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What Questions Should I Ask After An Interview

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Who Would I Be Working With The Most

Interview preparation: Which questions to ask after the interview is over? Should you ask questions?

While job descriptions tend to include what department you’ll be working in or who you’ll be reporting to, sometimes employers leave out this information. Asking this question can help you figure out who your potential team members and manager will be. With this information, you can even look them up on the company’s team page.

‘what’s Your Timeline For Making A Decision And When Can I Expect To Hear Back From You’

This one tells them you’re interested in the role and eager to hear their decision.

“Knowing a company’s timeline should be your ultimate goal during an interview process after determining your fit for the position and whether you like the company’s culture,” Hoover said. It will help you determine how and when to follow up, and how long to wait before “moving on.”

What Is Your Companys Customer Service Philosophy

This question shows you want to uphold the companys values, especially when they relate to customers or clients. While you may find the answer to this question on the companys website, you can learn much more from a conversation with your interviewer. How the company treats its clients could impact your decision, especially if you are applying for a job in which you will communicate directly with clients.

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If I Were Hired For This Position Would I Be Going Through Any Training Prior To Actually Starting The Work

This is a great question to askespecially if you are concerned about your ability to do the job. With the right training, an employee can quickly be brought up to company speed. If no training is offered and youre not sure you know enough to do the jobthis would also be a great time to get clarification on that.

Why Did You Decide To Work At This Company

7 Questions you should ask after a job interview

This question gives an interviewer a chance to do two self-serving things: talk about themselves and perform a no-holds-barred sales pitch on the company. For promising candidates, the sales opportunity is welcomed. And most people love any excuse to talk about themselves. )

How It Helps You

This gives you insight into what motivates your future colleague or manager, as well as insight into what the company offers its employees. If those all line up with what you’re looking for in a job, you’ve got yourself a good fit.

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What Are The Most Successful Team Members Doing Differently From The Average Team Member

If there is one thing that interviewees could do that would help them stand out from other candidates, it would be to be bold, speak with confidence and ask questions that hint you are a high performer who is looking to succeed with the company. This question shows drive to outperform mediocracy while also learning more about the expectations of the work required to achieve excellence in the position. Emily LaRusch, CEO and founder of Back Office Betties

What Is The Biggest Challenge The Team Has Faced In The Past Year

While the interviewer might be trying to paint a pretty perfect picture of what working on the team might look like, asking this question will help you uncover some of the realities the team has been facing recently. If you end up joining, you’ll inevitably hear about these challenges — and you may have to help solve them, too. This is a question our principal recruiter Katie Donohue says she likes to hear during interviews.

How It Helps You

It really helps to know what challenges you could find yourself or your team up against ahead of time. In some cases, it could affect whether you accept the role. Not only that, but learning about these challenges could give you some great insights into the steps the team has taken to overcome these challenges already.

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Why Is Asking Smart Questions In An Interview Important

Asking smart questions in an interview is important for the following reasons:

  • Gives you the chance to learn more. By asking thoughtful questions, you can learn more about the company and position you are applying for. This information can help you determine whether you’re going to accept a possible job offer.

  • Shows that you are listening. Smart questions are about topics the interviewer has yet to cover. By inquiring about the information you couldn’t have found on your own, you are showing an employer that you have done your research.

  • Indicates that you’re interested in the role. Asking questions shows the employer that you are eager to learn more about their role. Having this enthusiasm can help you make a good impression.

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What Expectations Do You Have For The Successful Candidate Within The First 90 Days

Questions to Ask After an Interview | The Intern Queen

A well-developed onboarding process is vital to the long-term success of a new employee. Asking this question will give you an idea of what you can expect during your first few months if hired for the role regarding onboarding and company integration. The response will also tell you of milestones and expectations that they require a new employee to meet.

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The Best Questions To Ask At The End Of Every Job Interview

  • Finding questions to ask your interviewer is a crucial part of preparing for any job interview.
  • Asking questions is a simple way to show that you’re truly interested in the role and the company.
  • Business Insider compiled a number of smart questions that are sure to impress your next interviewer.

Thinking up questions to ask during job interviews is key.

Remember: Every interview is a two-way street. You should be interviewing the employer just as much as they’re interviewing you. You both need to walk away convinced that the job would be a great fit.

So when the tables are turned and the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” take advantage of this opportunity. It’s the best way to determine if you’d be happy working for this employer, and whether your goals are aligned with theirs.

Plus, asking questions is a simple way to convey your enthusiasm for the role and the organization that you’re looking to join.

But sometimes it’s tricky to think up questions to ask on the spot. So you should do your research, and come prepared with some questions for your interviewer.

Luckily, there are plenty of great questions to pick from, no matter your job level or industry.

What Are The Next Steps In Your Recruitment Process Before You Can Make An Offer

This is a good next steps question great for a candidate to ask last as it closes up the interview, Brady says.

Finally, theres the question of how many of these questions to ask. Dont ask them all!

Theres no perfect number of questions you should ask, but more than one is usually good. Aoife Brady says candidates should always ask at least two or three questions.

And if thats not enough to really find out all that you want to know, just check with the interviewer and they should be happy to tell you how many questions they have time to answer.

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Questions To Ask About The Culture

This is a great opportunity for you to learn if the company culture is in alignment with the type of culture youre seeking. You might consider researching the type of company culture youre most interested in beforehand.

Question 22: How would you describe the company culture?

This is a great, straightforward question to hear about how the interviewer would describe the companys culture. Interviewers will often speak to what they like most about the culture, so its great to ask this question to multiple people throughout the interview process to get a holistic view of the culture.

Question 23: I came across an interview with your CEO where she touched on several aspects of the company culture. What elements of the culture here do you like best?

Asking about company culture this way shows how youve researched the company and its executives. Its a great way to display a genuine interest in the company and position. This question also shows that you care to understand whether the culture will be a good fit for you and whether you’ll be a good fit for the company.

Question 24: What are the most important values of your company?

Companies often have missions or values that drive the decisions, attitudes and goals of the company. Knowing and understanding these values can give you great insight into the type of culture thats set.

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Question 25: What are examples of company events?

Can You Give Me An Example Of How You Live Out The Company Values

12 Exit Interview Questions to Ask Employees

I like to find out what values the company promotes on their career page passion, integrity, accountability, etc. and Ill ask the interviewer how they live one or more of those values, especially as a manager. If the interviewer is dumbfounded, it typically shows that the values are nothing more than empty messaging. If they can answer the question, it shows the company believes in and instills its values in employees and the interviewer is probably a thoughtful manager. Jennifer Bewley of Get Uncuffed

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‘where Do You See Yourself In Five Years’

Becca Brown, the cofounder of the women’s shoe-care company Solemates, interviewed 20 to 30 job candidates a year in her various roles at Goldman Sachs. She previously told Business Insider she wished candidates would have asked her this question.

“I like this question, and yet no one ever asked it because it’s difficult to answer,” she said. “It’s an important question for anyone to be asking him or herself, and so if ever a candidate were to ask this question, it would have stood out.”

She continued: “I think this is a good question for interviewees to ask because as a candidate if you see where the person interviewing you is headed, you can decide if that trajectory is in line with your career objectives. While they don’t have to be completely correlated, it’s helpful for the candidate to have some indication of the interviewer’s direction.”

Who Do You Consider Are Your Companys Main Competitors And How Could I Help You Succeed

Before asking this be sure to do your homework. Research the company both from internal and external sources. From this, you may already have an idea of the companys major competitors, but it can be useful to ask your interviewer for their thoughts. Naturally, this insight is invaluable, and by placing yourself amongst their team, a hiring manager may begin to recognise your value and skill set that sets you apart from other potential candidates.

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Questions To Ask About The Position

When interviewing for a position, clearly understand the role’s duties and responsibilities and ensure that you’ve read over the job posting or job description. Now is your opportunity to gain further insight into the details and nuances of the role. You can ask several questions at the end of an interview to clarify your understanding of the job.

What Made You Choose My Resume For An Interview

3 Questions You Should Never Ask After Your First Job Interview

As someone who has been hiring interns and junior staff for the past 10 years, the most memorable question I had a candidate ask me was this one. It flipped the script on me because I was so used to asking Why should we hire you? Instead, I had to tell her what I liked about her experience and application, which is absolutely great insight to receive during the interview process. Its like getting free career advice. Laura Meditz, vice president of Poston Communications

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Why You Must Ask Questions After An Interview

Nearly every interview ends with the same exact question. And yet many candidates make the same mistake when answering it.

So, what is this frequently mis-answered query?

Do you have any questions for me?

This may be the most important interview question you answer. And youd be surprised at the number of people who reply, Nope!

Thats a huge missed opportunity. You should never reply no to this question. Its your last chance to make a good impression, and its the interviewers way of gauging your level of interest in the job. If you dont have any good questions, it shows a lack of curiosity and engagement. After all, theres no way you could know everything there is to know about a new company and job opportunity after only one interview.

On the other hand, if you do have a few well-thought-out queries, you end the interview looking great. It lets them know youve done your research. Additionally, it gives the interviewer a chance to get to know you because the types of questions you ask can reveal a lot.

So, dont disappoint them. Its time to get asking.

How Will You Know Whether You Hired The Right Person Three Months From Now

I love this question because as a job seeker, it gives you a clear idea of the hiring managers goals, expectations and objectives for you if you are hired. It also gives you a chance to pause and consider if the answer sounds like things you will enjoy. It can add a bit more clarity to the job and the results the company is hoping to achieve by filling this position. Helen Godfrey, owner of career counseling service the Authentic Path

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Questions Not To Ask After An Interview

Those seven questions described above are straightforward, and they are some of the best interview questions to ask the employer. But not every question is a good question and some you should avoid! In general, you want to avoid asking questions that indicate youre not a serious candidate. Those questions include:

  • Basic questions you should already know the answers to by doing your research ahead of time, such as what does the company do, when was it founded, are there other locations, etc.
  • Questions about pay, vacation time, sick leave, parking, benefits, etc.anything that makes it seem like youre more interested in what you get than being a contributing member of the team
  • Questions that make you seem untrustworthy, like asking if they check on employees Facebook accounts, do background checks or monitor emails
  • Any questions that were already addressed during the interview, as per our advice above
  • What Does A Typical Day Look Like Working In This Position

    3 Questions Youâll Always Be Asked in an Interview &  How to Respond ...

    The interviewer’s response to this question will provide insight into what you can expect to experience in the role. This information will offer the opportunity to evaluate if the daily tasks match your expectations. For example, if you’re seeking an active, on-the-go position and the response to this question is that the job is mainly sitting at a desk all day, you may need to reconsider the role.

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    What Would My First Week / Month / 3 Months Look Like

    Asking this question of course gives the interviewer some confidence that youre ready and willing to get stuck right in and start showing results straight away. But it also gives you the chance to know what kind of goals they want you to hit when you first start.

    The reason you want to ask this is because starting a new internal role can be very different from starting one at a brand new company.

    In a new company, its likely youre going to go through an induction period, perhaps some shadowing, some showing around etc. If youre literally moving desks and already know where everything is, youre probably going to get stuck in sooner than a newby would. So asking upfront what the hiring manager wants from you can set your expectations.

    Questions About Professional Development Career Paths And Future Opportunities

    Markman says its critical to understand what growth and career development will look like in the job. You want to be sure that you can see yourself not just in the role youre currently applying for but that there is a career path at the organization that youre excited about.

  • What learning and development opportunities will I have in this role?
  • How does the team Ill be part of continue to grow professionally?
  • Are there examples of a career path beginning with this position?
  • What are the common career paths in this department?
  • How are promotions typically handled?
  • Where have successful employees moved on to?
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    Putting It All Together

    So there you have itnot only do you now know why you should have good questions to ask during an interview, you also know how to ask them and what to ask them.

    Make sure you take the same amount of time to prep these as you spend on the rest of your interview prep and above all, be yourself, be genuine, be the PERFECT CANDIDATE

    Good luck!

    Tips For Forming Questions To Ask After An Interview

    10 Best Questions to Ask an Interviewer – Job Interview Prep
    • Always relate your questions back to the company or the role youre applying for. Its important to keep your questions focused on your job and show your professionalism.
    • Keep your questions concise. Complex questions may be overwhelming for interviewers, and may be better answered when broken down into smaller questions.
    • Keep your questions varied. Show your employers that youre interested in a broad range of subjects and all aspects of the job by asking a variety of questions.

    So, is it bad not to ask questions after an interview? We cant speak on behalf of all interviews, however, in most cases, its recommended that you ask at least a couple of questions to get as much information out of your interviewer as possible and show them more about who you are. For more interview preparation resources, check out our guide to strength-based interviews, how to ace a video interview and the FDM interview process and questions.

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