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What Are The Most Common Interview Questions For Teachers

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How Do You Handle Difficult Students

Top 10 Most Common Teacher Interview Questions- with Answers

Chapter 13. Dealing with Challenging StudentsDrop All Grudges. … Limit Negative Faculty Room Talk. … Open Parent Conferences with a Positive Statement. … Tell the Student You Understand Her Feelings. … Value the Student, Despite the Inappropriate Action. … Keep the Class Moving. … Unleash the Power of Appropriately High Expectations.Meer items…

What Do You Enjoy Most About Teaching

Sample Answer: Why the children, of course! I believe all good teachers became interested in teaching because they love children. And I also believe you have to love children and enjoy being around children in order to love teaching. I enjoy helping to mold students into what they have the potential to become. I feel like teaching, being a helping profession, is more of a calling than a career choice. Teachers do truly have the power to change lives Ive experienced that myself firsthand through the teachers that have helped me over the years. Other than enjoying being around children and helping them to become well-rounded adults, the summers off arent that bad either!

Tip: This is the perfect answer for this question because it reinforced what may truly distinguish a great teacher from a good one the love of children. Educating children is never an easy job, but it must be undertaken by someone who loves kids, and school districts know this. Showing that you love teaching, that it is not just a career to you, is a good way to get your foot in the door.

If One Of Your Students Wasn’t Completing Their Work How Would You Handle It

Sample Answer: Motivation is a big part of teaching, and motivating students who do not complete their work is an integral part to helping the student achieve success. To address this situation, I would confer with the child to find out if there is a barrier to completing the work that I can help with. If they dont understand the concept, my job is to help them understand. If there is some other personal barrier that needs to be addressed, I can point the child towards the help that they need by consulting with the guidance counselor or other official. The important thing is to get the child on the right track and to overcome the obstacle that they are facing.

Tip: School districts and interviewers want to see that a teacher is willing to work with students who may be falling behind. The school districts success and funding are dependent upon student progress and performance. By going the extra mile to work with struggling children, teachers are doing their part to help the entire district succeed.

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How Would You Encourage The Children To Work Together And To Socialize

Most children will socialize naturally, and we do not have to do anything special to make it happen. Just give them a free hand, and show some love

Nevertheless, you can suggest doing activities that naturally encourage them to cooperate together, and to talk to one another. Sports, games that have no winners and losers, and activities such as a common drawing, or a common dance are a great choice of an activity. Feel free to come up with your own ideas!

Q3 What Do You Consider To Be Informal Assessments

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A3. This may be a part of your teacher interview questions since accurate assessments are important for student growth. While in-class quizzes and exams come under informal evaluation, other aspects of a students classroom presence also help middle school teachers evaluate their performance. Qualities such as punctuality, preparedness, and behavior all help in assessing a students performance. These aspects help decide how well students understand the learning process and what can be done for improvement.

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Q1 How Important Is It To Build A Relationship With Your Students

A1. It is crucial for teachers to develop a rapport with their students. A strong relationship allows middle school teachers to identify students strengths, uniqueness, and nurture their talents. As a teacher, I always want to establish a connection with my students so that they feel important and optimistic.

How Will You Manage Challenges At Work

Interviewers want to hear that you’re aware of the challenges in your PGCE, teacher training or NQT year and have the stamina and dedication to cope. Perhaps describe how you successfully managed a demanding situation. This could be your experience of studying and working at the same time – experience of preparing lessons and managing a teaching caseload would be especially relevant.

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What Questions Are Asked In A Teacher Interview

As is the case with most industries, experience is a huge help when applying for a role as a teacher. According to statistics from the Irish Department of Education and Skills, there are about 66,000 first and second level teachers in charge of over 900,000 students! For those who love to share the joy of learning, teaching is a dream job, but it is also a competitive industry.

If you make it as far as the interview, well done! It means your Teacher CV and Cover Letter caught the eye of the hiring manager. The bad news is, you still face strict competition for teacher jobs which means you have to nail the interview. There is a certain irony in such interviews as you feel like a student in an examination! In this guide, we provide you with teacher interview questions and answers to help you prepare.

Putting It All Together


So there you have it, tips, tricks and a study guide stuffed full of questions and answers for you to go over and use for practice as you get ready for your own teacher interview questions. Check out or share with friends our other job-specific interview question article: Top 15 Nursing Interview Questions!

And as alwaysgood luck!

P.S. Now that youve got a good feel for the teacher interview questions you are going to be asked, dont forget that there are hundreds of non-teacher interview questions that you could be asked in your interview! Thankfully weve outlined the most common questions AND given you word-for-word answers in our free PDF below:

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What Does A Teaching Assistant Do

If asked about the responsibilities of a teaching assistant, you should be able to give a relatively straightforward answer. As mentioned previously, a teaching assistant helps the teacher with anything they require while teaching, allowing lessons to go smoothly. They help students by handing out lesson resources, gathering necessary equipment, logging class attendance, updating grades on student profiles and lending assistance to students.

Example answer:’A teaching assistant helps lessons run smoothly by assisting the class teacher in any way which supports the teacher’s delivery of a lesson, including helping students requiring assistance’.

Interview Questions For Teacher Training: Education And Equal Opportunities

  • How do children learn?
  • How would you deal with discrimination issues? Give an example of when you have done this.
  • Schools are diverse and you will be in multicultural settings. How have you prepared to teach young people from a range of backgrounds, cultural and otherwise
  • How would you help all pupils achieve their potential?
  • How would you go about creating an inclusive learning environment?

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What Makes You Qualified Enough To Become A Teacher In Our Establishment

This question is Im asked by the interviewer to determine your ability to defend your experience and mastery of the teaching profession you must defend yourself accordingly.

In response, you should state why you best suited for the position in their company or establishment.

Sample answer: I believe I am a good fit for this position in your establishment not only because of my experience and Academic qualifications as a teacher but because I am a goal-driven individual.

Im always motivated by achieving the best results for employers in agreement with their policies and philosophy.

What Are Some Of The Current Issues In Education

Here are some of the most common interview questions ...

Be ready with a few specific examples of topics you have heard about recently. Consider how they impact teaching and learning, always using examples from your experience where you can. You could refer to a discussion in the staff room, a news report or something you have heard about in your training. Often this may be something which is putting pressure on teachers at the moment. Keep up to date with at least one issue which relates to your subject or age group.

You may then be asked a follow up question around your opinion on this topic. Discuss how this would impact teaching and learning and, if at all possible, illustrate your point with examples from your recent experience. This might lead to additional questions specific to your personal statement or application, designed to give selectors a sense of you as an individual. Your answers should be authentic – interviewers will easily spot a textbook answer. Relax and be yourself.

Learn more about current educational issues.

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What About Our School District Intrigues You Why Do You Want To Work For Us

Tip: For this question, you must do a bit of legwork and research before the interview in order to tailor a custom response that will show the interviewer why you are interested in the particular school or school district, and what might have sparked this interest. If you have personal experience working with the district or school, you can include information about that.

For example, if you were hired as a substitute teacher for the district prior to getting your certification, then you could talk about that and how much you enjoyed your capacity as a substitute. You can also talk about different initiatives that the school has in place or is planning that interest you, or the extracurricular activities that the school offers that you find appealing. The interviewer in this case will be looking for something that validates why you want to work in their district.

How Would You Deal With An Angry Parent

Sample Answer: When dealing with an angry parent, I believe that it is important to remain calm and reasonable. It just doesn’t do any good get all fired up and lose your temper. In my experience, I have found that by dealing with people in a rational and logical manner it helps to defuse the tension in the situation. I also think it is really important to always respect other people’s points of views, regardless of what they are, and especially, when talking with a parent who is upset and angry. Parents are naturally sensitive when it comes to their children, so it is important to try to calm the parent down, listen to what they have to say, and talk with them through the issue, always keeping their point of view in mind.

Tip: When interviewing applicants, school districts are looking for teachers that are assertive and that are willing to stand up for what they believe in. Conflict in the classroom is never desirable, and schools want teachers who can get along well with other people. Yet, they realize that difficult situations and difficult people are likely to be encountered from time to time. A diplomatic candidate that can avoid being argumentative while respecting the other party is much sought-after.

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‘what Is Your Teaching Philosophy’

Whether you’re asked this specific question or directed to ‘tell me about yourself, you’ll want to be prepared with a detailed explanation of your personal philosophy. This will be based on methods learned during your schooling, your personal beliefs on how and why to communicate your knowledge to students, and your experience in any previous teaching roles.

It’s a common interview mistake to ramble and go off on too many tangents. This can be detrimental for any job but especially so for a teaching position where effective communication is a core skill. An excellent way to structure your answer on implementing your philosophy is to use the STAR method:

Another important point to consider as you formulate your response is the school’s mission and philosophy. If the school likes to focus on the individual student’s educational interests or uses a more structured environment to teach, be sure that your answers align comfortably with their goals. You don’t have to upend your entire philosophy just to mimic theirs but do show that your methods are adaptable to meet both your desired results and theirs.

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job Interview Question

5 Most Common Teachers Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Whilst I very much like my employer, and the team I am in, I feel ready for a new and fresh challenge. I had planned on staying there for many years to come, but now is the right time to move forward and I have been on the lookout for the right position to emerge within your company. I have so much to offer and I feel excited about the prospect of putting my skills, attributes and experience to test with hopefully your organisation and a new and innovative team.


Tip #1 Do not be disrespectful about, or criticize your previous manager, company or employer.

Tip #2 Say you want a fresh challenge with a new company.

Tip #3 Be respectful in your answer by telling them they are innovative and forward-thinking.

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What Would Your Former Boss Like You To Improve On Common Interview Questions

For a question like this, try to think of a minor issue that your previous boss brought up with you. Dont think of anything too drastic as it wont sell you as a candidate. Instead, think of something thats fairly insignificant. If possible, try to think of a way that you rectified the problem already, or put a positive spin on it.

Example: In my last role, my manager thought that I needed to be more vocal in meetings and when planning projects. I tended to stay quiet in these scenarios because I wanted to focus on listening to other peoples ideas, then possibly approach them individually with improvements or other follow-ups.

Why Do You Think You Will Be A Good Fit For This Teaching Position

This teacher interview question also requires you to tell the individual more about yourself.

Sample answer 1: I believe Im qualified to help the school achieve its educational goals. I see myself as an individual that is ready to take up challenges and solve problems and achieve objectives set by this organization.

Sample answer 2: Because I am committed to the teaching responsibilities as a whole and not just to this job, I place a high value on constantly discovering, learning and improving myself as a teacher.

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Why Is Anticipating Interview Questions Important

The goal of anticipating interview questions isnt to memorize responses, but rather to get comfortable talking about these topics. This advance preparation will help you feel more confident and less on the spot during the interview.

As you develop your answers, select anecdotes and specific examples from your previous work experiences to share with your interviewers.

Secondary School Teacher Interview Questions

14+ Interview Question For Teachers Gif

A secondary school teacher might be asked:

Question: In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of your subject, and how do you make sure that you teach this well?

Answer: The interviewers will be looking for evidence of your subject knowledge and your understanding of what is key to the subject, as well as anticipation and counteraction of topics that students might commonly misunderstand.

You might use learning objectives to demonstrate the most important aspects which ones are fundamental to further learning of the subject? Then touch on any ideas you have for making the content engaging and accessible, and how you will avoid misunderstandings for example, would you work through a few potential wrong answers on the board and explain where the mistakes lie? Would you encourage students to work slowly and carefully, double-checking what theyve done regularly?

Question: What have you gained by studying your main subject at university?

Answer: The obvious answer here is more detailed knowledge and understanding of the subject . However, you could also mention passion for the subject and an appreciation for different ways of thinking within it. This will help you to teach the subject well, and your students will pick up on your enthusiasm for it. An added bonus is that you might be able to run extra-curricular opportunities at the school, offering interested students a glimpse into interesting topics that arent on the curriculum.

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How Do You Handle Challenges To Your Authority

This is perhaps the single biggest issue facing teachers at all levels. If you have aggressive students or ones who continually disrupt class with their behaviour, how do you deal with it? To answer this question, outline your philosophy on discipline. For example, explain how, in your experience, forceful discipline is ineffective. Instead, you prefer to provide clear rules and limits, so the students know what is expected of them.

‘teach And Evaluate The Lesson’

No matter how much experience you have had teaching, this can be a nerve-wracking experience. You’ll have to teach a lesson to unfamiliar students in a new school setting, whilst being observed and graded. Stress can make you forget some of the most basic public speaking skills, so remember to maintain positive body language and a warm smile, and to avoid talking too fast.

Ask for a seating chart before you begin or ask the students to introduce themselves if it’s a small enough group. Your interviewers will be impressed if you can then refer to pupils by name in your evaluation.

The lesson may not go perfectly, but that’s okay because an important teaching skill is being able to self-critique. Your assessors will want you to note any problems, as well as how you would improve or use different tactics for the next lesson. Also address how you were successful, referencing a lively group discussion or the individual student’s progress, and how you would build on it.

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