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What To Ask When Being Interviewed

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Why Do You Want This Job

Top 5 Questions to Ask in an Interview

What They Want to Know: Why did you apply for this position? What do you find most interesting about the job and the organization? With this question, the employer wants to know why you think this job is a match for your career objectives. Take the time to describe how your qualifications are a match for the job. The more you can show youre qualified, the easier it will be to get hired.

From the time my appendix burst as a kid and I spent a week in the hospital, Ive wanted to be a nurse preferably here at James Memorial. Although I went away for nursing school, Im eager to move back home and care for our local community now that Ive become a licensed RN.

After I Master The Basics Here What Opportunities Are Provided For Continued Learning And Career Growth

Asking about professional development and long-term career outlook in a role is yet another way to show that youre goal-oriented while finding out valuable info to help you decide whether to accept or if it gets to that point!

Always ask at least one question about how the company will help you grow long-term. This is a killer interview question to ask the employer because theyll see that youre planning on staying with the company for a long time and planning on being highly successful in the role.

This also shows a lot of confidence in the interview, which is always good.

How Long Will The Interview Take

Once you know who and how many people youll meet with, you should have a vague idea of how long your interview will last. However, its better to have the company tell you than for you to guess.

For example, lets say youre meeting with 10 people. Thats a lot of interviewing! And, whether its a panel format or one-on-one format, youre going to be at the interview for a while. Having that information in advance helps you plan your day accordingly and prepare.

However, dont assume that just because youre meeting with one or two people means youll be in and out in an hour. Some interviewers like to ask a lot of questions or ask you to demonstrate your skills through problem-solving. Its better to ask the scheduler what to expect time-wise than make the wrong assumptions.

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Benefit #: You Can Verify Your Expectations

In short, your future job satisfaction may depend on what questions you ask at the interview. That said, you can avoid a situation where, for example, after accepting a seemingly promising offer, it turns out that the actual work conditions are far from what was expected.

And no one would want that!

Interview Questions About Your Future Manager Or Colleague:

Question you should ask at the end of your McKinsey interview ...
  • What’s your favorite part about working here?
  • Why did you choose this career and industry?
  • What’s your leadership style? What’s my future manager’s leadership style?
  • What are some of your biggest worries or challenges these days? What keeps you up at night?
  • How did you get your start with your career? How long have you been with the company?
  • What has your career path looked like? Is there anything you’d do differently?
  • What have been some of your biggest challenges during your career? How did you, or do you, deal with them?
  • What do you feel has made you successful working here?
  • What is your preferred way of communication? Email, phone, in-person?

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What Are The Top 5 Questions To Ask

Well they should be different for each candidate depending on the situation, but here are 5 great ones:1. Can you tell me exactly what I would be expected to do if I was hired for this position?2. Can you walk me through a typical day here at Company X?3. Can you tell me what you love the most about working here?4. Is there anything else I can provide you with that would be helpful or questions I can answer?5. What are the next steps in the interview process?

How To Dress Up For Your Interview

If youre wondering how to ace an interview, tidying up beforehand can go a long way.

Ways to do this include dressing smart, and ensuring you dont look like you just rose out of bed!

This still applies even if you are doing your interview online or in person.

How well you need to dress will generally depend on the role if you are applying to be a ski instructor in Banff you wont need to wear a suit!

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What Kinds Of Challenges Can I Expect In This Role

Before accepting a job offer, you want to anticipate what kinds of barriers you might have to overcome. This question can give you insight into what challenges the company might be experiencing. It could even lead to a further conversation where you can show employers that you are eager to take on a challenging role.

Got An Interview Practice For It

10 Best Questions to Ask an Interviewer – Job Interview Prep

It might sound weird, but speaking out loud to yourself might just be one of the best possible tips for an interview.

You could get a family member or friend to ask you a list of potential questions, or alternatively, just practice with yourself in a mirror!

If you speak out loud, it can help calm any potential nerves of public speaking.

Speaking aloud will also help cement great answers in your mind for when you may find yourself on the spot.

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What Is Your Company’s Customer Or Client Service Philosophy

This is an impressive question because it shows that you can make the connection between how the company thinks about its customers and the end result. In other words, how the customer is treated on a day-to-day basis, and in turn, how that shows up in the product.

How It Helps You

While you might be able to find a canned response to this question on the company’s website, it’ll be useful — and possibly eye-opening — for you to hear it more candidly from an employee. How the company treats its customers could end up informing your decision to join if you are offered the job, especially if you’re applying for a job where you’ll be communicating directly with customers.

When Are You Looking To Fill The Role

Depending on your availability and need for a new job, its helpful to leave your interview with an idea of a starting date for two reasons. First, you can plan to start a new job around any upcoming personal events, like travel, taking time off, or completing projects at your current workplace. Second, you can decide how much effort youll need to put into looking for other job opportunities if this position doesnt line up with your schedule or needs. Its better to know up front what the waiting period might look like so you can either move forward or move on.

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What Do Each Of You Enjoy The Most About Working Here And What Is One Thing You Would Change If You Could

This is my very favorite question to ask at the end of the interview. It is best utilized if you have a full panel interviewing you. This was one of the questions that really made me shine at my most recent interview, which was for the position I have now and have had for the past 6 years.

In my years of job searching and interviewing, I have found that this one question lets me know a good cross-section of the things that make employees happy, as well as the things that bother them. If I hear the same thing more than once, I mark that down.

Preparing The Right Questions To Ask

6 Tough Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates

As you prepare for your interview, here are some tips to help you identify strong questions to ask. First, review the job description, checking for information that may be missing. The interviewer will be impressed to see you really digging in. Then, research the company. Start by learning as much as you can from the website, social media, and public information. Next, review LinkedIn profiles for your interviewers. Dont know whos going to interview you? Just ask. The more you know about each interviewer, the better questions you can ask. Plus, it shows that you took the time to do your research.

For each interviewer, write out at least 10 questions. Youll never get through all your questions, but you want to have a buffer. In fact, its likely that many of your prepared questions will be answered before you even get to ask them. If you meet with someone more than once, ask them more, new questions.

And heres a pro tip: Its fine to write down your questions. You can take a nice, professional notebook into the interview with you. At the end of the interview, feel free to reference your list and take notes. Just be sure to look up, smile, and make eye contact as well.

Ultimately, ask good questions. Demonstrate youre interested and engaged. Show you did your research. And again: never say you dont have any questions!

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I Look Forward To Hearing From You

Telling the interviewer that you look forward to hearing from them further expresses your interest in getting started. If your next step is hearing from a different person like a manager or business owner, tell the interviewer that you look forward to hearing from that person. You might consider asking for his or her name so you can make a good first impression when you are called.

What Is Your Companys Customer Service Philosophy

This question shows you want to uphold the companys values, especially when they relate to customers or clients. While you may find the answer to this question on the companys website, you can learn much more from a conversation with your interviewer. How the company treats its clients could impact your decision, especially if you are applying for a job in which you will communicate directly with clients.

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Preparing Good Questions To Ask The Interviewer

You can learn a lot about an open position through the basic application process, but to really get the down and dirty about what will be expected of you, you need to make sure you prepare good questions to ask the interviewer as well.

Isnt that awkward? I mean, are hiring managers okay with me asking for more details?

Are you kidding?!?

Asking the hiring manager questions is like bringing flowers and chocolates with you. Not only are you getting more information about the job, youre showing the interviewer that you genuinely care about the position, the company, and your role should you get hired.

Imagine thisyoure a hiring manager and youve just had a potential candidate interview with you. Their answers to your questions are pretty solid and youre wrapping up the interview.

So, you say, giving the eager young candidate a smile. Any questions for me?

The candidate clears their throat, nervous. You can tell by the look in their eye all they want to do is get out of there. No, they stammer. Im good. Thank you!

You shake hands and they leave. You sigh in disappointment. Such a missed opportunity. Maybe the next one will have some questions for you.

In fact, according to a Glassdoor Survey of 750 hiring managers, nine in ten hiring decision makers agree that an informed candidate is a quality candidate. and that an informed candidate is prepared for interview and asks pertinent questions.

You’ve Been At This Company For While What Keeps You Motivated

4 Powerful Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

If your interviewer has been at the company for several years, understanding why could give you some really interesting insight into the company, how it treats its employees, and a taste of what motivates the people who work there. Plus, it shows you’ve done your research on the interviewer, which is always an impressive sign.

How It Helps You

Depending on the interviewer’s answer, you might learn something about the company’s career training, leadership opportunities, workplace flexibility, internal job opportunities, and more. You might dig a little deeper by following up with related questions, like, “What do you enjoy most about working here?”

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Describe A Situation Where You Solved A Problem

You should think of a recent problem that is similar to the challenges you might face in the job you’re interviewing for. Begin by explaining the problem in a few sentences but give enough detail so the interviewer can understand the challenge you had.

Next describe the action you took and the steps you completed. Be clear about the part you played in the result.

If possible, give statistics or figures to show your success, mention positive feedback you received and talk about what you learned that will help you in the job you are applying for.

Have Other People Failed In This Position And Why

In your job search, its a good idea to ask about whether people have struggled in a role youre thinking of taking.

The companys answer can give you valuable information about how to succeed if hired, but can also warn about a position with some potential red flags.

For example, if a company says that each person theyve hired failed to learn the required skills, youd be smart to ask the interviewer about the training process and how much time each person was given to learn the role.

Your goal in an interview is to impress the hiring manager, but its also important to gather info about the role and protect yourself from taking any bad jobs that will set you back in your career.

So an employers answer to this question will provide you with valuable info to help with that. And since this is a question that most job seekers arent asking, youll set yourself apart and gain some bonus points for asking something different and creative in the interview.

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What Are The Opportunities For Growth In This Role

Heres a word of wisdom: If you get the job, youll want to master what youre hired forbefore trying to advance to the next position. Hunger to learn and advance at work are great qualities, but you dont want to skip over the growth happening right now that will get you to that next level.

Now, hopefully theyll respond with some clear direction or a few options for promotion tracks. If they dont share a logical next step for the position, or if the company prefers to hire externally instead of promoting from within, youll have a better idea of where you might move up in the future.

The Best Questions To Ask At The End Of Every Job Interview

Awkward Questions You Really Want to Ask in an Interview
  • Finding questions to ask your interviewer is a crucial part of preparing for any job interview.
  • Asking questions is a simple way to show that you’re truly interested in the role and the company.
  • Business Insider compiled a number of smart questions that are sure to impress your next interviewer.

Thinking up questions to ask during job interviews is key.

Remember: Every interview is a two-way street. You should be interviewing the employer just as much as they’re interviewing you. You both need to walk away convinced that the job would be a great fit.

So when the tables are turned and the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” take advantage of this opportunity. It’s the best way to determine if you’d be happy working for this employer, and whether your goals are aligned with theirs.

Plus, asking questions is a simple way to convey your enthusiasm for the role and the organization that you’re looking to join.

But sometimes it’s tricky to think up questions to ask on the spot. So you should do your research, and come prepared with some questions for your interviewer.

Luckily, there are plenty of great questions to pick from, no matter your job level or industry.

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Why Is This Position Open

This question can provide you with valuable information about the role. Depending on the interviewer’s answer, it can let you know a number of different things. It lets you know if the position is new or already existed. It can let you know why the last person left, whether it was by promotion, leaving the company, or being let go. They might not get into specifics but their answer can help inform you whether this is the right position for you or not. For example, if the last person in the role was promoted, it shows you that there’s a chance for upward progression within the organisation.

Whats The Most Challenging Aspect Of The Role

This question shows employers that youre realistic and ready for a challenge and that you realize its not going to be comfortable at the beginning.

Its also a relatively uncommon question that most job seekers dont ask the interviewer, so youll get bonus points for being different.

You could follow this question up by asking how the interviewer recommends overcoming the challenge to succeed in this position, too. That will impress them even more.

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Questions To Ask About Next Steps

The interviewer’s answers to questions about the next steps in the process will demystify onboarding and give you a picture of how seriously they take you.

36. What’s the timeline for the next step in the interview process?

37. What is the next step in the process?

38. What does the onboarding process look like?

39. Is there any information about myself I haven’t already volunteered that you would like me to share?

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