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What Is Excel Test For Interview

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How Is Vlookup Different From The Lookup Function

How To Pass Advanced Excel Test For Job Interview



VLOOKUP lets the user look for a value in the left-most column of a table. It then returns the value in a left-to-right way.

It is not very easy to use as compared to the LOOKUP function.

Meanwhile, the LOOKUP function enables the user to look for data in a row/column. It returns the value in another row/column.

It is easier and can also be used to replace the VLOOKUP function.

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Starting With The Basic Excel Skills Assessment

There are a few skills that any employee using Excel should have. While of course, its not something you should use for every position, those who are applying for high-level jobs should be administered a more complex test that assesses specific skills. However, if an employee is to use Excel on a day to basis, they should take the basic Excel skills assessment.

This Excel assessment includes testing the employee on their use of keyboard shortcuts, cell references, and ranges with data. The candidate should know how to use spreadsheet formatting, as well as Zoom in a cell.

Hiring A Data Analyst

A data analyst plays a supportive role in the decision-making process within the company. Their work can include inspecting, transforming, and modeling data. They use this data to help the decision-making of the management and financial teams. Similar to other roles we mentioned, the employee needs to predict potential business outcomes.

A data analyst uses Excel on the day to day basis and specifically need to understand:

  • Pivot tables
  • VLOOKUP, Index, and Match functions
  • Forecast and trend tools

You can use an Advanced Microsoft Excel skills test to measure these skills, which may also spot the problem-solving abilities of a candidate. Of course, the interview with the candidate will help with that as well.A job description for this position should ask for an Excel expert because its a senior position with many responsibilities. Because this position may be communicating information to others, the ability to produce charts and present the data in a way thats easy to understand is critically important

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What Is Data Validation Illustrate With An Example

Data Validation restricts the type of values that a user can enter into a particular cell or a range of cells.

In the Data tab, select the Data Validation option present under Data Tools.

Select the kind of data validation you want to apply.

In the following example, we have applied data validation to the Name column to accept only text values. If you enter something other than a text, it will throw an error.

Which Job Roles Require Excel Assessments

Interview Questions of Excel

Not all job roles require Excel assessments. In some cases, it will be enough to examine a candidates resume and interview them. However, for a few jobs, its best to use the test and to actually check how a candidate would do with a particular Excel skill and tool.

Excel tests for job applicants can then be used to improve the interview process and to zero in on the skills and the tasks that the candidate is the best at.

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Tips For Passing Your Excel Job Test

TIP #1 What are the Smartest Ways to Prepare for Assessment Test:

  • Use outlines from Test provider and review their sample questions
  • Take Online Training Courses, if available

TIP #2 What to do during the test:

  • Try to schedule test in the morning, when you have high levels of energy
  • Get a good sleep before the test.
  • Do not take a test if you are tired
  • Read Question carefully
  • Answer easy questions first
  • This would allow you to leave harder questions for the end, but you will get easy answers in
  • Validate your answer with more than one method

TIP #3 How to Pass Assessment Test Today:

  • Be prepared for Assessment Test at Home
  • You might be monitored and timed
  • Anticipate questions based on the job position
  • Research and practice before the test
  • Reflect after the test and take notes
  • Use these notes to get ready for next test
  • Improve your Skills in Between Tests by taking Practice tests and timing yourself
  • What Do You Mean By Relative Cell Referencing And Absolute Cell Referencing In Ms Excel

    Relative cell referencing

    Absolute cell referencing

    In Relative referencing, there is a change when copying a formula from one cell to another cell with respect to the destination. cells address

    Meanwhile, there is no change in Absolute cell referencing when a formula is copied, irrespective of the cells destination.

    This type of referencing is there by default. Relative cell referencing doesnt require a dollar sign in the formula.

    If you dont want a change in the formula when its copied across cells, then absolute referencing requires you to add a dollar sign before and after the column and row address.

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    Things You Need To Know

    • Be certain of the test’s location. While some companies will ask you to take the test at their offices, online tests taken from home are becoming more and more popular. If you plan to take the test online, prepare accordingly. Make sure you are in a quiet environment and that there will be no interruptions during the test.
    • Though time is not always limited, it is being measured, and it will eventually influence your final score. Try to be as fast as you can whilst also maintaining accuracy.
    • Scores are relative, so being good is not enough. You have to be better than others.
    • Most testing companies provide tests for Excel 2010 and 2013. Though the differences are relatively minor, it is always preferred to practise the right version. Even if you have worked with Excel before, don’t give up practising. The same task feels different when performed under the pressures of a test. Refresh your skills, become familiar with features you didn’t use before, and master the ones you already know.

    What Are Common Functions Of Microsoft Excel

    How to Pass Excel Test for Job Interview: VLOOKUP Questions and Answers

    There are a number of ways to use Excel and countless ways it can apply to the role you are interviewing for. An understanding of basic Excel functions provides insight into the ones you are familiar with, which can be an asset for the role.

    Example:Common functions used in Excel are mathematical functions, like SUM and DEGREE, logical functions, like TRUE or FALSE, date and time functions, index match and pivot tables.

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    Hiring A Cost Estimator

    A cost estimator analyzes data to estimate how much it costs to produce a product or create a service. This estimate includes the materials, labor, and time involved. Therefore, reading and understanding raw data is a key part of their job and this requires intimate knowledge of Excel and its functions.

    The Excel skills to look for and test are:

    • Pivot tables

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    Microsoft Excel was released over thirty years ago, but its still one of the most useful applications on the market. It owes its enduring popularity to a huge number of features that allow users to analyze data quickly and easily. Since Excels launch, many competitors have unsuccessfully tried to displace it as the tool of choice for data analysis. Nevertheless, Excel still reigns supreme.

    Because spreadsheets are so popular and useful many companies conduct Excel interviews before extending job offers. This helps ensure that job applicants are qualified and comfortable using Excel on the job.

    If youve got an upcoming Excel interview, youre probably wondering what sorts of questions you might get. Recruiters are generally vague on details, and it can be scary to walk into a conversation like this one blind.

    So, weve provided our list of the 10 most common Excel interview questions so that you can get some practice in before you exam. With a little bit of advance preparation, youll feel prepared and confident on interview day.

    1. What are the most important data formats seen in Excel, and how are they used?

    2. What is the order of operations used when evaluating formulas in Excel?

    • Parentheses
    • Addition
    • Subtraction

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    Stuck Heres The Answer Key

  • How many total participants are included in this data set? 114
  • How many participants DO NOT live in the20019 zip code ? 4 1of which is blank
  • How many participants live in the LotusSquare neighborhood? 15
  • There is a typo in one of the Neighborhooddata fields one value is spelled differently than the rest. Please write out the misspelled value below: Parsdise
  • How many participants have blank race/ethnicity data? 4
  • How many African Americans live in KenilworthCourts? 23
  • There is one participant that has 8children. What is their race/ethnicity?Other
  • How many participants are 18 years old? 4
  • How many participants that are between theages of 14 and 19 have 4 or more children? 1
  • How oldis the participant that lives in Parkside that has only one child? 33
  • Excel Skills Tested As Part Of Test

    excel test for interview candidates

    During Excel Interview employer assesses candidates ability to use Microsoft Excel‘s user interface quickly and efficiently to access the right features and perform simple tasks in the application. It validates fundamental knowledge from determining the best way to open a recently closed Workbook to using the correct formula to perform automatic calculations. Candidates are required to answer true/false, multiple-choice questions and multiple answer questions, based on Excel spreadsheets, charts and tables filled with sample data

    Below is the list of topics candidates are tested for:

    • Follow the correct steps to apply formatting, use formulas or accomplish certain things in spreadsheet
    • Apply styles, use simple fill patterns and apply formatting
    • Identify the proper keyboard shortcuts to accomplish tasks more quickly.
    • Choose the right formula and cell references to automatically calculate values.
    • Perform basic tasks like hiding rows, preventing cell overflow, and pasting data.

    Since each question comes with a strict time limit , the test will also measure a candidates ability to quickly format, isolate and manipulate data under a significant amount of pressure without any outside help.

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    Key Excel Skills That Are Most In Demand

    Its important you prepare for the Excel Test knowing what is expected of you. Each job will have its own requirements, prioritising some Excel skills over others.

    So how should you prepare for the job you want?

    Research into the company and the specifics of the position to gain useful insight. Does the job require budgeting? Data formatting? Presentations?

    If youre aiming to develop Excel skills before looking at jobs, here is a list of key Excel skills that are frequently in high demand:

    Graphs and charts

    If youre working on a project and want to share your findings, graphs and charts will be useful. Filled maps, dynamic visuals and form controls are all Excel features you should be well acquainted with if your job involves data presentation.

    Pivot tables

    A tool used to organise data from more extensive tables. They make it quicker and easier to sort, summarise or repurpose data, especially when tracking and comparing sums and creating reports.

    Basic macros

    Macros allow you to record and save a sequence of actions, which can save you much time when you need to carry out repetitive tasks or actions in Excel. You can use them to highlight duplicate values or store a backup for a workbook, running the same action as many times as you want.

    Key functions

    Perhaps the five most important functions you need to know are SUM , TEXT , VLOOKUP , AVERAGE and CONCATENATE .

    Free Excel Test Directions

    When you download the Excel test, youll see multiple tabs. The first tab, Context & Tasks, is the test given to job applicants. Tab 2, Clubdata, and tab 3, Fitness Table, are the data used by the applicant to complete the test. The last piece of the job applicants test requires them to create an output document. Note that the Excel Test Results file contains the test answers, so do not send this file to your job applicants.

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    Excel Formulas And Functions Questions

    What are the benefits of using formulas in Excel sheet?

    Formula makes it easy to calculate the numbers in Excel sheet. It also calculates automatically the number replaced by another number or digit. It is used to make complex calculations easy.

    What are the most used functions in Microsoft Excel?

    Following are the functions available in Excel for manipulating the data:

    • Common Functions SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX
    • Math and Financial Functions SQRT, DEGREE, RAND, GCD
    • Logical Functions IF, AND, Or, FALSE, TRUE
    • Date and Time functions NOW, DATEVALUE, WEEKDAY)
    • Index Match functions VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH

    How we can calculate average?

    We can calculate average by using average formula which will help you to calculate average of any list.

    Which formula is use for sum if there is a condition?

    Sumif, Sumifs and Dsum formulas are used to get conditional sum, conditional sum means when you want a sum of one value from a range.

    What is the function of SUMIF?

    SUMIF is use to get a sum when there is one condition.

    What is the function of Sumifs? And difference between sumif and sumifs?

    SUMIFS is use when you have multiple criteria to sum. It uses one sum range, and multiple criteria ranges to calculate a sum of a specific criterias.

    What is the difference between Sumifs and DSum?

    Sumif and Dsum both are use to calculate a sum when there is multiple criterias. but the main difference between both functions are:

    How can you wrap the text within a cell?


    Excel Data Analysis Questions

    How to Pass Advanced Excel Test for Job Interview: SUMIFS Formula Questions and Answers [ XLSX]

    Below are some common Excel interview questions about Data Analysis that you might get asked in an interview .

    How to replace one value with another in Excel?

    You can replace one value with another using the FIND & REPLACE feature in Excel.

    To do this, select the data set and use the keyboard shortcut CONTROL H . This will open the Find & Replace dialog box.

    In this dialog box, you can specify the value you want to change and the replacement value.

    If youre interested in learning more about Find and Replace, click here.

    What kind of data filters are available in Excel?

    In Excel, you can filter a data set based on the kind of data.

    The following types of data filters are available in Excel:

    • Text Filter
    • Number Filter
    • Date Filter

    You can apply filter to a data set, by selecting the data, then clicking the Home tab and clicking on the Filter icon.

    When you have tabular data and you apply filters, based on the data in the column, Excel shows you the relevant filter. For example, if you have text data, it will show you filters related to text .

    You c

    How can you sort data in Excel?

    There is a sorting feature in Excel that can sort data based on text, numbers, or colors.

    Here are some ways to sort data in Excel:

    You can read more about data sorting here.

    What is data validation?

    Data Validation allows you to enter only that data in a cell that satisfies a criteria.

    Data validation options are available in the data tab.

    You can read more about data validation here.

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    Questions To Help You Ace An Interview Test On Excel

    Some jobs ask applicants to take tests to gauge their ability to use popular software, like Microsoft Excel. If you have an upcoming job interview with an Excel test, it can help to study some common test questions you might encounter. In this article, we define Microsoft Excel, describe how Excel interview tests work, provide interview test tips and list 50 questions you may find on an Excel test during a job interview.

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    Tips For Doing Well On The Excel Assessment

    • Dont kid yourself into thinking that the multiple-choice section will be easier than the interactive portion. The test will ask you questions about every part of the software e.g. What is the ribbon? What is the Formula Bar? You also must memorize the screen layout e.g. know which tab contains what, where to locate functions.
    • The multiple-choice questions are pulled at random from a large pool of questions. This means that you will likely not be asked the same questions as someone else you know who took the exact same exam.
    • Some companies will give you a test that they built themselves. In this case it will often involve the use of the actual Excel software and will usually just be the interactive portion.
    • In most cases, the evaluation you will face will use a specifically designed software like the one you can see here in these Excel assessment practice exams. Unlike when taking a test with actual Excel, these interfaces do not auto correct spelling errors, allow for autofill of formulas, and allow for the use of some short cuts. Each question only has one answer, even if there are multiple ways to approach the problem.

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    3. What is a function in Excel?

    If you’re a frequent Excel user, functions are probably second nature to you. You’ve used SUM , and even VLOOKUP so many times that you don’t even think about what a function actually is when you’re creating spreadsheets.

    As such, this question may come as a surprise to you especially because describing what a function is can be a bit difficult if you never think about it.

    Here’s an easy way to do it: think of a function like a recipe. It’s used to combine a bunch of ingredients which may not taste particularlly good individually into something much more useful.

    The name of the function is like the title of the recipe. It describes what the function does, like take a SUM

    The arguments of the function describe what ingredients go into it. Individual functions can take any number of arguments, from one to an infinite number. It all depends on the function.

    Finally, the output of the function is what comes out the other side: a useful quantity that can show you important data, or be used as an input to other functions in your spreadsheet.

    4. In your opinion, what are a few of the most useful functions in Excel? How do you use them?

    Here are a couple of our top recommendations for features, formulas, and functions to discuss:

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