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What Is An Exit Interview For A Job

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Companies that conduct exit interviews almost always pursue this goal but often focus too narrowly on salary and benefits. To be sure, people need a certain level of financial compensation to remain with an organization, but unless their salary is out of alignment with their peers, money doesnt usually drive them out the door. Plenty of other HR practices can play into an employees decision to leave. One leader from a food and beverage company told us that exit interviews inform his companys succession planning and talent management process.

S Of Conducting Exit Interviews

How is an exit interview carried out? What all modes do the interviewer has for it under different circumstances?

Exit interviews usually proceed through personal interaction however, the company has other means too for such practice. Let us understand the four prominent ways of taking exit interviews:

In-Person: This is a frequently used method of exit interviews where the interviewer engages in a one to one conversation with the interviewee .

This type of EI is carried out in the office premises itself. The interviewer has to enter the gathered information in the system physically.

Online: This kind of exit interview is popular in the globally operating companies. The departing employee is asked to take the exit interview on the companys website.

It provides authentic information and also facilitates automatic data-keeping through the information system.

Paper and Pencil: On the leaving date, the EI form is manually presented or mailed to the leaving employee. It is an elaborated form with multiple questions.

However, many times, employee hesitate in giving an honest review or even avoid submitting the form.

Telephone: A representative from a third party or the HR team reaches out the leaving employee over a phone call to carry out the exit interview.

However, it is an inefficient method due to excessive cost involved in it.

What Did You Like About Your Time With Us

You might be asked this explicitly, but even if you arent its always a good idea to pepper in some positivity in your answers. Just keep it genuine!

Think about what stands out as unique to your workplace, especially aspects of your job that your boss or management directly contributed to. Your employers dont want you to dread coming in to work – if there was something that made the company worth working for, they want to know!

At the end of the day, employers want a mutually beneficial relationship with their staff where the job gets done well and the employees leave feeling satisfied. When you tell them what theyre doing well, theyre able to not only maintain that habit or policy, but enhance it!

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Can You Talk About It In More Detail Any Specific Example

These follow-up questions will help you get to the root of the problem if you think the previous answer was too vague or generic.

For example, the employee may say they dont get on well with coworkers, but avoid mentioning the why, who, and how. You can encourage them to share more, but dont be too pushy.

Reflect On Your Experience In Writing

9+ Exit Interview Form Examples

Itâs not always easy to wing a conversation, especially when you need to talk about something as difficult as why you chose to leave your company. Without proper structure, excessively harsh or critical statements might slip out, or you could forget something important you really wanted to bring up. To avoid something like this, itâs best to plan out in advance which items you want to cover.

âI highly recommend writing down notes to plan what you want to say,â advises Jude Miller-Burke, Ph.D., business psychologist and author. âIf you expect it to be highly charged, practice out loud. Reinforce to yourself that you will maintain boundaries and not succumb to your strong emotions

Write a list of all the items you want to cover, including positive feedback, critical feedback and what you think the company can do to improve overall. You probably wonât want to read off of this list verbatim in the meeting â that could come off as a little stiff and impersonal â just use it to help jog your memory around which topics to bring up and how to answer certain questions.

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Preparing For The Exit Interview

HR professionals may prepare for the exit interview by reviewing the employees personnel file. They may also briefly interview key staff and supervisors to find out more background information. Remember that not all employees are willing or comfortable sharing their feelings, especially if they are quitting because of exclusion, harassment, internal politics, or gross misconduct by someone else. So, an HR professional will go into the exit interview already knowing the average length of employment at the company, the top reasons why staff quit, and the turnover patterns within groups or departments. They must be prepared to establish trust and elicit answers to hard questions.

If an employee has been with the company for a long time, they will have many contacts and useful information about how to successfully perform the jobs duties. Therefore, employees may expect questions about contacts with whom they already have a relationship to maintain those connections going forward. Managers may request additional tips to pass along to the employees replacement and may even ask the exiting employee to help document their job duties and responsibilities.

Schedule The Interview At The Right Time

Most employees will provide two weeks’ notice, so consider scheduling the exit interview around when the employee has around a week left. At this point in their departure, they should still be invested in their role and open to sharing their thoughts. However, some organizations decide to conduct the exit interview after the employee has left the company, which leads to a more casual conversation that gives the employee a lot of space to answer your questions.

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Were You Comfortable With Your Working Time

This question can be used if your business has a flexible working time policy. Some employees may leave because they have to work too many hours, too few hours, or the work schedules interfere with their personal lives. You may need to apply different employee scheduling strategies or find a better scheduling system to avoid future turnover.

How Do You Feel About Management And Do You Have Any Feedback Or Suggestions For How We Can Improve

Exit Interview: What To Expect

This question gives you the opportunity to help your employer see your position from your perspective. Stay objective and fair when sharing feedback. Be specific and give your feedback in a positive way while keeping the focus on improving the company.

Example:Overall, I am satisfied with the way management has guided me in my job, but there is room for improvement. Management sometimes overlooked the ways they could utilize my role, so I occasionally felt somewhat stagnant. However, if they empower new employees to feel independent from the beginning, we can get more innovative and new ideas from them to add value to the companys success. This seems like a more effective solution than waiting for directives.

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Leave Emotions Out Of It

This one can be easier said than done, especially if you didnt take the time to sort through your emotions ahead of time.

You want to respond, not react. When you let your emotions take the lead, you are at risk of saying things that you regret. Even if you have absolutely zero interest in ever having a connection to this company in the future you dont want an emotional outburst to be the last thing they remember you by.

There have been countless accounts of people using former employers as references, and even coming back to their old company. Whether or not your old boss is still there doesnt matter if you burnt that bridge, intended or not.

Be candid, but respectful and constructive. When you say negative things out of emotion, they likely wont be heard anyways. Comment on the actions of your employer that ended up influencing your decision to resign, but not in a way that is pointing fingers. Present this information in a way that will be received as constructive advice on what not to continue in the future.

Ask yourself if what you are about to say is helpful, or if you just want the person on the receiving end of your answer to feel how much you disliked them or your job. Does your answer change?

Where Should An Employee Exit Interview Occur

An exit interview should occur on neutral ground, like in a separate meeting room. A one-on-one conversation with a colleague from the HR department should create a good atmosphere in which the employee can open up without feeling like they are being interrogated. Use a questionnaire to guide the discussion so that you can be sure to cover all the topics that you feel are relevant. Take notes on the employees answers.

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How Well Your Job Was Structured And If You Had The Appropriate Tools To Succeed

To what extent was your job meaningful and motivating, allowing you to do the work you most enjoy? Did your manager create opportunities for you to use your strengths? Youll also want to share the extent to which you felt your manager supported you and helped clear obstacles, and whether you felt like you had had the appropriate resources to do your job well. These include things like budget, people, and other tools, such as the appropriate software to make your job easier.

Who Uses Exit Interview Forms

40 Best Exit Interview Templates &  Forms á? TemplateLab

Here is a list of positions that commonly use exit interview forms, with a description of how they use them:

  • Human resources representatives: Human resources representatives use exit interview forms to find out why employees are leaving their jobs. Additionally, they use the information gathered to determine whether the organization can change its policy on benefits, raises or other factors that can affect employee satisfaction.

  • Management: Exit interview forms give managers a chance to get feedback from employees who are leaving to determine if there is anything that they can do in the organization to improve retention. Management may also ask departing employees for suggestions about how to make specific elements better in their position or in general in the workplace.

  • Business owners: Business owners have a lot at stake when they replace a key member of their team. A good exit interview can help them determine if there’s anything they can do to prevent further losses and also help them see if there’s a way to keep their business from being affected by employee turnover.

  • Employment agencies: Employment agencies may use exit interview forms as screening tools for potential employees. They can use questionnaires related to personal habits and opinions of the candidate as pre-screening tools, with requests for more detailed questionnaires of those who pass the initial screening phase.


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Questions About The Reasons For Departure

You may include these questions to help you get information about why an employee may have left or is leaving their job. It’s good to ask these questions even if an employee has already filed a resignation letter with their employer so you can get feedback from them directly about the reasons they are leaving.

For example, if an employee is leaving because they got a better offer, you may ask them to explain whether this work experience has made them want to stay in that industry. It’s also a good idea to ask departing employees what resources were helpful in securing the new job.

Be Sure Of What You Want To Speak Of

There can be various reasons for which an employee decides to leave an organization.

So, the best thing to do is to pinpoint the factors you want to speak of instead of scrambling all over while answering exit interview questions.

Think about why you are switching your job, is it because of a bad job/ boss? Is it because you are not feeling challenged enough? Or, Is it because you can’t fit into the company culture?

Think through the points you would want to cover and practice it well. Doing so will help you to stay on track while answering exit interview questions.

Also, practicing your answers beforehand will prevent you from an emotional meltdown at the time of the interview.

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Do You Feel This Company Supported Your Ideas And Career

Employers ask this exit interview question to evaluate whether their departing employees have been meeting the expectations. So this is a chance to be honest with your employer about how they lived up to your personal expectations, too.

In your response, discuss how the company helped you advance your career and whether you felt supported. Recall a time the company provided training to help you develop or skills or let you take on larger projects or more responsibilities. If you feel that the company could offer more opportunities to existing and future employees, now is the time to provide suggestions.

Example: I’m thankful for the great opportunities you offered in supporting my career and furthering my experience and knowledge. I feel that I’ve built a professional foundation here that I can use for other roles in the industry. I’ve found another position that I believe I can continue to learn from and grow in, which is why I’ve chosen to leave. I absolutely felt supported by the management team and appreciate the independence and extra responsibilities you trusted me with.”

How To Answer Exit Interview Questions

EXIT INTERVIEW: What Did You Like Least About Your Job – Answer

We all know about the different type of interviews and have also read up on most asked interview questions of each category.

But have you wondered about an exit interview? And what are exit interview questions and how do you answer them?

Dont worry, we have you covered.

In this blog, we will talk about everything regarding exit interview questions and also provide interview tips.

Lets begin.

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Excellent Exit Interview Questions

1. What caused you to start looking for a new position?

Sometimes employees look for a new position for noble reasons like career growth or wanting a change of scenery. Other times, employees start looking for a job due to internal issues you might not know about. Asking this question will allow you to recognize trends in employee departures. If there is opportunity for career growth within your company, its good to know whether or not employees are aware of it.

2. How would you describe the company culture here?

This is probably one of the most important questions you can ask departing employees. If the way your employees describe the culture doesnt match the cultural values or goals as defined by the company, there might be a serious culture issue. Knowing about these issues helps you to hire for culture add so you can hire employees who will build upon your culture.

3. Is there anything we could have done to keep you here?

Dont consider this as a plea to keep an employee. View this question as a way to find out if your company is doing everything it can to retain top talent. This is what an exit interview is all about.

4. If you could have changed anything about your job, what would it have been?

We can always improve things about our companies and the roles that our employees are in. Finding out how we can make these improvements straight from the source really helps future employees.

5. Did your manager provide you with everything you needed to perform your job?

A Guide To Giving Feedback Without Burning Bridges

An exit interview probably isnât the first thing on your mind when you decide to quit your job â nor should it be â but at some point, the issue is probably going to surface. After all, at many companies, an exit interview is a standard part of the offboarding process, right along with notifying your team of your departure or returning your computer to the IT department.

While exit interviews provide you with a great opportunity to make your voice heard, they can also provoke anxiety: what if your soon-to-be-former employer doesnât like what you have to say? When handled correctly, though, exit interviews are no cause for worry. In fact, they can provide you with closure, put you at ease and help you move onto your next great opportunity.

In this guide, weâll share how to prepare for an exit interview so that you provide your employer with the feedback they need while avoiding bad blood and burnt bridges.

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Why Do Businesses Have Exit Interviews

Exit interviews give your employer a chance to connect with you from a different perspective, Kavenagh says.

It encourages open dialogue and discussion and can be a learning opportunity for the employer within a safe, no-consequences environment.

If your workplace conducts regular pulse checks to gather feedback from employees, the information you reveal in an exit interview shouldnt come as a huge surprise.

An organisation that is in constant development and wants to learn, change, progress and engage its workforce will run interim interviews, so there arent too many surprises at exit, Kavenagh says.

Exit interviews might be reinforcing some of the gaps in the organization they are already aware of and trying to change.

What Is An Exit Interview

40 Best Exit Interview Templates &  Forms á? TemplateLab

An exit interview is a conversation that happens between a company and an employee who has decided to leave the business. Its helpful to imagine them as the opposite of a job interview – instead of asking why they want to join your company, youre asking them why theyve decided to leave. The objective is to better understand why that employee has decided to resign, in the hope that the company can improve how it works and prevent other employees from following suit.

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