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What Is A Video Screening Interview

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How To Answer Popular One

What to say in a pre-screening phone interview for a job.

Youre all up to speed on what a one-way video interview is and have learned about best practices for successfully completing one. Now, how do you go about answering the one-way interview questions? You definitely want to seize this opportunity to show the recruiter or hiring manager that you are a good fit for the job and that you are sincerely interested in the company and position.

Below you will find several of the more popular questions recruiters and hiring managers ask in one-way interviews along with tips on how you can form great responses:

Can You Give Me A Few Examples Of How Your Previous Work Experience Could Contribute To This Position

This question gives you the opportunity to determine how much a candidate researched about the position before applying and how much relative work experience they have. A quality candidate answer should demonstrate their knowledge of specific job roles and outline connections between necessary responsibilities and previous job duties.

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Prepare For Your Video Interview

Once you have found out which type of video interview you are being asked to do, make sure you:

  • make a note of important times and deadline dates
  • double check the contact details for sending your recording back
  • spend some time on practice questions if you are sent any – they will help you become familiar with the format and understand what to expect

Like all interviews youll need to prepare well. Make sure that you:

  • research the company and whats involved in the job
  • look at the company website and get an understanding of their culture and values
  • read through any guidance notes from the recruiter and follow their instructions
  • go through your CV or application form and prepare examples to show you have the skills and experience the employer wants – use the STAR method to help you structure your answers
  • make presentation slides that you can have on screen as a prompt
  • prepare some answers to common interview questions and have some questions of your own

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Reasons Why One Way Video Interviewing Is An Effective Screening Tool

At Spark Hire we like to share the knowledge. To do this weve decided to respond to Quora questions here on our blog so we can fully answer anything you have to ask. This blog responds to the following Quora question:

Is video interviewing an effective candidate screening tool for companies & recruiters?

Scheduling multiple interviews at a time is challenging enough. However, All Web Leads dialed up that challenge by hiring 100 employees, month over month, for a call center.

The customer acquisition marketing business faced a large number of applicants, and the recruiting team individually screened every single candidate. They relied on traditional in-person interviews and even phone screening for years. However, recruiter Amy Hargrove and her team knew they needed a better, more collaborative solution.

By incorporating one-way video interviewing, theyre now more effectively and efficiently screening candidates. As a result, Hargrove has moreinterview scheduling flexibility, consistency for all applicant processes, and unified collaboration among recruiters and departments.

We were able to take a 45 minute scheduled phone interview and replace it with a 15 minute one-way video interview. This change has saved us countless hours in the screening process, and also has given us the insights to only focus our time on the best applicants, Hargrove said.

Why Should I Use Pre

Questions to ask in a phone screen interview

Hiring candidates that do not meet the role’s requirements or fit into the work environment can be costly and time-consuming. Pre-screening questions can help employers better identify candidates who suit the role, team, and work environment, which ultimately helps speed up the hiring process and improves quality of hire.

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What Are Your Hobbies Or Interests Outside Of Work

Pre-screening interviews are just as important for getting to know a candidate’s personality as they’re important for gauging professional capabilities. This question is a good way to start the interview and help reduce the candidate’s nerves. It also helps you learn more about how they might maintain a good work-life balance as an employee at your company.

What To Expect During Your One

If you receive an email invitation to interview on-demand, you should know what to expect going in.

On-demand interviews are not like one-on-ones, they do not have a live interviewer on the other end. Typically, you can think of these as one-way video interviews. Expect to respond to on-screen prompts, either through text or pre-recorded questions, rather than questions from a live recruiter or hiring manager. There are several different methods companies use to deliver questions for one-way video interviews, so it’s best to be prepared for any of the following:

  • Questions asked via pre-recorded video. After the video finishes, you will be given time to respond.
  • Questions asked in a simple text format. Normally 30 seconds are given for you to read the question and prepare your response.
  • Questions requiring you to write . If you are applying for a role that involves a great deal of writing, expect to asked for a written response to a prompt. Often these will involve doing outside research – do not close the interview window! It will be helpful to first draft your response in Microsoft Word or another text editor, just in case.
  • Coding challenges. If you are applying for a software development role, expect to be asked to code in response to a prompt. These challenges can be in any language- research what languages you will be expected to code in on the job. Be prepared to explain how and why you coded your responses in the way you did.

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Reduce The Time It Takes To Conduct Screening Interviews

Time-saving is one of the top benefits of using pre-recorded video interviewing software, especially during the screening stage. By using this technology, recruiters can eliminate the need to schedule interviews and, since they wont be performing the interviews themselves, allow an unlimited number of interviews to be done at the same time. The platform also enables recruiters to shorten the interview by limiting the time candidates are given to respond. These time savings allow recruiters to focus their attention on evaluating the quality of their candidates.

Good Questions To Ask During A Phone Interview

How To Prepare For Video Interviews

Tailor the phone interview questions below to suit your industry and the role youre hiring for. But consider, too, the candidates professional history, or lack thereof. A recent college graduate cant refer to their career successes, for example, but screening questions can be framed to allow candidates to draw on their experience in course seminars and team projects, as well as their volunteer work and self-taught skills. Leadership, drive, industriousness, talent and other valued qualities can be demonstrated in many ways.

Give the same consideration for candidates with a gap in their work history, such as a parent reentering the workforce after raising a couple of kids, or an out-of-work professional two months after a layoff. Follow this list of five phone interview tips:

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How Do You Prepare For One

Digital interviews are like any other interviewyoull want to be rehearsed on all your basic interview questions, as well as personal stories in case any behavioral questions come up. But there are other things you can do to be prepared for the video aspect of it:

  • Take out a timer and actually give yourself two minutes per response. If you go too long, consider cutting out the fat, or parts that dont directly answer the question.
  • Have a friend mock interview and evaluate you. Dont have anyone? Mock interview yourself.
  • Practice your speech over your computer camera. Youll get comfortable with seeing your own face instead of an interviewers, plus youll also spot whether you need to sit up straighter or shift your gaze less.

While digital interviews can seem a bit overwhelming, I hope this will remind you that its not much different than any other kind of interviewand a bit of preparation is all it takes to get to that more comfortable in-person round.

Fast Company

If Hired When Could You Start

This screening question is straightforward: find out when the candidate can begin working should they be selected for the position.

  • If theyre currently employed, look for a start date approximately two weeks after an offer would be extended, unless they need to give their current employer extended notice.
  • If theyre unemployed, they should be ready to start immediately upon receiving an offer.

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What About Candidate Experience

One may feel inclined to make the assumption that most candidates will feel uncomfortable answering questions facing their phone or laptop camera, instead of talking to a recruiter.

But there are a few reasons that contradict this line of thinking. First, we live in a digital era where communication is as technological as it can get. Everyone is used to recording voice and video messages and sending them over to someone or publishing it on their social media profiles. Its easy, fast and fun!

Also, receiving a call from a recruiter can put an amount of pressure on a candidate as big as a face-to-face interview does. So, allowing the candidate to prepare himself before answering the recruiters questions and doing it when and where the candidate feels more at ease actually helps improving interview performance of candidates that could, otherwise, seem like they were less qualified and get ditched from the process.

Ultimately, pre-recorded video interviews allow recruiters to offer applicants a modern and flexible process, providing a better experience to the candidate.

Skeeled offers you the perfect opportunity to bring innovation anddigitalisation to your hiring. Check our website orour and pages for further information.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Your team here at skeeled

Why Pre-Employment Screening is Important

Pre-employment screening plays an important role in allowing recruiters to make an evidence-based …

Taking A Video Interview Via Computer:

Interview and it

You will need two things in order to take your video interview via computer:

  • Adobe Flash Player.
  • A webcam. Most laptops now come with built-in webcams but if your computer does not, you will need to purchase a USB-compatible webcam.
  • Ensure that your microphone and webcam are setup properly prior to accepting the interview invitation. You can do this easily at

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    What Motivates You In A Job

    Hard skills aside, you should dig into the cultural compatibility of a candidate. Find out what drives the candidate to put forth their best effort. You want to find people who are motivated by the responsibilities and environment that match your organizational culture.

    Responses that exemplify a drive to produce high-quality work and contribute to the overall success of the company signify a strong candidate.

    Stay Firm And Focused

    Be wary of veering off-topic. While some recruiters enjoy playful questions like, Who is your biggest role model? or What is your spirit animal? theyre largely irrelevant to the hiring process and are best left to the campfire circle. To ensure that queries are consistent across all candidates and that interviews stay on the short side , the smart move is to use helpful tools like video interviewing software. That way, you can take your time to curate the most effective and revealing interview questions and apply them to each potential hire.Video screening is an ideal strategy to find best-fit candidates, allowing you to maximize your effectiveness across a wide group of recruits. After you collect responses, its easy to pick out the winners without having to personally interview the whole cohort. A service like Launchpad Recruits provides a streamlined and accessible method with which to vet candidates through your own, personalized strategy. Asking the right questions can ultimately decide the strength of a companys recruiting process make sure youre asking the right ones in a clear, articulated manner.

    Run 50% fewer assessment centres through increased offer rates.

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    What Are Your Salary Expectations

    This question helps the interviewer determine whether your salary expectation aligns with the budget. When answering, it’s best you provide a range to show you’re flexible. Ensure you’re comfortable earning the lowest number in your range and provide a specific amount you expect to earn. More salary negotiations would come once you receive an offer.

    Example answer: “My ideal salary for this position is between $50,000 to $60,000. I feel this amount is appropriate for my experience level and skill set.”

    On Campus Video Interviewing


    Many companies are turning to on campus on-demand video interviewing, and even one-way video interviewing, in order to cut travel costs and hear from as many student applicants as possible. Not least of these is Goldman Sachs, who recently turned to on campus video interviewing as a way to identify strong candidates who do not attend one of their target schools.

    For the average student, this is good news: it allows more organizations to visit each campus, increasing job opportunities across the board. So what should you do to prepare for an on campus video interview?

    Register ahead of time. While video interviewing allows a great degree of flexibility when it comes to scheduling, job fairs can be hectic. If the organization you would like to interview with offers registration for a specific timeslot, dont hesitate to sign up. Most of the time each organization will have its own interview booth .

    Video interviewing on campus can be live or on-demand. While most of the same rules for on-demand interviewing apply to these, be prepared to answer specific pointed questions by a live interviewer.

    It might be difficult to concentrate at a bustling, on campus job fair. Be prepared to make yourself heard above the noise . Your peers are just as nervous as you are – displaying confidence and poise in a busy career fair environment will help you stand out.

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    What Type Of Work Environment And Management Style Do You Prefer

    Building off of their motivation, continue to assess the cultural fit by learning about the candidates preferred work environment and management style. Youll gain valuable information about their personality and ability to work with different types of individuals.

    Ideally, the candidates preferences will align with the organization and the position. If they prefer working independently but the role is heavily team-based, they wouldnt be the best match.

    Pros And Cons Of Video Interviews


    • A live, visual representation can lead to a more natural conversation and enable you to build rapport.
    • Flexibility for both parties. If your top choice candidate is located in another state, video interviews can keep costs down while still allowing for face-to-face interviews. You can also have candidates pre-record answers to questions via video and then review all the interviews at a time thats convenient for you.


    • The video platform might scare people who perform poorly on camera.
    • Technology issues can disrupt the flow. Internet connectivity problems can get in the way and candidates may not know they need to download software before the interview.

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    Contact The Candidate 24 Hours Before With Instructions

    Contacting a candidate a day before their interview is an important step to remind them of their scheduled interview time. Write an email highlighting your enthusiasm to meet with them and restate the confirmed date and time of the interview. You should also include instructions and contact details. For example, if you plan to have a phone interview with them, mention that you will initiate the call. Similarly, if you plan to host a video chat interview, provide the link for the meeting and additional helpful information about what browser to use.

    Why Are You The Best Candidate For This Position

    The Benefits of Telephone Screening Interviews

    This question offers you the opportunity to describe why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Discuss your skill set, experience, and educational qualifications and how you can bring value as an employee.

    Example answer: “I’m an experienced nurse with professional accomplishments that make me a good fit for this job. At my last job, I received funding to complete a research project on proactive nursing practices. I also worked as the nurse liaison at a general hospital in my province, where I communicated with the hospital’s leadership. Since I started my nursing career, I try to engage in volunteer work every week and develop my ability to provide medical care. I feel my skill set, experience, and achievements make me an excellent candidate for this role.”

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    What Can You Tell Me About Yourself

    This is one of the most common typical interview questions. Its very open-ended but that doesnt mean there arent bad answers.

    In general you want to walk them through your career and bring them up to speed on your current situation .

    If youre a recent grad, start your story at the beginning of your college/university education and why you chose your field of study.

    If you have a few years of experience, you can start with the moment you graduated.

    Whereas if you have 10+ years of experience, start with something later, like the first time you managed a team, or something else related to your current career path

    From the starting point, walk them through significant pieces of your career, like big projects, companies you worked with, challenges and learning opportunities, and the reasons you changed from one company to the next.

    Keep everything under three minutes! They want you to be concise and stay on track. Do not get sidetracked no matter what. This is one of those interview answers you NEED to practice at home. I suggest you write down some bullet points and make sure youre hitting the key topics as you tell your story. And time yourself to see if you finish in under three minutes.

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