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What Is A Phone Screen Interview

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Q What Are Your Strengths

What You Need To Know About Phone Screen Interviews

TIP: Again, make sure you focus on the job description.

This is your BLUEPRINT to the skills and qualities that they are looking for. Make sure your strengths match those listed on the job description for the role.

Your answer should provide evidence on where you have demonstrated your strengths in previous work roles or in education. And make sure you come across as relatable and genuine in your answer.

Q. What are your strengths?

I believe I can bring a number of positive qualities to this position, but one of my main strengths is that Im commercially aware, which means that in order for the company to accomplish its goals and grow as a company, I must perform to a high standard and meet all of the companys objectives, whether financial or otherwise.

I put my clients first in all I do. I am also a dependable person and someone who is loyal. Im looking for a job with the same company for a long time and when representing this company, I will always be a positive role model.

I recognise that change is a crucial component of a businesss growth, and I am someone who embraces change and would encourage others to do so as well.

I am the type of person who is accountable for my own personal and professional growth. I believe this distinguishes me from other candidates since I am constantly striving to grow and expand my skills.

What Are Interview Screening Phone Calls Best Practices

Recruiting your ideal candidates involves several stages of interviews, screening and verifications. The phone screening interview is your first contact with talent and it is vital to building a relationship with them. An effective phone screen helps the recruit learn about your company as much as the screening helps you learn about them. Here is a guide to getting the most out of your phone screenings.

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Some Parting Tips For How To Conduct A Phone Screen Interview

Like any time you interact with the public as a representative of your company, itâs important to present yourself with an air of professionalism during every screening interview.

To help with this, itâs important to practice proper phone interview etiquette. This means being polite and fair, respecting the candidateâs time, and staying focussed on the task at hand. Remember, the candidate is evaluating you just as much as you are them.

Treat each and every telephone interview like itâs the most important one youâre doing that day, and youâll be successful in how you process and screen every candidate that clicks apply.

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Q Do You Have Any Questions For Us

TIP: At the end of your screening interview, the interviewer is going to say Thats the end of the interview, do you have any questions for us?

NEVER respond by saying you dont have any questions or no thank you, all my questions were answered during the interview.

Instead, if you want to boost your chances of success, have three questions prepared for you to ask at the end of the interview. Make sure these that show you care about the organization and the job role

Q. Do you have any questions for us?

Yes, thank you. I have just three questions if thats OK.




Practice Articulating Your Process

Preparing for a Phone Screen Interview

Lets assume its a given that youre already updating and practicing technical skills: language-learning, code-writing, bug-testing, and problem-solving. But are you practicing voice-to-voice communication?

Its one thing to know what you know in your head. Maybe you can build a webscraping application in Python that catalogs 30 years worth of Canadian hockey statistics in your sleep. Awesome. But if you arent able to thoughtfully and succinctly articulate this skill, youre not going to make it to the next round.

The only way to practice talking about what you know is to talk about what you know.

Now is the time to ask a favor from friends, classmates, or peers who have similar skills and technical knowledge. Have them dial you up or meet you in person to practice voice-to-voice question-and-answer conversations over technical information.

Keep in mind, one thing interviewers are listening for is an articulation of your thought process. Go ahead and think aloud, which demonstrates your comprehension and logic jumps while problem-solving.

*Lemons to lemonade tip: it may take several tries with real-life technical phone screenings to make the cut to an interview. This is normal and you can view each technical phone screening as an opportunity for more practice.

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Phone Screening Interview Questions & Answers

In this article, we will teach you how to pass a phone screening interview! A phone screening interview is often used by employers to filter who they want to attend a face-to-face interview, and therefore, it is essential that you are well prepared before you phone screen interview!


  • A list of Phone Screening interview questions to prepare for!
  • Sample ANSWERS to those questions to help you SUCCEED.
  • Essential tips for passing your Phone Screening interview.
  • Furtherto help you.
  • Q What Is Your Biggest Weakness

    TIP: Do NOT say that you are a perfectionist. Nearly everyone does this during their screening interview, and its not going to score you any marks.

    In fact, it may even make you FAIL as it is unrealistic and shows the interviewer you cant recognise your own areas of needed improvement.

    Instead, provide a weakness that is genuine, but one that is not a match for the job description. Always turn your weakness into positive and or show that is an area where you are taking it upon yourself to improve upon.

    Q. What is your biggest weakness?

    My biggest weakness is that I find it difficult to speak in front of large groups of people at times.

    Public speaking can be intimidating for me, and its not something Im naturally comfortable with.

    However, this is an area in which I am eager to grow and improve. I recently acquired Dale Carnegies The Art of Public Speaking on Amazon which is a top-rated public speaking book. This has already had a significant impact on my confidence while speaking to large gatherings of people.

    Also, if there are any possibilities to cultivate public peaking skills inside this organization, such as making group presentations, I would love to take advantage of them to challenge myself and improve my public speaking skills further.

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    Focus On Your Language And Voice

    You have only the power of your voice in a telephone call. Speak clearly, stay upbeat, and use positive language. Smiling will help.

    Dont trash anyone, not even the former boss who was such a jerk!

    Try to take cues from the interviewer , and modulate your own tone and word choice to make a positive impression.

    The mirror will help in staying positive, but you must remember that the words you choose and the motivation you put forward will help determine your outcome.

    Dont Forget To Ask About Next Steps

    How to Conduct a Phone Screen Interview

    Beyond figuring out what the role entails, this phone screen is a time for you to figure out next steps in the hiring process. Silence from a company after an initial interview can be nerve-wracking, so asking for a timeline can help. To ease some of that anxiety, just ask what you can expect going forward in the process. That way, you know it will be two weeks before I hear this, because the hiring manager is on vacation, Watkins said.

    You want to know, OK, where are things going? Are they going to be scheduling in-person interviews? How much longer is that going to be? Hernandez said. Always ask whats next, if they need anything else from you.

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    Assess How A Person Thinks

    During a phone screen interview, the number one thing that I listen for is how the person thinks. When asking them questions, how do they go about answering them? What is the persons thought process when answering these questions and what motivates them? Are they very business-driven, or are they more philosophical? All of these things can be taken into account when evaluating someone during a phone interview.

    Preparing For A Phone Interview

    Usually, during phone interviews, employers are seeking general, high-level information about you and your background to see if they should advance you to the next step in the hiring process. You should be prepared to talk about why youre looking for a job, why youre interested in this specific job and company, and your background.

    Each employer has a different set of questions for phone interviews, but there are several commonly asked questions. Below are several phone interview example questions and answers you can use as inspiration when preparing for your interview.

    Image description

    • Why are you applying for this position?

    • Why do you want this job?

    • Tell me what you know about the role

    • Why do you want to work here?

    • Why are you looking for jobs?

    • What are you passionate about?

    • What are your salary expectations?

    • Are you interviewing with other companies?

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    Read The Job Description

    Start by reviewing the job description to examine the preferred qualifications and duties for the role. Note the job responsibilities and how your education, skills, and experience align with the position. For example, if you’re applying for a trade position, check whether you need a specific trade certification.

    What Are You Passionate About

    7 Tips for Honing Your Telephone Interview Skills

    Finding an ambitious candidate may be important to some employers, which is why they might ask this question. They want to know that you’re excited about the work you’re doing. In your answer, choose a specific aspect of your career you enjoy. Discussing a new skill you’re developing or credential you’re earning are good starting points.

    Example:”I am passionate about learning new leadership methods. As a manager, I think it’s important to develop new ways to communicate with and support my team members. This past autumn, I attended a leadership workshop to further develop these skills. During this workshop, I learned how to be a more active listener and gained strategies to motivate my team members.”

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    Potential Fit Into Companys Culture

    I look for candidates that have a variety of experience, specifically if they have community and leadership experience in addition to professional work experience. I look for candidates that give back outside of their day-to-day roles, by getting involved and giving back in some capacity. In an initial phone screen, I want to learn a succinct background on the individual, I want them to be prepared, confident, polite, professional, and have good communication skills. A thank you email or card afterward is always a great sign too.

    What Is A Phone Interview Or Screen

    In a phone screen meeting, an employer interviews potential employees who appear qualified for the advertised job after the resume and cover letter are reviewed. These meetings, by phone, are conducted by one person, usually the hiring manager or a Human Resources staff member, who ask the same basic questions of each candidate they call.

    You ask each candidate the same basic questions during a phone screen to give you a basis for comparison of the skills and responses of each person. It is also likely that during your phone interview, your candidate’s responses may lead you to ask additional different follow-on questions. This is fine as long as you ask the same list basic of questions to avoid any possibility of unconscious bias or any possibility of discrimination.

    The phone screen allows the employer to determine if the candidate’s qualifications, experience, workplace preferences, cultural fit, and salary needs are congruent with the position and the organization. The phone screen saves managerial time and eliminates unlikely candidates.

    While developing a set of customized phone screen questions for each position you are attempting to fill is the recommended approach, use these phone screen best practices to guide you.

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    Phone Screen Interview At Apple

    There are two rounds of screening at Apple done over a 30-minute informal phone call. The first call is from the internal recruiter, followed by the team lead for the division that you applied to. The objective of the call is to brief the candidate about the hiring process. You can expect discussions around your:

    • Experience
    • Your interests.

    Do All Screening Interviews Happen On The Phone

    What to say in a pre-screening phone interview for a job.

    While screening interviews are most commonly conducted over the phone, you might also be evaluated in the same way at a job fair or similar event, Smith says. The people representing the company could potentially screen your background face-to-face as you engage with them at the job fair. So if youre attending a job fair, you should prepare much the same way you would for a phone screen. If youve been asked to do a pre-recorded digital or virtual interview, that might also be a form of a screening interview.

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    Clear Your Mind Of Bias

    The purpose of the phone screen interview is to determine whether a candidate deserves an interview. Bias can diminish its effectiveness. If you were impressed by a candidates resume and youre already determined to bring them in for an interview, the call is obsolete. Conversely, if you dont like this candidate because of their cover letter or resume, youre likely to deny them the opportunity anyway. Avoid the risk of making a bad decision by being objective.

    Phone Interview Questions To Ask Your Top Job Candidates

    As a hiring manager, you know what a good resume and cover letter look like. You also know that despite their promises, they might fail to deliver the candidate you need. The phone interview questions you ask during this first round of vetting will be a critical piece of winnowing the field and making a successful hire.

    Time always matters, so you should be both efficient and strategic during this initial call. Questions for a screening interview will touch on whether a candidate’s hard skills, experience, education and certifications are right for the open position. But as you check off the boxes, follow these phone interview tips to pay attention to soft skills and how the candidate presents during the call. At the end of a phone screen interview, you want to be confident a candidate can do the job and also mesh well with your organizational culture.

    Open-ended, in-depth questions arent necessary at this stage of the hiring process. A screening interview is typically a 15- to 30-minute phone call. Your objective here is to narrow your list of top candidates to the handful you want to consider for formal interviews. Thats when you can go deep.

    Read on for some phone interview questions to ask during this first call, tips for what to look for including red flags and what comes after.

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    Phone Screen Interview At Google

    The technical phone interview at Google follows an initial phone screening, conducted by a recruiter to glean background information about your profile, the role applied for, and reasons for the same. At this stage, you will be assessed based on your profile and prospective role requirements.

    Once shortlisted, you will be required to complete an online survey form and choose interview dates as well as the programming language you would like to use for the interview.

    Note: On confirming an interview date, recruiters usually email candidates with information on the upcoming interview process, along with resources such as text documents and videos to prepare for the same.

    Why Do You Want To Work Here

    Use a Phone Interview as a Candidate Screening Tool

    Your phone interviewer might ask why you want to work at the company to get an idea of whether you’ve researched the company, what motivates you, and whether your values align with those of the business. To answer this question, research the company by visiting their company page, their website, and recent press releases or news stories. Select a few key items from your research that align with the company. For example, you might find inspiration in their mission, be interested in their product, or be excited about their growth in the industry.

    Example:After building my career managing hospitality staff, it’s been my goal to work for a hotel that not only values the growth and achievement of their employees but also maintains an exquisite, affordable experience for their guests. I read your recent press release about implementing a truly innovative rewards program for guests at all levels, even those visiting for the first time. Your company continues to set a precedent for quality service and experience, and I am looking for a career working toward that kind of mission.

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    Do Your Research In Advance

    Know as much as you can about the employer and the opportunity before the interview, just as you would for an in-person interview:

    • Re-read the job posting, and make notes of where you meet or exceed the requirements .
    • Review the organizations website to see what they do, where they are, and the latest news they may have posted.
    • Look for a LinkedIn Company Profile to see what information they post, as well as other job openings they might have.
    • Google the company and the product/service names. See for more ideas.
    • Check a site like to see the job interview questions commonly asked by this employer as well as the salary ranges and employee reviews.
    • Based on your company research, have questions to ask if the opportunity arises or you risk looking uninterested and unprepared .

    This research will help you to succeed in the face-to-face interview later, hopefully. It should also help you to determine if you really want to work for this employer.

    For more pre-interview research ideas , read The Winning Difference: Pre-Interview Preparation.

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