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What Is A Hirevue On Demand Interview

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How To Face An Interview On Video

On Demand Video Interview Tips & Tricks

Your skills and personality go a long way in video interviews. Dont feel nervousyoure going to be amazing! If you have any questions about using HireVue, you can always contact us. Were here to help!

Treat it like any other interview

Prepare for your HireVue like you would for any job interview. Always do some research about the job and company. Spend some time thinking about how your skills align with the job requirements. Employers enjoy hearing about your learning ability, problem solving skills, dependability, and ability to be a team player. To prepare, create a list of brief stories about challenges youve faced, approaches you took, and results you achieved at previous jobs or in school. Study them and become comfortable talking about your previous roles. You can even keep your notes next to you in case you need a reminder during the interview. Also, as youre practicing interview questions, we recommend using the STAR framework to organize your thoughts and responses. The acronym stands for Situation,Task,Action, and Result. Describe the situation you were in, the task at hand, the actions you took, and the results.

Create the perfect interview environment

Practice makes perfect

Set aside roughly an hour to take your HireVue

Lastly, be yourself!

What about people who live with disabilities. Can you still take a HireVue?

Check our tips for neurodiverse job candidates to find more ways to increase your comfort and confidence in virtual interviews here.

Pay Close Attention To Candidate Experience In Your Video Interview

Another critical error hiring managers make is not thinking through how hard they are making the experience for the candidates, says Chip. They should always be thinking, What can we do to make it easy for people to become a part of the organization, he says. The actual workflow shouldnt be an egregious terrible thing to go through.

To that end, most of these on demand platforms allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the software by practicing using the recording features so that they feel comfortable before recording.

But, some are more geared to the candidate experience. For example, Montage Talent includes a lot of candidate-centric features such as drop down notepads, where candidates can write notes about what theyre going to say for the questions, as well as checklists for testing camera, lighting, and sound properly.

How To Prepare For The Hirevue Interview

Once you access HireVues online portal, you will be given a chance to practice with some sample questions. Youll be able to record yourself and watch how you give your responses so that you can look more polished, prepared, and professional once you actually do the real interview.

To do well for the HireVue Interview, you need to go over some standard questions that are commonly asked in behavioral or fit interviews.

Heres a list that can help you get you started:

  • Why are you applying for this position?
  • How did you deal with a difficult co-worker in your previous work experiences?
  • How did you handle a drastic change in role to achieve a goal?
  • Why do you think you are the right candidate for this position?
  • What current events are you following at the moment? Why are they interesting?
  • Do you have an expertise or unique experience that can benefit our team?
  • What is the most important leadership experience you have? And why?
  • What efforts do you make to keep abreast of financial markets and business news?
  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • What relevant skills have you gained from your past work or internship that are easily transferable and directly beneficial to the new role youre applying for?
  • Why are you looking for a new role in our company?
  • What were your top responsibilities at your current/previous position?
  • What are your three main weaknesses?
  • How will you use your background and skills to succeed in this role?
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    What Happens In An Accenture Hirevue Interview

    In a HireVue interview, you’ll record yourself answering questions.

    Those questions might be shown to you as a couple of lines of text or they might be displayed as a pre-recorded video by someone at Accenture asking you that question.

    Then, you’ll get around 30 seconds to prepare your answer and around two minutes to answer.

    The number of questions varies, so be ready to answer anything from 2 to 5 questions.

    You can answer on your cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer – as long as it has a camera.

    Why Do Companies Use One

    HireVue Interview Preparation

    One-way video interviews are often used to accelerate the hiring process, remove scheduling barriers, reduce hiring bias, and provide a more flexible interview process for candidates. By allowing interviewers and interviewees alike to participate on their own time, one-way video interviews allow more candidates the opportunity to explain why they are right for a role. This standardizes the process, so every applicant is asked the same questions, making the hiring process fairer than traditional early-stage interviews.

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    Simple / Light Technical Questions

    Automated systems are not capable of scoring your answers to in-depth technical questions, let alone having a true back-and-forth discussion as a human interviewer could.

    So, if you do get a technical question, it will be simple and generic:

    • What are the three main financial statements?
    • Walk me through a DCF.
    • What does WACC mean, and how do you calculate it?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of equity and debt?
    • How would you evaluate a merger between two companies?
    • Whats the Treasury Stock Method?

    You should be able to answer these with your eyes closed if youve done a moderate amount of preparation.

    For sales & trading, you can expect more market-oriented and pitch-type questions .

    How To Prepare For Accenture’s Hirevue

    Start with what you can control.

    Start your interview in a place that is quiet – away from kids, pets, lawnmowers, etc. Not only will the person viewing your video have a hard time understanding you, loud noises right when you are about to answer a question might sap your confidence.

    Even though you might be at home, dress as if you were at an in-person interview. People viewing your answers appreciate the professionalism of someone that took the time to think about this issue and record using appropriate clothing.

    Lighting is absolutely key. If you record in an environment with low light, you’ll come across as a blurry, barely recognizable mess on video – which does not help your chances of getting hired. Open your curtains to let in lots of natural light or turn on lights to brighten up the environment. When it comes to lighting, more is always better – as long as the lights aren’t pointed at your camera!

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    Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Hirevue Interview

    The best way to keep your cool during a HireVue interview is to adequately prepare. Yes, you’ve already practiced answering some of the most common questions, but here are a few tips you’ll want to use ahead of your interview:

    1. Analyze yourself by recording yourself in selfie mode answering the common questions, noting:

    • Your eye contact with the camera. Instead of staring at yourself on the screen, focus on looking directly into the camera. If you have to, place a sticky note over the part of the screen reflecting your face.

    • Your voice’s inflection. You’ll want to find a happy medium between sounding overly enthusiastic and deadpan.

    • Your facial expressions. HireVue can score you negatively if you smile too much or come off as overly friendly. This also applies to frowning and looking down.

    • Your verbal tics, such as uhm or like.

    The key is to act natural and confident not overly rehearsed or fake. It’s all about balance.

    2. Research the company, the position, and the industry, just like you would for a traditional interview. Familiarize yourself with its products and/or services, and read up on its history and recent news. Follow this pre-interview checklist to ensure you hit all the main points.

    3. Dress professionally, just like you would for an in-person interview.

    Easy To Implement More Secure And Built To Scale Recorded Video Interviews

    HireVue Video Interview: 5 MISTAKES You Need to AVOID

    HireVue live and on-demand video interviewing platform powers a more convenient and scalable process for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Recruiters and hiring teams can consistently evaluate recorded video interviews, seeing more candidates in less time, eliminating endless interviews and making great hires faster. Candidates have the opportunity to interview on their own time in any comfortable setting.

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    A Final Word Of Advice For Your Hirevue Interview

    Sure, HireVue might be a newer, less familiar interviewing tool which can make the whole thing feel a bit scary but if you adequately prepare for your interview and know what to expect, you will do well. The key is to continue to familiarize yourself with the technology and build your confidence by practicing. The more comfortable you feel, the better you’ll score.

    Good luck!

    Whether you’re preparing for a text, video, phone, or in-person interview, get all the practice you need with our professional interview coaches.

    What Is A Hirevue Interview Where Does It Fit Into The Process

    Right after you submit your application to a large bank for an internship or entry-level full-time role, youll receive an invitation to complete a video interview.

    Youll have to click the link and complete the interview within a few days.

    The interview consists of 3-5 questions that you receive on-screen.

    For each question, you get 30 seconds of preparation time, and then you get 90 seconds to recite your answer into your webcam.

    The questions are mostly behavioral/fit, along with an occasional or light technical one.

    Some firms let you re-record your answer a few times if you werent happy with your first effort.

    The entire recording session might last 10-15 minutes altogether.

    Then, an employee of the bank will review your answers , but an AI might also score your responses.

    Banks claim that this AI can detect body language, facial expressions, and thousands of other subtle signals that indicate whether or not youd perform well in the role, based on data from top performers.

    Its not clear if the human score or the AI score takes precedence, and different banks may do it differently.

    So, the usual investment banking recruiting process for Analyst roles in the U.S. now goes like this:

  • Win 1-2 finance-related internships in Year 1 and 2 of undergrad and network with humans at large banks.
  • Submit your resume and application online.
  • If you pass, complete the HireVue interview with a robot.
  • If you pass, do a phone interview with a human.
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    Tips For Getting Through A Hirevue Interview

    Before the Interview

    Although an HireVue On Demand interview can be mutually beneficial for candidates and employers, it can still be stressful if youve never done one before. Fortunately, there are several things you can do in advance to become more comfortable.

    First, read any instructions that you receive from the employer along with your HireVue On Demand interview link. They might offer specific recommendations in regard to dress code or share some additional insight into the types of questions they plan to ask. If theres no recommendation for dress code, err on the side of caution and dress the way you would for a typical in-person interview.

    Next, make sure youve determined that the technology you plan to use is working properly. If youre taking the interview on your smartphone, you’ll need to download the HireVue app. If you plan to use a desktop, you will need to have access to a webcam, a microphone, and the internet.

    During the Interview

    When its time for the interview itself, make sure you get rid of any distractions before starting HireVue. That means silencing any phone notifications, ensuring that any roommates or pets will not disturb you, and clearing your interview environment of any clutter. You should also ensure that the lighting is sufficient for your interview.

    Tips For Acing Your On Demand Video Interview

    Web interviews put job hunters on hot seat at home ...

    Virtual hiring is the standard now, with 86% of companies now using technology like on demand video interviews, also known as one-way video interviews, to recruit and meet candidates. As an alternative to phone screens, an on demand interview is a quick way for recruiters and hiring managers to determine if candidates meet the role requirements and fit the company culture.

    As the candidate, a one-way video interview is generally the first step in your interview process. You can expect to receive an email with a link inviting you to answer pre-chosen questions from the recruiter or hiring manager. Then, using the camera on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you will record your answers to the on demand video interview questions and submit them for review.

    While some people may find video interviews intimidating, especially since recruiters can make a decision whether to hire you within the first 90 seconds, the key is preparation. With these 6 on demand video interview tips, you will easily wow your prospective employer and stand out amongst all of their top candidates:

  • Be present and authentic
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    Accenture’s Hirevue Interview Specifics

    The questions asked will be mostly behavioral ones, so make sure you are brushed up on how to answer those. The best way to answer them is via the STAR method – if you aren’t familiar with how to ace every question using that method, check out the video below.

    You also want to be aware of Accenture’s corporate values. You want to answer the behavioral questions on HireVue through the lens of those values. This will make the hiring manager’s life very easy as they are looking for those values in every person they evaluate.

    You can find Accenture’s corporate values on its website. Also take a look at their website to familiarize yourself with Accenture’s history and corporate goals, because knowledge of those can be extremely helpful in an interview.

    For The Recent College Graduate

    If you are a yet-to-be-employed, recently graduated college student, the job search probably doesnt bring you a whole lot of joy. Resume after resume, cover letter after cover letter – it can feel like each application is quickly sucked into a black hole.

    With most job descriptions requiring 2+ years related experience, it is easy to wonder if most of these applications are a wasted effort. Perhaps, like most recent grads, you didnt graduate with a stellar GPA or an Ivy League degree – what chance can you have against those that did?

    On-demand video interviewing gives the average grad an advantage in a couple ways. Weve already touched on the first: it gives employers insight into your personality and ability to think on the fly. While you might have no direct experience in the workplace, you can still display competitive attributes. The second is perhaps more important for the recent grad: it signifies the employer is willing to take a chance and hire outside the box.

    Think about it this way: if an employer cared only about past experience and academic pedigree, they would only need a resume for their hiring decisions. By investing in a technology that provides a platform for candidates who dont look great on paper to display their skills, they show that they are willing to invest in less experienced applicants.

    Here are some tips to make the most of the opportunity an on-demand video interview provides:

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    Five Of The Most Common Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

    Candidate Experience, Tips & Tricks, Video Interviewing

    Interviews tend to stress most people out. But they can actually be a fun exercise in practicing your communication skills and finding out if you really belong with the company. Whether you’re sitting down for an in-person interview or utilizing a digital interview platform, here are five common questions you should know.

    Candidate Feedback Report Faqs

    How to do a Video Interview | Intro to HireVue
    What is a candidate feedback report and why have I received it?
    • At PwC Canada, we support our employees’ learning and development by regular coaching and feedback. To help you get the most out of this process, an automatic feedback report with relevant insights will be sent to you after you complete the on-demand video interview and games. The report describes your work-related competencies based on your responses and provides tips for your development.
    How did you get insights from my assessment?
    • The candidate feedback report is automatically generated from your interactions with the games platform. The games test a range of abilities and your responses and behaviours in the games are analyzed to identify patterns that could lead to success in the role.
    What does this mean about my application?
    • Your application will be reviewed once you have completed your on-demand video interview and games. The candidate feedback report is automatically generated depending on your responses. The report is a courtesy so you can get the most out of your application process. Receipt of this report does not indicate that a decision has been made one way or another.
    How do I access my report?
    • Once your insights are calculated, you will receive an email with a hyperlink inviting you to view your candidate feedback report. This link is the only way to access the report.

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    What To Expect During An Investment Banking Hirevue Interview

    Having a HireVue interview will be a new experience for many applicants because top banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have only recently begun to use HireVue.

    The first interview is provided by HireVue. It does not completely replace the more traditional, intensive recruiting process. If the first interview is successful, then a representative from the bank will contact the candidate for a second interview. From then on, any upcoming interviews will be part of the regular interview rounds, involving live interactions with analysts, associates, and even VPs and MDs.

    You will be given about 20-30 seconds for each question to think of a response. After that, youll have up to three minutes to record your answer. The amount of time given really depends on the questions. For instance, a question about why you would be the best candidate for the role will require a longer and more thoughtful response than answering a question about what your overall GPA is.

    See our investment banking interview questions and answersInterviewsAce your next interview! Check out CFI’s interview guides with the most common questions and best answers for any corporate finance job position. Interview questions and answer for finance, accounting, investment banking, equity research, commercial banking, FP& A, more! Free guides and practice to ace your interview.

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