for highly repetitive tasks, such as data replication between two accounting systems. In that context, AI and automation will free up accountants to focus on tasks that genuinely require the human touch, which could potentially boost engagement. Plus, it could reduce error rates and enhance overall productivity. While many people are concerned about job losses, especially entry-level roles, I believe the potential benefits outweigh those fears.

    Personality Accountant Interview Question

    01. What are the challenges faced by an Accountant?

    An accountant has got to coordinate with various teams like customer supporting, marketing, procurement, treasury, taxation, business development, etc. I might say that the supply of data/details/documents from these teams on a timely basis may be a key challenge faced by an accountant. As already mentioned, documentation plays a key role in accounting, and without proper documentation, an accountant wont be ready to post entries within the accounting. Also, delay in accounting isnt appreciated by the management as updated reports / MIS are created from these accounting records.

    02. If you get this job, what is going to your routine day of 8 hours be like?

    I believe the accounting ERP employed by your organization and Microsoft Excel are going to be my best friends and that I am going to be spending maximum time with these two applications at work.

    A routine day will invoice the subsequent core activities:

    • Posting various journal entries within the ERP
    • Extracting/maintaining/updating different reports which are required by the management
    • Scrutiny and reconciliation of various ledgers
    • Checking invoices and other supporting documents required to be a part of the invoice
    • Coordinating with different teams for documents / data / details

    03. If youre made the CFO of this company, what are the changes youd wish to recommend to the Board of Directors of the company?

    04. Tell me something about yourself?

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