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What To Write In An Email After An Interview

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Write Key Details In The Body Of Your Email

How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview ( a Template!)

The body of your thank you email should be one to three paragraphs that express your interest or excitement in the position and reinforce that you want the job and are qualified for it. Refer to key details from the interview to show that you were interested and invested in the conversation. Here are a few topics you could briefly discuss in this section:

  • Mention certain aspects of the company or position you are eager for.
  • Highlight how your talents or experience align with the role.
  • Follow up or elaborate on an interview question.
  • Bring up an important topic that the interviewer did not discuss.
  • Provide sample work to show how well you can contribute to the company.

Be Mindful Of Their Timeline

In general, when youâre following up with your point of contact, keep their timeline in mind. If they told you they need two weeks before theyâd be ready for next steps, give them the full two weeks plus a day or two to account for delays on their end before you reach out.

There are instances when you may consider following up before their timeline. One example of when this would be appropriate is if you receive a job offer from another company. Whether you are leaning toward accepting the other offer or still want to prioritize this opportunity, reaching out to your point of contact to let them know about the shift in your timeline could help both of you make the most informed decision moving forward.

How To Write A Candidate Rejection Email After Interview

While writing a candidate rejection letter after the interview, keep the following in mind:

  • If the candidate is a good fit for future opportunities but not the current one, mention it in your email
  • Your email will be read by a human and you should not try to sound too robotic
  • Avoid mentioning anything that can become too controversial and can be interpreted as a form of discrimination
  • If possible, try to mention one strength that the candidate displayed during the interview process
  • Try it out

    • To customize these email templates to your needs and then insert them anywhere with a keyboard shortcut, click on the “copy to Text Blaze” button.

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    Double Check Format And Grammar

    Typos, spelling and grammar mistakes lower the quality of absolutely any kind of writing automatically. No decent academic note should contain such errors. Double or even triple check your letter before you send it. It would also be smart to run your text through an online grammar assistant, which may highlight things that would typically go under the radar of the average writer. If you have that possibility, you could use a second pair of eyes as well, maybe someone you know who has great writing skills and good judgment. They can proofread your letter and point out any issues with grammar and syntax.

    What To Include In A Thank

    40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates á? TemplateLab

    Here are the basic points you should include in just about any thank-you note you send after an interview, and a few optional ideas:

    • Express thanks for the interviewers time.
    • Briefly reinforce why youre interested in the job and why youd be a good match.
    • Consider adding something that you and the interviewer discussed while getting to know each other that makes the thank-you email more personal.
    • Offer to answer any questions they might have.
    • Add relevant examples of your work, or suggest a solution to a company problem that came up during your conversation.
    • Close your email by reiterating your appreciation for the interview and asking about next steps.

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    Send Separate Emails To Each Interviewer

    If youre interviewed by several people, ask for their business cards at the conclusion of the interview so you’ll have the contact information for each thank-you email.

    Then, send email messages to each person who interviewed you. Your messages should vary somewhat so that the recipients can’t compare notes later and feel as if they just got a chain email.

    Thank The Interviewer For Their Time

    Start the email with the interviewers first name as seen in the samples below. Express your gratitude and be authentic in your writing. If you talked to multiple managers send them each an email if you have their contact info.

    A key tip is to ask for a business card when you talk to each employee. If they dont have one ask for their company email.

    Remember If you are talking to 3 or 4 people in an interview it is crucial to make a good impression with each one. A thank-you note goes a long way towards this step.

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    Writing A Thank You Email After An Interview

    Wondering when is the best time to send a thank you note after an interview? The short answer is three hours. Youll often hear of a 24-hour rule, but it doesnt make sense to put this off so long. At the same time, you dont want to seem pushy or desperate sounds a lot like a first date, right?

    The reasons for writing a thank you email after an interview are three-fold: first, to show courtesy and good manners two, to leave one last reminder of why you are suited for the job and three, to reiterate your interest.

    Dont worry, this interview thank you note should be short and sweet. Here is a sample of what an interview thank you letter should look like:

    Example of Thank You Email After Interview

    Dear ,

    Thank you once again for meeting with me earlier today and for discussing the role. I enjoyed learning more about the position and .

    As I mentioned during our conversation, I think that my would be particularly valuable in contributing to your work on .

    If there is anything else that I can provide in order to assist your decision, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    This type of note assumes that you ARE interested in the position. Sometimes an interview will make you realize that a job isnt in fact suited to you. If this is the case, and you are sure that you will not accept a job offer, use the interview thank you email to politely state that you are no longer interested in the position.

    Stick With Your Points Of Contact

    How To Write A Thank You Email After An Interview & IMPRESS THE INTERVIEWER

    Typically, youâll have a main point of contact throughout your interview process tasked with scheduling your interviews and updating you on your application status. Oftentimes, this person will be either a recruiter or a hiring manager.

    If you want to send a follow-up email to someone other than your point of contactâunless you were directly given their email address via an email introduction or during your interviewâyour best option will be to go through your point of contact. Ask if they can share your interviewerâs contact information or if they would mind forwarding a note from you. This can help ensure your outreach aligns with the companyâs established boundaries.

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    Youve Already Followed Up But Still Havent Heard Back

    Dear < insert interviewers name> ,

    I really enjoyed interviewing with you last Thursday, and I wanted to touch base. Do you need anything further from me, in order to help the process? I hope you are well and am wishing you a great day.

    Kind regards,

    < Your full name> < Your contact telephone number>

    You may have already sent your thank-you note but didnt receive anything in return. If this is the case, then you might want to touch base with the person a week later.

    Template For A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview

    An employer may conduct phone interviews, or phone screens, with a dozen or more applicants for every job opening. Youre in a crowded field of candidates, all vying for the opportunity to interview in-person. One way to differentiate yourself is to craft a considerate post-interview thank you email as soon as you get off the phone.

    Subject Line: Thank you for your time today.

    Dear ],

    I appreciate having the opportunity to speak with you today about the ] position at ]. After our conversation, Im very excited about this opportunity. I believe my skills and interests are a perfect match for this role.

    I am particularly interested in ]

    I appreciate the time you took to interview me today, and I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you in person.

    If you need any additional information from me, please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Again, thank you for your time and consideration.


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    Example Of A Thank You After Interview Email

    You can copy and paste the message below to create your own message. Be sure to edit, customize, and proofread your message before sending it.

    Subject: Thank You Interview Follow Up

    Dear ,

    Thank you for taking the time to interview me today for the Financial Analyst position at CFI Education Inc. I really enjoyed discussing the opportunity with you and think it would be a great fit for both of us.

    One of the main things that stood out to me was the great culture at CFI. I can easily see myself fitting in with the team and thriving in that kind of work environment.

    Additionally, the companys mission of helping anyone become a world-class financial analyst really resonates with me, and Id be excited to help support that mission.

    Once again, thanks for your time and consideration. If theres any additional information I can provide you with to help with your decision, please let me know.

    How To Write A Successful Thank You Email After An Interview

    40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates á? TemplateLab

    As surveys by both CareerBuilder and Accountemps have indicated, the vast majority of employers accept emailed thank you notes.

    Be very meticulous sending these work samples. Demonstrate the high quality of your work.

    Speed of sending and receipt is the primary advantage of emailed thank you notes. For examples of good emailed thank you notes, read Job Interview Thank You Email .

    You can follow up with paper, even hand-written, notes. Mailed notes take at least a day to deliver and may sit in a post office or corporate mail room for a while before delivery.

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    Things To Avoid When Following Up

    At the same time, there are also a few things you should avoid:

    • Don’t Hound Your Interviewers: Initiatives such as a thank-you email and a follow-up a week or so later are more than enough. Beyond that, you won’t be promoting yourself you’ll be stressing them out. Remember that your goal is not only to show the hiring managers that youre qualified but also to convince them that they want to work with you.
    • Don’t Send Anything That Makes You Look Bad: This includes personal social media profiles that contain unprofessional pictures or behavior. Err on the side of caution when determining this. You might see nothing wrong with a photo of you enjoying a margarita on a tropical vacation, but the hiring manager might feel differently. Likewise, don’t send memes or be too casual in the tone of your email by using internet acronyms, etc.
    • Don’t Overwrite: Keep your message short and focused. The interviewer will not want to read a very long thank-you email. Focus on saying thank you and briefly reiterating your interest in the position.
    • Don’t Send Misspelled or Grammatically Incorrect Emails: Even professional editors make mistakes when they try to work on their own. Get another set of eyeballs to look over your work before you hit “send.”

    What To Do In A Panel Interview/group Interview

    Take the business cards or contact information of every person in the panel interview. And send a separate thank you note to each person that attended the group/panel interview. Never send a group thank-you email to everyone involved.

    Be sure to do this for any type of interview where multiple interviewers or multiple people were involved in asking you interview questions.

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    Strictly Virtual Position Interview

    Dear < insert interviewers name> ,

    Thank you so much for setting aside the time to interview me!

    I really appreciate being considered for < insert job position> , and Im looking forward to learning more about life as a virtual employee at < insert company name> .

    If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to reach out. I hope you have a lovely day!

    Best wishes,

    < Your full name> < Your contact telephone number>

    As remote working becomes more popular, chances are that you may have had a virtual interview. Communication is key to remote working teams. Therefore, sending a thank-you note to demonstrate your communication skills is essential.

    Subject Lines For Thank You Email After Interview

    How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

    Use any of the following subject lines when sending your professional thank you email, whether to a recruiter, hiring manager, or other company representative.

    • Thank you for your time
    • Thanks for your time
    • Thank you for your time on < day>
    • Following up on our conversation
    • A follow-up
    • Thank you for meeting with me!
    • I enjoyed our meeting

    If you follow the advice above, youll have a great thank you email or letter to help you stand out and land the job!

    And finally, if you thank the employer but dont receive feedback after a week, read this guide on how to follow up for feedback after your interview.

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    Find Your Dream Job Podcast

    Listen every week as the team talks about finding work that matters.

    If you want to create a strong professional brand and leave a lasting impression with employers, you need to master the post- interview thank you email.

    As soon as you leave a job interview, its best to follow up with a sincere, professional, and engaged thank you email. Make sure they know you appreciate their time and attention in meeting with you!

    Before we dig into the mechanics of a great interview thank you email, though, know this: sending an email is not a replacement for sending a handwritten thank you note to your interviewer. I always advise folks to do both after an in-person interview. But it will take a day or two for your beautiful thank you card to arrive on your interviewers doorstep. Email has the advantage of delivering an instant dose of gratitude to the people who have the power to give you the job of your dreams.

    When writing your post-interview thank you email, keep these three things in mind:

  • Keep it short: You dont need to compose a long letter. Busy professionals already have too much email to read. So keep it short and sweet.
  • Keep it professional: Focus on the topics you previously discussed with the interviewer. This isnt a time to go into personal details.
  • To help you out, I built three email templates for you to follow. Use these templates as a guide to build your own personal rockstar thank you email to send after job interviews!

    Be Positive And Passionate

    Positivity and passion go a long way. In fact, it’s one of the main things that you might be evaluated on during the phone interview or in-person interview. It’s not necessary to go in-depth on the enthusiasm, just show interest in wanting to move forward with the company.

    Including a note about the company culture, if the company website references something critical. For example, collaboration or inclusivity. Mention those as being part of your personal values. Most job seekers forget to scour the company website for clues!

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    Mistakes To Avoid When Sending Post Interview Thank You Emails

    Now you know the basics of how to send a great thank you email after the interview. Lets cover a few mistakes to avoid now, though.

    Some of this will be review if you read everything above, but I want to make sure you dont do anything that could cost you the job!

    First mistake: waiting too long to send it. You really want to send this within 24 hours after your interview.

    Next, dont ever copy and paste the same exact email to send to multiple people. They will compare and it looks sloppy/lazy. It takes a lot away from the impact your thank you email will have.

    Dont ever put multiple people in the To field of the email either. You should be sending one email to one recipient at a time.

    Otherwise, it looks lazy/rushed.

    And another big mistake: Thinking you dont need to send an interview thank you email because the person you met wasnt the official hiring manager.

    Id recommend sending one any time you had a face-to-face interview with someone.

    Everyones opinion can count and the hiring manager can ask everyone what they thought of you. Dont pick and choose who deserves a thank you email. Send it to everyone youve met face to face and play it safe!

    One more minor mistake: Not asking for business cards after you meet each person during a day of interviewing.

    Getting business cards from each person you met with during the interview is the easiest way to keep track of names and email addresses so you can thank them later via email.

    Bonus Tip: Send An Individual Note To Each Person You Met With

    40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates á? TemplateLab

    Sometimes you interview with several people in one day, which means each person gets a thank-you note. While it might be a pain to personalize every thank-you note , do it anyway.

    This shows that you took the time to learn about each interviewer, demonstrating you are a detailed and thoughtful person. Its fine to use the same opening and closing , but make sure you mention one unique thing for each interviewer. If nothing else, you never know when the recipients are comparing notes to see if you created a unique thank-you note for each of them!

    And be sure to triple check the name at the top! Copying and pasting can be a dangerous game.

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