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What To Take To A Job Interview

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A Bag Briefcase Or Portfolio That Neatly Contains All Your Items

5 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

Once you have the things you need to bring to the interview, you should decide how youll organize and carry them. The goal is to look put together and unburdened. Choose a handbag, briefcase, messenger bag or portfolio that can hold everything and looks professional. Backpacks are appropriate for some settings but not for others. Use your best judgment based on the company research youve done and what you know about their culture.

Ask The Right Questions

A major component of a successful job interview is knowing which questions to ask. There are several different types of interview questions you can use however, the specific questions you ask should be based on the job and the information you wish to learn about your candidate. The following are a few of the most common types of interview questions:

  • Situational/hypothetical questions

Research The Company And The Job Position You Are Applying For:

Write down any questions you may have about either so you can ask during the interview. If there any requirement of the job that you are unsure of, you should definitely ask during the interview. It always looks nice when you go into an interview with intelligent questions. It shows you put effort into preparing for the interview. However, never ask questions just to ask questions. The interviewer will see right through that. Your questions should be genuine and relevant.

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Showing Up At The Wrong Time

When it comes to arriving at the right time, most interview candidates are worried about being late. But Rudeth Shaughnessy, a former HR director and current senior editor for Copy My Resume, said that arriving too early is poor etiquette, too. Aim to arrive no more than 10 minutes early if you need to hang out in the lobby for a few minutes, that’s OK. Use the time to brush up on your notes or practice your introductory speech.

Talking Only To One Person

Infographic: 10 Items to Bring to a Job Interview ...

Many interviews have two or more interviewers in the room, and ignoring certain people in the interview committee can ruin your chance of landing the job. Be sure to address every person conducting the interview, making eye contact and speaking directly to them in turn. Many job candidates tend to only address the highest-ranking person in the room, which comes across as rude.

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What Makes You Unique

Employers often ask this question to identify why you might be more qualified than other candidates theyre interviewing. To answer, focus on why hiring you would benefit the employer. Since you dont know the other applicants, it can be challenging to think about your answer in relation to them. Addressing why your background makes you a good fit lets employers know why your traits and qualifications make you a strong candidate.

To help you prepare this answer consider the following:

Example answer:“What makes me unique is my ability to meet and exceed deadlines. In my previous role, my manager consistently praised me for completing my projects efficiently with a high level of quality. This allowed me to take on additional responsibilities and eventually led to a promotion.”

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What Is Formal Attire

Seen as the traditional way of dressing for an interview, the formal attire is a hard one to master, especially on a students budget! However, you can dress without breaking the bank. Praise the lord for Primark!

When Are You Expected To Wear Formal Attire?

  • High skilled roles
  • Finance, banking and pharmaceutical industries
  • Managerial roles
  • Placements and graduate positions

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Why Do Interviewers Ask About Your Weaknesses

Interviewers ask about your weaknesses because they want to know if you have the self-awareness to evaluate your own capabilities.

They also want to find out if your shortcomings would prevent you from performing the job. Additionally, this question helps them determine if youre capable of improving on your weaknesses.

How to Answer Questions About Your Weaknesses

The key to answering this question is to turn a negative into a positive. By showing how you dont let your flaws impact your job and by touching on the steps you take to improve on your weaknesses, youll make a positive impression on recruiters.

Avoid focusing on weaknesses that would prevent you from performing your job. For example, as a customer service advisor, it would be a bad idea to say your weakness is communication. On the other hand, you should avoid answers like I dont have any weaknesses. Answers such as this one may lead interviewers to believe that you dont have the self-awareness to identify and work on your shortcomings.

12 Example Answers to What Are Your Weaknesses?

1. I am not very good with technology

This is a good answer for those who are not interviewing for jobs that require proficiency with technology and systems. You certainly wouldnt want to give this answer if youre interviewing for a job as a software engineer.

Example answer:

2. I have trouble saying no

Example answer:

3. I find it hard to switch off from work

Example answer:

4. I am not very good at public speaking

Practice With A Friend Or Family

How to pass a job interview in the first few minutes of the interview.

You have checked through most of the checklist and now it is time to practice. Yes, it is a little hard to take it seriously, especially if it is with your best friend. However, you should practise. If you cant with your friends – ask an older sibling or a parent. Hey, you could even ask a trusted tutor!

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Products From The Prospective Employers Competitor

In some industries and companies, you also have to be careful not to show up with competitors products on you. Showing up to an interview with Samsung while holding out your iPhone might seem slightly unprofessional.

Its not that you need to go and buy the potential employers products and have them on display. Its just that its better to avoid making it obvious you are using a competitor. If you keep praising the company and its products during the interview, then why arent you wearing/holding/having them?

Be mindful about the company and who its competitors are. Check for any obvious clashes in what you are wearing or carrying with you. Its more professional to do this and it limits awkwardness.

What To Bring To An Interview: In

Whether you’ve got an in-person or virtual interview scheduled, here’s what you need to have on hand.

For most people, job interviews are a nerve-racking ordeal, with the worst part being the days and hours leading up to the interview. There are a lot of steps to take to ensure you’re prepared including having everything you need on hand.

Whether you’ve got an in-person or virtual interview coming up, make sure you have what you need to ace the interview and leave a lasting impression.

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Follow A Consistent Interview Structure

Putting a consistent interview structure in place can help your interviews run more smoothly by giving you a predictable format to follow for each interview. An example of an interview structure is as follows: introduction phase, standard interview questions, behavioral interview questions, final questions with an opportunity for the candidate to ask their own questions and the conclusion of the interview. Choose an interview format that works best for you and decide what will occur during each phase of the interview.

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What Is Your Teaching Philosophy

Five Things to Bring During a Job InterviewNever go to a ...

This isnt a question solely for those applying to teaching positions. Employers may ask this of anyone who might be leading or teaching others. Your response will allow employers to gauge your personal skills and if you would be a good culture add. A good answer will concisely identify what you think teaching should achieve and include concrete examples to illustrate your ideas.

Example answer:When it comes to managing people, my teaching philosophy is to start by asking questions that hopefully get the person to come to a new conclusion on their own. This way, they feel ownership over the learning rather than feeling micromanaged. For example, in my last role, I was editing an article written by a copywriter I managed. The story didnt have a clear focus or hook.

In a one-on-one meeting, I asked her what she thought was the main point of the article if she had to sum it up in a sentence. From there, I asked if she thought the focus was clear in the article. She didnt think it was clear and instead thought she should rework her introduction and conclusion. As a result, the article improved and my direct report learned a valuable writing lesson that she carried into her future work.

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What Does Customer Service Mean To You

If youre applying for a public-facing role, an employer may ask this question to determine what aspects of customer service are most important to you. . A good answer will align with the companys values, which you can glean through researching their customer service policy, understanding their products and clientele and reflecting on your own experiences as a customer. Your answer can either come from the perspective of a customer or a customer service provider.

Example answer:In my experience, good customer service involves taking responsibility when something goes wrong and doing what you can to make it right. For example, on a recent flight, I had pre-ordered my meal only to discover they didnt stock enough of my dish. Instead of simply stating the facts, the flight attendant apologized sincerely and offered me a free drink or premium snack. To me, this apology went a long way in smoothing things over. The freebie was a bonus that made me feel valued as a customer and choose the same airline for my next flight.

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Ways To Make A Good Impression

As you’re preparing for the interview, think about ways you can show yourself in a positive light:

  • Punctuality – arriving late will increase your stress levels and give the employer a bad first impression, so do your best to arrive in good time.
  • Positivity and enthusiasm – be polite and professional with any staff you meet before or after the interview and, if you’re feeling particularly nervous, remind yourself that the worst thing that could happen is not getting the job. During the interview, respond to questions with positive statements, be enthusiastic about the job and avoid badmouthing your previous employers or university tutors.
  • Body language – give a firm handshake to your interviewer before and after the session. Once you’re seated, sit naturally without slouching in your chair or leaning on the desk. Throughout the interview, remember to smile frequently and maintain eye contact.
  • Clarity – answer all questions clearly and concisely, evidencing your most relevant skills, experiences and achievements. It’s acceptable to pause before answering a difficult question to give yourself thinking time, or asking for clarification if you’re unsure what a question means. When answering, don’t speak too quickly.
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    Multiple Copies Of Your Cv

    In this day and age, its easy to assume that the interviewer will have your CV to hand once you reach interview stage After all they must have it on file right?

    However you shouldnt leave the responsibility with them you are there to impress them, not rely on them to do the work for you,

    Turning up with no CV not only makes you look unprepared but can also cause issues if the interviewer doesnt have a copy.

    Printers can break and emails can get lost so there is always a chance that they will not have your CV to hand.

    Be pro-active and take multiple printed copies of your CV to the interview.

    A candidate who has plenty of CVs to hand out to everyone they meet, will be much more favoured than a candidate who turns up empty handed saying, Sorry, I thought you had it.

    Have Questions Ready To Ask During An Interview

    10 Things to Never Say in an Interview | Interview Tips

    Asking questions is a great way to dig into the company culture and the specific day-to-day responsibilities of the job so that, should you be hired, your first week or so in the position won’t be accompanied by any major surprises.

    Asking questions can also give you the opportunity to further highlight some of your qualities, skills, and experience, and show the employer why you’re a terrific match for the job.

    Melissa Ling / The Balance

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    Tips For During The Interview

    After youve spent time preparing, you can be successful on interview day by practicing these tips:

    9. Plan your interview attire the night before. If youre speaking to a recruiter before the interview, you can ask them about the dress code in the workplace and choose your outfit accordingly. If you dont have someone to ask, research the company to learn whats appropriate. For more, visit How to Dress for a Job Interview.

    10. Bring copies of your resume, a notebook and pen. Take at least five copies of your printed resume on clean paper in case of multiple interviewers. Highlight specific accomplishments on your copy that you can easily refer to and discuss. Bring a pen and a small notebook. Prepare to take notes, but not on your smartphone or another electronic device. Write information down so that you can refer to these details in your follow-up thank-you notes. Maintain eye contact as much as possible. For more, visit What to Bring to the Interview.

    11. Plan your schedule so that you can arrive 1015 minutes early. Map out your route to the interview location so you can be sure to arrive on time. Consider doing a practice run. If youre taking public transportation, identify a backup plan if there are delays or closures.

    Tip: When you arrive early, use the extra minutes to observe workplace dynamics.

    Whats One Of Your Greatest Professional Achievements

    How to Answer: Hearing about what youve accomplished is a great way for a hiring manager to see how you might contribute to the company. Make sure you describe the situation thoroughly but without getting too bogged down in details that arent relevant or wont interest the interviewer.

    Example: I took a leap of faith when I switched industries, going from a writer to a real estate agent. But, in my first year at my current firm, I was awarded the no. 1 agent with the highest number in sales after working hard at a job Im truly passionate about. I take great pride in that achievement, and I look forward to setting new records for myself.

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    What Are Your Greatest Strengths

    In your answer to this question, share your most relevant technical and soft skills. While it may feel uncomfortable to talk highly of yourself, remember that this is your opportunity to tell your interviewers what makes you a great candidateand they want to hear it. To answer, follow the formula below:

    1. Share one to a few positive qualities and personal attributes:“Ive always been a natural leader…

    2. Back them up with examples:“…Ive exceeded my KPIs every quarter and have been promoted twice in the past five years. I look back at those successes and know that I wouldnt have reached them if I hadnt built and led teams composed of highly skilled and diverse individuals. Im proud of my ability to get cross-functional groups on the same page…

    3. Relate them back to the role for which youre interviewing:“…Ive also regularly honed my management skills through 360 reviews and candid sessions with my team, and I know continuing to build my leadership skills is something I want from my next role.

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    Try A Stylish Laptop Bag

    5 Things to Always Bring to Interviews

    If you’re having trouble finding a bag that works for you, search specifically for laptop bags. While some are bulky and designed for travel, a more tailored look is key for job interviews. Search for lightweight, leather or “stylish” laptop bag to find something that looks like a polished briefcase or tote, but also works as a laptop bag.

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    Support Person For The Applicant

    Sometimes it is appropriate for an applicant to bring family or friends to their interview. This may be just for support or may involve answering questions on the applicants behalf. If you want to bring a support person/s you should tell the employer in advance so they can make arrangements for a suitable room etc.

    Tell Me About Your Work Experience

    An interviewer may or may not already be familiar with your background. Regardless, this question gives you the chance to detail your experiences that are most valuable to the prospective role. Employers want to know that youve reflected on their expectations for a qualified candidate and that you have directly relevant or transferable skills. Consider these tips for answering:

    1. Quantify your experience:I have 10 years of experience in personal finance management, and I have assisted 45 repeat clients in increasing their capital by an average of 15% every year.

    2. Illustrate connections to role:As a financial analyst, Ive used visual growth charts to show my clients how each saving plan option can impact their goals. When I became a senior financial analyst, I supervised other analysts and trained them in providing the most helpful experience to our customers.

    3. End with a goal statement:“As your senior financial consultant, I aim to integrate my individualized approach to helping clients build the retirement fund they will depend on.

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