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What Should Women Wear To An Interview

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Go Classic With A Black Dress And Tights

what to wear on an interview – Women

AA tasteful “little black dress” is the hallmark of a simple yet refined business wardrobe. Invest in a quality dress that skims the knee. A dress with a structured fit and nice details is professional yet still modern.

To give your outfit some life, pair the dress with textured tights, like the ones shown here. Make sure the pattern is subtle, thougha sheer stripe, cable pattern, or ribbed look adds texture and interest, but anything that resembles fishnets is not workplace-appropriate. Finish your outfit with a pair of black heels for a classic, timeless formal business look.

Interviewing For A Job In Retail

For those applying to jobs in fashion and retail, there’s more room to play with your personal style, said Lee Ann Sauter, the CEO and founder of , a worldwide chain of luxury boutiques.

Competence always overshadows , so its important to feel good in what you’re wearing, Sauter said. We actually appreciate opinions and people who have their own style.

Sauter said her suggestion for a fail-proof interview outfit is a pair of jeans, a great-fitting jacket, and an awesome bag. Dressing with confidence is really whats most important.

You Got The Interview Now What To Wear

Alright, before we dig into the individual types of interview attire, lets talk about how you actually make the decision. After all, everyone is different, so we cant just say, pair this top with these pants and cover every professional on the planet. It doesnt work that way.

However, there are certain universal truths in how to dress for an interview, and a few of them may surprise you.

First, you need to consider comfort and fit. Why comfort? Well, youre going to be wearing this outfit during a critical moment. If youre distracted by itchy fabric, do you think youll make the best impression possible?

Probably not.

Fit goes the same way. If youre going to spend the entire interview pulling a too-tight top into place or go to shake the hiring managers hand only to discover that your suit jacket makes lifting your hand above your navel impossible, thats a problem.

Your interview clothes need to feel good and function. Now, this a reason to wear sweatpants. Just that, if the outfit falls short in either of those categories, you should consider other options.


After that, you should ask yourself, What makes me feel confident? When you feel good in your clothes, that impacts your mindset. Similarly, if you hate your interview attire, thatll bring you down.

Well discuss how to do that here in a bit.

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How To Know What To Wear

So, you know the kind of impression you want to make, but youre not sure how to make it.

The best thing you can do in preparation for an interview is to gather as much information as you can about the organization.

Research the companys culture, values and norms. Are there pictures anywhere of people in the office? The firms social media profiles and website should have some pictures.

Today, most offices have a business-causal dress code, meaning that things arent as formal as they used to be.

People are often allowed to wear jeans to the office so long as they look smart. But remember, interviews still have a more formal expectation.

Ask around for advice. If you know someone who has interviewed for a role similar to yours, ask what they wore.

If your budget allows, and if the option is available, book an appointment with a personal shopper at your nearest department store so you can get some advice and try on different outfits.

If consulting a personal shopper isnt a possibility, ask a sales assistant for some help and advice.

The internet is full of forums and sites dedicated to helping women find jobs. Indeed.com is a wonderful resource full of interview techniques and advice.

Following the general guidelines below will help remove some of the uncertainty.

Style Tips That Will Help You Project Confidence

What Should Women Wear For A Job Interview 2020 ...

by Lois Joy Johnson, AARP, January 10, 2019

En español | A job interview is basically a blind date. While your amazing qualifications and résumé matter what you wear and how you look do, too. That first face-to-face meeting tells recruiters, managers, HR personnel and small-business owners whether your 50-plus self is a good fit for their work “culture.” Whether you’re switching jobs, starting over after a job loss or rebooting after “retirement,” step up your style. Let these photos of movers and shakers inspire you. Here’s how to nail the job with spirit.

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Video Interview Bonus: Anything That Looks Weird On Camera

Due to COVID-19, video interviews are increasingly common. If youre getting ready to meet with the hiring manager virtually, then you need to make sure that the attire you chose looks good on camera.

What many people dont realize is that certain colors and patterns dont appear the same when viewed through a lens or screen. For example, white and black can actually be bad choices for video interviews, as well as many bright colors.

At times, patterns can also get a bit muddied with viewed on camera. It can cause some strange color shifts, some of which may not be flattering.

When in doubt, stick with neutrals that arent black or white. Navy blues, mid-toned beiges, deep greens, soft maroons, and similar hues can work well, along with many pastels. Once you have some options ready, test your outfit on camera before your video interview, just to be safe.

What Is Business Professional Attire

There are four many types of business attire : Casual, business casual, business professional and business formal.

Business formal usually calls for a suit or formal dress and is typically the dress code youd find at a benefit or other important event. Meanwhile, a business professional is the type of dress code you might find at a law or finance office. It is a bit less formal. Many people opt to wear it to interviews, too. The articles of clothing that make up the business professional wardrobe typically include:

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Tip #: Prepare Your Interview Attire The Night Before

You never want to be stuck in a situation where you’re preparing your outfit the day of your interview.

When interview day rolls around, everything should be ready to go and planned out. The only time you should spend is focusing in on your game plan for the big day.

One of the things that helped me save some mental bandwidth was laying out my interview outfit the night before. I’d make sure it was ready, stain-and-wrinkle free, and hanging up before I went to bed. That way it was ready to pack the moment I woke up.

I don’t recommend packing your interview outfit the night before. We want to avoid bunching and wrinkles so the less time spend in a bag, the better!

What To Wear To An Online Interview

What Should I Wear To a Job Interview? How to dress for “work” [2021]

Wear the same clothes you would wear for a direct interview. As for the color, choose something that looks good through a video call. Consider wearing blue. Avoid excessive makeup.

Make sure the background is not the same color as your outfit. Pick a bright room with enough light to make your outfit visible. Tie your hair. Make it neat.

Dont make yourself presentable because you have to. Your outlook is the first thing the interviewer will judge. Make sure you are happy with your outfit.

Getting ready for an online interview requires as much effort as a face to face interview. Do everything youd do for an in-person interview. Choose any of the outfits mentioned above according to your preference.

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Clothing Thats Too Big

If your interview outfit hangs off of you like a wet potato sack, that isnt going to make a great impression. When youre clothing is too big, it almost makes it seem like youre playing dress-up in your parents clothes. Thats no good.

Take the time to make sure each part of your outfit fits correctly. If a piece is too large, either have it tailored to fit or choose something else.

Tips For Making The Best Interview Impression

Take some time to prepare your interview outfit to be sure you’re ready to make the best impression.

  • Well in advance of your interview, make sure you have appropriate interview attire, and everything fits correctly.
  • Get your clothes ready the night before, so you don’t have to spend time getting them ready the day of the interview.
  • If your clothes are dry clean only, take them to the cleaners right after an interview, so you’re prepared for the next interview.
  • Be sure to polish your shoes the night before.

If you’re interviewing remotely, it’s best to avoid very bright colors, stripes, and wearing the same color as your background.

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Experiment With A Statement Dress

Just because you need to present yourself as a professional during the job interview doesnt mean that you should only dress in dull colors. There is nothing wrong with going for some bit of color with a statement dress. You can find something such as a deep red or muted turquoise dress.

The best part about such statement dresses is that you dont even need to worry about accentuating the dress with jewelry or other accessories. The dress is enough by itself. If your statement dress is brightly colored, however, you should keep the rest of your outfit modest. Pair up your statement dress with a nice looking pair of black ballet flats or black heels and youre good to go.

One thing to keep in mind when experimenting with a statement dress is to keep your outfit appropriate. Make sure the dress is not too short, and avoid low-cut, revealing necklines that might expose your cleavage or bra.

7 Job Interview In The Fashion Or Retail Industry

What Should Women Wear For A Job Interview 2020 ...

A mistake people make when interviewing for a fashion-related job is to make a broad-brush statement that they should dress super-trendy or edgy. What you wear here depends on the specific job you are interviewing for. Keep clothes simple and instead make accessories the focal point. Have stylish shoes, a sharp bag and modern jewelry displaying your great taste. People shouldnt notice your clothes first, but you in your clothes.

This look is an excellent example of a streamlined dress with a standout clutch for an accessory and bejeweled heels.

If you are looking to bring some subtle glam to your look, try this one out for size. We love the soft taupe blouse paired with an understated beige-gold blazer. Pair with a black pencil skirt and tie the look together with some choice accessories. The gold bracelet and watch echo the gold jacket and are further complemented by gold hoops. A large black purse, sunglasses, and thin, strappy black heels seal this professional, classy, and extremely stylish look as a definite contender for any job interview.

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Interview Attire For Men

A basic, properly-fitted suit is perfect for a job interview. Thankfully, if you dont have a suit in your wardrobe, you can still put together a professional interview outfit. Try wearing a button-up shirt with slacks, a belt, and a pair of dress shoes. Colors like gray, light blue, and navy are perfect for interview attire.

Wearing a tie to an interview can be smart, but youll want to be careful about the tie you choose. Its fine to use a tie to add a pop of color to your outfit, but you should avoid loud statement ties or ties with novelty prints. Make sure you iron or steam your clothing before your interview. Wrinkled clothing will make you look sloppy and unprofessional.

College Job Interview Attire

Make sure to dress professionally when interviewing for a professional job or internship as a college student. It’ll show that you’ll know how to behave in a professional manner if you’re hired.

Less formal attire is acceptable when interviewing for campus jobs and more informal workplace jobs. However, you still want to dress professionally for most positions, even if they are entry-level. Review these tips for college women and college men on what to wear to an interview, as well as what to wear for an interview for an internship.

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What To Wear To A Casual/informal Interview

Dont make the mistake of heading to an interview with a casual dress code in your loungewear or gym clothes. To make a good impression at any job, you still need to appear polished and neat. As such, dressing up just a little will ensure you dont look sloppy and may help you get the position. While theres no need for a suit, wearing a blouse with a pair of pants or a pencil skirt is an excellent idea.

Combine A Simple Blouse And A V

Women’s Guide | What to Wear to an Interview | Global Image Group

Another way to achieve a versatile interview look is to combine a V-neck sweater with a simple blouse or a button down top. You can then complete the look with a formal skirt or black dress pants.

If you are attending a casual interview, or interviewing with a startup, you can pair the V-neck sweater and blouse with dark wash jeans or khaki pants.

The best thing about combining a simple blouse with a V-neck sweater is that you can achieve a limitless variety of looks. If you have about three V-neck sweaters and three button-downs or blouses, you can mix and match them to achieve 9 different interview-friendly looks.

Whats even better is that the V-neck sweater and blouse combination can be appropriately dressed down with a wide variety of pants or skirts.

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6 For A Finance Or Business Job Interview

When it comes to interviewing in the finance realm, the rules stay much the same as ever. Dont push the envelope and seek to appear conservative and professional.

We recommend wearing a dark, two-piece pantsuit or skirt suit. Lighten them up with a white or softer colored blouse and conservative accessories. Here is an excellent and very classy option.

You can also bring a little bit of an edgier vibe to your look by taking a page from Emma Watsons book. Here, she showcases a conservative but extremely stylish ensemble that allows for both modesty and sophistication. Some things to note: the dark red lip and pulled-back hairdo, as well as the slim-fit pants. These little tweaks will bring your outfit to the next level. For more amazing ideas, have a look at 17 cute winter workwear outfits for women for an elegant look.

We love this option which shows us that conservative does not mean boring! Bring a pop of color to your job interview look with a bold-colored blouse belted at the waist. You can pair it with sleek black pants or a pencil skirt. Tie the look together with some peep-toe heels and a snazzy bag.

A Tailored Pantsuit Will Save You

Catalan chef Carme Ruscalleda wears a black-and-white bow blouse with a black pantsuit Swedish banker Annika Falkengren dons a classic pantsuit.

It’s the default outfit with sensibility and sizzle, especially in fields such as law and finance. Choose a suit with updated features like slim, tapered legs and a sleek, well-fitting blazer. But whether you’re going for an administrative assistant or management spot, spice up the structured uniform with statement jewelry, a colorful or bow blouse and stylish shoes. Something else to love about pantsuits: You can skip the pantyhose and not worry one second about veiny or spotty legs.

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What Should Women Wear To A Call Center Interview

Your outfit creates a first impression–even before introducing yourself to a hiring manager. Since you’ve finally landed that call center interview, make a statement with your clothing. Forbes recommends finding an outfit that fits the company culture. At a call center, expect office wear with a casual touch, but don’t dress down too much. Appear polished and professional, and show a touch of your personality.

4 For Law Firm And Legal Jobs Interview

What Should Women Wear For A Job Interview 2020 ...

You want to be taken very seriously for a law-related job so keep this in mind when planning your ensemble. Stick to conservative colors and opt for expensive-looking fabrics. Keep your accessories minimal.

Still conservative, this polka-dot blouse brings some feminine softness to this otherwise straight-laced look. The patent heels work very well in tandem with the belted waist.

For the ultimately classic job interview look, check out this option. A thin belt at the waist ties the look together the blue button-down shirt brings a pop of color.

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Dressing For An Interview

Dressing appropriately for an interview is an integral part of the hiring process. Though you don’t always have to wear a suit, you should always look your best. We recommend dressing one step above what you would typically wear every day in your job. So if you will be wearing business casual, we recommend you wear a suit to the interview. If you will be wearing jeans every day to your job, dressing in a button down shirt and khakis or dress pants and a nice blouse would be appropriate for the interview. However, we always say it’s better to overdress than underdress for an interview. You tend to feel your best when you look your best!

Here are some tips for dressing for an interview:

For women:

For men:

  • You should have clean, trimmed hair and facial hair.
  • Do not use cologne or a strong smelling aftershave.
  • If wearing a suit, choose gray, black, or navy with a coordinating shirt and professional tie.
  • Empty your pockets.
  • Wear a nice looking belt and matching shoes.
  • Carry a leather portfolio or briefcase.
  • Have clean, short nails.

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