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What To Wear For An Interview Female 2021

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What Females Should Not Wear To An Interview

How To Dress For An Interview in 2022

Fashion faux pas #1: Too casual She says casual interview attire might show your potential boss that you don’t take the job seriously enough to dress the part. Always err on the side of overdressing, says Melissa Coleman, an executive recruiter. You can always take off a jacket or tie or accessories.

What To Wear For For A Formal Or Casual Interview

You know that its important to make a good first impression at a job interview and that your choice of interview attire is a big part of that. But dressing for job interviews is a lot more complicated than it used to be.

For example, lets say youre going to an interview at a company where no one ever wears a suitnot even the CEO. Should you still dress formally for the occasion, or will you look out of place? And if you do decide to go for a more casual look, how can you make sure that you still appear professional and respectful?

What Shoes Should I Wear To An Interview

A lot of job interview dos and donts guides gloss over the importance of wearing the right shoes in an interview. First and foremost, make sure your footwear is comfortable and fits correctly. Believe it or not, a job interview is not the best occasion to try out new shoes!

Avoid casual footwear, multi-coloured shoes, sports trainers, backless or open dress shoes, stilettos, and sandals. Make sure the colour of the footwear matches the rest of the outfit. For men, leather lace-up or slip-on dress shoes in a dark colour work well with a suit. For women, low-heel pumps, flats, or slip-on dress shoes work well with most interview outfits.

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Business Casual Interview Outfit Examples For Women

Business Casual is a super popular interview style. It’s typically a safe bet too. This look strikes an even balance between casual and corporate, so you can walk into most offices and feel like you fit in.

Your Business Casual outfits should be elevated from your Smart Casual look. You definitely still have room to show your personality here, but there are some staples you should stick to in order to make sure you nail this dress code.

A tailored blazer is the easiest way to class this look up. It doesn’t have to be a formal suit blazer there are tons of other options out there that look a bit more stylish. My other tip for Business Casual is to avoid denim all together .

Women’s Outfit Example #1

Top: Tailored blazer + blouse

Bottom: Navy chinos or cropped dress pants

Shoes: Neutral loafers or flats

Accessories: Minimal. Wear your trusty watch and stud earrings.

If your blazer is black or blue, you can opt for a blouse with a soft pattern. And if you have to go out and buy that blazer, there are tons of reasonably priced options out there that are super cute. I grabbed one from H& M for an interview a few months ago and I style it with my weekend looks all the time now!

Women’s Outfit Example #2

Top / Bottom: Simple knee length black dress + black tights

Shoes: Flats or booties with a low heel

Accessories: Throw on a simple necklace and basic earrings

Look For Blouses With Interesting Details

Office Wear Ideas And Work Pants For Women 2021

A blouse like the one shown here with a bow makes for an elegant look, which can be completed with either a skirt or slacks. Add a skinny waist belt for a touch of detail that makes the top pop. A skirt made of an interesting fabric or a simple black pencil skirt is a great way to make a business look your own.

Depending on where you’re being interviewed, you can add a jacket to dress up the look.

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Try A Statement Dress

Although it’s important that your interview attire is professional and conservative, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with color. A tasteful dress in an interesting color, such as a muted turquoise or deep red, is a good addition to your interview wardrobe.

With a statement dress like the ones here, you don’t need to bother to add jewelry or other accessoriesthe dress speaks for itself. When working with bright colors, though, make sure the rest of the dress is modest.

It’s always important to make sure that both the neckline and hemline are appropriate: avoid short dresses and low-cut, revealing necklines. With a bright-colored dress, it is more important than ever that the piece covers you appropriately. All you need to round off a dress like this is a pair of black heels or black ballet flats.

Interview Attire For Women: What Should You Wear

There is a lot of preparation that goes into interviewing for a new job. Dressing for the role is a great way to leave a positive impact on your future employer. If you’re unsure of what to wear, you can do some research on interview attire for women. The first step is looking at the company website. Here, you can learn about the business and see pictures of how the employees dress. You can also look at the Indeed company reviews to see if they mention the company culture or dress code.

You can also search the company’s social media channels for more pictures and inspiration. Another idea is to search the names of key staff members to find head shots or other images online. If photos show people in suits and formal attire, you could opt for a more formal option. If photos show people in casual clothes, you can assume the company has a more relaxed dress code.

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Interview Outfits For Men

No matter what type of job you are applying for, its important to look neat and tidy. Its okay to show a little personality, however, its a good idea to avoid loud clothing choices such as ties with characters or noisy patterns. This section of the guide covers appropriate interview attire for four different types of work environments for both men and women.

Formal Business Environment

Business formal is seen as the standard interview dress code. When you are interviewing for a job with a company that requires business formal, it is critical to get it right.

If you know the company culture would align with business formal then these guidelines can help you dress successfully for your interview.

  • Wear a single-breasted, two-piece suit in dark colours.

  • The suit you wear should be a solid colour or have small pinstripes.

  • White or light coloured dress shirts are best.

  • Choose a conservative tie, avoid bow ties or busy patterns.

  • Wear dark shoes that are polished and free of scratches or stains.

  • Wear matching socks.

  • Carry your resume and documents in a briefcase or smart laptop bag.

  • Make sure all tattoos are covered and remove any body piercings.

Casual Business Environment

Casual Environment

Worker Environment

Need Job Interview Help

What To Wear To A Job Interview

Need job interview help? Feel totally lost when it comes to interviewing for a job you want? I offer interview sessions as a career coach, where I help clients prepare! We go over company research, practice specific interview questions and create planned responses to tough questions! More information is HERE!

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A Simple Rule Of Thumb For Deciding What To Wear To An Interview

I worked at Microsoft on the advertising side of things. Every year we hosted an annual Awards event in Seattle to recognize our best clients.

A few years ago our marketing team sent out an email stating that the dress code for the event was cocktail casual.

Nobody had any idea what that meant .

I mean, cocktail attire alone is confusing enough on both sides of the gender spectrum.

Do men need to wear a jacket and tie? Or jacket but no tie? If you’re a woman wearing a dress, what length is right? Etc.

Then you add in the word casual on top of that and everyone’s head explodes!

The whole office spent the next month debating the rules of cocktail casual attire and, when the big event rolled around, people were wearing all different sorts of outfits.

My point? When it comes to picking the right attire for a big event, it can be easy to overanalyze.

The good news is that, when it comes to job interview attire, we can follow one simple rule to make sure we never show up out of place:

The Golden Rule of Interview Attire

When in doubt, err on the side of formal. You always want to be one notch above the people you’re interviewing with.

You’d much rather be wearing a suit into an office full of hoodies and jean shorts than show up wearing a t-shirt in an office full of buffed leather shoes and pant suits.

Strategies For Figuring Out How People Dress For Their Jobs

As a job seeker, you’re constantly doing research on companies, recruiters, positions, and salaries. And when the day comes that you finally get the email or phone call that you’ve landed an interview, you should continue to do research and prepare as best you can!

There are a few ways to determine what to wear to an interview. I’ll outline three strategies you can use below.

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What Is Business Casual

Although it doesnt have a strict definition, business casual generally means dressing professionally without being overly formal. Its a step up from jeans and a t-shirt but a step down from formal business attire. Its often a companys default dress code and one that is a smart option for job interviews in nearly every industry.

Heavy Makeup Or Perfume

What Should Women Wear For A Job Interview 2021

Avoid overdoing either makeup or perfume. Try to keep scents to a minimum, as they can easily overpower interviewers or cause unpleasant allergic reactions. Similarly, opt for neutral makeup that creates a flattering look. Ideally, you want to appear natural and professional during your interview. Try to avoid bright, bold lip and eye colors or heavy, layered foundation.

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General Guidelines For An Interview Outfit

Your interview outfit may include:

  • Skirt Should always be below the knee. Can be high or regular waisted, fitted or loose

  • Dress Below the knee, and semi-fitted or fitted

  • Pants Not too long, not too short. They can be cigarette-style or bootcut, high-waisted or regular. Wide-legged pants should be avoided for interviews

  • Blazer or jacket Fitted or semi-fitted, sitting around your hips

  • Shirt or blouse Not too low cut or gaping

How these items are styled or the color you choose depends on the company you want to work for. The more formal the company, the more traditional youll be. The more casual the company, the more room you have to create your outfit.

Here are some top tips:

Err On The Side Of Caution

If youre not sure what to wear for your interview this year, its better to play it safe as it takes seconds to make an impression. If you turn up to your interview slightly overdressed, youll be fine the interviewer will see youve made an effort and are keen to create a positive impression. But if you arrive underdressed, youll come across as uncaring, badly prepared, and you may well cost yourself the job.

In customer-facing roles, such as a banking job, your presentation will need to be immaculate as you represent the company. So it would be unwise to turn up to an interview underdressed!

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The Three Tiers Of Interview Attire

Now you know you need to be dressed at least one notch above the people you’re interviewing with, but where does that fall on the scale of flip flops to fancy formal?

In my experience, company/interview attire can be broken down into three buckets .

Smart Casual: This dress style is fun and light while still being professional. Choices should be neutral and fit well, but don’t need to be overly formal.

While people at the company maybe dressed more casually, this is the bare minimum for any interview.

Business Casual: We’re not breaking out the full suit here, but we are definitely on the more formal side compared to Smart Casual.

For guys this usually means a sport coat, slacks, and leather shoes. For women, this is a neutral blouse , tailored dress pants, and fancy flats or pumps.

This is the most common style for interview attire.

Business Formal: This is your traditional, conservative business look. Think bankers, lawyers, consultants, etc. We’re talking full suit and dress shoes for both genders. That said, just because it’s formal doesn’t mean it can’t show a bit of your personality!

Again, these examples are just high level overviews to help you quantify the different levels of interview dress code. We’ll dive deeper into specific examples/do’s and don’t for men and women in just a bit.

What To Wear For The Job Interview In 2022 To Land A Dream Job

5 Tips on What to Wear for Zoom Interview 2021 | The Claire Image Coach

The best 2022 job interview outfits. Its that time of the year when so many newly grads look for their first real job and the perfect interview outfit that will certainly impress that HR lady and land them a job. If you are a newly-grad or a savvy business gal, looking for new opportunities and trying to step further in your career, you must know what interview outfits to wear to the job interview in 2022. Especially if you are having a Skype interview or if you will have to wear a protective face mask to the job interview. Although your outfit isnt everything, stakes are high here. And its quite smart to think about your job interview months ahead.

I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

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Collared Shirts With Long Sleeves

Wear a light-colored, pressed button-down shirt with long sleeves and a collar, and make sure its neatly tucked into your pants. You can wear a knit tie with a simple pattern or solid color, but this is completely optional. Its also appropriate to layer a nice sweater over a button-down shirt for a polished business casual look. Although its not mandatory, consider throwing on a grey, black or navy blue blazer or lightweight sports jacket for a more pulled-together outfit. Avoid wearing a polo shirt even if youre interviewing at a laid-back company.

Put It All Together With Some Helpful Advice

If you’re more of a visual learner when it comes to putting outfits together or you just want to hear advice from a true professional, check out Linda Raynier’s expert career-building advice when it comes to an interview. Hint: go for “classy and chic,” and make sure everything is fitted!

Whether you’re interviewing or not, your wardrobe should include ready-to-wear pieces that are versatile and can be worn in formal surroundings.

Your interview attire will depend on the type of job and industry you’re applying for, but no matter the position, you should always look neat and aim to dress well. Stay away from certain clothing like ripped jeans as they appear unprofessional in most interview settings.

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Interviewing For A Job In Retail

For those applying to jobs in fashion and retail, there’s more room to play with your personal style, said Lee Ann Sauter, the CEO and founder of , a worldwide chain of luxury boutiques.

Competence always overshadows , so its important to feel good in what you’re wearing, Sauter said. We actually appreciate opinions and people who have their own style.

Sauter said her suggestion for a fail-proof interview outfit is a pair of jeans, a great-fitting jacket, and an awesome bag. Dressing with confidence is really whats most important.

Business Formal Interview Outfit Examples For Men

What Should Women Wear For A Job Interview 2021

Our most formal option and the easiest to prepare for. You’re going full matching suit and tie for this one!

The biggest thing to watch out for here is matching the suit and shoes. The suit’s already going to match, but you don’t want to ruin the whole thing with a goofy color choice for your shoes. Just because they’re fancy doesn’t mean they work with the outfit. Business Insider has an awesome guide to help you match suits and shoes.

When you’re suiting up, your best option for showing off some personality is with your tie. Be careful though, it’s easy to go a little crazy. You still want to keep things on the professional / conservative side, but don’t be afraid to go beyond basic black or blue if you feel compelled.

Men’s Outfit Example #1

Bottom: Suit pants that match your jacket

Shoes: Polished formal dress shoes

Accessories: Tie is a must here, watches are great, and a pocket square is always a nice touch if it’s your thing

Black and blue suits are a super common and traditional move. They look awesome and are definitely a safe play. If you want to spice things up, you can switch up the suit color to something that’s not quite as common like a charcoal or gray.

Just don’t go Miami Vice on us with the white, khaki, or seersucker. You may think I’m dumbing it down a bit too much I wish I wasn’t, I’ve seen it.

Men’s Outfit Example #2

Bottom: Light gray suit pants that match the jacket

Shoes: Brown or black formal dress shoes

Accessories: Tie and watch

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What To Wear To A Job Interview In 2022

What to wear to the job interview in 2022?

Well, it depends on what job you are looking for. Are you trying to get a jb on Wall Street, law office, school, fashion magazine, or PR agency? Is this your first job? Are you looking for a new job after being off the working scene for a while? Or are you heading toward new challenges after accomplishing all your goals in your previous job? Are you having a Skype interview? Or interview in the office.Every which way, here are some 2022 job interview outfits in this article that will for sure help you get your dream job.

Are jeans OK for a job interview in 2022?

Unless you have a job interview at Wall Street or some corporate firm with a strict business dress code, dark blue jeans are OK for a job interview. But you need to style jeans for a job interview smart. Check the denim interview outfits in this article to see how to wear jeans for a job interview in 2021.

Is it unprofessional to wear a dress to an interview?

No, it is not.

Can you wear a dress for a job interview?

No, shoes and your bag dont need to match for a job interview.

What should you wear for an interview?

You should wear the best job interview outfit for 2022. Ps. You can see the best interview outfits 2022 in this article.

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