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What Are The Top 5 Interview Questions

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Do You Consider Yourself Successful

Interview Tips: Top 5 Interview Questions

This question might make you uncomfortable. But you can think of it as an opportunity to allow the interviewer to get to know you better and to position yourself as an excellent choice for this job. First off, make sure you say yes! Then pick one specific professional achievement youre proud of that can be tied back to the role youre interviewing forone that demonstrates a quality, skill, or experience that would help you excel in this position. Youll want to explain why you consider it a success, talk about the process in addition to the outcome, and highlight your own accomplishment without forgetting your team. Zooming in on one story will help if you feel awkward tooting your own horn!

What Made You Excited To Get Up And Come To Work At Your Last Job

It’s true that many people dislike their jobs. For the companies that want to have the best culture and employer brand though, it’s important that employees are emotionally invested in coming to work. No doubt you have many employees for whom this is the case, your goal should be to swell their ranks!

Explore why candidates found their last role exciting and what motivated them to keep dig deep when the going got tough. If they didn’t find their last role stimulating, find out why.

Are they likely to find work at your company interesting? This is more important than you think. It can be a great motivator for those late nights and lengthy projects.

What Kind Of Work Environment Do You Perform Best In

Hopefully, your truthful answer to this question will line up with the type of environment at the company youre applying to. The interviewer is trying to see whether or not youd be able to stay at the company for a long timethey dont want to have to find a replacement for you in one month because you cant stand hearing background noise.

But dont change your answer based on the environment of the company just because its what you think they want to hear. Instead, explain how youll be able to adapt to the environment if its different from what youre used to.

For example, if you work best in a quiet environment with very few distractions but youre applying to a fast-paced company with lots of chatty employees, describe the steps youd take to make sure you get your work done . Hint: Read Deep Work by Cal Newport. Itll give you some great techniques for managing distractions!

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Are You Willing To Relocate

While this may sound like a simple yes-or-no question, its often a little bit more complicated than that. The simplest scenario is one where youre totally open to moving and would be willing to do so for this opportunity. But if the answer is no, or at least not right now, you can reiterate your enthusiasm for the role, briefly explain why you cant move at this time, and offer an alternative, like working remotely or out of a local office. Sometimes its not as clear-cut, and thats OK. You can say you prefer to stay put for xyz reasons, but would be willing to consider relocating for the right opportunity.

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Questions About You And Your Goals

Five Smart Questions You Should Ask During a Job Interview ...

Another crucial aspect of an interview? Getting to know a candidate. Thats why youll likely encounter questions about how you work, what youre looking for , and what your goals are. Its a good sign if your interviewers want to make sure youll be a good fitor addto the team. Use it as an opportunity!

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Go Beyond The Common Interview Questions

Yes, the job search is intimidating, but reviewing interview questions and answers in advance is one way to calm your nerves and boost your confidence. Are you looking for more ways to stand apart from the competition? Set up a free profile with Monster and we can send you career advice, workplace insights, and more job interview tips directly to your inbox. It’s a quick and easy way to stay one step ahead.

From Your Resume It Seems You Took A Gap Year Would You Like To Tell Us Why That Was

Gap years are more popular in some cultures than others. In some professions, gap years may have a negative connotation .

Let your interviewer know that your gap year wasnt about procrastinating over your transition from childhood to adulthood, but that it added value to the confident professional you have become. Based on what part of the world youre in and how common these are, employers are likely looking to hear stories of what you did and how your experiences have benefitted and prepared you for this role.

Provide a short explanation of why you decided to pursue a gap year, then focus on what came out of it that made a positive difference for your future.

Example: During my last year of high school, I didnt feel ready to choose my educational path, so I took a wilderness course for a few months to sort out my life goals. It may seem a little random, but the time I spent actually helped my develop so many new skills in the areas of leadership, communication, . During that time, I realized that I wanted to earn a degree in to align with my passion .

To make a winning impression, youll need to answer each question with poise and passion. But practicing first really helps. Meticulous preparation will allow you to appear confident and in control, helping position you as the ideal candidate when the competition is tough.

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Provocative Things To Ask For Hypothetical Situations

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Hypothetical questions are a great way of figuring out the candidate will perform in a certain situation. They can tell you more about their personality, conflict resolution approaches, and overall performance.

Here are 8 interesting hypothetical interview questions:

37. Tell me about a time you were the hero in your workplace.

This question may take some creative thinking but everyone has been a hero in their workplace at some stage.

38. What personal or professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

Remember personal accomplishments are just as important to your company as professional ones.

39. How would you pitch our product/service to a person you meet on the street?

If you are hiring for a sale position, this question is a great way of figuring out their cold pitch abilities.

40. If a client or a supervisor asked you for something outside of the scope of your job description, training or otherwise, how would you handle it?

The best candidates will always say something like “Ask for Help” or “Take time to research”.

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41. Tell me about a time you screwed up and what you did about it.

Mistakes happen all the time. It’s the way the candidate deals with it that will tell the whole story.

42. Have you ever dealt with someone with an ego in any of your previous roles?

The answer to this one is always yes. But listen out for the way they dealt with this person as this will tell you how diplomatic the candidate it.

Why Are You Looking For A Job Or Why Are You Looking For A Different Job

Top 5 Interview Questions (and how to answer them)

This question might seem innocuous, but this is how interviewers weed out the people who are either a) just looking for any job b) were fired from their last position or c) might have a high turnover rate, meaning you wonât be sticking around for too long. Focus on the positives and be specific. Think about why you are looking for a job: did you just graduate and this will be your first real job? Are you switching career paths? Are you leaving a current job for this one?

If you are currently working somewhere, you should also be prepared to answer, âwhy do you want to leave your current job for this one?â

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What Should I Know Thats Not On Your Resume

Its a good sign if a recruiter or hiring manager is interested in more than just whats on your resume. It probably means they looked at your resume, think you might be a good fit for the role, and want to know more about you. To make this wide-open question a little more manageable, try talking about a positive trait, a story or detail that reveals a little more about you and your experience, or a mission or goal that makes you excited about this role or company.

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What Can You Bring To The Company

This question is similar to, Why should we hire you? A strong answer will demonstrate the skills you have to be successful in this role as well as your potential to bring a new perspective to the business.

Research the company in-depth to understand its culture and business needs. Explain why your skills, experience and characteristics uniquely position you to advance organizational objectives. Use an example from your work experience that speaks to your skill set.

Example answer:My problem-solving abilities allow me to work extremely well under pressure, which I understand is a common occurrence in this role. In a previous position as the purchasing lead, I had to decide which supplies to order to stay within the budget, but I had a limited amount of time to make a decision. I quickly created a spreadsheet that helped me compare manufacturers prices and was able to order the necessary supplies on time and within our budget. I used the spreadsheet throughout the rest of my time with the company to help them save over $500,000. I will bring the same interest and motivation for making an impact here at ABC Company.

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The Top 5 Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

A job interview is more than just an opportunity for a candidate to showcase the skills they can bring to your organisation. Its also the time to uncover whether their values and past behaviours are the right fit for your business and, importantly, what it will take to motivate them to perform to their best.

Taking the time to plan the questions you are going to ask prepares you with an objective mindset and a measurable baseline to rate candidates against the key criteria you are seeking.

The SEEK Interview Builder features a selection of best-practice questions employers and recruiters can use to design their own interview template.

SEEKs Talent Acquisition Director Sarah Beck and Optuss Head of Talent Acquisition Catherine Fitzgerald explain the questions SEEK found were the most commonly asked in an interview and what they can tell you about your potential new employee.

Why Did You Decide To Leave Your Previous/current Job

Pin on Career Development

When asking this question, the interviewer wants to learn:

  • Did you have a good reason for leaving your last job? The HR manager doesnt want someone that just jumps ship the moment things go bad.

Incorrect Example:

Oh, well, the company started bleeding cash and was on its way to bankruptcy.

Correct Example:

I felt like it was time – I got to a point where everything I was doing felt monotonous. I learned as much as I could at this position while delivering amazing results. It was, however, time to switch to something new.

  • Did you leave on good terms? Meaning, did you go through the offboarding process, instructing your coworkers on how to take up your responsibilities? Or did you just say Adios and stopped showing up at work?

Incorrect Example:

Things started to get really boring, and the boss man was kind of mean. I totally deserve better, so I just ghosted them and now Im looking for a new company. Hi!

Correct Example:

I didnt feel like the companys values coincide with mine. The management was too controlling and micromanaging. I prefer to have some control over my work, and being able to contribute by going above and beyond my requirements.

Of course, I went through the off-boarding properly. Meaning, gave a timely resignation notice, and transferred all the essential company knowledge to my replacement.

  • Did you leave voluntarily, or were you fired?

Incorrect Example:

I got fired for missing work for a week without an excuse.

Correct Example:

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What Are The Next Steps In Your Recruitment Process Before You Can Make An Offer

This is a good next steps question great for a candidate to ask last as it closes up the interview, Brady says.

Finally, theres the question of how many of these questions to ask. Dont ask them all!

Theres no perfect number of questions you should ask, but more than one is usually good. Aoife Brady says candidates should always ask at least two or three questions.

And if thats not enough to really find out all that you want to know, just check with the interviewer and they should be happy to tell you how many questions they have time to answer.

Is There Anything Else Youd Like Us To Know

Just when you thought you were done, your interviewer asks you this open-ended doozy. Dont panicits not a trick question! You can use this as an opportunity to close out the meeting on a high note in one of two ways, Zhang says. First, if there really is something relevant that you havent had a chance to mention, do it now. Otherwise, you can briefly summarize your qualifications. For example, Zhang says, you could say: I think weve covered most of it, but just to summarize, it sounds like youre looking for someone who can really hit the ground running. And with my previous experience , I think Id be a great fit.

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What Kind Of Work Environment Do You Like Best

Maybe you love working alone, but if the job you’re interviewing for is in a call center, that answer will do you no good.

So take a step back and think about the job you’re applying for and the company’s culture . If a flexible schedule is important to you, but the company doesn’t offer one, focus on something else. If you like constant direction and support and the company expects employees to self-manage, focus on something else.

Find ways to highlight how the company’s environment will work well for you — and if you can’t find ways, don’t take the job, because you’ll be miserable.

Whats Your Understanding Of The Role And Why Are You Interested

Top 5 Best Buy Interview Questions and Answers

An interview is a two-way street, especially in this highly competitive job market where chances are good that the person you are interviewing is also being lured by your competitors.

Fitzgerald says asking this helps determine whether the candidate has an accurate concept of the role and if they genuinely want to be with your organisation. Its investigating the motivation behind their application.

You are looking for someone who can show you they have thought about and prepared for this role, and that your company is at the top of their wish list.

The best answers, she says, will be able to define the role at a high level, and identify potential opportunities as well as challenges it may bring.

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B Technical Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

These questions are at the core of technical interviews. If youre the hiring manager or a team member who does a similar job as the position youre hiring for, youll want to ask these questions. Note that technical does not mean tech-related in this case, it means specific and job-related.

To find the best technical interview questions to ask potential employees, search for the role youre hiring for in our vast library of 350+ interview question samples. Here are examples of jobs companies are often looking to fill:

Technical questions are usually part of the second interview questions to ask candidates who have been shortlisted after the initial interview or screening call. In this stage, youre evaluating the candidates ability to actually do the job.

Do You Have Any Serious Medical Conditions

When asking this question, the interviewer wants to learn if you have any medical conditions that could impair your ability to do the job correctly.

In most cases, youre not obliged to give an answer. If you do have a health condition, and it doesnt have anything to do with your career, you can simply choose not to answer, or to say No.

However, you might want to disclose anything that could potentially have an impact on how you perform.

For example, if the job requires you to lift heavy boxes, for example, and youre not able to do so because of a condition, you should let the HR manager know.

Possible answers:

I dont have any serious medical conditions

Im unable to lift heavy objects because of issues with my back, but it wont have any impact on how I perform at an office job

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Are You A Team Player

Wherever youre applying, the answer to this question should be a Yes!

Even if youre applying for a completely solo role, chances are, youre still going to have to work in a team occasionally.

Wed recommend being very specific about your answer here – dont just say yes. Give the interviewer an exact example of when you excelled at working with a team.

Possible answers:

  • Sample Answer 1:

Im much better at working in a team than alone, actually. Thats what I love about working in advertising – everyone has their own specific type of a creative spark, and when you combine it all, magic happens!

Im good at both leading and following in terms of creativity and brainstorming. Im also super receptive to others ideas, and do my best to help them execute it without nay-saying or criticism.

  • Sample Answer 2:

Yep, definitely. I excel at team-work.

This one time while working at , I was assigned to an existing team working on a web application for a business process management company.

They were working on a tight deadline, and needed help on the API side.

I optimised their development cycles and oversaw a team of three developers while collaborating with the other two dev teams.

Everything went pretty well, and we managed to finish the project on time.

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