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What Do I Need For A Interview

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Do Extensive Research On The Company

5 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

You should thoroughly research the company you are interviewing with, as you want to make sure you understand the business and anticipate the kinds of questions the interviewer may ask. Good research would include the following:

  • Do a Google search on the company.
  • Review the companys website .
  • Review press releases from the company.
  • Read over the companys blog if it has one.
  • Review press articles written about the company.
  • If the company is public, review its SEC filings at
  • Review the companys LinkedIn page.
  • Review information about the companys competitors.
  • Tap into your network of contacts to get any insight into the company you can.

Prepare For Different Types Of Interviews

There are three primary types of interviews. A behavioral interview focuses on how you react in employment-based situations. Most of the questions present specific scenarios and allow you to address how you might handle them. Experiential interviews focus on your previous experience and the decisions you made in the past. The third type of interview is a combination of both behavioral and experiential interviews.

Examples From Your Career Story

Memorizing every possible answer to every possible interview question and behavioral question that might come your way could drive you full-on nuts, and it may also put you at risk for coming across as robotic and disconnected.

Instead, consider thinking about how youd weave examples from your career story around common questions like, Tell me about a time when you disappointed a client, Whats your greatest weakness?, or Describe a stressful situation you had with a colleague, and how you handled it.

You might even jot a few notes down in that notepad you brought along to refer to later. Youre heading into that interview with the expectation that it will be a genuine, engaging conversation. Its mighty hard to pull this off if youre madly searching your recall for the perfectly memorized response for every question.

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What Documents Do I Need For Marriage Based Green Card Interview Questions

You need to have the following documents for the marriage based Green Card interview questions:

  • An appointment for the interview issued by the NVC.
  • The valid passport for 6 months.
  • 1 photo of the page where your photo and name are displayed.
  • 2 color passport size photos with a white background.
  • Civil documents and a photocopy of the document sent to the NVC.
  • Results of a recent medical exam.
  • The confirmation page for Form DS-260, Application for Immigration Visa and Alien Registration that you submitted to
  • A signed statement supporting Form I-864 and supporting documents for your petition.
  • Proof of the US status such as Green Card, naturalization certificate, American passport, or others.
  • Have legal translations of any document that is not in English.

What To Wear To An Interview

5 Things to do Before a Job Interview

While many employers expect candidates to dress smartly, a growing number encourage casual wear at work, making it trickier than ever to choose an interview outfit.

What you’ll be expected to wear depends on factors such as the size of the company, the industry it operates in and the culture it promotes. For example, a small creative agency may have different standards to a major accountancy firm.

If you’re unsure on the dress code, ask before attending the interview. The key point to remember is that it’s better to be too smart than too casual. Only opt for a more casual outfit if you’re certain that’s acceptable – if there’s any doubt, go for smart business attire. Whatever you choose, make sure that your clothes are ironed and your shoes are clean.

For telephone and online interviews make sure you dress as though the interview is in person. Sitting in your tracksuit bottoms trying to act professional probably isnt going to go too well.

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Why Do I Want To Share My Experience

Ive somehow miraculously managed to overcome the obstacles and find my way to my dream job. This is by no means my way of bragging. It is not my intention at all.

I truly want to help others like me who are struggling to land their dream job. Ive been through it. I understand the hardship, the sweat and tears of preparing for a programming interview. I believe that the world isnt a zero-sum game the more people who do better in life, the better our society becomes, and the more prosperous well all be as a result of that. Its a win-win situation.

Hopefully these tips are able to help another job seeker out there! Good luck! ?

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Are You A Team Player

According to the Coding Dojo blog, the most qualified applicants are those who know how to operate in a team during long weeks of intense projects. They are looking for students with excellent collaboration skills who can share knowledge and are willing to support their classmates.

Sample Answer

Yes, I am a team player. In my current career as a digital marketer, I work with the SEO team, content creation team, and social media team to produce successful projects. We all share ideas and develop solutions that promote our clients brand and company culture.

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Why Did You Choose Coding Dojo

Your answer to this question should be a sales pitch on behalf of the bootcamp. There are hundreds of bootcamps out there, so your answer needs to be specific enough to show the interviewer that you researched thoroughly about the bootcamp provider before deciding to apply.

Sample Answer

The more knowledge I have about in-demand technologies, the better prepared I will be as a software developer. I chose Coding Dojo because I believe it provides the most value compared to other bootcamps. Learning three full stacks will give me an advantage over my competition. The career services this bootcamp provides make me confident that I can find a job in my field after graduating.

Determine The Fastest Route To The Interview

How to Shoot an Interview

Use helpful mobile applications that monitor local traffic and map out the fastest route to your interview. Consider the time of day in which your interview occurs and if there are any traffic concerns in your area at that time. Determine how long the drive takes and leave yourself that amount of time to get there before leaving.

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Enrollment On Arrival Interviews

Enrollment on Arrival is a new program operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to allow Global Entry applicants who are conditionally approved to complete their interviews upon arrival into the United States at about a dozen airports.

So you cant just show up out of the blue you need to have submitted your application prior to arriving and be conditionally approved.

Ive heard somewhat mixed things about enrollment on arrival experiences. Some have been able to effortlessly make their way through the interview in a matter of minutes and complete their Global Entry process.

In other situations, applicants have had issues finding where to go or finding personnel to tend to their application due to staff shortages or simply because someone was on break.

It seems like there may have been growing pains since it was recently launched so Im sure things have gotten better.

Tip: Use the free app WalletFlo to help you travel the world for free by finding the best travel credit cards and promotions!

Consider Stories From Previous Positions

Interviewers often ask questions that encourage you to describe situations that occurred in previous positions. This gives them a better understanding of how you might react to similar situations that occur within their workplace. Before your interview, think back to your previous positions to memorable situations that you excelled in. Use them as examples to answer certain questions.

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Treats For The Interviewer

It may be tempting to bring a treat like a cookie, piece of chocolate, or cup of coffee for the interviewer. While this may seem like a nice gesture, Joe Wilson, Senior Career Advisor at MintResume, strongly discourages it. If you do this, your interviewer may misconstrue it as a bribe.

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Use Of An Interpreter

How To Answer Interview Questions

An applicant who is not fluent in English may require the help of an interpreter for the I-485 interview. Also known as a translator, the interpreter should be a disinterested party. In other words, the interpreter should not have a clear bias. For example, the petitioner has a bias to see your application approved and is typically not a satisfactory interpreter. However, you dont necessarily need to pay someone to translate. An immigration officer may exercise discretion to allow a friend of the applicant to act as interpreter. If the officer is fluent in the applicants preferred language, the officer may conduct the examination in that language without use of an interpreter.

The interpreter should take a valid, government-issued identity document and a prepared Form G-1256 to USCIS on the day of the I-485 interview. The applicant and interpreter both sign Form G-1256 at the interview in front of the officer.

The USCIS officer may disqualify an interpreter provided by the applicant if the officer believes the integrity of the examination is compromised by the interpreters participation or the officer determines the interpreter is not competent to translate.

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Your Printable Job Interview Preparation Checklist

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You got the call for an interview – congratulations! In the grand scheme of things, the hard part is behind you. An interview means three things:

1.That the place you’ve applied to feels like you are one of the best candidates for the position

2.On paper it already looks like you can do the job

3. You’ve got to prove both number one and number two in an interview

Interviews are about 80 percent preparation and 20 percent execution. The more prepared you are, the better you’ll do.

Print off this checklist and be sure to check each thing off before you walk out the door.

Be On Message From The Outset

Politicians coached in handling the media are always advised to have a maximum of three key messages to get across, which they should stick to and repeat throughout any interview.

Similarly, its a good idea to have two or three key points that you want to make about what you have to offer and what youre looking for for example, Im ready for the challenge of managing a team, I combine compliance experience with technical expertise, in my career, Ive developed an extensive digital transformation skillset.

These are the three key points that you want your interviewer to remember about you. So try and work them in naturally whenever you can, even in the first few minutes. Its also important to have a ready answer for some of the most common questions that come up early on such as Tell me why you want this job and Whats your understanding of what this job involves?

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Why Should We Hire You

This interview question seems forward , but if youre asked it, youre in luck: Theres no better setup for you to sell yourself and your skills to the hiring manager. Your job here is to craft an answer that covers three things: that you can not only do the work, but also deliver great results that youll really fit in with the team and culture and that youd be a better hire than any of the other candidates.

Why Is A Job Interview Important

Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a JOB INTERVIEW!)

A job interview is a key part of the job application process. An interview gives an employer the chance to put a face to a name after having read your CV and cover letter, and then dig further into the skills, experience and knowledge youve stated.An interview also lets an employer see how you approach a question or problem when put on the spot some interviews will call for candidates to complete a task on the day. While you can write your CV or cover letter before submitting it, or prepare for an interview to some extent, you cant guarantee exactly what questions youll be asked on the day. This allows an employer to compare you against similar candidates.An interview can give an employer a feel for you as a person and decide if you would get on well in that team and working culture.But an interview is also an opportunity for you as a candidate to judge whether that role is right for you. Here you can meet the people youll work alongside, visit their office and get a feel for the environment , and ask any questions you have about the role.

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Tell Me About A Conflict You Faced At Work And How You Dealt With It

This question is important to ace because it helps an interviewer understand how you deal with conflict. It also helps test how well you think on your feetâso if you prepare ahead of time with a specific example, youâll avoid the awkward moment of silence while you try to think of an example.

Once you have an example in mind, simply explain what happened, how you resolved the issue in a professional manner, and try to end the story with a happy note about how you reached a resolution or compromise with your co-worker.

Things To Do Right In An Interview

These tips will help you prepare for the big day of your professional interview! Follow these tips and you’ll get through the big interview with flying colors! Whether you have a mock interview, or are starting to prepare for your professional career, practice these tips to properly prepare for the big day!

1) Dressing the Part

In order to impress the company you’re interviewing with, you must dress accordingly. Wearing business attire, suites, a nice dress, or a pantsuit if you’re a girl, you want to avoid dressing in your normal day clothes, including yoga pants.

Always wear the appropriate attire, and make sure to wear professional business attire as well as to practice good hygiene and present yourself like you want the company to see you.

2) Review the Questions The Interviewers Will Ask You

Make sure to prepare a list of questions that could possibly be asked by the interviewer. You can practice your interviewing skills with a friend, or you could sign up for an interview with Interviewstream through the Pomerantz Career Center. The Interviewstream will ask questions assimilated with actual professional interviews, and you will get to see the feedback from your interview. All you need is a camera, or you can even schedule an interview in the interview stream room at the Pomerantz Career Center!

3) Do Enough Research on the Company

4) Be Respectful of the Interviewers

5) Good Non-Verbal Behavior

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Am I Ready For The Coding Dojo Interview

Yes, you are ready for the Coding Dojo interview. Now that you know some of the questions you will be asked during the coding bootcamp interview and how to answer them, you can relax.

“Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!”

Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

Coding Dojo does not ask technical interview questions so as not to discourage complete beginners with no prior software engineering experience. Just make sure you research thoroughly before your interview and think before you answer specific questions.

Know What To Expect At The Interview

During the interview interview questions part 2

Not all interviews are the same, so find out what you’ll need to do at the interview before you go.

You may need to:

  • prepare to be interviewed by a panel of two or more people or go through a series of interviews
  • take a test before or after the interview to find out if youre suitable for the job
  • prepare and lead a presentation as part of the interview, so make sure youll have access to any equipment you need such as a laptop or projector
  • take part in group activities to test your teamwork and leadership abilities.

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How Do You Prioritize Your Work

Your interviewers want to know that you can manage your time, exercise judgement, communicate, and shift gears when needed. Start by talking about whatever system youve found works for you to plan your day or week, whether its a to-do list app you swear by or a color-coded spreadsheet. This is one where youll definitely want to lean on a real-life example. So go on to describe how youve reacted to a last-minute request or another unexpected shift in priorities in the past, incorporating how you evaluated and decided what to do and how you communicated with your manager and/or teammates about it.

What Is Zoom Is It Safe

Zoom is an online platform for video- and audio-conferencing, much like Skype, Google Hangouts, or even FaceTime. However, Zoom offers a lot more features, and many companies use it to host online meetings, training sessions, seminars, and now video interviews.

You may have heard of Zoom in the news. Since its explosion in popularity, its privacy and safety has been questioned, with technology and security experts digging into the software in recent months and finding some lapses in security. However, Zoom continues to address these issues and release new features to help protect your privacy.

Wired recently reported that Zoom’s security is just fine for most people. If you’re interviewing for a job, you shouldn’t be too concerned. Chances are, the hiring manager you’re interviewing with has taken the proper steps needed to make sure your meeting is private.

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