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What To Bring To A Job Interview Teenager

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How To Get A Job As A Teen | Applying & Interview Tips

Treat the interview in the same way as if you were going to do a face-to-face interview. Dress appropriately, keep hair tidy, apply discreet makeup and accessorise with something subtle. Even if you arent on camera, getting ready can help you be in the correct mindset and show the employer that you are serious about getting the job.

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With Summer Just Around The Bend High School And College Kids Will Be Scrambling To Land The Perfect Summer Job To Make A Few Extra Bucks But Before They Can Actually Land The Job They First Have To Ace The Interview Which For Some High School And College Kids Can Be A Fairly Intimidating And Stressful Experience

Whether your child is interviewing for a camp counselor job, a retail associate at the mall or a bagger at a local grocery store, help them make the absolute best impression during the interview by encouraging them to keep these important tips in mind. Here are 8 tips for teens to ace a job interview.

Teen Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Below are some common questions teenagers face during job interviews, along with some example answers:

  • Why are you looking for a job?

  • Why do you want to work for us?

  • What makes you the best candidate for this job?

  • What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • What are you learning in school that will help you with this position?

  • Tell me about a problem you had recently and how you solved it.

  • Do you have any questions about the job?

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Choose Clothes You’re Confident In

Select professional attire out of your wardrobe that shows your confidence while being comfortable at the same time. Not having to worry about whether you can walk in your new shoes or if a new shirt fits you properly can help you focus on reflecting your experience and demonstrating your core values instead.

Tell Me About A Major Problem You Recently Handled


What They Want to Know: With this question, the interviewer is trying to determine how skilled you are at problem-solving. Its fine to use an example from school, work, sports or volunteering. Make sure you show a positive resolution.

Our German club had raised the money to attend a convention in Leavenworth, Washington. We could afford our hotel and food, but the school system didnt have the funding to provide us with a bus. Most of our parents work full-time, and so we werent getting enough volunteers for carpool drivers on our sign-up sheet. So I got a list of everyones parents and grandparents phone numbers and called them to explain our dire need for transportation. I guess I was convincing, because by the end of the day I had more than enough volunteer drivers.

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Peppermint Breath Mints By Altoids

Sometimes people who get nervous experience dry-mouth. Dont let dry-mouth and bad breath get you down, especially when it counts. Altoids are the curiously strong breath mint and a best-seller for a reason. This little tin slips easily into a pocket or purse, and the mints will keep your breath fresh before your interview. Never let them see you sweat. Keeping your breath fresh is sure to boost your confidence and ace that interview.

So if youve been wondering what to bring to a job interviewnow you know! We hope these aids help you out.

Good luck on your interview.

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What To Wear In Footwear

Also take note what you wear in footwear is also important. For example, young women or men should never wear sandals or sneakers. Rather, it is better to pair polo shirts, button down shirts, and modest skirts or khakis with penny loafers, or, in the case of women, black ballet-type shoes. Veer clear of wearing high heels.

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Polo Shirt With A Skirt Or Slacks

When conducting interviews, keep the season in mind. Certain employment for high school kids can be seasonal, so dress appropriately for the weather, depending on your geographic area and time of year. In the summer, a polo shirt and skirt or slacks are sufficient for the majority of seasonal employment. Because a polo shirt is more informal, ensure that you’re dressed professionally throughout the interview by wearing a smart skirt or trousers and tucking your polo shirt in.

Job Interview Question #: Why Should I Hire You

How To Get A Job As A Teenð° | Applying & Interview Tips ð

This is the interviewer asking why youre the best choice out of all the applicants. Its a hard question to answer, but its your chance to sell yourself and make a great impression.

Look at the job description and identify which duties you would excel at. Tie that into your answer to show that youll not only fulfill the job requirements but exceed them.

Example: Im an extrovert who loves working with people. I saw this position calls for customer service, and my strong interpersonal skills would be a great fit.

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Helpful First Job Interview Tips For Your Teenager

Your teenager is on her way out the door to her first job interviewin jeans and a tank top. Your inclination is to yell, NO! Dont go dressed like that! Jodi Sperling, senior consultant on overnight camping, agrees with your assessment. She sees the mistakes that teenagers make for their first job interview.

Every winter, over 200 teenagers and college students interview for 130 summer positions. Hiring is a competitive process, and only the best applicants are selected. The interview is crucial for us, says Sperling. Were hiring people who are the best role models for our kids, so we want staff who are confident, happy, and warm. If someone cant convey that in an interview, we wont hire them. So how will a teen know how to prepare for their first job interview? Your Teen asked Sperling to share some first job interview tips for parents to give their teens to help them secure a job.

Tell Me About A Problem You Had Recently And How You Solved It

Problem-solving is a big part of any job. Employers want team members who can solve problems on their own without having to ask for help every time they encounter an issue. If you can demonstrate your ability to assess and solve a problem, it can make you a stronger candidate. Think about a problem you may have had either in school or with someone else or at a previous job, then go into the strategies you used to solve it.

Example:”One issue I had recently was during a team project in my history class. We each had our section of a presentation to work on, but I noticed a few of the other members were not getting their work done as quickly. The deadline was approaching, and I felt that our finished product would suffer if they did not get started soon.

To help, I gathered the group together and discussed the state of the project. I also offered to help with other sections of the project so that we could finish on time. In the end, we were able to complete everything and receive a good grade.”

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Legal Pad By Amazonbasics

Everyone needs a good notepad when they go in for an interview. Jotting down notes shows an interview that youre engaged and thinking hard about the position. Its the perfect place to write down the answers to the questions you have for them. Tuck this AmazonBasics pad in your folder or portfolio so you dont have to scribble on your own resume or paper scraps. A legal pad like this one is definitely an office classic as well.

Benefits Of Dressing Properly In A Job Interview:

10 Things You Need to Bring Up During the Interview

As a teenager, you may be inexperienced and may really not understand the significance of dressing properly or the importance of having a proper teenage job interview attire .

The dressing itself creates a great impact on the minds of the recruiters.

Here are some of the major benefits of dressing well in an interview.

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Prepare Common Interview Questions And Answers

During the interview, the hiring manager will ask you both general and job-specific questions. Research online or use the Indeed Career Guide to help you understand common interview questions they might ask. Think about your answer to each question. This can help you answer them with greater ease on the day of the interview.

Have You Ever Had Difficulty With A Supervisor Or Teacher

What They Want to Know: The interviewer will ask this question to determine how you relate to authority. Always answer honestly, but make sure that you have a positive outcome. Remember that the most difficult situations are sometimes the best learning experiences.

I love both playing varsity football and performing with our high schools marching band. At first my coach and band director told me that Id have to choose one or the other, since practices sometimes conflicted and there was no time to change at halftime into my band uniform. But I convinced them to compromise with me, since Im a strong football team member and a first-chair trumpet player. The band director agreed to let me perform in my football uniform, and Coach let me leave football practice early on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I wouldnt miss marching practice.

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A Lot Of Makeup Perfume Or Cologne

When interviewing for a position, you’ll want to keep your makeup, cologne, and perfume to a minimal. Fragrance/parfume smells and the sight of excessive makeup might be distracting to an interviewer. Rather than that, your objective should be to present a tidy and clean look that allows the interviewer to concentrate on your qualifications.

Lint Rollers By Scotch Brite

Job Interview Tips for Teens

Dont give lint and fuzz balls a chance to ruin your first impression. Run one of these lint rollers over your outfit just before you go in for your interview. Itll help you look well groomed. This pack comes with 5 rollers, with 95 sheets per roller. The sticky sheets will pick up fuzz, lint, hair, crumbs with ease, and tear easily for discarding. Its a quick and easy way to clean up and look sharp.

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What To Wear To An Interview As A Teenager

As a teenager seeking employment, it’s essential to dress appropriately for your job interview. Dressing professionally can help you make a positive first impression and can show prospective employers you’re responsible. Learning more about what to wear can help you feel confident and prepared for your first interview. In this article, we explore why wearing the right outfit matters, explain what to wear to an interview as a teenager, and provide dressing tips to help you select an outfit for your next interview.

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Tips For During The Interview

The First Five Minutes Are the Most Important

Remind your child he has five minutes to win these people over. They often make the decision to hire someone during those first few minutes. It starts with how he looks when he walks through the door. The next step is wowing them with some energy and saying something positive hes heard about the company. He should remember to smile and interact with everyone.

Act Professional

Giving a firm handshake, making eye contact, and stating your name is not something many teens do today. These simple acts will make your teen stand out and look professional. If your child has had a job before, make sure he doesnt talk negatively about his previous employer.

Use Good Body Language

Our body language says a lot. Tell your child not to slouch in the chair. He should sit up, act interested, and establish good eye contact. The SLANT strategy would be perfect for this.

Use the STAR Method When Asked Questions About Past Situations

Behavioral interviews are the new thing. Employers ask questions about situations your teen may have been a part of in the past and how he handled them. To answer these, the STAR method can help.

STARWith a little practice and help from you, your teen can learn these tips and feel confident when he goes into the interview room knowing he is prepared and ahead of the game.

Have Questions Prepared for the Interviewer

Some examples might be:

  • What would my responsibilities be?
  • Is there an opportunity to advance?
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    Dress Shirt And Dark Jeans

    A dress shirt is an ideal outfit for a job interview if you’re a high school student. Depending on the type of employer, you may be able to wear dark jeans that complement the color and style of the dress shirt. Denim should be pressed and free of any holes or rips, and ensure there are no stains on your dress shirt before your interview. Always make sure to iron your shirt and tuck it in before speaking with the interviewer.

    Gender Of The Candidate:

    How To ACTUALLY Prepare For A Job Interviewâ¦

    The principles of dressing for a job interview can be very different for a boy and a girl. You need to take ample time to understand the proper dress code for a male and a female.

    Apart from the dressing, how you maintain yourself while appearing for a job interview may also count.

    Make sure you appear neat and hygienic. A boy should make sure that his hair is cut short and perfectly trim. This gives men a professional appeal.

    Candidates should make sure that the nails are cut and hair is combed properly. Many times the first impression is the lasting impression. There is no harm in taking extra pains to create a lasting impression.

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    Don’t Bring A Drink Food Or Chew Gum

    Only bring to the interview the things you need. Don’t arrive at the interview with a coffee or soda. Leave any food behind as well. All of these things make you look distracted and unprepared.

    Also, don’t chew gum on your interview. Not only does gum chewing look unprofessional, but it can also hinder your ability to communicate and can be distracting to your interviewer. It’s always a good idea to throw your gum away before you arrive at the interview.

    There are some things you should bring to an interview, however. Bring a resume and any other requested materials. Also bring a pen and paper to take notes. You might want to bring a professional-looking bag or tote to carry all of your items.

    Button Down Shirt With Slacks

    With dark slacks or khakis, pair a button-down shirt with dark pants or khakis.

    Frequently, interviewing for a position geared at high school students does not require you to dress in a suit. When worn with khaki pants, a button-down shirt with a basic design demonstrates your organization and neatness. This attire might convey to the interviewer that you have spent time attentively preparing for the interview.

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    Polo Shirt With Skirt Or Slacks

    Be mindful of the season when you’re interviewing. Some positions for high school students may be seasonal jobs, so be ready to dress for warm or cold weather depending on your geographical location and time of year. For summer, a polo shirt with a skirt or slacks suffices for most seasonal jobs. Since a polo shirt is more casual, ensure that you’re wearing a stylish skirt or slacks and that your polo shirt is tucked in to demonstrate professionalism during the interview.

    Don’t Overdo Your Makeup

    How To Get A Job as a Teenager! (how to apply tips for interviews)

    For teenagers applying for a job, too much makeup won’t be much help. Layering on foundation, blush, lip gloss, and eye makeup is too distracting for an interview. While it’s good to look well-groomed and pulled together, this can be achieved with minimal makeup. Keep your makeup simple, and remember that a natural look is best.

    Keep this rule in mind when doing your hair as well. Keep your hair simpleeither put it up in a bun or ponytail or wear it down.

    Similarly, whether you are a man or woman, avoid too many accessories. While a simple necklace or bracelet is fine, avoid anything too distracting.

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    Why Do You Want To Work For Us

    Employers could interview dozens of candidates for one open position, and they want to make sure the person they hire is interested in working for them. To answer this question, learn more about the business before your interview. Learn about the industry, customer base, size and history. Pick a few factors that interest you and explain why those factors make you want to work there.

    Example:”I want to work for Premiere Marketing because of the size and the services you offer. I am interested in social media and online marketing, which seems like a large part of what you offer. I’d like to either open up my own marketing firm one day or become a full-time freelance marketer. Getting the opportunity to work closely with customers at a smaller firm like Premiere would give me the hands-on experience I’m looking for.”

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