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What Are The Basic Questions Asked In Hr Interview

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Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions You Can Expect To Be Asked In Your Interview And Advice On How You Can Craft Effective Responses

Common HR interview questions & answers for freshers | Frequently asked interview questions

Know these popular interview questions and answers.

Too many job seekers stumble through interviews as if the questions asked are coming out of left field. But many interview questions are to be expected. Need some job interview tips? Monster has you covered. Study this list of popular and frequently asked interview questions and answers ahead of time so you’ll be ready to answer them with confidence.

Tell Me About A Time When You Had To Collaborate With Others At Different Levels Of The Company

Collaboration is a valuable skill to many employers. When you answer, show that you’re willing to work with others at all levels and how you might find opportunities for collaboration. Remember to use the STAR method if possible.

Example:At my previous job, our manager put together a team to solve a specific issue that started happening with one of our new products. We had about half a day to figure out how to fix the problem and how to market it to our customers. I volunteered to lead the group. Even though I was not in the most senior position in the group, everyone was willing to listen to my ideas. We were able to figure out from the customers describing the issue and other test results that there was a miscalculation in the programming. We worked together to fix the issue and present it to the public. The updated product is still on the market with a five-star review.

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It Mnc Companies Interview Questions

In this section, we have provided various Multinational Companies Interview Questions and Answers. In MNCs the interview questions posed for you will be mostly used to test your technical knowledge, problem-solving and coding skills.

A technical interview for a fresher is conducted mainly to check whether they can be able to work in various programming environments, understand the clients requirement and design the product accordingly or not. For freshers, the interview process will be almost the same for all the MNC companies. It comprises of a written exam, a technical round and finally HR round.

In the case of experienced candidates, you will be interviewed based on your skillset or the position that you have applied for or the domain that you worked on. The interview process varies based on the position you are getting interviewed for.

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What Would Your First 30 60 Or 90 Days Look Like In This Role

If youre applying for a senior or leadership role, youre probably going to get asked this question.

Chances are, at this stage of the interview, you already know a lot about your future position and the company.

Now, its time to show off your knowledge in your field, and explain how youre going to start making things happen at the company.

So, heres how to answer the question:

For the first 30 days:

Youre probably going to need to get to know the company first. Youre going to be learning as much as possible, including information on:

  • What does the company do?
  • What are the key processes?
  • What does your department do?
  • What are the current problems and challenges?
  • Where can you help?

Then, during the 60 days:

Youll start start making things happen. From all the info you gathered, suggest a handful initiatives you could take on:

  • Youd audit the company email marketing strategy and suggest improvements
  • Youll help come up with better ad copies for Facebook marketing
  • Youll help the team with their ongoing marketing initiatives

Within the first 90 days:

Youre already have started making an impact. Describe several things you think are going to be functioning better:

  • Online ads are going to be performing better by 10-20%
  • Email marketing operations are going to be more streamlined, taking significantly less manpower

Q29 Why Have You Jumped So Frequently From Your Past Companies

Pin on Experience Interview Questions Archives

Give a genuine answer and do not mention any issue that is necessary for the current job that you have applied for.


The jobs that I have been working for previously did not really offer much to learn in the X area and that does not actually justify my qualification. I was looking for something like this job because this is my passion and would definitely be in accordance with my qualification.

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Tell Me About A Time Where You Experienced Difficulty At Work While Working On A Project

Now, this is a broad question as difficulty can be of any type. This question is asked to assess what are the things that you consider as difficult and how you go about solving that difficulty. While answering this:

  • Focus on describing a problem that was related to your work using the STAR approach.
  • Do not answer negatively or bad mouth any supervisor or any company.
  • The interviewer should be made to understand the cause of the problem.
  • Avoid bringing up personal problems in your life.
  • Focus on the learnings of the problem rather than dwelling too much on the damage.

Sample answer:

What Are Your Greatest Strengths

Heres an opening to talk about something that makes you greatand a great fit for this role. When youre answering this question, think quality, not quantity. In other words, dont rattle off a list of adjectives. Instead, pick one or a few specific qualities that are relevant to this position and illustrate them with examples. Stories are always more memorable than generalizations. And if theres something you were hoping to mention because it makes you a great candidate, but you havent had a chance yet, this would be the perfect time.

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Whats Your Greatest Strength

The ever-popular greatest weakness and strength question comes in many formsand while its simple, its also important. It can be challenging to recognize your own best qualities, but focus on a strength that prove youll be a great fit for the job at hand. Then, share what youre doing to sustain and build upon this strength. Interviewers love to hear about how you push yourself to grow as a professional. And one more thing: Dont be modest! Youve earned the right to brag a little.

My biggest strength is my ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically. Ive always been good at seeing all sides of a situation and adjusting my tone and messaging accordingly. But in my junior year, I took a class on negotiation, and it helped me enhance those skills. Additionally, I got a lot of hands-on experience in effective communication in my role as coordinator of Greek life at my college. I had to defuse a lot of sensitive situations. I look forward to putting my diplomacy skills to work as your HR intern, working with people from diverse backgrounds to meet their individual needs.

Tell Me About A Time When You Were Not Satisfied With Your Performance

08 common Interview question and answers – Job Interview Skills

Here, the interviewer gets to know the extent of ownership you take while performing any task. It also reflects how well you care about the job and the company.

Sample answer:

When I initially joined my job right after college, there was a point where I was constantly becoming dependent on the team members to get work done. I did not like this as I wanted to carry out my responsibilities in an independent manner along with working in a team. I wasted no time and quickly learned the working dynamics of the project and received various assignments related to the project. The more assignments I worked on with minimal help, the more confident I became and the more sense of ownership is provided. I felt more independent and I was lauded multiple times for my dedication, my sense of ownership, and how quickly I was able to adapt to the project.

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Will You Lie For The Company Under Any Circumstances

To be honest, this question is not commonly asked anymore. However, just be prepared for this question. It is a tricky one to answer as you have the question of integrity and the company benefits in line. The best thing to do here is to be diplomatic.

Sample answer:

I believe in the principle of honesty. So, my willingness to be a part of the lie would depend on the situation and the outcomes associated with it. If my lie will not jeopardize anyone and brings a positive result for the company and the employees, then I can be a part of it. However, I do not feel good about lying.

What Was The Organizational Structure Like In The Previous Organization

Here you basically need to explain the hierarchy which was prevalent in your last organization and where you were situated I fit in it.

Take for example, you were a Senior Sub Editor in a media organization, you can mention your Skip level boss followed by Senior Associate Editor, your team lead and subordinates if any.

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Desire And Dislike Related Questions

Q #8) What do you know about this Industry and our Company?

Answer: This is a wonderful opportunity for impressing the HR interviewer. It aims to determine how much you are interested in this company and the industry. So, before you appear for the interview, research well not just about the company but also the industry.

Your lack of research into the business line of the company, its culture, and other such things can have you eliminated faster than you can imagine. The more you research, the more you can demonstrate your genuine inclination to work with them.

Start with a brief description of the industry and carry on to where the company stands among the companies of that industry. Talk about their product, services and mission statements. Move on to their work culture and environment and finish with what extra-curricular they emphasize along with what about them have caught your fancy.

Q #9) Tell us one thing you Like and Dislike about your previous/current positions.

Answer: Go for the answers that are relevant and specific to the position you have applied for. Never say things like it was an easy commute or there were great benefits. It might send you job hunting again.

Instead, be someone who values the same workplace qualities that the company you are interviewing for. Or be the one who can make teams with strong camaraderie. HR would prefer the candidates with above likes and with those who want opportunities on the cutting edge of technology.

What Interpersonal Skills Are Important In This Role

101 HR Interview Questions Android App Review

In human resources, youll work with company leaders, peers, and team members as well as third parties. Excellent communication skills, the ability to express your opinions diplomatically, and patience are key skills in this role.

You might answer something like this:

As an HR professional, I would demonstrate that Im a team player and work in line with my business leaders by communicating effectively at all levels. I would strive to remain informed within my field of expertise to advise the company leaders effectively.

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What Would You Say To Your Boss If Hes Crazy About An Idea But You Think It Is Not Really Up To The Mark

You will find many such tricky HR interview questions amongst the basic interview questions and answers asked.

Always remember, whenever pitted against loyalty and honesty go for integrity.

Here’s a possible answer to this HR interview question.

Well before anything else I would like to look at the positive aspects of the ideas and give him/her an honest opinion because that is what my boss will be looking for.

Then if permitted we can discuss the changes to make the idea better than before. But in case not, then I would follow what my boss tells me to do.

Are You A Risk

This ones pretty tricky, as the answer here depends on your profession and field.

Ask yourself – is risk-taking a valuable skill for the job?

If youre a pilot, for example, the answer should be a strict No!

If, on the other hand, youre a day trader, then risk is an essential part of your job.

So, depending on how valuable risk is for your job, answer accordingly.

You could also give a more strategic answer. Lets say, for example, you work in investment banking. You need to be a risk taker to an extent, but being too risk-friendly might make the entire company go bankrupt.

The strategy in such a case would be to show that youre all about calculated risk. Youre willing to take chances, but only when the odds are in your favor.

As with most interview questions, you should give examples of situations where you had to take risks, and what the end-results were.

Possible answers:

  • Sample Answer 1:

Yes, Im a risk-taker. I believe that to achieve real results, you always need to be willing to take a certain level of risk.

Pretty much any marketing initiative you launch is tied to risk. You can plan everything from beginning till the end, but no matter how well you plan it out, things might just not work out.

Its just part of the job – in order to succeed, you need to take launch risky campaigns on a regular basis, and hopefully, one in every 5 is going to bring you massive results.

  • Sample Answer 2:

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Tell Me About A Time You Failed

This question is very similar to the one about making a mistake, and you should approach your answer in much the same way. Make sure you pick a real, actual failure you can speak honestly about. Start by making it clear to the interviewer how you define failure. For instance: As a manager, I consider it a failure whenever Im caught by surprise. I strive to know whats going on with my team and their work. Then situate your story in relation to that definition and explain what happened. Finally, dont forget to share what you learned. Its OK to faileveryone does sometimesbut its important to show that you took something from the experience.

How Many Times In A Day Does The Clocks Hand Overlap

Top 6 Common Interview Questions and Answers | Indeed Career Tips

While hearing this question for the first time, it might sound very simple but it could also be complex. Interviewers do not generally look for the correct answers. They would just want to see how well you are capable of analyzing a problem and what is your thought process to approach a problem.

Some tips to answer this question:

  • Take time to analyze the answer.
  • Note down your thought process while answering.
  • Show that you are actually in the process of solving a problem.
  • Do not blurt out answers without thinking.
  • Do not say I dont know without even trying.

Sample answer:

We know that we have 24 hours in a day. The hand first overlaps at 12:00, then at 1:05, 2:10, 3.15, 4:20, 5:25, 6:30, 7:35, 8:40, 9:45 and 10:50 two times in a day. There will be no overlap at 11:55 because the hour hand is moving towards 12 while the minute hand is at 11. This sums up the result to 22.

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While Handling Multiple Projects How Do You Keep Yourself Organized And On Track

It is common for employers to want to know how you stay on top of your game.

So, explain your way of handling the multiple tasks in detail, whether you make a calendar or a to-do list to keep track or any other way.

Possible answer to this basic interview question and answer can be framed like this.

“Since my last job role required me to multitask, I used to mark down the tasks completed throughout the day and put up a list of tasks that needed to be addressed.

This helped me to keep track of the amount of work done and what needs to be done.”

What Is The Difference Between Confidence And Over Confidence

Confidence is I can do it attitude, while overconfidence is only I can do it attitude of a person. Confidence is necessary for the person to gain success while overconfidence can ruin ones success. This is not only about Infosys Hr Interview questions. This can be asked in any reputed firm. You must ready with the above answer

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Can You Predict The Changes In The Next 3 Years Your Current Category Of Job Will Witness

This basic interview question and answer is asked to get an insight in your far-sightedness regarding your own.

So, do put in some research into what are the target areas which are expected to rise in the upcoming 3 years and answer them with proper explanation.

Possible answer to this HR interview question can be thus framed.

“Given that our work is heavily based on technology, in my opinion in the next 3 years we will witness the advent of AI. Our roles will change from creators to moderators.”

What Is Your Current Salary

10 of the most common interview questions

This question is asked to make sure that the money that you make in your current position falls within the budget that the interviewers want to provide you with.

  • Try your best to avoid telling your current salary.
  • In the current hiring market, companies do not add anything more than 35%-40% of the current salary.
  • Only in some cases where you are found to be the most perfect fit after excelling in all the rounds of the interview, the companies would be willing to offer you more hikes.
  • Some companies have a specified range dedicated to a particular position.
  • However, the job of the recruiter is to hire a candidate who can do more at less cost. Hence, disclosing your current income might land you in an unfavorable position.
  • Some tips to answer this would be:

    • Research about the salary provided by the company to that particular job role either by checking on websites like Glassdoor, Indeed or by connecting with people working in that company on Linkedin.
    • Avoid stating your current income.
    • Ask the interviewer what is the range that he/she is providing for the role.
    • Do not lie.

    Sample answer:

    I am not allowed to disclose my current salary information as my employer considers it confidential information and I am bound to that agreement. However, if you share the range that you would be provided for this position, I can let you know if my salary is in that range. Or I can also give a salary range that is based on my research of the company and based on my skills.

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