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What To Wear To A Job Interview Teenager

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How Do Teens Do Well In A Job Interview

How to Dress for an Interview for Teens : Business Style Etiquette

There are a number of ways teens can help themselves to stand out in a job interview. Indeed recommends researching the job and company ahead of time can help you be prepared for any questions you may be asked during the interview process. They also suggest teens memorize their resumes and even do a few practice interviews with family and friends before the official interview.

Live Career recommends teens know their availability before they attend their interview so they can clearly articulate to the employer the hours theyre available to work. They need to take into account any extracurricular activities and school responsibilities before committing to any schedule. Teens should also be familiar with what the current minimum wage is and have realistic expectations surrounding salary.

Questions are an integral part of any interview so The Muse suggests teens practice answers for some commonly asked questions as well as preparing a few questions of their own. This kind of dialogue allows a teen to really showcase their talents and eagerness to work while also showing real interest in their prospective job and employer.

Editors’ Recommendations

Research The Company’s Dress Code

You can research more about the company to help you prepare for your interview, including getting insight into the dress code. Look for information or pictures of employees to help inform your choices of what to wear during the interview. Adhere to a company’s dress code to convey respect and professionalism. A hiring manager may discuss the dress code when scheduling your interview. If they do, be sure to follow their advice.

Tell Me About Yourself

This seems like some informal small talk. But its actually your opportunity for a grand opening, where you can humbly brag about everything you want them to know. This question will likely come up at the beginning of your interview and can be thought of like the trailer for a movie, Elliott says. Keep your response to 60 to 90 seconds in length. Focus on your relevant experience, transferable skills, and the reason you want to work for this specific company.

Your answer could include:

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A Polo With Pants Or Khakis

Depending on the season, a polo with dress pants or khakis can be another great choice. If you’re applying for a summer job or a role in a warm area, you might choose this outfit. You can wear a polo in a variety of different colours, but it’s best to choose muted colours to minimize distractions. You may also wear a simple pattern like stripes. To maintain a professional appearance, consider tucking your shirt into your pants and wearing a belt. For shoes, you can wear a pair of dress shoes or loafers.

What Not To Wear On A Job Interview For Teens

Fashionable job interview outfit for teens need to copy 30

It’s important that teens applying for jobs dress professionally for any job interview. By looking polished, teens will impress their potential employers and convey themselves as mature, responsible, and ready to work.

Unfortunately, the clothes you might wear every day to hang out with friends and family usually aren’t suitable for an interview. The makeup and accessories you wear might not be appropriate either.

One way to learn how to dress for an interview is to look at examples of what not to wear.

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What To Save For A Rainy Day Interview

Image: Shutterstock

Interview attire on a rainy day is not that different from what you would wear on a moderately cold day. An umbrella or a raincoat is something you definitely need, so dont shy away from walking into the office in a raincoat. Skirts or dresses might be a better option if you want to avoid your trousers getting wet.

What To Wear In Footwear

Also take note what you wear in footwear is also important. For example, young women or men should never wear sandals or sneakers. Rather, it is better to pair polo shirts, button down shirts, and modest skirts or khakis with penny loafers, or, in the case of women, black ballet-type shoes. Veer clear of wearing high heels.

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Keep Everything Neutral And Streamlined

In addition, you do not want to overpower anyone with your perfume or cologne. Again, you want to avoid any distractions and keep your interview activities on track. That means colors should be neutral, makeup and jewelry should be down-played, and your handbag or portfolio should be streamlined designed to hold your resume.

So, when it comes to interview attire, you want to avoid wearing a candy apple shirt, high heels, or coloring your hair in blue. Keep everything on-course by maintaining a neutral and casual but business-like type of appearance.

How To Pick Interview Clothing

Job Interview Outfits for Teens | Courtney Lundquist

Now that you understand how important your clothing choice is to the interview process, it is time to recommend some outfits that will work. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. There is no piece of essential clothing that everyone can wear to their next interview. Similarly, there isnt anything that everyone should avoid for their interview, with just a few exceptions.

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+ Interview Outfits That Will Get You The Job

There are so many factors that play into landing a job. In a perfect world, the most qualified person for a position will get the job automatically. Or even if there was an interview process, it would only focus on the skill of the person being interviewed. However, we dont live in a perfect world, and interviews score much more than just your qualification and skill.

One thing that comes up again and again as a deciding factor in many interviews is the presentation of the interviewee. If two people with the exact same qualifications applied for a job, the one with the better presentation in the interview would land the job 99% of the time. So, how do you improve your interview presentation? Well, you start by adopting the philosophy of dress to impress.

What To Expect In This Article?

  • Final Words
  • What To Wear To Your First Job Interview

    The following topics cover interview apparel for a first interview. However, before you decide what type of clothes to wear, make sure you remember this never be late to an interview. It will not matter what you wear if you show up late for the appointment. It will only serve to eliminate you from an employers list of job candidates.

    After all, any employer wants to be able to count on you. So, he wants to make sure you will show up for work on-time. Therefore, stepping into the door of a company after the scheduled interview time is not a good idea. It simply will not matter if you are professionally dressed.

    In this article, we will cover the following topics with respect to interview clothes for a first-time interview.

    • Interview Attire for a Teen Applicant
    • Keep the Focus on Modest and Tasteful
    • Button-down Shirts and Polo Shirts
    • What to Wear in Footwear
    • Dressing Up Your Look
    • Keep Everything Neutral and Streamlined

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    You Got The Interview Now What To Wear

    Alright, before we dig into the individual types of interview attire, lets talk about how you actually make the decision. After all, everyone is different, so we cant just say, pair this top with these pants and cover every professional on the planet. It doesnt work that way.

    However, there are certain universal truths in how to dress for an interview, and a few of them may surprise you.

    First, you need to consider comfort and fit. Why comfort? Well, youre going to be wearing this outfit during a critical moment. If youre distracted by itchy fabric, do you think youll make the best impression possible?

    Probably not.

    Fit goes the same way. If youre going to spend the entire interview pulling a too-tight top into place or go to shake the hiring managers hand only to discover that your suit jacket makes lifting your hand above your navel impossible, thats a problem.

    Your interview clothes need to feel good and function. Now, this a reason to wear sweatpants. Just that, if the outfit falls short in either of those categories, you should consider other options.


    After that, you should ask yourself, What makes me feel confident? When you feel good in your clothes, that impacts your mindset. Similarly, if you hate your interview attire, thatll bring you down.

    Well discuss how to do that here in a bit.

    Interview Tips For Teens

    Fashionable job interview outfit for teens need to copy 23

    When you prepare for an interview, it’s important to keep in mind suggestions that can help your overall performance. Adhering to them can make your interview more pleasant and successful. Here is some advice to keep in mind for your next interview:

    • Prepare common interview questions and answers.

    • Determine your qualifications.

    • Go alone.

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    What Should A Teenager Wear To A Job Interview

    Many youngsters today want to achieve laurels in their career. They start off at an early age to search for jobs and internships.

    It is quite likely that the interviewer takes the candidate lightly if he does not manage to create the right impression.

    A teenage jobseeker must make sure that he is completely prepared for the interview as he has to face a lot more challenges in an interview than an adult individual.

    Some of the preparation tips can be on understanding the job role, proper research on the company, perfect interview outfits for teenager, best resume etc.

    Read to know the different factors that affect the job interview dress of a job applicant while appearing for an interview.

    What Do I Wear If I Have A Video Or Digital Interview

    Treat the interview in the same way as if you were going to do a face-to-face interview. Dress appropriately, keep hair tidy, apply discreet makeup and accessorise with something subtle. Even if you aren’t on camera, getting ready can help you be in the correct mindset and show the employer that you are serious about getting the job.

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    A Lot Of Makeup Perfume Or Cologne

    When interviewing for a position, you’ll want to keep your makeup, cologne, and perfume to a minimal. Fragrance/parfume smells and the sight of excessive makeup might be distracting to an interviewer. Rather than that, your objective should be to present a tidy and clean look that allows the interviewer to concentrate on your qualifications.

    What To Wear For For A Formal Or Casual Interview

    What to Wear for An Interview? What to wear to a job interview teenager. interview outfits 2017

    You know that its important to make a good first impression at a job interview and that your choice of interview attire is a big part of that. But dressing for job interviews is a lot more complicated than it used to be.

    For example, lets say youre going to an interview at a company where no one ever wears a suitnot even the CEO. Should you still dress formally for the occasion, or will you look out of place? And if you do decide to go for a more casual look, how can you make sure that you still appear professional and respectful?

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    Pay Attention To The Details

    Ensure that your shoes are clean and polished. Keep your hair and nails neat, wear minimal makeup and avoid extreme looks or loud colors. Limit jewelry to a watch, ring, or bracelet, and keep body piercingsother than ear piercingsand tattoos covered up during interviews. Dont wear hats, t-shirts, leggings, jeans, or sneakers, and leave the chewing gum at home.

    Why Job Interview Attire Is Important

    While Im sure they refrain from judging a book by its cover, recruiters and HR managers notice how well-dressed a job seeker is the moment they walk in. It takes them seconds to form an impression of you.

    Your appearance impacts their perception of how suitable you are for the position. And while a lot of debate could arise on whether that’s fair or even accurate, appearance does matter.

    All social contexts, including a workplace, have norms on grooming and dressing, and violating them can lead to scrutiny.

    If the workplace is conservative and you show up dressed casually, you could come across as sloppy to the recruiter and lose credibility.

    But if you’re dressed appropriately and well-groomed, the conversation will start off right because you will match the model they have formed of you in their mind from you impressive resume.

    Use these four tips to help choose what to wear to your interview.

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    Job Interview Question #: Why Do You Want To Work For Us

    Even if your real answer might be because I need money, this is a chance to explain why youre a good fit for the job.

    Why did you apply to this specific job? Do you admire the company? Are you a regular customer?

    Answer the question so you emphasize the talents that you bring to the team.

    Example: I applied to XYZ Shoes because my family shops here regularly. I also admire your charitable work and think my communication skills would be a good fit for the company.

    Tips For Making The Best Interview Impression

    Fashionable job interview outfit for teens need to copy 22

    Take some time to prepare your interview outfit to be sure you’re ready to make the best impression.

    • Well in advance of your interview, make sure you have appropriate interview attire, and everything fits correctly.
    • Get your clothes ready the night before, so you don’t have to spend time getting them ready the day of the interview.
    • If your clothes are dry clean only, take them to the cleaners right after an interview, so you’re prepared for the next interview.
    • Be sure to polish your shoes the night before.

    If you’re interviewing remotely, it’s best to avoid very bright colors, stripes, and wearing the same color as your background.

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    Moving Up The Corporate Ladder

    Image: Shutterstock

    Are you a debutant in the big corporate world? Or, are you moving up the ladder? Either way, you should already know that corporate and client-facing roles are all about communication, affability, and your knowledge of the subject matter. It is also about the way you present yourself. And, that is why your attire will end up saying a lot about you even before you actually say anything.

    Profile Examples Media, advertising, sales, business development, aviation industry, consulting, etc.

    What You Should Know
    • Suit up, because thats as formal as you can get.
    • You can follow the latest trends and experiment with the shirt you wear inside, but keep it to that.
    • Stick to black, gray, white, blue, and ivories.
    • Makeup and accessories should be minimal sandals should be closed preferably anything below 3-4.
    • Pencil skirts or one piece dresses are other exciting options. However, be watchful of the length.
    • Cigarette and ankle length pants are other options that make you look stylish and on point.

    Video Interview Bonus: Anything That Looks Weird On Camera

    Due to COVID-19, video interviews are increasingly common. If youre getting ready to meet with the hiring manager virtually, then you need to make sure that the attire you chose looks good on camera.

    What many people dont realize is that certain colors and patterns dont appear the same when viewed through a lens or screen. For example, white and black can actually be bad choices for video interviews, as well as many bright colors.

    At times, patterns can also get a bit muddied with viewed on camera. It can cause some strange color shifts, some of which may not be flattering.

    When in doubt, stick with neutrals that arent black or white. Navy blues, mid-toned beiges, deep greens, soft maroons, and similar hues can work well, along with many pastels. Once you have some options ready, test your outfit on camera before your video interview, just to be safe.

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    Polo Shirt With A Skirt Or Slacks

    When conducting interviews, keep the season in mind. Certain employment for high school kids can be seasonal, so dress appropriately for the weather, depending on your geographic area and time of year. In the summer, a polo shirt and skirt or slacks are sufficient for the majority of seasonal employment. Because a polo shirt is more informal, ensure that you’re dressed professionally throughout the interview by wearing a smart skirt or trousers and tucking your polo shirt in.

    What To Wear To An Interview As A Teenager


    As a teenager seeking employment, it’s essential to dress appropriately for your job interview. Dressing professionally can help you make a positive first impression and can show prospective employers you’re responsible. Learning more about what to wear can help you feel confident and prepared for your first interview. In this article, we explore why wearing the right outfit matters, explain what to wear to an interview as a teenager, and provide dressing tips to help you select an outfit for your next interview.

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    Your Big Move In The Fashion Industry

    Image: Shutterstock

    The biggest myth around fashion jobs is that youre expected to show up in edgy, over-the-top, and offbeat clothing just because you are in the industry. It does not work like that, and that is not what is expected from you when you attend the interview. Everyone has their own style, so just stay true to it and let it translate into who you are. Show them what you can bring to the table without actually saying anything. Yes, by all means, stay stylish and fashionable, but do not fake something, trying to fit in somewhere you do not belong. Your dress has nothing to do with your creativity or talent in the chosen domain.

    Profile Examples Design assistant, designer, stylist, personal shopper, fashion writer or editor, etc.

    What You Should Know
    • Your dress should be specific to the industry you are aiming for. Keep the aesthetics of the brand in mind, but do not overdo it.
    • Keep your overall clothing subtle, stylish, and elegant.
    • Leave them with a sense of intrigue. Decking up in branded labels might not always be as cool as you think.
    • Let details like your accessories, scarves, bag, shoes, and fine jewelry grab attention.
    • And, since it is an interview let it all be straightforward and formal anyway.

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