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What To Ask When You Are Interviewing Someone

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What Questions Might A Candidate Ask An Interviewer

What to Ask When You’re Interviewing Someone

Most interviews end with the question, do you have any questions for us? Here are some questions a candidate might ask an interviewer:

  • Why is this position open?
  • What are the average daily responsibilities of this job?
  • How would you describe the company culture?
  • What is your training/onboarding process?
  • What can I expect in my first 30/60/90 days on the job?
  • What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?
  • What is your favorite part of working for this company?
  • What development opportunities does the organization offer?
  • What changes do you expect to see within the company over the next year/five years?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?

Remember that an interview is a two-way street where the candidate evaluates whether to join the company. Preparing thoughtful, thorough, and confident responses to common applicant questions makes a positive impression. Of course, a candidate may pose a unique or interesting question that catches you off guard, in which case you can buy time to think by commenting, that is a great question!

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Where Do You See The Company In Five Years 10

This question is important because not only will it give you a sense of how stable your job might be, but the job you take today should always be in line with your long term career goals. The last thing you want to do is take a job that wont benefit you in the long run or help advance you towards the next step on your career path. Finding out early on where the company is headed in the long term can help you plan your own trajectory.

Do Your Research On The Candidate Before They Arrive

Before your candidate walks through your company’s doors, you should know as much about them as possible. Doing your research on your potential candidates equips you with valuable information ahead of time and also allows you to save time during the actual interview because you won’t have to ask the basic get-to-know-you questions. Your research may consist of the candidate’s resume, cover letter, CV, social media or other online profiles and portfolio.

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Is There Anything About This Interview Process That You Would Change

This is a question that no candidate can prepare for and it takes some by surprise .

It will give you an indication of how candidates are feeling about the process and forces them to think on their feet.

If you’re hiring for a management position it can also show you how a candidate thinks about process efficiency and illustrate the thinking style that they may apply to other areas of your business if hired.

This can also be a great way to get constructive criticism and improve your interviewing process and boost candidate experience.

Do You Have References

How to interview someone: Good Questions to ask

Whether theyve been cleaning homes for 20 years or 20 days, you can ask your cleaner to provide references from past customers. Just because someone is new to the business doesnt mean you should cross them off your list. They may be able to provide testimonials from friends and family. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Skip this step by asking around for the names of highly recommended cleaners from your friends and family. Gina Romanelli has been cleaning homes for 12 years and is the owner of GLR Cleaning Services, LLC. All my business has been referral and word of mouth. I dont do any advertising, she says. A lot of times, those are the best people to get as your cleaners.

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What Type Of Impact Did You Make At Your Last Job

You can gain insight into the candidates way of thinking, by learning if they are more process-oriented, people-oriented, or results-oriented.

Perhaps they describe a system they created and put in place to order to achieve company goals in a process-oriented fashion.

Do they use numbers and data to describe their impact in a results-oriented fashion? Or are they more people-oriented describing how the company and team have grown as a whole?

Tell Me About A Time You Screwed Up

This question forces the candidate to reflect on something they did wrong, which can be difficult to talk about. However, their answer can give you valuable insight into who they are. For example, if they provide an example but then follow that up with an excuse for why they screwed up , it could indicate that they are incapable of owning up to their mistakes. You want to hire someone who can take responsibility for the mistakes they make.

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Interview Questions About What The Applicant Is Seeking

6. What prompted you to apply for this job? What interested you the most about this position?

What you want to know: You want to know what the prospective employee is most interested in related to your position. The answer will tell you about what motivates the individual and what is important to them. You can then assess whether their needs are congruent with the work environment and opportunities that the position provides.

I applied for this job because the opportunity appeared to fit with the strengths and experience that I would bring to the position. It also offered me a promotion so that I can further develop my skills and face new challenges. I see it as a stretch role in which I can continue to grow my skills. Especially as the job is in a related industry to the one in which I am currently employed, I saw a lot of opportunities to expand my knowledge and network.

7. Why are you leaving your current employer?

What you want to know:The applicant’s response tells you about their values, outlook, goals, and expectations for an employer. You can determine what prompted the job search. Is the interviewee running toward a more successful future or away from a past unsuccessful employment experience? Candidates who tell you about leaving bad bosses may not reveal their own part in the story.

8. What are the first three things you would do on the job if you were hired for this position?

Career Goal Interview Questions

How to Interview Someone – How to Recruit a Good Job Candidate (4 of 5)

Finally, get a sense of where your job candidate sees him or herself going in life. What is their required salary for the current position, and tentative career trajectory? What are their big-picture dreams?

Answers to these questions will reveal a lot about your interviewees longevity as an employee, and their long-range goals. If they mention that theyd like to move up within the company, that could signify that theyre ready to work hard and could potentially be built into your business as an integral, foundational memberbut what if you dont have a vacancy for them to grow into?

Again, the right answers will depend on your business and the role you are hiring for, so keep that in mind and have a sense beforehand of what the deal breakers arefor example, if you know youd rather hire someone for the long haul, and they tell you that their five-year plan involves starting up their own company within the next few years.

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Best Interview Questions To Ask In 2021

You found our list of the best interview questions.

Interview questions are questions that employers ask to determine the best fit for a position among a pool of capable applicants. Because interviewers have a limited amount of time to evaluate candidates, recruiters select questions that elicit informative and comprehensive answers. Examples of standard interview questions include tell me about yourself, and what is your greatest accomplishment? but interviewers occasionally pose difficult or unique questions to test applicants critical thinking skills and creativity.

These questions can also serve as icebreaker questions in awkward meetings.

This article contains:

So, here is the list!

To Date What Professional Achievement Are You Most Proud Of

Candidates show up to interviews with a goal of impressing you. So, chances are, that applicant is armed and ready with a few major accomplishments up her sleeve.

Whether its an award, a certification, or a big project that went exceptionally well, asking the interviewee what in her professional history shes proudest of will give you a better sense of where her strengths really lie.

Plus, this question offers the chance for her to expand on something she feels good aboutwhich can ease her nerves and help to boost her confidence going into the rest of the interview.

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How Do You Set Goals Outline The Process

Most of your best employees will be highly goal-oriented and results driven, hardly surprising then that hiring managers want more of the same!

This interview question is great at ensuring that candidates are going to match up to the goals that you set them, and should show you whether they have sufficient initiative to set their own targets.

The best candidates will articulate their exact goal setting process. This should involve: how they select goals, how they split these lofty goals up into smaller tasks, how they plan to tackle these tasks, and ultimately how they measure success.

What Are The Next Steps In The Interview Process

Top Questions Asked In An Interview, And Questions To Ask ...

This is not only a question you can ask to show youre interested in where the hiring process is going to go next, its also a great way for you to get some reassurance. Nobody likes waiting to hear back from a company and getting nothingat least this way youre prepped for how the process will continue and what to expectand when.

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If You Had $40000 To Build Your Own Business What Would You Do

This question is a favorite of HubSpot Marketing Team Development Manager Emily MacIntyre. First, the type of business they choose to talk about can reveal a lot about their interests, values, and how creative they are. Second, it’ll give you insight into how business-savvy they are. By giving them a specific amount to work with , they have the opportunity to parse out how they’d spend that money.

A good answer to this question:

The best answers to this question will get specific: They’ll offer an overview of the business and get into the logistics of where that money would go, whom they’d hire first, and so on.

Tell Me About A Time You Had A Difficult Working Relationship With A Colleague What Was The Challenge How Did You Address The Situation And What Did You Learn From The Experience

In a perfect world, every employee can get along. Unfortunately, we dont live in a perfect world. Theres a chance that the candidate will end up working with someone that they dont get along with or have trouble working with. If theyve never had a problem with their coworkers before, thats fine. However, if they have and they were able to address the situation successfully, it speaks to their ability to adapt to their situation, even when its not the best situation to be in.

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Tell Me About A Time You Set Difficult Goals

Ideally, its best to hire someone who has set difficult goals for themselves before. Someone who sets difficult goals is usually the ambitious sort. Even if they didnt necessarily reach their goals, its a good sign. But theres a difference between challenging goals and impossible goals. If the goals they describe were impossible, it might mean that they are not realistic about their abilities.

Prepare For The Interview

12 Best Interview Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Youll want to come prepared with about 5-10 questions. Its a good idea to print them out on a piece of paper so that you can write down their answers during the interview. To come up with this list of questions, start by asking yourself why youre considering this career, and whats important to you in a job. From there, start recording questions that come to mind. For example:

  • Do you want to work 9-5, five days a week? > > Ask what their usual work schedule is like, and whether they often take work home with them.
  • Do you want to express creativity in your work? > > Ask if they have creative freedom in their projects.
  • Can you handle spending many years in post-secondary? > > Ask what post-secondary program they took, or what they currently look for in candidates.
  • Do you care about how much money youll make? > > Ask what the average person in this field makes in similar positions .
  • Do you have a realistic sense of what people in this field actually do? > > Ask what a common day of work looks like .

Additionally, you might consider a few more open-ended questions like:

  • What aspect of your job do you enjoy most?
  • Is there anything that especially frustrates you about your job?
  • Has your perception of this job changed since working here? If so, how?
  • Is there anything that has surprised you?
  • What advice can you offer to students considering your career path?

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Give Me An Example Of A Time When You Played A Leadership Role In An Event An Activity A Department Or Work Unit Or A Project Describe How You Led The Efforts

It helps to hire someone with leadership experience, especially if the position requires it. Not only do you want to find out if the candidate has had experience in a leadership role, but youll want to find out what their leadership capabilities are. By asking them how they performed their role, youll get a good idea of whether they are good leadership material or if they have the potential to be a good leader.

How Do You Ask Hr For Rejection

Here are some examples of how to request feedback over the phone:

  • Thanks for responding so quickly. I understand I wasnt quite right for the position, but I was hoping you could give me some feedback to help me improve.
  • I really appreciate you informing me of the decision.
  • Thank you for the quick response.
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    What Excites You Most About This Position

    Skills can be taught, but theres one thing that cant be: enthusiasm. When an interviewee is truly excited about an opportunity, that typically translates into excellent work and greater longevity with your company.

    Ask that potential employee about what initially attracted him to the position. What makes him most excited about the prospect of working there?

    Doing so will not only once again confirm his grasp of the duties of the role, but also give you a chance to figure out what aspects of the job interest him most.

    What Are Your Key Professional Strengths

    What are your favorite questions to ask someone who is ...

    It’s important to know the things that the candidate does well so you can understand how they might fit into your team. Arrogance is never attractive, but candidates that are confident in their abilities and how they might be able to impact your organisation are exactly the kind of people that you want to hire.

    The best answers focus on one or two skills and provide direct examples of occasions where they demonstrated these skills and how it affected the outcome.

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    How Would Your Friends Describe You

    Asking this allows the other person to talk about themselves from an outside perspective. It invites self-awareness and self-honesty and opens the door to a more authentic conversation.

    By asking these questions to get to know people, you are revealing something about yourself as well. You are showing others that you are engaged, interested, and aware of their value as a person.

    You are inviting authentic and genuine sharing and connection. When you make others feel valued and important, you are setting a foundation for a lasting, mutually satisfying relationship.

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    Can You Tell Me About A Time When You Had A Disagreement With A Boss Or Colleague And How You Handled The Situation

    This is one of the best questions to ask an interviewee because youll get a sense of their conflict resolution abilities. What tone does the person use when talking about the other people involved? Were they able to handle the situation described appropriately? Did they find common ground? Emotional intelligence is keenly needed in almost every job.

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    What Are Your Greatest Strengths To A Company

    The ability of a candidate to talk about their strengths and still maintain their humility is a strong indicator of a winning personality.

    This also gives the interviewee a chance to explain and align their strengths with the position they are interviewing for demonstrating attributes that will contribute to the companys goals.

    What Single Project Or Task Would You Consider Your Most Significant Career Accomplishment To Date

    Questions to ask at the End of an Interview | Career Interview Tips

    Lou Adler, author of The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired and Hire With Your Head, spent 10 years searching for the single best interview question that will reveal whether to hire or not hire a candidate — and this was the one.

    A good answer to this question:

    Candidates’ answers will tell you about their prior success and sense of ownership. A great answer will show they are confident in their work and professional choices while being humble enough to show they care about the company’s success. For example, if a candidate built a sales or marketing campaign they’re particularly proud of, listen for them to explain how the business benefited from it. Did it help the company sign a major client?

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