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What Questions To Ask In A Nurse Manager Interview

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NURSE MANAGER Interview Questions And Answers! (Nursing Manager & Supervisor Interview TIPS!)

When telling stories during interviews, we suggest using the S-T-A-R format – this will ensure your story is direct, concise and to the point. So, what does the acronym S-T-A-R stand for?




You can learn more about answering interview questions by using the S-T-A-R format by reading our complete guide to nursing interviews.

Do You Think It Is More Important To Be A Good Nurse Or A Good Manager In This Role

What you want to hear: The answer is both. Being a good nurse helps a manager empathize with their staff. Their shared experience helps them identify problems more easily and respond with a greater level of compassion and understanding. Being a good manager enables them to provide high-level, focused team-oriented solutions.

Red flag: Failure to connect nursing and management experience into one cohesive work style will ultimately result in poorer work performance. Candidates must be not only passionate about caring for patients but also know why that matters as a manager.

Describe A Problematic Patient You Have Had In The Past How Did You Handle The Situation

Nurses have their fair share of problematic patients. The key is knowing how to deal with troublesome patients in constructive ways.

Example answer:

Trying to get children to take their meds is challenging. I had one kid who cried and threw a fit every time we wanted to give them medication. So, one day I asked the kid a simple question, Whats your favorite kind of ice cream? The child said chocolate, and I brought them chocolate pudding to take with their medication. It did the trick. The child stopped screaming and crying at medication time, and I earned a friend on the floor.

Wow. Awesome answer. You really went above and beyond to help remedy the situation. The response proved that you can problem-solve well and adjust on the fly.

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How Would You Rate Your Computer Skills

An assistant nurse manager must possess good computer skills. The interviewer wants an insight on how well you can handle the basic functionalities of the computer. If you have a degree or certification in a particular computer program, nows the time to mention it.

Nowadays nothing is really done on paper everything is entered and monitored using computers. I understand that as an assistant nurse manager Ill have to work with and around computer systems to analyze patient reports as well as all kinds of nursing service quality data. I can handle the computer very well and have completed a certificate course in basic Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

What Do Nurse Managers Do

40 senior nurse manager interview questions and answers pdf

Nurse managers start off as nurses. They are often unspecialized, and have a great general understanding of medicine and hospital practices.

Nurse managers must have either an Associates of Science in Nursing or a Bachelors of Science in Nursing . Many Nurse Manager positions prefer that the candidate holds a Bachelors degree. And of course, they must pass the NCLEX-RN National Council Licensure Examination and hold a Registered Nursing License.

In addition to the appropriate levels of education, Nurse Manager hopefuls should have experience in leadership and administration. Candidates should have supervisory experience in previous nursing positions. Hospitals or clinics will require working knowledge of basic administrative procedures, demonstrated skills in delegation and strategic prioritization, computer literacy, and excellent communication skills.

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Questions About Nurse Manager Experience And Background

Here are some questions about experience and background that help your interviewer evaluate your experience and qualifications for the job:

  • What is the greatest challenge you have faced on the job? How did you overcome it?

  • How many people have you supervised? How did you keep them organized?

  • Have you ever had to let a nurse go? What approach did you use?

  • Describe your management style.

  • How do you keep patient records organized?

  • What is the most important characteristic of a nurse manager?

  • How have you motivated your team in the past?

  • Talk about a time you worked in a fast-paced setting. How do you prioritize tasks while maintaining excellent patient care?

  • Do you have any professional affiliations?

  • In what ways do you contribute positively to a patient’s experience?

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More Nurse Manager Interview Questions

Here are 22 more nurse manager interview questions you may encounter during your interview:

  • Why did you start a career in nursing? What makes you want to shift into a management position?
  • Which traits do you think are essential for a nurse? What about a nurse manager?
  • Do you take any steps to improve on your weak area? If so, what do you do?
  • How do you motivate patients to follow sound guidance if they are initially resistant?
  • What the largest team youve ever supervised? Did you find that team size challenging?
  • Can you tell me about a time when you had to handle family members who were in a heightened emotional state?
  • Retaining skilled nurses can be a challenge to manage. What steps have you taken in the past to improve retention? How effective were the changes?
  • What do you do to make sure that records stay organized? How do you handle it if other nurses arent as diligent about records management?
  • Have you ever had a disagreement with a nurse manager? What happened? Would you do anything differently now than you did then?
  • Have you ever witnessed a fellow nurse do something that put a patient in danger? If so, how did you respond?
  • Has there ever been a time when you were given an order that you didnt agree with? How did you handle the situation?
  • For a nurse manager, do you think that nursing skills or management skills are more important? Why?
  • What do you hope to gain from becoming a nurse manager?
  • If a nurse was underperforming, how would you approach the situation?
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    The Importance Of Asking Questions In A Nursing Interview

    Asking prepared questions in a nursing interview can help you communicate to the employer that you have an honest interest in the position. Valuable questions prove you have some background knowledge of the facility or role and are eager to have a better understanding of the culture and overall work environment. An employer wants to hear questions from you that generate quality conversation, demonstrate communication skills, and reveal thoughtful consideration for the nursing position you seek.

    Give An Example Of A Mistake Youve Made How Did You Handle It

    Top 20 Nurse Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

    How to answer:

    It is important to admit that you make mistakes and to own up to them. Talk about the specific mistake and why it happened. What was your role in the mistake? How did you know that you made a mistake? Who was involved? What did you learn? What have you done to improve? What were the results?

    Mistakes are part of nursing, whether we like to admit to it or not. Its important to learn from those mistakes and become a better nurse. One mistake that I will never forget is leaving the gastronomy tube unclamped with medication administration. Because it was unclamped when I opened the port to give the next medication, the last medication, as well as formula, came out. I was unable to clamp it quickly enough and the medications I had already given were leaking onto the bed. I had to speak with the medical team and pharmacy to discuss replacing them. I have never forgotten to clamp the gastronomy tube again.

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    Describe A Time When Your Facility Was Undergoing Some Change How Did That Impact You And How Did You Adapt

    How to answer:

    Talk about a time your facility changed. Maybe they were acquired by another facility. Perhaps they transitioned to a new computer system. Describe the change and the steps you took to adapt to such change.

    One healthcare system I worked for switched from paper charting to electronic medical records and computerized charting. During this transition, it was confusing and often overwhelming. I was able to adapt quickly but unfortunately, some of my coworkers were not able to.

    What Made You Choose Nursing As Your Career

    The interviewer asks this question to know your motivation for pursuing nursing and whether you are truly devoted to it.

    Tip #1: Mention why you got interested in nursing

    Tip #2: Prove your devotion to nursing

    Sample Answer

    As a child, I was really impressed by how well nurses cared for my grandfather in the hospital. But I developed a great interest in nursing after volunteering at a hospital near my school. The satisfaction I felt after taking care of the sick there made me choose nursing as my career. To date, I get really satisfied to see patients recover and move on with their lives.

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    General Nurse Interview Tips

    Here are some steps you can take to make a great impression during interviews so you can find a job that fits.

    • Prepare in advance for questions your prospective employer may ask, especially those that test your critical thinking, prioritization, and skills.
    • Practice your answers out loud. It may feel silly, but its the easiest way to know if an answer feels right or not. You can even record yourself speaking and listen to your responses.
    • For phone interviews, select a quiet place where you wont be distracted during the call.
    • Keep some water handy to combat dry mouth
    • Smile as you speak, even over the phone, so they can hear your positivity on the other end of the line.
    • For in-person interviews, make sure you dress with polish no jeans or scrubs and avoid overpowering scents/perfume.
    • Bring a notebook and pen along with a clean folder with copies of your resume and any certifications you have .
    • Prepare your own questions for the employer Dont just leap into asking about salary. Ask about a typical day in the position, patient and staff numbers, and how the organization gathers patient input/feedback.
    • Write a thank you note and thank the interviewer for their time. Reiterate your interest in working for their organization and be specific about why. An authentic thank you note makes a difference, especially if theyre considering other nurses for the role.
    • Stay positive!

    What Are Your Weaknesses

    Top 10 clinical nurse manager interview questions and answers

    Another tricky one. The purpose of this question is to see how you view and evaluate yourself.

    One the one hand, if you suggest you dont have any weaknesses, your interviewer will almost certainly see you as a lair, egotistical, or both.

    Dont fall into the trap of trying to present a positive skill in disguise as a weakness, like I work too hard or I am a perfectionist. Any experienced interviewer will see through this in a heartbeat.

    Additionally, revealing that Im not really a morning person and have been known to come in late raises immediate and obvious red flags.

    The trick here is to respond realistically by mentioning a small, work related weakness and what you are doing or have done to overcome it.

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    Describe A Situation Where You Felt Proud Of Your Healthcare Team What Role Did You Play In Your Teams Success

    Every nursing unit experiences success in one way or another. Being able to articulate a time when you contributed to a successful situation helps your hiring team. When answering this question make sure you are as detailed as possible and explain the role you had in the success.

    Working as a med-surg nurse, I often see a lot of success doing my job. One time, a patient who was using feeding tubes and they got infected. I was able to properly clean the infected feeding tube and helped prevent further injury to the patient.

    Toughest Nursing Leadership Interview Questions And Answers

    Being a nurse isnt everyones cup of tea. If you want to be a nurse, you have to crack more than just the entrance exam. The interview is perhaps the scariest part of the recruitment process. Lucky for you, were here to help. Were sure youve prepared enough for the most common questions nows the time to face the tough ones. So, prepare your resume, suit up as per the dress code, and rock the interview!

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    What Do You Find Most Rewarding About Being A Nurse

    What They Want to Know: This is a lead-in for you to talk about your strengths as a nurse. Maybe it’s about helping patients, keeping doctors on task, or working with a particular demographic.

    As a maternity nurse, I’m there for the moment when people’s family’s grow. It’s powerful and awe-inspiring to witness. And I’m so happy to be able to reassure and help women in this big moment, especially first-time moms.

    More Answers: What do you find most rewarding?

    Tell Me About A Time You Were Under A Lot Of Pressure What Was Going On And How Did You Get Through It

    Nurse manager interview questions

    How to answer:

    Tell a story about a time you were stressed and under pressure to perform. Explain the situation and why you felt pressured. Describe step-by-step the actions you took to make it through the situation. What was the result? What did you learn? What might you do differently now?

    I was the most senior nurse in the unit by over a decade. I had to not only handle my patient assignment but I also was to act as a resource to the other newer nurses on the unit. I had to make sure my time management was great as well as my ability to drop everything and help someone else. I had to stay organized otherwise I would not have been able to assist others.

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    What Is Your Take On New And Improved Technological Changes Happening In The Health Industry

    The interviewer wants to hear whether you consider technological development as beneficial to the health industry.

    Tip #1: Describe your take on new technologies

    Tip #2: Be honest and precise with your response

    Sample Answer

    Im a tech savvy individual who is flexible to technological changes. I stay updated about new technological changes taking place in the health industry. Moreover, I will endeavor to apply new technologies to enhance nursing processes and operations.

    How Is Overtime Handled And What Are Weekend Shift Requirements

    Especially for professions that require shift work, it is imperative to understand the off-hours responsibilities and to know if employees are being treated fairly. This should help you gauge the expectations the facility has regarding taking on extra duties and working outside of regular hours. Knowing overtime compensation can help you navigate future situations. The information shared can also help you plan for a healthy work/life balance to maintain healthy mental well-being and implement stress management skills.

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    Tell Us About A Time That You Were In A Leadership Position Were You Pleased With The Results

    Hiring managers seek people they can promote. They want to find someone who has experience as a leader. Recent graduates can talk about leadership experience with volunteering or an academic project.

    Example answer:

    As a licensed RN, I have gravitated toward leadership positions. In one of my roles, I led a group of LVNs. I developed a team that dedicated itself to patient-centered care and efficiency. We made sure to involve families in the care and specialize treatment plans to individual patients needs. One of my proudest moments was seeing one of the LVNs earn their RN certification. In that sense, I felt more than pleased with the results.

    Solid. You identified that you have experience in leadership roles and also your care standards. Additionally, you showed how much of a team player you are.

    Why Do You Want To Work Here What Interests You The Most

    Qualitative Analysis of the Lived Experience of First

    Dont say because you want to make more money. Describe the health system and what you feel drawn toward.

    Example answer:

    Im inspired to work in a facility that champions patient-centered care. Your facility has received countless awards for its care including the Vizient 2019 Bernard A. Birnbaum, M.D., Quality Leadership Award for high-quality patient care. I am excited to work for such an institution. I find that I thrive in facilities dedicated to this goal. Additionally, I saw that your hospital is ranked as one of the top hospitals according to U.S. World News Reports for hospitals. I would feel a great deal of pride to work at such a well regarded hospital.

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    How To Answer Nurse Manager Interview Questions

    Nurse managers get to make a real difference in the world of healthcare. They manage other nursing staff, collaborate with medical professionals at all levels, oversee budgets, handle hiring manager duties, and otherwise help medical facilities carry out their missions of providing exceptional patient care. Pretty sweet, right?

    Well, if you want to land a nurse manager position, then you need a great strategy for answering nurse manager interview questions. Why is an excellent approach so important? And how do you develop one? Dont worry, well tell you.

    In the end, you can never anticipate every question a hiring manager might ask. Youre going to face a big mix of classic job interview questions and job-specific ones, but theyll only be a small selection of the hundreds of questions a hiring manager may bring up.

    With a great strategy, you can be ready for anything. Thats why it matters.

    So, what does a winning strategy look like? Well, it starts with the Tailoring Method. The Tailoring Method is all about relevance, teaching you how to create the perfect answers based on the requirements of a specific job. Its a great way to address a hiring managers unique needs, allowing you to position yourself as an exceptional fit.

    If youre facing off against behavioral interview questions, then adding a dash of the STAR Method is essential. Youll be able to turn your responses into attention-grabbing stories, making you far more engaging.

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