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What Questions To Prepare For An Interview

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What Is A Mock Interview

How to Prepare for An Interview – The Best Pre-Interview Strategy | Indeed Career Tips

A mock interview recreates the work environment using phone, group or in-person interview settings. You may then use it to practise effective answers, use non-verbal communication skills and learn from helpful feedback. It helps to:

  • research the company properly

  • improve self-presentation and communication skills

  • gain confidence to do better in the actual interview

  • handle the pressure of talking to a group or a stranger

  • become more experienced in answering unexpected questions

Have You Ever Disagreed With A Boss Or Colleague How Did You Handle It

This question serves two purposes: to see how you handle challenging situations and to gauge how well you can openly reflect on your actions. Consider a circumstance in which your reaction to a problem was different than that of your boss or coworker. Describe how you overcame the disagreement and worked to ensure better communication in the future. Be sure to speak positively about your colleagues or bosses in your response, and focus on what you learned from the experience.

When you respond to interview questions about specific situations, you can use the STAR technique to make sure to demonstrate your abilities. When you use the STAR technique, you describe the:

  • Situation: Provide a brief description of the situation.

  • Task: Describe your role in the situation.

  • Action: Describe the actions you took to resolve the situation.

  • Result: Describe the result of your actions, using quantifiable data whenever possible.

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What Are Your Short

These are a very important questions, because they show where your interests and your potential time at the company dovetails. Before you go to the interview, think about your career goals, then you can make a plan to get to where you want to be. Make sure to research the company to tie your goals and the company’s values together if they align to give yourself extra brownie points.

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Question: Why Did You Quit Your Last Job

This is a tough one. Typically, you should not quit a job until you have accepted another job.

However, life doesnt always allow that to happen. Did you quit because you couldnt spend enough time looking for your next job? Perhaps the company you worked for was close to shutting down and you didnt want to waste valuable time waiting for the last day of operation.

Certainly, there are common reasons that are understood as necessity:

  • Had to move to a new location for various reasons.
  • Family or health reasons.
  • Unbearable work conditions .

The key to answering this question is to keep it short. Dont feel the need to expand your answer to include a lot of details.

Putting It All Together

How to prepare for an interview: Use this easy checklist ...

Making sure youre prepared for an administrative assistant interview position means doing your research beforehand, putting yourself into the right mindset, focusing on your past work experience so you can draw out relevant, targeted examples to interview questions, and making sure youre not just ready for the job interview, but the actual job itself.

Of course, as a student of the The Interview Guys this stuff should be a snap!

Good luck!

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What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses

It can feel awkward to discuss your weaknesses in an environment where youre expected to focus on your accomplishments. However, when answered correctly, sharing your weaknesses shows that you are self-aware with an interest in continued growth and learningtraits that are extremely attractive to many employers. Consider using this formula for your response:

1. Select an actual weakness that is honest but professionally relevant:”Im naturally shy…

2. Add context:”…From high school and into my early professional interactions, it sometimes prevented me from speaking up…

3. Provide a specific example:”…After being a part of a workgroup that didnt meet our strategic goals two quarters in a row, I knew I owed it to my team and myself to confidently share my ideas…

4. Explain how you overcame or are working to overcome it:”…I joined an improv acting class. Its fun and has really helped me overcome my shyness. I learned practical skills around leading discussions and sharing diverse perspectives. Now, in group settings, I always start conversations with the quieter folks. I know exactly how they feel, and people can be amazing once they start talking.

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If You Need More Time To Answer An Interview Question

Even the best prepared candidates sometimes get stuck. If you dont have a good answer to a question immediately, dont be afraid to pause and take the time you need to think about it. If you need a few extra seconds, you could repeat the question back to the interviewer thoughtfully.

Alternatively, you could say something like:

  • Thats a good question. Can I have a moment to think about it, please?
  • Can we circle back to that one, please? I could do with a moment to think about it.
  • Thats a very interesting question. What exactly do you mean by that?

Interviewers know that you are nervous, so try not to worry if some of your answers arent perfect. If you wake up in the night after an interview and realize you forgot to mention a crucial point, you can always mention it in a follow-up email!

Want to improve your professional vocabulary to help with those long silences? Check out our guide to 30 of the most useful Business English terms and phrases.

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Why Are You Applying For This Position

Another common question, Why are you applying for this position? or What about this job interests you? tells employers whether or not you are serious and have a genuine interest in pursuing the position. To answer this question, use details listed in the job description that made you want to apply. This can be duties listed in the job description, details about the company or something about the job that aligns with your career goals.

Example answer:Ive been working for several years on gaining skills in your industry. I feel I have the knowledge, skills and qualifications youre looking for, along with a unique perspective coming from a different industry. I am passionate about working in the environmental protection space, and it is time for me to make a change. I feel your company is the perfect place for me to do that.

What Is The Primary Skill You Will Bring To This Position To Set You Apart From Other Applicants

How to Prepare for a Job Interview Common Interview Questions – Job Interview Tips

For a competitive position, an interviewer will be looking to see how an applicant advocates for themselves. Not only is it important to pick a skill that is integral to the position, but you should also explain your choice in a manner which demonstrates your understanding of the position. Focus on specific duties and how your skill will allow you to fulfill those duties.

Example:My strong interpersonal skills are crucial to my ability to excel in this management position. I am very good at getting to know others and learning what makes them function at their best. This allows me to tailor my interactions with others working with me in order to inspire the most productivity.”

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Can You Tell Me About A Difficult Work Situation And How You Overcame It

This question is often used to assess how well you perform under pressure as well as your problem-solving abilities. Keep in mind stories are more memorable than facts and figures, so strive to show instead of tell. This is also an excellent opportunity to show your human side and how when faced with adversity you are able to persevere.

For this question, consider sticking to the

  • Action

  • Result or learning

Example answer:It was the first day of my bosss two-week vacation and our agencys highest-paying client threatened to leave because he didnt feel he was getting the personalized service he was promised. I spent my lunch hour on the phone with him talking through his concerns. We even brainstormed ideas for his next campaign. He was so grateful for the personal attention that he signed another six-month contract before my boss even returned from her trip.

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Would You Consider Yourself A Team Player Do You Work Well With Others

No man, or woman for that matter, is an islandat least not as far as administrative assistants are concerned. Being a good administrative assistant means being comfortable with working with a wide variety of people and teams within the organization.

Being able to both lead as well as take direction and being comfortable with collaboration are key skills for a good administrative assistant.

Questions like this one are a great opportunity to use the STAR method to answer!

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How Do You Deal With Pressure Or Stressful Situations

Heres another question you may feel the urge to sidestep in an effort to prove youre the perfect candidate who can handle anything. But its important not to dismiss this one . Instead, talk about your go-to strategies for dealing with stress and how you communicate and otherwise proactively try to mitigate pressure. If you can give a real example of a stressful situation you navigated successfully, all the better.

How Do You Work Under Pressure


Many jobs involve moments when, for varied reasons, there are unexpected situations that require swift action. The ability to stay calm, think logically and act correctly in such a scenario is a major asset.

This is another good instance of when to use the STAR method to talk about a specific time you were faced with a challenge, might have succumbed to stress but managed to calmly find a solution.

Example answer:Throughout my career, Ive discovered how to embrace working under pressure. I find that routine can make us complacent, so I try to look for challenges that push me to grow.

One time, I was supposed to deliver a project to a client in five days. A colleague who was working with another client had the same deadline, but he had to take a leave of absence due to personal reasons. I was forced to take up both projects at the same time. While I felt an initial sense of panic, I tried to reframe it as an opportunity to see what I might be capable of. Instead of letting the stress get to me, I came up with a very detailed time management plan and found new ways to boost my efficiency that enabled me to deliver both projects on time.

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Describe A Project Or Idea That Was Implemented Primarily Because Of Your Efforts

  • What theyre looking for: Accountability, persistence, thoroughness, and resourcefulness.
  • How to answer: If possible, choose a situation that you saw through from beginning to end. And youll probably get bonus points if you can include something about how you worked with other people to get it done.

Why Are You Looking To Leave Your Current Company

If youre job searching while employed, this is one of the most important interview questions and answers to know.

Otherwise, the most important thing to do when they ask why you are looking to leave your current job is to stay positive and never badmouth your current employer, boss, or even team members.

Rather than complaining or talking badly about your situation, say that youre looking for more of something positive. What are you hoping to gain from a job change?

Is your current boss a jerk? Say that youre looking for an environment with more leadership you can learn from.

  • Sound positive and focus on what you want to gain by making a move
  • Show gratitude for your current job
  • Sound like youre ambitious, motivated, and eager to find the next challenge in your career.


  • Badmouth your current employer in any way
  • Sound like youre trying to escape a bad situation, or youre failing or not fitting in at your current job
  • Say youre struggling or failing to perform the work
  • Say its too difficult or stressful
  • Say youre not sure

Good sample answer:

Im looking for more leadership opportunities. Ive been at my company for three years and have really enjoyed the experience but I feel in order to take the next step in my career, itd be helpful to join a larger organization and use what Ive learned in the past to lead more projects. Thats why this Project Manager role excited me.

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How Many Tennis Balls Can You Fit Into A Limousine

1,000? 10,000? 100,000? Seriously? Well, seriously, you might get asked brain-teaser questions like these, especially in quantitative jobs. But remember that the interviewer doesnt necessarily want an exact numberthey want to make sure that you understand whats being asked of you, and that you can set into motion a systematic and logical way to respond. So take a deep breath and start thinking through the math.

Whats A Time You Disagreed With A Decision That Was Made At Work

How to prepare for a job interview

The ideal anecdote here is one where you handled a disagreement professionally and learned something from the experience. Zhang recommends paying particular attention to how you start and end your response. To open, make a short statement to frame the rest of your answer, one that nods at the ultimate takeaway or the reason youre telling this story. For example: I learned early on in my professional career that its fine to disagree if you can back up your hunches with data. And to close strong, you can either give a one-sentence summary of your answer or talk briefly about how what you learned or gained from this experience would help you in the role youre interviewing for.

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Internal Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Practicing your responses to questions is a great way to prepare for an interview. Here are some sample questions from an internal interview along with effective responses:

  • What is the primary skill you will bring to this position to set you apart from other applicants?

  • Do you believe that if a different applicant is selected for the position it will affect your ability to continue in your current role?

  • What would your coworkers say if we asked them about your suitability for this promotion?

  • What part of your current position has led you to seek out a new opportunity?

  • Why should we hire you for this position instead of an outside applicant who does not create a new opening elsewhere in need of filling?

Do You Believe That If A Different Applicant Is Selected For The Position It Will Affect Your Ability To Continue In Your Current Role

One concern which employers have when interviewing internally for a position is the potential for hard feelings to hurt company morale. If you intend to continue with the company even if you do not receive the position, it is important to assure the interviewer you would have no problems continuing in your current role. If you intend to leave the company if you do not receive the promotionand you feel that you are a valued employeesay so, professionally. The risk of losing you altogether could result in additional leverage for your application, although you shouldn’t introduce the idea of separation if you aren’t seriously considering it.

Example: Although I am excited at the prospect of this new opportunity, if the company elects to go another way with the hiring then I would accept this fact and perhaps pursue similar opportunities, even if they are elsewhere. I am not applying for the position because I have grown tired of my current role. It is because I have the skills to excel in this new opportunity if given the chance.”

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Study The 10 Most Common Interview Questions

No two interviews are ever the same. Every hiring manager will ask different questions and conduct the interview in different ways. But, some questions are nearly ubiquitous to the interview process. To help prepare, Alison Doyle has compiled a list of the 10 most common interview questions which we’ve collected for you below.

All servicemembers know the importance of planning, and job interviews are no different know the questions, practice your answers, and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

What Interests You About This Role

How to prepare for an interview: Use this easy checklist ...

Hiring managers often ask this question to ensure you understand the role and give you an opportunity to highlight your relevant skills. Study the job description carefully and compare its requirements to your skills and experience. Choose a few responsibilities you particularly enjoy or excel at and focus on those in your answer.

Example answer:While I highly valued my time at my previous company, there are no longer opportunities for growth that align with my career goals. This position fits perfectly with my skill set and how Im looking to grow in my career. Im also looking for a position at a company like yours that supports underserved communities, which is a personal passion of mine.

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Top 10 Interview Questions And Best Answers

Review these most frequently asked interview questions and sample answers, and then prepare your responses based on your experience, skills, and interests. Remember that its less about providing the right answers and more about demonstrating that youre the best candidate for the job.

1. Tell Me About Yourself Best Answers

This is one of the first questions you are likely to be asked. Be prepared to talk about yourself, and why you’re an ideal candidate for the position. The interviewer wants to know why you’re an excellent fit for the job.

Try to answer questions about yourself without giving too much, or too little, personal information. You can start by sharing some of your personal interests and experiences that don’t relate directly to work, such as a favorite hobby or a brief account of where you grew up, your education, and what motivates you.

You can even and showcase your personality to make the interview a little more interesting.

2. Why Are You the Best Person for the Job? Best Answers

Are you the best candidate for the job? The hiring manager wants to know whether you have all the required qualifications. Be prepared to explain why you’re the applicant who should be hired.

3. Why Do You Want This Job? Best Answers

Be specific about what makes you a good fit for this role, and mention aspects of the company and position that appeal to you most.

4. How Has Your Experience Prepared You for This Role?Best Answers

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